I am always attracted to colors that pop and accessories that make subtle statements as their bearers strut down the sidewalk. When I saw this Fashionista, her red scarf and leopard print backpack immediately caught my eye. What I love most about this girl's outfit is that it's probably something I could definitely see myself wearing. It's simple, comfortable and most of all, it is a clever collection of clothing that sits well on this Fashionista.

Name: Ellie Harrington

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Ellie Harrington: I would describe my fashion sense as random. I wear everything from men's cardigans with combat boots to sundresses with bows.

CF: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

EH: My favorite piece of clothing is probably a men's red knit cardigan. It's really comfortable and warm so I wear it like every day.

CF: What is something you wish you owned?

EH: I really wish I owned Mary Jane platform pumps.

CF: Where do you find college-friendly fashion?

EH: Forever 21 (obviously), Miss Selfridge and NASTY GAL.

How To: Ellie's look is fairly simple. She's wearing a lot of cable knit items, my favorite definitely being her sweater. There are two ways you can go with these, preppy chic or hipster uniform. Both are awesome ways to style yourself for class. I clearly have a thing for combat boots and knit scarves — I can't help myself. Also add an army jacket and a sassy backpack and you're set for a sunny winter day!


We can all agree that taking fashion risks is admirable, especially if that requires wearing paper thin tights in freezing winter weather. I'm an advocate of everything sassy, as well as everything bright. There's nothing like an accent piece that can be appreciated for its color rather than pure shock value.

This Fashionista boldly faced a cold afternoon with not much more than a pair of boots and a peacoat, which by the way looked absolutely fabulous on her. Her coat was buttoned up but I knew she was hiding something underneath and was pleasantly surprised when she revealed her skirt and top. She adds a nice touch of leather with her boots, purse and belt and I could not have been more pleased to run into her.

Name: Meena Iyer

Major: International Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How do you choose your outfits every day?

Meena Iyer: It depends who I'm feeling like. I draw inspiration from designers from outfits that I've seen stylists put together in Vogue or Harper's Bazaar. Also depends on my mood, if I'm happy or sad, that'll usually determine my color palette. 

CF: What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

MI: Probably my tartan vintage Escada blazer, my black and white Oxfords from New Look and my vintage pig brooche.

CF: How do you take risks with fashion?

MI: Usually I find that whenever I get compliments on what I'm wearing, it's the days when I've felt most uncomfortable in what I'm wearing. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and putting sort of a rocky spin on a classic Chanel look always does the trick!

CF: Where do you shop for college-friendly clothing?

MI: Bargain basements, charity shops, designer warehouses and vintage shops like Buffalo Exchange.

How To: Meena's look is easy to accomplish, assuming you have some of these basics already. Throw on a brightly colored chiffon blouse and a saucy skirt. Depending on the look you're going for, you can add a leather belt. Grab a cute cross-body leather purse and a pair of leather boots. Meena added a light peacoat to her look to protect her from the shivering temperatures. You can also replace the tights with a great pair of leggings if you're not ready to brave the wind. 


It is not often you will see a man wearing skinny jeans the right way. They are either too tight, too low or just not right. Because of the relationship between skinny jeans and the emo music scene, I have noticed guys shying away from this style over the past few years. I think it is really such a shame because if worn right, skinny jeans are an easy way to be fashionable. When I saw this Fashionisto wearing these pants in the most perfect way, I knew I had to ask him about his outfit.

There is an art about layering different colors and fabrics that is really pleasing to the eye and subtly screams “stylish” while adequately moving away from a look at me attitude. Not only does this Fashionisto have the skinny jean look down to a T, but he is also extremely dapper with his coat and scarf, topping it all off with Ray-Bans and a warm latte. A fellow photographer, he was not afraid of the camera nor did he hesitate to strike up a conversation with me which was simply delightful.

Name: Ian Macleod

Major: Photojournalism, Architecture Studies Minor

Year: Senior

​CollegeFashionista: How do you choose what to wear every day?

​Ian Macleod: When it comes to day-to-day, I don't put much thought into dressing myself. I'm lazy and like to sleep in. Instead, I tend to be exceptionally picky when buying clothes so I just have to throw on whatever is clean. Of course, there are days when that ends up being ratty Chucks and a band shirt.

​CF: Who or what inspires your style?

IM: Like a lot of people, music, at least indirectly, inspires me. I was big on '50s/early '60s ska and British pop in high school (and still am), so I took a fondness to the early mod style that went with it. Slim ties, check patterns, dark jeans, all that jazz (and soul). The casual of the era was a lot more cleaned up. Similarly, my favorite modernist architects of the ear, like Saarinen and Nelson, reflected their design philosophy in the clean, minimalist way they dressed.

