What to Wear to Your Internship 101

With summertime in full swing and the New York subways consistently having delays (and little to no air-conditioning might I add), it’s hard to know the best way to dress every day. The concrete jungle is truly the place to be this summer if you want to be immersed in fashion, business, writing, and, of course, to visit the incredible CF Clubhouse. When bouncing from place to place, you have to have an outfit that is functional, work-appropriate, chic, and versatile. The color that reigns supreme is, of course, black.

Whether you’re working in a workplace environment that has no dress code or if your office has very strict apparel guidelines, all black is always a great option. I say this because if your internship or job denies you the creative freedom to wear anything you want, accessories will be your best friend this summer.

For those of you who have to wear business professional attire every day, there are a few staple items that are trendy yet appropriate for work. Hoop earrings are always a good choice for accessorizing a simple look. In addition to being at their peak in terms of style trends, they also look great with anything and everything. Statement piece bags are also a great way to accessorize a black, business professional ensemble. You can make a splash while walking on your way to work while still following the strict guidelines set by the office.

For those of you who work in spaces with little to no dress codes, comfort and mobility are your number two priorities, because number one, of course, is being fabulous and stylish. Sneakers are a hot ticket item this season with the rise of Stan Smith Sneakers and Vans. For those of us who have hectic commutes or are working at internships that have us delivering products across the city, sneakers and other comfortable forms of footwear are essential.

The one item that everyone, no matter what their dress code, should always be sporting this summer is a chic pair of sunglasses! Sunglasses grant the ability to show off the wearer’s personality as well as their own personal tastes and styles. There are so many different frames and cuts of sunglasses that can not only complement your bone structure but can also add an element of sparkle to look that is all black. Be daring in your choice of sunglasses, Fashionistas—colorful sunglasses are in this summer!

What do you wear to your internship? Comment below!

5 Steps to Rock the Denim-on-Denim Trend

At last the April showers are over and the May flowers are in full bloom, which means that the best time of year is here at last: summer! But before summer time is in full swing, there is time to try out everyone’s favorite daring combination: denim-on-denim.

I personally find the denim-on-denim look to be incredibly trendy and aesthetically pleasing. However, this is a style that can be hard to master at times. Check out some helpful tips on how to become a denim dreamin’ Fashionista/o!

1—Find an oversize denim jacket. Wearing an oversize denim jacket is ideal for layering and is also great for throwing over your shoulders on warmer days. Opt for a comfy shirt or sweater to wear under this jacket for the cooler summer days, and when the weather gets a little bit more humid wear a flowing tank top or blouse.

2—Choose a pair of flare, bell bottom, or boyfriend jeans. When making the decision to try out the denim-on-denim look, you want to think about two essential elements: style and comfort. Skinny jeans, although fun and cute, are not always the most comfortable choice. Flare, bell bottom, and boyfriend jeans on the other hand are incredibly comfortable and look amazing when paired to create an all-denim ensemble. This Fashionista chose a pair of flare jeans that were of a similar wash to her denim jacket to create a chic denim duo.

3—Pair the look with simple jewelry. There are always fun and new ways to make your denim looks stand out, whether it be through an eccentric bag choice, a wide-brimmed sun hat, or a series of bracelets and rings. This Fashionista kept her summertime transitional denim look simple with the addition of rings and a couple of silver bangles. The red accents integrated into her silver pieces catch the eye and add a pop of color to this look.

4—Bell-sleeve shirts for the win. This Fashionista opted to wear a white bell-sleeve top to give her outfit a hint of summer. I personally love the bell-sleeve top for this look because it works with the denim jacket in all different ways. The top looks good under the jacket when the jacket is worn normally, as well as when the jacket is draped over the shoulders. In addition to this, the shirt is complementary when worn with flare jeans in the absence of a denim jacket.

5—Choose a wedged sandal for that taste of summer feel. This style is easy to dress up or dress down because of the freedom of shoe selection. If you’re looking to follow more of an athletic feel, select a pair of Adidas sneakers. If you are trying to dress up this style, wear a pair of wedged sandals like this Fashionista did!

