A simple V-neck T-shirt can do more to an outfit than you really think. Although some people take the look as casual, it’s a perfect staple to add to any outfit for any occasion. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways to dress it up. This Fashionisto’s look caught my eye in class because it was the perfect ensemble for a casual day around campus!

Name: Nash Morrisson

Major: Education

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about the outfit you’re wearing today.

Nash Morrisson: Well today I had my seven a.m. class so I was going for the comfortable effect. I love wearing my Converse All Stars high-tops, they’re a darker green which you don’t see too much of around. I wore my grey jeans and my navy bue V-Neck with a matching belt because the outfit just goes together simply.

CF: What’s your fashion normally like?

NM: I’m a musician so I like to dress like a musician. I like darker colors because I think they look better on me than lights. I’m really just a simple guy who wears stuff that’s comfortable to play my music in.

CF: The weather has been really cold lately, what’s your favorite piece for keeping warm?

NM: I have this army green button-down coat that I really like. The collar goes up to my neck so it keeps me warm on my walks to and from class, but also it’s pretty light weight so that I can wear it inside as well with no problem.

How To: A V-neck T-shirt is a great add on to any outfit. You can keep it plain or add on necklaces such as dog tags or tasteful chains. Some scarves may add on some more flair as well. This Fashionisto could have added a button-down shirt over his V-neck, but left it unbuttoned for a more casual look. There are many different ways for guys to add to their look.


What are you to do when you have to dress professional for an internship? You’re in college, you have class and for some crazy reason your teachers need you to complete excessive hours of internships in order for you to graduate. It’s hard to find professional looking outfits that will also be stylish enough to wear to class as well. Dresses are always a great choice because you can dress them up for your internship and then dress them down for class if you’re wishing to keep it casual. This week’s Fashionista does a great job of figuring out what works best for her internship style.

Name: Jordyn Barrett

Major: Deaf Education

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Why did you decide on wearing this dress?

Jordyn Barrett: I just really liked that it was cute and stylish when I was unsure of what to wear today. 

CF: What pieces did you add on to your outfit for your internship? 

JB: I added on the cardigan blazer because it’s a sleeveless dress and the extra jewelry to add some style to it. I also added the scarf because it’s really cold out today. 

CF: Did you style it specifically for the cold weather?

JB: Yeah that’s why I wore the black stockings too! The boots are there for style but they’re also keeping me warm.

How To: When styling up an outfit piece, added accessories are always a great add on. Layering an outfit with a simple cardigan for a change in color is a great asset to any dress or top. Also, be brave when experimenting with tights. They come in so many colors or prints, especially if you’re wearing a solid colored dress. There are great ways to experiment with your style as you dress up or dress down your ensemble.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear green pants? Probably not the most flattering thing to imagine right? Wrong! I found a Fashionista who was able to sway me into being a fan of going green in the fashion sense. She takes a pair of green jeans and paired it with a white V-Neck under a denim button-down top. A pair of black combat boots pulled the look together and caught my eye.

Name: Maddy Rynne

Year: Sophomore

Major: Deaf Education

CollegeFashionista: What was the initail draw to the green pants?

Maddy Rynne: I just really liked the color, to be honest I didn’t even think this outfit matched.

CF: What’s your go to style?

MR: I like to workout a lot so I’m normally in workout clothes that are cute but comfy for class.

CF: What’s your favorite store for athletic gear?

MR: lululemon has a lot of cute stuff, but I also really like Fabletics, which is Kate Hudson’s clothing website.

CF: I love your boots, who are they by?

MR: Aw, thank you so much! I got my boots from Steve Madden.

How To: Colored denim is a great way to change the look and style of your outfit. Maybe you’re not into accessorizing very much, well add some colored denim and give your boring neutral tones a bright and friendly pop. Colored denim is a way to keep bright colored in season regardless of it is winter, fall, spring or summer.


We all know that one girl that can effortlessly pull off the casual look while still looking put together at the same time. This Fashionista kills it with her outfits everyday, allowing her to go to class looking stylish while still feeling comfortable. Want a comfortable outfit for the first day of class? This one takes first place when compared with fellow Flalger Fashionistas for the comfortable attire award.

