Statement necklaces are sticking around for another season and I am not complaining! Whether they are flashy or refined, they add that extra oomph to any outfit. When walking on Main Street, this Fashionista’s stylish statement necklace stopped me in my tracks. I love its unique mix of metals and pearls. To complement this piece, she wore a gray sleeveless cardigan and black camisole tucked into a pair of black shorts. Ashley accentuated her waist by slipping on a black leather belt and blocked the sun with her tortoise sunglasses. She threw on a crossbody bag for style and convenience and completed her ensemble with gold ballet flats. Also note her blending of black and brown and gold and silver. Never be afraid to do a little mixing and matching because sometimes opposites attract.

Name: Ashley Brigham

Year: Senior

Major: Dietetics

College Fashionista: Where did you get those adorable ballet flats?

Ashley Brigham: I got them at DSW. They’re Calvin Klein.

CF: Who is your celebrity style icon?

AB: I really like Lauren Conrad because she always looks very classy. I also like how she wears really different and unique things and makes them look good.

How To: Want to mimic Ashley's look? Start out by purchasing this sleeveless cardigan from Bluefly and these black chino shorts from J.Crew. You can find a black leather belt at Ann Taylor Loft and a black camisole at Forever 21. If you like Ashley's ballet flats, check out these embellished flats from Steve Madden. Grab a pair of tortoise sunglasses and a crossbody bag from Urban Outfitters. Last but certainly not least, you can buy a fabulous statement necklace at Anthropologie.


Boyfriend jeans are the perfect replacement for those body hugging skinny jeans because of their comfy and relaxed fit yet their fashionable take on menswear. To save money, you can just steal an old pair of your brother’s or boyfriend’s jeans and rock them as your own! Just follow this Fashionista, Nicole, and roll up the jeans a few times, belt them, and rip a slit on the knee and you have a pair of stylish and practical boyfriend jeans. Then add a few feminine accessorize like this Fashionista’s beaded statement necklace, red leather hobo bag, and delicate white gladiator sandals. I talked to Nicole about her personal style, must have summer items, and where she has been shopping recently.

Name: Nicole Becker

Year: Senior

Major: French, Spanish and Japanese

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Nicole Becker: I would say my style is a mixture of a little bit of everything. I like to mix and match different looks and pieces from different styles and I'll try any trend once.

CF: What are three things on your summer shopping list?

NB: Schiap lipstick from NARS, it’s this amazing hot pink shade that I'm obsessed with—the perfect wow factor for any outfit—and a new pair of gladiators. I know this style has been around for a while but I don't think it will ever really die. I've worn two pairs into the ground already and am determine to find the perfect third pair to top off my looks for this summer and this really cute leopard print Charlie Jade romper.

CF: Where have you been shopping recently?

NB: Recently I've been shopping at Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Bloom.

How To: You can purchase your very own pair of boyfriend jeans and sleeveless cardigan from Zappos. Accessorize your jeans with this Ralph Lauren belt. Tuck in this black V-neck and choose one of the many statement necklaces from Anthropologie. Top off this ensemble with a red hobo bag, Ray Bans, gladiator sandals, and Timex watch.


The fedora, one of my favorite trends from last year, is reintroducing itself this summer. A fashion statement originating years before our time, the fedora was originally meant for men. However, with the popularity of menswear looks for women, the fedora has evolved into a stylish unisex piece. This week’s Fashionista, Rachael, is wearing a classic straw fedora accented with a black ribbon. The colors go nicely with the rest of her neutral colored ensemble which includes her cropped cream sweater, black shorts, nude wedges, and a black hobo bag. I also love how this Fashionista has smartly paired her patent leather wedges with a patent leather bag which help balance each other out. She also rocked a pair of black aviators to shield her from the sun beating down on Delaware’s campus. I stopped to talk to Rachael about her shoes, favorite designer, and what item she splurges on.

Name: Rachael Lisman

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing and Management

College Fashionista: Where did you get your wedges?

Rachael Lisman: I got them at DSW and they’re GUESS.

CF: Who is your favorite designer right now?

RL: BCBG because they’re my favorite designer and everything they make is so slimming. They have a lot of classic pieces mixed with funkier pieces which I like.

CF: What item do you not mind splurging on?

RL: Bags. For shoes and clothes, I want to spend less so I can have more but you use bags all the time.

How To: If you want to follow the fedora trend, you can buy one similar to Rachael's from New York & Company. For an off the shoulder cream sweater, look at MAXSTUDIO. Aviators can be found just about anywhere but I am in love with the classic Ray Bans. Try Bebe for black shorts and Steve Madden for patent leather wedges and bag.