How are you rocking the denim-on-denim trend this season? Show us on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic Mood

The classic black and white look has always been one of my personal favorites. So, when I saw that the monochromatic flare was overtaking the runways this season I could not have been more excited. Black and white clothes (just like my love for black and white cookies) are something that I have always found tasteful and classic. The simplest addition of a colorful ingredient pops and completely changes the simple monochromatic equation. My inspiration for ways to rock an all black combination of pieces definitely grew when I began my internship here in New York City because my dress code is simple—all black, all the time. With that said, I definitely wear black out of the office, being that this color takes up more then half of my closet, but I always try to add another element. White is the perfect complement of an all black ensemble, the yin yang combination works in perfect harmony.

Today’s outfit was brought to you straight from the archives of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue coverage on the spring 2017 looks to watch. Instead of pairing my black high-waisted trousers with the usual heels, I opted for a pair of Adidas Stan Smith kicks. The runway shows of Vera Wang, Max Mara, and Louis Vuitton spring 2017 ready-to-wear collections taught us that athletic looks can be incredibly feminine, edgy, and well, high-fashion. All of these shows had two essential elements in common: a monochromatic palette and a sporty vibe.

Adding to my look, I a chose to wear a black-cropped sweatshirt with a strapless white turtleneck underneath. The white turtleneck lightens up the darkness of the pants and the sweatshirt, while also drawing attention in a positive light. The turtleneck also dared me to not wear a completely black outfit (as usual). Adding to the monochromatic elements. I elected to wear my beautiful cream fringed backpack that I found at TJ Maxx for an outstanding price! Finishing off my look, I styled my Vera Wang sunglasses because although they may be the most expensive accessory I own, they are by far the coolest. These sunglasses rock because they have an element of safety included. In the manufacturing of the lenses corners, it is set up so that you can actually see everything behind you.

With the seasonal change of summer upon us, it is the perfect time to finish off the days when comfortable pants and sweatshirts can be worn. Make the most out of these pieces while you still can Fashionistas/os! In just a few short weeks you won’t be needing them anymore!

STYLE ADVICE: Whimsical in White

As the end of the semester draws closer upon us, it means that it’s finally time for sunshine and warm clothes. There has been an unreal amount of rain here in New York City for the past month. So, with each warm day that comes, the masses of students dressed for the sun outside on the Fordham campus gets larger and larger. I spotted this Fashionista on one of the first true spring days this month.

My main advice for anyone trying a different and bold trend this season is to own it. I can speak from experience in saying that black is the new black and considering that that is the color taking up more than half of my closet, I am always looking for new ways to spice things up. Whether it be through pairing black with a lighter color, a bag that pops, or a rockin’ pair of heels, there is always a guiding light helping to make the seasonal transition from winter to spring. Be daring in your choices of how to make your wardrobe for the day pop. Use a bag that has been hanging on your clothing rack awhile, or choose a pair of shoes that you normally wouldn’t wear during the day.

This Fashionista did an exquisite job of dressing for the season in a bold and inspiring way. She pairs unique elements of her wardrobe to make the ideal look for every day in New York. Her base for this outfit is a cropped, crochet top with a gorgeous white, high low skirt. Her base also includes a simple, black crossbody bag, which stands out against her white bottoms. The elements she added to make this look her own are a moon necklace and Chinese Laundry lace-up heels. Take note on the attention to detail in the creation of this ensemble. This Fashionista wears a simple base with colors of black and white which draws attention to her standout colorful heels and simple necklace. The color, as well as cut of her high low skirt, also draws an on-lookers eyes in a downwards direction toward her #RAD heels.

I hoped that this helps you fellow Fashionstas/os when you are trying to find ways to be bold and rock black in a new way during this seasonal transition. I hope that you all enjoy the last few weeks of the spring semester!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stay Rad in Plaid

I hope everyone in New York is staying warm on these sort of crazy weather winter days we’ve been having. February has been filled with 60 degree sunny days that feel like spring time and days where it snows so much that classes have to be canceled. With so many weather changes it has been really hard to know how to dress these days and pea coats have been the go-to for Fordham’s Fashionistas.

As I mentioned, the essential piece for New York right now is the peacoat, and it is something that everyone should have ready-to-go in their closets for the winter. These coats keep you warm because they are perfect for layering on colder days, however, on the warmer days (such as the 60 degree ones we’ve had) it doesn’t allow you to overheat. Not only are peacoats super comfortable, they also can be incredibly stylish.

