Wednesday Bleak Turned Très Chic

Summer is in full swing, and the best way to beat the summer heat is a cute look for work!  With a busy day full of meetings, desk work, lunch dates, and deadlines, there’s no better way to make your mark professionally, from the boardroom to the streets, than with a sharp, Parisian-inspired look! We’re matching our big city ambitions with our big city dreams, and there is no better way to do this than with a cosmopolitan look. There’s something so elegant yet bold about this Fashionista’s jacket, and we can almost picture her taking it from the Metro to the Pierre to the Champs Elysees.

This Fashionista’s twill jacket, which she purchased at Mango, is blue and white tweed and is the ultimate chic statement piece. The jacket, similar to this one by Lafayette 148, is elegant yet understated, just the look for business casual days to elegant cocktail casual nights. The blue dress that this Fashionista wears is the perfect summer look, whether it’s paired with the twill jacket, or on its own. The simplicity of the color pop is sure to send anyone dreaming of summer walks along the Seine! Her statement necklace provides amazing contrast with the cool colors of the blue with it’s orange and blue contrast!

This look is inspiring, iconic, and Chanel-level fabulous. We’re ready for a weekend trip to the Riviera on a cool summer day or a trip to our cubicle on an average Wednesday. With a look like this, though, any day can be exciting, fun, and fashionable. Say goodbye to the humdrum desk job blues, and say hello to your new favorite summer blues!

How do you keep your work clothes chic? Let me know in the comments below!

Banking on Blue

It’s almost summer, and while the color blue might be cool, the weather, banker stripes, and off-the-shoulder ruffles are hot! One can never go wrong with classic denim, and it’s easy to admire the banker-stripes trend for this season. With its vibrant hue of blue contrasting with crisp white, this sharp color combination is hard to resist. One could say I’m feeling “right on the money.” Feeling confident, stylish, and having the right touch of feminism and flare, I’ve got all that life throws at me “in the bag!”

The blouse that I have chosen for this look combines three of this season’s hottest trends: ruffles, off-the-shoulder, and banker stripes. The blouse I wear is similar to this blouse, which incorporates the “Flashdance” shoulder, another hot trend this season. I chose to keep the look casual and cool by pairing my Paige Denim high-waisted flare jeans with this blouse, keeping with my blue and white aesthetic. Pairing red-hot white platform sandals with my look, I’m ready to strut, whether it be on Wall Street or Worth Avenue.

This look combines a fun, flirty mix of styles that complement each other all the same. While the denim texture of the jeans is more on the masculine side, remnant of menswear, the off-the-shoulder ruffles provide a flirty contrast that this look craves. The look embodies a ’70s vibe, and all of the sudden I feel as though I’m Carly Simon circa Summer of 1975, taking a break from the recording studio to jump onto the boat.

When it comes to accessories, I stuck with gold accents that pop oh-so-perfectly with blue and white, a variation that would make any sailor starstruck! I chose to keep it simple with the exception of these pieces in order to make my white tassel earrings a vocal-point of my outfit. While the summer is still young and anything could happen, I’m willing to take a gamble for good style, and I’m “banking on blue!” ( & so should you) 🙂



There’s no other color that says jet-setter more than classic black—it’s a universal language.  When living in a city like London, filled with sophistication and that certain “je ne sais quoi,”  fashions may vary but there’s no doubt that all fashion-forward Londoners share a common love-affair with black.  This style-guru implements the powerful color combination of black and white like a pro. Ashlee wears a black and white striped sweater, perfect for the high tea, class or pre-dinner drinks.  She dresses up the look with a snazzy statement necklace, which is sure to bring this sweater from day to night.  This necklace is great for any occasion and gives the look a clean and classy look.

Ashlee incorporates a current hot trend that is sure to be seen on the streets of Kensington and Shoreditch alike: leather pants.  Slightly rocker yet fully sharp, these pants are a great addition to this already fashion-forward outfit.  Ashlee finishes this look off with black booties, keeping the bottom half of her outfit monochrome.  As we’ve seen from today’s fashion forward ladies, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, monochrome is all the rage.  Her leather pants have awesome detailing at the knee, adding an extra element of intrigue to the look.  The combination of her dainty and polished sweater with her leather pants keeps the leather pants less biker and more professional and sleek.  Now that you know you’re looking London chic, feel free to jump on the Tube, your bike or your Vespa, and “paint the town black.”