With spring’s cool mornings and warm afternoons, it is a challenge trying to decide what to wear for a never ending day of classes. The easy solution to this fluctuating weather is layering! With classes starting at the crack of dawn and temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 degrees, who wants to be shivering in a sundress? This Fashionista, who I spotted on a chilly spring morning, has layered a thin camel colored cardigan over a black tank for an easy transition into a warmer afternoon. I love the combination of her menswear inspired oxford booties, structured leather messenger bag, and square frame glasses. The addition of these accessories with simple clothing and a neutral palette creates a sleek and classic look. I chatted with Amy about fashion shows, her dream job, and stylish shoes.

Name: Amy Gredinger

Year: Senior

Major: Fashion Merchandising

College Fashionista: If you could be an attendee at any fashion show, which one would you choose?

Amy Gredinger: I would choose Giorgio Armani because I love the aesthetics and coloring. I also like how the clothes have a fit similar to menswear.

CF: What are you looking to do in the fashion industry?

AG: I want to be in cooperate sales and maybe in a showroom. My ultimate goal is to be an account executive for a major company.

CF: Where did you get those great shoes?

AG: I got these at DSW.

How To: To replicate Amy's menswear inspired accessories, grab these leather oxford booties with brogue perforations, this structured messenger bag, and these faux eyeglasses. Master the art of layering by purchasing this camel knit cardigan and this basic jersey tank from American Apparel. Roll up these skinny jeans to highlight the oxfords and top off your ensemble with this bracelets and scarf.



I was drawn to this Fashionista’s brightly colored statement necklace, which is the perfect accent to this neutral look. I love when a pop of color is paired with black and white because the contrast does wonders for an ensemble. Ashley’s white checkered tunic is a suitable match for her boyfriend blazer because of its longer length and feminine take on menswear. When working with a longer and more relaxed blazer like this one, it is better to keep the undershirt on the longer side so you don’t look disproportionate. Ashley has also smartly paired girly accessories, such as her quilted satchel and embellished flats, with this menswear inspired look. 

College Fashionista: Who is your favorite designer at the moment?

Ashley Gallagher: I'm always a big fan of Ralph Lauren. I love the preppy look and just being able to throw on a polo or an oxford with jeans. Their runway looks are just so classic and timeless that I can always see myself wearing them. I think those looks look good on people of all ages and just make women look more put together.

CF: What is one item in your wardrobe that you couldn't live without?

AG: I absolutely could not live without my leggings or my blazer. Leggings are pretty much the staple of my life during the cold months because you can dress them up or down. I love wearing them with a long oxford and boots with a pea coat or just with a sweatshirt while lounging around. Also, my blazer has been key recently because it's perfect to throw on as a light coat with pretty much any going out outfit.

CF: Would you rather go on a shopping spree to vintage clothing boutiques or Rodeo Drive?

AG: I would much rather go to a vintage clothing store because I just love the thrill of not knowing what you're going to find. I also love the idea that there is a story behind the clothes and imagining what the previous owner wore the items for. Lately I have been going to vintage stores to get big sweaters to wear with leggings and boots and found some of my favorite items. I think vintage is a great way to be stylish while still being yourself.

How To: To achieve Ashley's menswear look, check out this boyfriend blazer from ASOS and feminine tunic from J.Crew. Famous Footwear carries a great pair of embellished flats, and you can purchase a beautiful turquoise necklace from Max & Chloe. For an oversized ring, look at this one from ASOS and look for basic black leggings at Free People. A white quilted bag can be found at Dillard's.




Spring's new floral prints are taking over University of Delaware's campus and I am fully supporting this fashion craze. I adore the flirtatiousness of these prints, especially when paired with lightweight fabrics and girly accessories. Zoe, the featured Fashionista, has gone a step farther by collaborating two separate floral prints. Her high waisted shorts and T-strap wedges' feminine florals perfectly complement one another. Follow her lead by choosing two patterns that share similar colors and you have the makings for a unique mix and match ensemble. To avoid pattern overload, Zoe has chosen neutral colors for her top and open cardigan. She accessorized with a quilted crossbody bag, woven belt, and cat-eye sunglasses. 

Name: Zoe Benjamin

Year: Freshman

Major: English

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Zoe Benjamin: Thrifty. I mainly shop at thrift stores and I also mainly wear floral prints.

CF: What is your most prized possession in your wardrobe?

ZB: My high waist pants from Urban Outfitters. They were expensive but they fit really nicely.

CF: Who is your favorite fashion icon?

ZB: Right now it’s Sky Ferreira.

How To: For similar floral print bottoms and a neutral colored cardigan, check out Free People. A quilted bag and floral wedges can be found at Forever 21 and you can purchase a woven belt from Piperlime. For a neutral colored top and cat-eye sunglasses, go to your nearest Urban Outfitters. 




We all know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." Therefore, us Fashionistas/os must be prepared for the plentiful rainy days to come this month. When dragging ourselves to class in this awful weather, it's a struggle to remain fashionable while also staying dry. I was impressed when I spotted Yi Zheng due to her smartly styled and adorable rainy day ensemble. She has mixed practical Hunter rainboots with a Peter Pan collared plaid dress and wool coat with a fur hood. I love how she has emphasized the double-breasted and gold-buttoned trend through the pairing of the dress and coat. They complement each other while also making a statement.