This Fashionista did an exquisite job styling her peacoat on this sunny and snow dusted day. She paired her coat with a gray turtleneck and a beautiful rose crossbody bag. This bag choice provides a pop of color to this neutral color palette outfit. In addition, she added a series of silver intricate rings which, although simple, added to the uniqueness of this look. This Fashionista also chose to wear a knit hat which perfectly complemented her crossbody. The hat also added a huge pop of color to this look.

The star of this look, however, was her gorgeous plaid peacoat. I have never quite seen a coat as original as this one. The sleeves are large thus making it perfect for layering and although not fully appreciated in these photos, the coat has gorgeous black buttons. Coats similar to this one can be found in shops such as Zara. However, he best place to find a staple piece such as this is at some of New York City’s thrift shops.

WHAT TO WEAR: Warm in Winter

Hey there fellow Fashionistas/os! I hope that the first few weeks of the spring semester are filled with enjoyable class schedules, thrilling adventures out with friends, and, of course, fashion to die for. I personally have been so eager to check out how this seasons on-campus Fashionistas are dealing with this crazy warm January weather that we have been having here in New York. I personally have been trying to wear turtlenecks with a denim jacket and a scarf to keep me comfortable on these warmer January days.

On my way through town during this warm weather, I spotted so many chic Fashionistas pulling spring items into their winter looks. A lot of them wore lighter jackets with ripped jeans and over-the-knee boots. I am very jealous of the girls I’ve seen in those boots, however, because I have been searching for the perfect pair for over a month now! This Fashionista in particular caught my eye because she was rocking an incredibly #rad edgy look.

She paired a studded denim jacket with a pair of mid-rise, black leggings for the warmer weather. She also wore a knitted, black sweater over a plain black crop top. To accessorize, this Fashionista wore an intricate choker and a beautiful Michael Kors, black clutch. For shoes, she wore very simple, black booties which strayed away from the current over-the-knee trend. She stood out from the other Fashionistas because she stuck with a dark color palette for the cooler weather. However, she chose to wear a light wash denim jacket which brought some color to her outfit.

STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Kate Flock

Hello all of my fellow Fashionistas/os! I hope that you had a totally #RAD winter break as well as a fall semester. I am so excited to be returning to CollegeFashionsita for my third semester as a Style Guru, CF has truly been such an amazing experience and I am so honored to be a part of it. This semester I cannot wait to share the latest trends from New York City’s campuses with all of you!

So a little bit about me first. I am originally from a small town in New Jersey, but I am attending college in the greatest city in the world, New York, where I attend Fordham University. I am currently studying marketing and fashion studies which will hopefully help me in my pursuit for a career in the fashion industry. On the Fordham campus, I am a member of the school’s only all-female a capella group, The Satin Dolls. In addition to my participation on campus this upcoming semester, I am also overjoyed to say that I will be interning for Vera Wang.

As I always say, my style completely reflects my mood for the day. Last semester I followed the athleisure trend quite a bit (especially during finals week) as well as the ever so popular choker trend. I definitely will be continuing to sport my chokers in 2017, even if the trend dies I will remain loyal to that accessory. I also will continue to sport my black booties this semester. They are a piece that I have gotten so much use out of this past year because they honestly dress up even my most casual of outfits–whether it be for class, a night out with friends, or interning at Vera Wang, these shoes do the trick. I also have really been loving the French braids look, and it’s something that I will continue to rock until the summer. They really do wonders for keeping long hair in place. Lastly, my new Kate Spade bag has been my signature piece since Christmas. It is a bag that I will be using pretty much every single day this upcoming semester.

Being a student in the city as well as a fashion intern has truly exposed me to some of the best dressed and chic individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I cannot wait to see what the Fashionistas/os roaming the Fordham campus have in store for all of you this semester. Time to get ready for (hopefully) the most #RAD semester I’ve seen yet!


I hope that all of you Fashionistas/os are having an incredible fall semester filled with fashion, football and fun! Sweater weather has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. I have seen so many turtlenecks, cardigans and vests this season in all shapes, colors and sizes. I personally am seen sporting a turtleneck at least once a week, usually paired with my token pair of overalls. In addition to the beautiful outerwear looks that have been circling the Fordham campus, I have also seen a lot of fellow Fashionistas/os dressing up for class through the use of simplistic, yet stunning, accessories.