Name: Hanna Anderson

Major: Communications

Year: Sophomore

CF: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Hanna Anderson: I really like to wear my beanie especially this winter since the temperature has been so cold.
CF: Who’s your favorite designer right now?
HA: I’m going to say Dave and Johnny. They design some really nice dresses.
CF: What’s your favorite store to shop at?
HA: Urban Outfitters and PacSun for sure.
CF: What’s the next fashion trend that you want to buy?
HA: I want to buy these thigh-high stockings that I saw at a store downtown earlier this week.
How To: It’s so easy to replicate this Fashionistas outfit. A simple pair of leggings is a great staple to have in every girl’s wardrobe. They’re the perfect item to either dress up or to dress down. A simple purple long sleeve shirt is great for going to class and wanting to add an extra pop of color. Lastly, grabbing yourself a knit beanie just like the one this Fashionista’s wearing is a great accessory for the winter season. I’ve seen countless gals and guys back on campus showing off this latest winter trend.


My name is Mary McAteer and I am overjoyed to continue on as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m a 19-years-old sophmore at Flagler College. Originally from Rhode Island, I now study Deaf Education in sunny yet sometimes rainy, St. Augustine, Florida.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island and was always on the water. For that reason alone I had a nautical vibe to my wardrobe. Growing up I had the typical preppy Northeastern style, always wearing my Sperry Top-Siders, riding boots and Jack Rogers sandals. I’m very blessed to have a boat that my family lives on during the weekends throughout the summer months. It always gave me an excuse to rock a bathing suit underneath my Lilly Pulitzer dress.

I recently started working for Michael Kors and it has been such an amazing experience so far. I’ve been able to see up and coming trends and colors not only in the clothing department but also with handbags and accessories. Of course the employee discount has attributed to my growing collection of Michael Kors clothing that have been filling up my closet. They’re great styles to parade around campus.

My favorite stores to shop at are Michael Kors, Lilly Pulitzer, Etsy and Forever 21. I love putting potential outfits together in my head and then find the different pieces when I’m shopping online.

I am beyond thankful to be not only writing for CollegeFashionista again but to also be starting yet another new category. After writing the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK and LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS I will now be writing the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT article. Cheers to another stylish semester!


Being back up north for Christmas break means breaking out the boots and the winter gear. While it’s a huge change from my normal attire down in Florida, I still grew up in this frigid town so I do have some idea of what to wear when the weather gets cold. It’s important to layer your outfits for when you go inside by the fire and it becomes 79 degrees, easily.

This week’s Fashionista did a fabulous job layering. She wore a pair of dark navy skinny jeans tucked into a pair of tall tan leather boots. On top she paired a navy, red and white flannel underneath an olive green army styled jacket. A big tan scarf was wrapped around her neck to keep out the chill.

Layering is a great thing when you live in the Northeast and scarves almost always take the cake for that special warm spot. There are so many different options when it comes to picking out a scarf for you to wear. There’s Pashmina, knit, plaid, cheetah or many other designs that are available to cater to your specific style.

Scarves are great as well because you can wear them inside or outside! They’re the perfect winter accessory when it comes to spicing up a holiday outfit or simply going shopping at the mall. No matter where you are this holiday season or what you are doing go out there and scarf it up. There’s endless options to choose from and I’m sure it’ll bring you warmth and cheer.

Guru Gift Guide: Mary McAteer

Every year I pack up my suitcase, leave the sunshine state and head to my hometown in the frozen over state of Rhode Island. My parents always have our entire family over for Christmas dinner, and it is absolutely my favorite time of year. The snow is falling, the family is baking cookies and the Christmas tree stands tall – what could be more perfect?

I like to be bold with my fashion choices and since my favorite color is orange, I thought I’d incorporate it this year.  Working for Michael Kors has its perks and because of my job, I was able to snag this fabulous MK chain link dress that ties at the hip for my Christmas dress this year. The second I saw it in wardrobing I fell in love with the burnt orange color. I chose to wear my favorite pair of tan tall riding boots to give it that winter feel. My gold Michael Kors watch is a perfect accessory to go with the gold accents on my dress.  I always go simple with my hair since it’s just family and it allows more eyes to be on the outfit.