Name: Yi Zheng

Year: Sophomore

Major: Math and Economics

College Fashionista: Where did you get your coat?

Yi Zheng: I got it in Japan from rosebullet.

CF: What do you think of American fashion?

YZ: It is a lot different. My friends say I have a very Japanese style.

CF: What are your rainy day essentials?

YZ: Rainboots and a beautiful umbrella. I used to have a Hello Kitty umbrella.

How To: Piperlime has the original Hunter rainboots that Yi is wearing. ModCloth has a very cute dress with a gold-buttoned front and Peter Pan collar. If you love her double-breasted coat, check out this navy trench coat from Topshop. You can also purchase a pink umbrella from Topshop and leggings from Forever 21.


Passing a Fashionista like Christina on my walk to class is almost equivalent to discovering a hidden treasure. I love the bright colors and playfulness of her maxi dress along with her eye-catching bracelet. She has taken a major trend for the upcoming warm weather and turned it into a transitional piece by throwing on a fitted blazer and scarf. The addition of this black blazer also makes the beautiful colors of her dress and bracelet really pop and stand out. Christina's white pumps and scarf are great neutral additons to help balance the look. Her impressive styling ability, illustrated through this ensemble, is what makes Christina perfect for this week’s Fashionista Spotlight.

Name: Christina Tran

Year: Senior

Major: Fashion Merchandising/Chinese minor

College Fashionista: Where did you get your maxi dress?

Christina Tran: I got it at and I got my bracelet there too.

CF: What is your favorite store at the moment?

CT: Nordstrom. It is the only store I’ve been going to.

CF: What inspired this ensemble?

CT: The bright colors of my bracelet!

How To: ASOS has a beautiful and ultra feminine floral print maxi dress and a classic shrunken blazer. If you are looking for similar white pumps to accent your look, check out this pair from Zappos. They also come in a variety of other colors. Check out J. Jill for a spring appropriate scarf.


Since spring break is about to commence, the campus is almost vacant. The lingering students are dressed in sweats while solemnly walking to class. However, Christina is one of the few that hasn't sacrificed style while sitting through an unbearable day of classes. She is dressed in a fashionable fur vest, a brown long sleeve basic knit and jeans. Christina complements this look with tall caramel boots, a timeless silver watch and oversized sunglasses. Also, she chose a stylish yet practical leather bag to carry her light load of books. I stopped to talk to Christina about her chic vest as well as the inspiration behind this ensemble.

Name: Christina Perrotta

Year: Freshman

Major: Fashion Merchandising

College Fashionista: I love the vest, where did you get it?

Christina Perrotta: I got if from bebe.

CF: What inspired your look today?

CP: It’s the last day of classes before spring break so I thought I would dress up and look nice.

How To: This great bag comes with a longer strap and can be found at Topshop. Check out this fur vest from and these caramel colored boots from Bluefly. You can take your pick from a wide assortment of oversized sunglasses which can also be purchased from Bluefly. A basic knit like Christina’s can be found at American Apparel and go for a silver watch by Michael Kors.


On a sun-drenched spring day, this Fashionista decided to dress in a collection of modernized classic pieces. She layered a black and white striped knit underneath a khaki trench coat. Her coat looks traditional from the front, but don’t let that fool you! When Ilana turned around I was amazed by its pleating and buttons. This Fashionista slipped on over the knee suede boots and a pair of comfortable jeggings. She accessorized with a satchel and an eggplant colored eternity scarf. Her unique and handmade headband completes this admirable look. I chatted with Ilana about this featured ensemble and her travels.

Name: Ilana Cookler

Year: Senior

Major: Human Services

College Fashionista: Where did you get that adorable headband?

Ilana Cookler: I actually got it in Thailand at one of their famous outdoor markets.

CF: What other fashion purchases did you make throughout your travels?

IC: Throughout my travels, I made a lot of great purchases. When I was in Dubai and Thailand, I bought a lot of amazing colored pashminas from street vendors and a lot of eclectic chunky jewelry. In Nepal, I bought a lot of great winter items: scarfs, gloves, and warm hats.

CF: Which country’s fashion is your favorite?

IC: I would have to say my favorite fashion country is Thailand. They have tons of great vendors and shops that they don't have here in the United States. Everything I bought was handmade with great detail, especially my amazing headband.

How To: If you would like a decorative headband like Ilana’s (without having to travel to Thailand), check out Anthropologie’s unique selection. A black and white striped top can be purchased from Piperlime, and check out this pleated trench coat from Shopbop. Urban Outfitters carries a handful of infinity scarves that are perfect for the spring season as well as the satchel that Ilana is carrying in this photograph. Over the knee suede boots can be found at DSW to top off this look.