​CF: What are places you get good college-friendly fashion?

​IM: I tend to default on H&M for a number of reasons. First, I think dressing well is all about fit, because if it fits, it not only looks good, but feels good: the style/comfort dichotomy doesn't make any sense. And they're one of the few places that sells 28×34″ pants. Second, their cost to quality ratio is quite good for a chain; they're like the IKEA of clothing. I also have a few made to measure pieces from Indochino. I'd like to frequent independent stores more, but ones with good men's selections are hard to come b​y.

CF: Do you prefer to be over or underdressed? Why?

IM: Well. I'd like to think I am neither, but merely “dressed.” But considering most occasions I wear ties are neither formal nor work-related, I guess that puts me on the “overdressed” side of things. Can't make me give up my Vietnam surplus jacket, though. I like being officially “the guy in the suit” at parties.

How To: If want to be as dashing as Ian, I would suggest starting with a comfortable pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan. Add a military jacket — light or thick — and a cashmere scarf to stay warm. Slip on a comfy pair of lace-up canvases and your Ray-Bans. And don't forget that latte!


I love talking to Fashionistas that are so flattered by the fact that I think their outfit is awesome. People that are fashionable should be told so by everyone they talk to, it's just common courtesy. 

This Fashionista was coolly strolling to class wearing a simple laid back outfit — something I think we all aim for when we have those early morning lectures we can barely keep our eyes open for. I bet if professors were fashionable, we'd pay closer attention; I mean who wants to miss their journalism prof. wearing lamé leggings or a faux feather vest?

I love that this Fashionista's jeggings don't look like jeggings at all. I think that's one of the downfalls of this trend — most of them are clearly a rip-off pair of jeans and they look tacky. I also really like that she tucked them into her suede booties rather than wearing them on the outside. It really gives her footwear a chance to stand out and bring the outfit together. And kudos for wearing a long puffy North Face coat without making it look like a sleeping bag/sumo wrestling costume.

Name: Katy McNamara

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit — how did you choose what to wear?

Katy McNamara: I chose to wear my outfit by grabbing a top and then finding other things to add more excitement to it, like a vest. Then, I put on my favorite jeggings that I always wear and realized I could spice it up by throwing on some boots.

CF: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

KM: For inspiration, I will sometimes see outfits in a magazine that I like that I will try to emulate. Also, BU has a lot of students with great fashion that I can get ideas from.

CF: Where do you get college-friendly fashion?

KM: My favorite store to shop at is definitely Free People. I also like Nordstrom, Madewell, Anthropologie, 344 and Urban Outfitters.

How To: Wear a great pair of jeggings that don't look like jeggings — that's the whole point. Grab a simple tee and a knit vest. Top it off with a comfy pair of suede booties and a puffy winter coat. Now you're all set for your late afternoon lecture! Try not to fall asleep though…


I spotted this Fashionista as she daintily sipped a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup next to the famous Bon Me food truck. She was crouched down, sitting on a bench and her face was hidden, yet she was hard to miss. I noticed her because the sun was hitting her at just the right angle and she shyly looked up at me as I approached the bench. Her outfit is a wonderful conglomeration of many different styles chicly tied together in this easy look that is both light and comfy. 

One thing any Fashionista must know upon her arrival in Boston is that it is a city that will never make up its mind when it comes to the weather. It will be freezing cold in the morning, but by noon the sun will be shining and your winter coat will weigh heavy on you. For this reason, versatility is the most important tool in your wardrobe. Fashionistas, you must learn to play around with your clothes and figure out what's comfortable and what works. These will be your go-to pieces when you have no clue what to wear because the forecast says one thing but the sky says another.

First of all, I want to point out all of the comfy fabric in this Fashionista's outfit because it's what makes her look so relaxed: her Sherpa lined vest and boots and her knit gloves. The holes in her jeans bring out the risqué in her accouterments. I love this trend of wearing socks that fit higher than boots, even when the boots are this short. They just make the outfit seem incredibly comfortable and doable. They also warm up those feet on a cold winter day. My favorite part about this Fashionista's outfit is the confidence she wears it with and the smile that comes so naturally to her.

And to all of you naysayers that claim black and brown don't go together, update your fashion rule books. Or better yet, throw the rule book out the window and create some of your own!

Name: Meláni Glassman

Major: Neuro-Psychology & Philosophy

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How did your outfit come together and what is your favorite piece?