Check our the gifts I’ll be giving this holiday season:

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With holiday season in full swing, loads of college kids here at Flagler College are getting ready to head back up north for our winter vacation. However, some of us are still trying to get in our last beach friendly outfits before switching over to scarves and hats. St. Augustine, Florida recently had a heat wave and when the temperature outside is 85 degrees and the beach is calling you in December, you certainly are going to answer.

This week’s Fashionista sure knows how to put a weather friendly outfit together. She wore a light blue crop top with Hawaiian flowers from Diamond Supply Co. and paired it with a black high-waisted skirt from H&M. On her feet she rocks a pair of light blue Vans with white laces. She accessorized with a pair of diamond studs and a scorpion ear cuff. Her natural looking locks makes it look like she let her hair naturally dry after a day at the beach.

This is a great time to wear all your favorite beach outfits while the weather is still appropriate. Crop tops are the new trend down here in St. Augustine and it’s the perfect time to take them out before 2014. The girls at Flagler love shopping at PacSun, Charlotte Russe and American Apparel for the high-waisted skirt/crop top combination. Wearing a pair of sneakers like our Fashionista this week is the perfect way to dress the outfit down and make it more casual for a day to night look you can carry from class to a hangout with friends.

So go out there and take advantage of this temperature increase, Fashionista/os. There will be plenty of time to dress for the cold next semester.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Boots Are Back in Town

It finally happened folks. The late and warm winter weather we have been experiencing in Florida this season has officially withered away and we’re left with the remnants of a cold holiday season. The Christmas lights have been put up, holiday music blasts from every store front and winter break is so close I can taste my mothers home cooking. For the remainder of the semester and 2013 it seems our one goal is to try and stay warm and just because we are Florida Fashionista/os doesn’t mean we can’t style up some weather appropriate outfits. Tis the season after all.

This week’s Fashionista wore a pair of black leggings, appropriate winter color, a dark tan sweater and a denim vest. She paired it with a pair of tall white socks to keep the sudden cold front out, as well as rocking a pair of black combat boots. For the unusual Florida weather this season she does a rocking job of keeping it stylish while trying to stay warm.

A great pair of boots is essential to, not only keeping your feet warm during a cold front, but essentially to everyday life. Whether it’s trying to stay warm or simply trying to find a good pair of shoes to wear out at night, you can never go wrong with a good pair of boots. Combat boots are perfect for both occasions, especially if you live in St. Augustine. Our weather is so predictable that by the time you leave class those boots may be the only thing keeping you from frostbite or they could simply be just the perfect accessory as you keep cool in a pair of shorts.

Whatever way you wear em, always know that a good pair of boots will never fall out of style. Even regardless of the season change, with a good eye for fashion you can make your favorite pair of boots a styling staple for every season.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wear White After Labor Day

For those of us lucky enough to live in Florida all year round, we have some exceptions to certain style rules that come into effect up north or elsewhere in the United States. We can, and do, wear white after Labor day. It’s completely common to see white jeans and even white shoes the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The weather sure fools us from putting away our spring colors as well as the palm trees.

This week’s Fashionista sure knows how to rock white after labor day. She wears a pair of white boot cut jeans with a white tank top. Over the tank, to keep her warm from the chill (barely any down here), she wears a snake skint printed blue and white sweater that’s thin and flowy for a perfect Florida fall ensemble. A pair of black Jack Rogers sandals are on her feet and a dark brown belt with gold hardware is around her waist.

This is a great look for those of you living in warm places or even for those of you traveling for warm places this holiday season. The white jeans look can be dressed up or dressed down regarding your preference or event. A denim button down shirt is always great to pair with white jeans. For the chillier nights it would look great with a pair of tall brown riding boots.

White is a classic color that makes even the simplest of outfits look elegant, classy and tasteful. I encourage all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos to go out this holiday season and embrace wearing white after Labor Day. There is no crime in good fashion.