STYLE GURU STYLE: An Afternoon at the Market

Ah, London; the sights, the smells, the exciting electricity of the city that inspire some of the best fashion in the world.  After only a couple of weeks living here, I’ve found my favorite activity in roaming all of the great markets that this wonderful city has to offer.  When indulging in the many exotic flavors found in the market, you might as well indulge in style!

Early fall in London has been pretty mild thus far, so I took the opportunity to wear my favorite jean skirt! Just as London is a mix of styles, full of rockers, polished preps and edgily chic dressers, I decided to mix styles in my look.  In order to do this, I chose my slightly rugged ’90s inspired bright blue wash, button-up Free People jean skirt.  This skirt is so versatile, and can transition from early to late fall with just the addition of some black tights and your favorite pair of booties.  I decided to mix this slightly edgy yet cute look with my romantic blouse, similar to the one with the link provided; it’s cute and visually interesting, with detailed red embroidery on the neckline and upper sleeves.  I kept the shoes polished and simple, yet a little edgy, which nude, gold-studded flats.  My bag remains with the polished yet edgy look, and is sure to bring me from the Tube, to the markets, to the wonderful Oxford Street shopping seamlessly.  With tons of room for my camera, wallet, shades and anything else I would need, it is truly a simple and chic everything bag, maintaining a crisp European flare that is sure to blend with any look.  I can quickly transition this look for class by simply throwing my textbooks in my bag, studying in style! With this look, an appetite and a few friends to join me, I’m ready to experience all that the markets have to offer!

STYLE GURU BIO: Mary-Kate Rogers

The all-American blue jean. There aren’t many staples that I admire much more…you could say I’m ‘forever in blue jeans.’  While I’m studying abroad in London this semester, there’s no doubt that I’ll be rocking this worldwide fashion staple.  I can’t wait to continue writing for College Fashionista during my adventure abroad as a first semester Junior, stay tuned!  Jeans truly are a staple for every season, no matter what your look. The beauty of jeans is that they come in all different styles, just like all the fashionistas out there! What’s not to love? With a great pair of jeans that are as comfortable as they are cute, there is no stopping how great you feel this semester! Feel casually confident, and equally fashionably forward this season.

Stripes and denim make a great and classic combo.  I decided to combine my Free People flare jeans with an off-the-shoulder blue and white pin-striped blouse. The particular top I bought is from H&M and is no longer available online in blue and white, however this one from Nordstrom would fit the look just perfectly! These jeans are tighter in the hips and flare out at the ankles, so tucking in this blouse elongates the legs and creates for great balance in the look.  My jeans have two different layers of wash, with a darker one at the hemline, making for awesome contrast and variations of denim.  The slit at the inner-ankle provides for an element of surprise, something I love to incorporate in some way in my outfits.

Keeping with the somewhat vintage vibes of the outfit, I decided on metallic gold and cork platforms by Born. There’s absolutely no compromising comfort for style here.  These shoes are so comfortable with a cushioned bottom, and you’re sure to be running all over campus in them!  I played on the metallic gold in my jewelry, including my layered necklaces.  Two that are staples that go with absolutely anything are my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace and my coordinate necklace, and the dainty round statement piece is one that I bought from Nordstrom, with a style and length similar to this one from Baublebar.

There’s nothing to spice up a rather monotone outfit better than a little arm candy! I felt creative and mixed my colored tasseled beaded bracelets with my medley of silver and gold jewelry.  This adds a fun and playful touch to a truly “groovy” outfit!  With this look, I feel as ready to hit the books as I feel ready to listen to my favorite tunes on vinyl records.  For every season, in every part of the world, and in every campus, long-live the American standby; the blue jean.  Here’s to a RAD semester!


When a busy day in the office is ahead, nothing motivates a true Fashionista more than a fabulous, fun and professional look.

This Fashionista’s fabulous look is truly highlighted by her red slacks, which provide an element of intrigue, color-block and sophistication that are sure to brighten any dull, yet idea-inspired cubicle. The red slacks are showcased to their truest potential, anchored by a black and white striped blouse and an elegant, rectangular cross-body bag that can transform this office look from office hours to happy hour.

The elegant elements of these classic Ralph Lauren pieces combine with her geometric accessories for the sleekest mix of classic and modern. The use of both shape and color are emphasized in this look, with triangular elements evident in this Fashionista’s flats as well as her statement necklace.