Scarves, bracelets, handbags and hats seem to be the most common outfit additions that I’ve seen this semester. These accessories really spice up a simple outfit. Also, I have seen a lot more gold accessories on campus than silver, and the gold I have seen really pops in the fall season. In addition, a lot of Fashionistas have been wearing vests and cloaks against solid long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks.

This Fashionista really wore the perfect fall outfit and she splendidly complemented it with stunning gold jewelry. Her look underneath all the details is very simple: black riding boots, black ripped jeans and a tied black long sleeve shirt. However, I was drawn to the details of her outfit that she added to her simple outfit choice. She first wears a beautiful brown-toned cloak which looks good against the all-black ensemble. She also wears simple gold rings, a beautiful gold watch on her wrist and a kate spade black tote. Her look was the perfect choice for the fall semester and, in addition to being incredibly stylish, the cloak keeps her perfectly warm on even the windiest of New York City days.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Aesthetic Athleisure

Hello Fashionistas/os! I hope that everyone is having an incredible semester and that exams have not completely taken over your lives. So far this semester, I have seen so many students rocking the #RAD athleisure look. Athleisure is a trend that has been popping since 2016 started. In a January article, Vogue said that the five rules of athleisure are as follows: keep up with seasonal trends, invest in pieces that mix function and fashion, accessorize appropriately, dress for the occasion and when in doubt stick to neutrals. Some people have difficulty mastering the trend of athleisure because they select items that fall too far on the end of looking like they’re going to SoulCycle, however this Fashionista found the perfect balance of sporty and chic.

When thinking of the trend athleisure the images of supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid instantly pop into my head. This duo looks incredible in their leggings, Nike sneakers, crop tops and designer bombers. They are so fantastic that it is hard to imagine someone replicating the look so effortlessly. Our base outfit for the athleisure look is sneakers paired with leggings or joggers and a crop top. In terms of layering ladies, you can wear a fitted leather jacket over the crop top, an athletic fitted zip-up worn open or you can wear the newest trend, the bomber. The reason that athleisure has been so popular this year is because it is both comfortable and trendy. This look can also easily be dressed up or dressed down.

To customize this look, accessorize as much as you feel necessary. Pairing the athletic look with a choker and layering necklaces and hoops dresses the outfit up a bit. It also adds more elements to the outfit and accessorizing truly does pull the outfit together. In addition, wearing an unconventional crop top also adds dimensions to the ensemble. This Fashionista wore a fitted gray top and tied it on the side to customize her look. For a more casual look one might stray away from accessorizing and they may also wear more athletic sneakers (such as Nikes) than this Fashionista did. She topped off her look by wearing all-white adidas Superstars, which pop against her dark color palette.

I hope that this helped some of you Fashionistas figure out ways in which to customize the athleisure look as well as dress it up and dress it down. There is always a way to make an athletic-looking outfit cute and comfortable for class or even for a night out if you accessorize appropriately.


Greetings fellow Fashionistas/os! I hope that you are enjoying the fall semester thus far and that your course loads haven’t yet begun to overflow. The late night study sessions in the library, trips for midnight pizza, getting dressed to go out for the night and early morning classes are back in full swing and I honestly could not be more thrilled to be back on campus. With internships, on-campus activities and an insane business core for a schedule I feel more inspired then ever to be looking for chic and well-styled students walking alongside the beautiful campus of Fordham.

On my way to class I spotted one outfit in particular that really struck my eye because it was well put together, comfortable and perfect for the occasion. This Fashionista, had a very busy day ahead of her and yet she wore an outfit that was distinguishably different then the incredibly preppy students around her and she remained both trendy and chic.

She paired a flowy denim tank top with a pair of olive green skinny jeans. She combined these two with a simple yet beautiful series of gold bracelets and a brown leather bulk bag to carry her books to and from class. Accessories such as bags, necklaces and bracelets are essential to dressing up this simple look because they add some sparkle to the outfit. Sam wore a pair of ballet flats which very nicely complimented her pants, kept her feet comfortable for the commute across campus and kept the outfit nice yet casual.