STYLE ADVICE: Oktobers’s Very Own Traveling Fashion Guide

There’s no better time to adventure abroad than to witness October’s very own… Oktoberfest that is! Preparing for her study abroad this fall, this international Fashionista took prepping for a European getaway and the German festival quite extensively. Ensuring that she could strut her stuff appropriately while traveling all across Europe, she combined dominant styles and aesthetics. Of course, focusing on those known as the most prevalent and sought after countries, such as France and Germany.

Starting off her killer look, she begins with a textured white top with elongated flare sleeves, reminiscent of the romance one would experience when traveling to France. Picture yourself roaming through the illuminated Parisian Avenue des Champs-Élysées from day to night in this posh look. Her outfit intertwines cultures, pushing it further with a pair of denim overalls; typical fashion of the German festival. Adding a twist to the basic denim bottoms are intricate floral appliqués that adorn the sides. This adds rich, bold color to the festivals somewhat strict visual color palette.

The European fashion traveling feat is accentuated as she adorns her neck with a bold floral ascot that plays up the slight intricate details of the appliqués that run along her thighs. She skips the stereotypical clogs for a more fashion forward look by rocking lace-up wood platform heels.

The look itself comes together so tastefully on its own, so she opts to solely rock a pop of color on her waterline to give her ensemble hints of a playful edge while she keeps the remainder of her makeup application pretty natural and simplistic. By doing this, she keeps the focus on her overall attire instead of distracting her audience by the details that create the look. A braided high ponytail resonates the fun and whimsical atmosphere one would experience from attendance at Oktoberfest, yet it still allows her to stand out among what would be expected to be a sea of braided pigtails.

This Fashionista sure is ready to embark on her international traveling excursion in style! I can’t wait to see what cultures she fuses together next with her personal style. Hopefully, you, too, can take a stab at fusing European fashion trends within your daily ensembles.

STYLE ADVICE: Coachella Obsessed

It’s officially fashion week at Miami University, and this piece like no other fully serves to highlight the beauty of our student’s talent, fashion, and style. This model sports a simple yet intricate music festival-ready ensemble entirely designed and made by one of our campus’ very own. This outfit comes just in time for her to showcase the piece down the runway at Miami University Fashion & Design 11th Annual Fashion Show this weekend.

The piece caters to any Fashionista’s obsession with patterns and textures. The savvy color combo appeals to the naked eye through creating soft but subtle hints within the tufts and gathering of her loose top while a blast of color comes from her copper-textured bell bottoms. The look fully embodies the essence of spring as it captures everyone’s attention as the model walks by, making us wonder, why can’t I pull that off? Well today, you definitely can. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So although, this may be an M. Donnelly. original, even you can rock looks similar to the designer shreds yourself.

Start by finding a colored or textured top. For those of us with a more pale complexion, shoot for a soft floral texture that complements your skin. If you’re one whose melanin is always popping, opt for a bold texture or print-patterned top.

Continue the trend of creating textures throughout your outfit by carrying that style on to your bottoms. Choose a different texture or pattern that harmoniously complements what is being carried out in your top. Consider bold floral patterned bottoms if you’re sporting the soft-textured floral top option. Or if you chose to rock the pattern top, grab a pair of trousers that have some intense and noticeable texture. Perhaps fringe, lace, or even commit to wearing bottoms of a funky shape. Palazzo bottoms are fab paired with a pair of cute wedges!

With so much to visualize from your desired pattern and textured pairings, keep the accessories simple and makeup that’s fresh and natural. Follow this advice and you’ll be ready for any music fest heading your way, while I, on the other hand, will be well dressed and prepared to take my front row seat at the show this weekend. Maybe then I can learn a few more things from this killer collection.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business Casual or T-Shirt Glam?

Who else can seal the deal of a major project presentation or ace an interview for a summer internship wearing none other than a T-shirt? This Fashionista broke those stuffy standards confined within the term “business casual” with this stunningly comfy but professional look. The chic but edgy ensemble promotes that crossover from the professional realm with its staple business black and white color tones. However, instead of rocking a basic pantsuit she styled up her attire with unique pieces, owing the outfits success to all of her intricate details.

Check out her staple graphic white T-shirt! The loose top with rounded neckline provides a fashionable twist for your standard T-shirt connoisseur. Topped with a stark knit gray blazer bearing a texture contrast that ultimately illustrates her sense of structure as the strength of the material observed within the jacket balances out the loose whimsical feel of the T-shirt that lies beneath. Now the bottoms, who knew leather could ever look so good? Those leather bottoms once again direct a shift in the conversation, as her personal style is personified through the sleek lines embedded within its stitching and craftsmanship.

To accentuate the look with little pops of color, she opted to wear large dangle fringe earrings that also went well with her red rope necklace. Her accessories were furthermore accentuated with little hints of gold to add some sparkle to her attire. Gold bangle bracelets adorn both of her wrists, allowing her look to continuously give you those well needed elements of fashion forward business casual attire. Not to mention, her lace-up leather flats are absolutely to die for as they come to a perfect point that seems to steer her in the right direction.