This combination of fun color and shape is sure to inspire the most monumental business plans, jam-packed with creativity and inspiration. When a Fashionista working nine to five wears something that inspires her, there’s no telling what she can accomplish!  My style advice is to wear things that inspire you, especially if it means utilizing fabulous colors, shapes and textures in a professional way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find your favorite statement and work it into your look in a way that makes it the centerpiece. I love bright pants and statement jewelry, they’re the best way to utilize accessories to make a look elegant, chic and personalized!” she says. May we all find inspiration in everything, and make 9 to 5 chic!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Bohemian Summer Rhapsody

Details, details, details. There’s something so unique and special about wearing a piece that feels as though the designer focused on every thread, stitching and embroidery with such great attention and thoroughness. It feels as though you’re wearing someone’s life’s work. You’re wearing their passion, and a piece that tells a story. A runway show that was of great interest to me was Oscar de la Renta’s resort 2017 runway show. Oscar de la Renta displays a large emphasis on color, texture and patterns in this collection, playing with different color and pattern combinations. This is reminiscent of the bohemian style of the ’70s, as different textures, patterns and colors were experimented, especially with floral patterns. In this way, this look is similar to Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody,” with its combination of various musical instruments and notes to create an interesting and unique melody.

I translated this runway look into my own look through my blouse. While the Free People blouse I purchased a couple of years ago is not the same as the one that I have provided a link to, it is a very similar look and maintains Free People’s signature bohemian style while also having an ornate attention to detail. The colorful floral embroidery on the placket of the blouse contains the same attention to detail as many of the looks in Oscar de la Renta’s collection. My top also contains this mixture of textures, with an embroidered patchwork bottom containing various floral patterns, as well as a delicately intricate bronze fringe. There’s something both bohemian and romantic about it.The flow and body of the sweetheart-like top makes for a great look for late spring and early summer, and the mismatched buttons and lace at the neckline add to the intricacy and beauty. In my look, I strived to weave the intricacy of mismatched textures, patterns and colors that Oscar de la Renta used, while also playing upon the bohemian element found in mixing and matching patterns and textures.

This look is rather easy to attain through basics and one ornate piece. I made the look my own in the accessories, as I envisioned it as a summer style. I envisioned a breezy look that was perfect for a light stroll along the beach, ducking into shops or hopping on the boat. The following are elements that one can incorporate on their own to create this look in a runway-forward, yet casual way.  The blouse is breezy, intricate and beautiful, providing for the perfect statement in an otherwise simple outfit.  The white jeans further enable the blouse to be the highlight of the look, emphasizing the detail in the patterns while the denim and lace provide for a great contrast of textures.  The semi-platform metallic sandals add a fun and casual element.  The floppy hat included in the look adds a touch of bohemian flare, while providing relief from the sun on those bright days at the beach! The Longchamp bag is practical, stylish and ready to contain a magazine, beach towel and wallet.  My accessories including my Wooden-beaded tassel bracelet,  Kendra Scott necklace, and leather-chained pearl necklace are elegant and fun, while also providing fun texture and color contrast.


STYLE GURU BIO: Mary-Kate Rogers

Hi! My name is Mary-Kate Rogers, and I am so excited to write for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru! I love the way in which fashion merges classic trends with modern trends. A classic dress can quickly become contemporary with the use of one or two modern aspects.

While this is the “echo” generation, there is nothing I find more exciting in fashion than a colliding of two great and noteworthy trends. For example, a classic dress shape in a classic black and white pattern such as the one that I am wearing can be made modern with touches of neon, as I exemplify in my shoes, and in one of my favorite pieces, my necklace. I consider the necklace, which contains gold as well as different color beads and faux pearls to resemble Contemporary Art, again contributing to the modern twist to a classic look.  Even a bright statement bib necklace with modern rhinestones can look really cool when combined with a classic piece.

I look to style icons for look inspiration, and a couple of icons that inspired me in creating this look are Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. During the height of their popularity in the ’50s and ’60s, Pop Art was becoming more and more popular. The elegant, yet slightly edgy and funky image of pop artists such as Andy Warhol inspire this look as well as other looks of mine. It’s great to combine the contemporary with the classic, and what’s even better is how rather easy it is to implement, with a few perfect accessories and one classic piece.