Meláni Glassman: These are tough questions to answer as most of my outfits just come together as my expression of self. I've always sort of seen fashion as an art and work with whatever is in my closet at the time to put something fun together. A bit like cooking! Take random ingredients and mix them together to create something tasty! My favorite ingredient of today's outfit is probably those Blank ripped black pants as they have traveled everywhere with me and fit everyone, basically my magical pants that I wear quite often, as do my friends!

CF: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

MG: I've never really been into fashion magazines or pop culture life, so I'm not necessarily aware of what is “hip” at the time. I'd say my inspiration comes from the same place all art does, a need to create.

CF: Where do you get good college-friendly clothing?

MG: I always say look in the sale racks and boutiques that are more underground, you can always find items there. If not, places like department stores, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls sometimes have gems, but it is better to support less globalized corporations!

How To: Meláni is wearing a simple long sleeved sweater, which can be as plain or as intricate as you like. The ripped black jeans and the fingerless gloves add a biker feel to the outfit that make her edginess stand out. The Sherpa lined denim vest is comfortable and full of personality and it matches the Sherpa lined lace-up boots.The long necklace is a simple yet strong piece of statement jewelry. Finish up this look by pulling your hair back into a messy bun or ponytail and top it off with a paisley scarf. Don't forget a warm pair of socks and sheer tights to wear underneath your pants if it's cold!



When I was younger, I always thought function superseded fashion. I would wear what was most comfortable and was willing to sacrifice the way I looked to feel comfy and content. As a teenager, I did a drastic 180: I decided fashion was way more important than function. I would go out into sub-zero winter weather with a light peacoat and moccasins. After years of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that one does not have to be forfeited for the other. In fact, these two can go hand in hand to create a chic outfit that will set you aside from your peers.

I found this Fashionisto waiting for the train and I couldn't help but compliment him on his threads. He was so effortlessly fashionable and properly dressed for a dreadful, snowy day in Boston. His outfit was the perfect mix of stylish and weather appropriate. Hats off to this marvelous mixture of fabrics and color.

Name: Vaughn Watson

Major: Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little bit about your outfit — how did it come together?

Vaughn Watson: I was feeling inspired by the fashion I observed in China during my recent semester there, so I tried to do this experiment with fabrics and colors to see if I could pull it off. A great deal of the outfit is from H&M, but the jacket is by Tommy Hilfiger. I'm not sure where the boots came from though

I wanted to combine the casual look of corduroys and a turtleneck with something a little more edgy, so I added the boots and woolen socks to give the outfit a less pretentious, almost messy feel. In fact, I was almost worried that the outfit looked a little too bummy, but in the end, I was satisfied with how it turned out.

CF: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

VW: My greatest source of inspiration is New York. Whenever I go back home, I feel as if my sense of and passion for fashion are magnified. I was raised wearing casual clothes such as khakis and slacks, so now I love to play with those looks in order to create something that looks both clean-cut and edgy simultaneously. I would also say that my style, as of late, has been influenced greatly by techniques I observed in Chinese fashion such as mixing patterns and textures, heavy accessorizing, and the use of materials and patterns that would be considered feminine in the west.

CF: Where do you find the best college-friendly fashion?

VW: H&M is a godsend, I get just about all of my basics from there. Other than that, I like to wander around a variety of stores for pieces that call out to me. I think it's important to not have a fixed idea about a store, but rather to search for individual pieces that make sense to you. As long as your clothes accurately express your taste and personality, you can create your own look and wear it with confidence.

How To: This Fashionisto's corduroys are subtle and look good on nearly anyone. Guys, don't be afraid to play around with some color! Vaughn's outfit is very simple but he added a splash of color with his turtleneck. Again, have some fun and find a brightly-colored sweater or shawl to accent your outfit. Even one with a cool pattern will do the trick. One of my favorite things about this outfit is how the gold finishing on this Clubmaster Ray-Ban complements the gold zipper on his duffle coat. Definitely keep warm with a beanie and wool socks. And obviously, don't forget your combat boots. Those come in handy when the weatherman predicts 6 inches of snow.


Let's face it. It is finally wintertime on the East Coast. Your bed and your computer are your best friends right now. I know getting out from under the covers is a drag and you don't want to pull on your winter boots and your fuzzy warm sweater because, hey, it's January. But let me tell you something: this is also a wonderful time to dust off your vintage cable knits and your trench coat. Get ready Fashionistas/os, it's the last stretch of winter. Spring is just around the corner and you'll be able to flail around in your floral prints and cute sandals soon enough; trust me. 