All in all, this Fashionista is ready for anything. Whether it may be surviving the tremors of the boardroom or simply strutting across campus ready for any impromptu group presentation, this outfit will surely allow you to feel and look prepared for whatever is thrown your way.

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Blues and Burgundy Hues

It’s safe to say that those “winter blues” catch us all at those most inconvenient times! This is especially true here in the Midwest where not only do you have to brace yourselves for the biting cold, but also find that layered balance to prep for the mid-day temperature twist and turns! Check out this stylish Fashionista on her way to class sporting a comfy chic look that dares to wash away those somber winter blues with a splash of color from an escaping fall color palette.

Here, no detail goes unrecognized as each pairing of clothing complement one another bearing an overarching commonality of a splash of burgundy tying it all together, completing the look. Sporting a tribal printed sweater, she spices up the stereotypical norm of “sweater weather” attire by choosing this off-white sweater top that boasts an intricate value and taste for color as burgundy and gray shades pop throughout the alternating tribal forms.

Pushing the boundaries even further, she strays away from dark and somber winter color palettes by rocking textured burgundy jeans. If that wasn’t enough, she continued to push the boundaries of winter fashion chic by wearing burgundy leather knee-high boots—and, of course, a purse to match. Who needs backpacks anyway when your purse can be just as functional and twice as trendy while you’re at it?

To complete it all, she wears minimalistic gold jewelry as mere accents—with a small ring and small stud earrings. The cute and trendy attire kept me warm just looking at her. It goes to show that even with overcast skies and biting winter air, nothing can possibly dampen a true Fashionista’s style!


With the nation’s noticeable roaring obsession with chokers, overalls, and denim minis it’s safe to say that the ’90s has officially made its comeback! To top off the holiday season, velvet has soared to the forefront and is definitely this season’s must-have for any and all ’90s fashion enthusiasts.

To ring in 2017, I have chosen to sport the rich fabric in a more edgy stylized fashion, sporting a low back magenta velvet bodysuit along with a leather midi skirt and iridescent Adidas Superstars. The rich fabric serves to dress up the ensemble as a perfect and comfy number to bring in the new year. While the two textures of the velvet and leather seamlessly complement each other as they provide an enriching level of sophistication that calls for every new year celebration.

What’s even better is how they both contribute to the look’s overall versatility. I currently wear the ensemble as a featured day look, as I comfortably sport Adidas sneakers to easily and effortlessly conduct my day-to-day activities. I can easily dress the look up by simply changing my shoes to strappy sandals or even platform heels when transitioning to attend the evening’s celebration.

Instead of over accessorizing, I allow for my personality to stand out via each piece of clothing. I keep my accessories simple with my staple stud earrings and signature charm bracelets on each wrist, as I didn’t want to overpower the overall aesthetic of my look. The only additional feature I accentuated with were my pink-framed fashion shades to protect me from the island’s rays.

Catering to the retro fabric aesthetic, I wore my hair in a high puff/ponytail while boasting natural hues and shades for my makeup, only revealing a pop of color via my similar shaded lip gloss to match my magenta velvet top. Although this look is more on the dressier side of my personal style, it’s perfect for me to start off the year.

STYLE GURU BIO: Lyka Williams

Hey there Fashionista/os, My name is Marlyka Williams. But let’s skip the formal introductions; you can just call me Lyka! As a rising senior, I opted to trade my island life for that of the allure of the Midwest, studying architecture and sustainability at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

My personal style has deeply been framed or influenced by that of my surroundings. Being born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, distinct fashion influences or role models were of a rarity as our culture more than ever dictated numerous outfit choices and local fashion trends. The goal is always “Be noticed and make it worth their while!” because living on a tiny rock— merely 32 square miles— in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, you are bound to leave a lasting impression on everyone you come across daily.

My hometown, St. Thomas, or ‘Rock City’ as we locals call it, instilled this notion in me, that I was born to stand out, so my transition and move to the U.S. mainland came no different. My personal style remains simplistic but chic with an eclectic twist—my outfit choices can range from girly grunge/edge to that of modern sophistication. You will almost always catch me rocking my signature curled Afro hairstyle or a sleek high bun with minimal or natural-toned makeup to accentuate my features.

I enjoy defying the odds by breaking standard fashion “rules” yet managing to make the entire look work! I’m the girl who will mix navy and black, boldly model an all-white ensemble post-Labor Day, or even rock my Adidas Originals to formal. In other words, I let the articles of clothing that I am rocking for that particular day give my viewers insight to my personality and overall fashion aesthetic.

This outfit gives you a little insight on just that. I chose to style myself in a plain gray tank top and navy statement shorts accentuated with lace trim ideal for keeping cool in the island heat while I’m home for the holiday season. The look remains light and fresh as I compliment it with nude sandals and, playing into this year’s ’90s trend, an oversize denim jacket and choker to match. Because my outfit choices are so unique to my personal style, I tend to keep my accessories minimal as displayed, by wearing simple stud earrings, my staple charm bracelets on one hand, and one ring on the other.

Now that you know a little bit more about myself, I can’t wait to show you all more as part of this year’s Style Guru team!