For now, go with a funky alternative for the cold weather. This Fashionista's outfit says, “Yes, I know it's winter, but I don't care,” and she looks fabulous.

Name: Candice Bancheri

Major: Painting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does your style impact who you are?

Candice Bancheri: I like to think it doesn't. I'd rather say that my personality and the world I live in impact who I am which, in turn, influences what I choose to wear.

CF: What is your favorite college-friendly piece of clothing?

CB: My Star Wars T-shirt! I'm a sucker for good old-fashioned sci-fi movies.

CF: Where do you usually get good fashion finds?

CB: The Garment District. It's cheap and fun and it's not just for Halloween, trust me.

How To: The center piece of your outfit is a simple brightly-colored dress. Everything else should be understated, yet embellishing. You might want to wear tights if it's drafty; Candice chose a pair with a slight flower pattern. This pair from Bloomingdale's might be a bit much, but fashion is about being bold. Find yourself a wool trenchcoat and an oversized cable knit scarf to keep you warm then add a pair of black boots and you've got Candice's look in the bag!



Some students at BU let the gloomy Boston rain get them down in the dumps. I'll admit, it's pretty hard to find peppy students going from class to class when all the sky has to offer is a frown and a whole lot of rain that tends to somehow fall horizontally, making it impossible for any umbrella to serve its purpose.

This Fashionista is an entirely different story, however. Not only does she walk up and down campus with a smile on her face, she does so confidently and oh so fashionably! She's done what most Bostonians do when we don't know what the weather will be like (which is most of the time): layer. She tops her comfy outfit off with a brightly colored scarf and gorgeous leather boots. 

Name: Sarah DiBella

Major: Advertising, Art History Minor

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How does your style impact who you are?

Sarah DiBella: I'd like to think that who I am impacts my style more. I have a lot of artsy pieces from when I was an art student but now I'm leaning more towards classics because I'm starting the job search. But if I had to say how it impacts me I would say it makes me a more comfortable, confident person.

CF: What is your favorite college-friendly piece of clothing?

SD: Scarves and an oversized black sweater.

CF: Where do you usually get good fashion finds?

SD: Piperlime, Gap, H&M and the sale section at Madewell.

How To: Start off with your standard black leggings and add a basic tee, preferably a tunic tee. Find yourself a cozy, warm knit cardigan and add a bright colored cashmere scarf to lightly accent your outfit. Top it off with a great pair of riding boots and a peacoat or poncho and you've got yourself a fashionable outfit for the winter!

Style Guru Bio: Maya Jiménez

My name is Maya Jiménez and I am delighted to begin my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!

I'm a junior in Boston University's College of Communication, majoring in Photojournalism with a minor in Hispanic Language & Literature. I'm an aspiring fashion photographer and have been for quite some time, as I have plastered my bedroom walls with magazine cut-outs (mostly Vogue and Harper's Bazaar) since I was young. I realized I wanted to pursue a career in this field after finding interest in Scott Schuman, photographer and writer for The Sartorialist and a pioneer in street fashion photography. The two photographers that most inspire my art are Mario Testino and Peter Lindbergh because they're able to effortlessly create beauty that manages to remain timeless even though fashion is ever-changing.

I also have an avid love for the music industry, live music and concert photography. Because of an upbringing full of music and a summer internship at Sony, I am now completely obsessed with this fascinating world.

I would describe my style as creative because I tend to take bits and pieces of the fashion senses I see in my fellow Fashionistas to build an entirely new look every day. Of course however, I never journey far from the classics and staples of any good outfit: classic tees and skinny jeans, accessorizing with a huge pair of earrings or funky rings and a fashionable pair of shoes. I would venture to say I'm a trend-setter who is always attempting to inspire something fresh among my friends.

My favorite winter-friendly piece of clothing is my Tommy Hilfiger red winter coat because not only is it stylish, but it keeps me cozy during dreadful weather. My favorite pair of shoes are my Enzo Angiolini leather boots because they are comfy to walk in and keep my legs warm when Boston gets cold and windy. My favorite accessory is my bright blue Rebecca Minkoff cross-body purse with gold finishing because it is absolutely fabulous. It's the best Christmas gift I've ever gotten (Thanks to my sister; she has a matching one in bright pink).

I definitely have an eagerness for fashion and I'm always looking for new trends. Boston University has an array of fashion-savvy students who are always looking their best just to go to class and I'm excited to begin photographing and interviewing them!