STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: This Is Florida, After All

It’s not that I think I’ve gone overboard with all of the winter clothing. As students in Florida, many of us want to use every excuse to wrap ourselves up in the cozy clothes that magazines and mannequins are displaying this time of the year, and it genuinely does get cold sometimes. However, I’d be kidding myself if I said we didn’t get some summer weather here and there. And as fun as it is to keep up with trends, I don’t think we should be restricted to wearing what’s in season right now even if it sets you apart– in fact, wearing your favorite clothes will probably make you look happier and more beautiful than ever.

Today’s Fashionista looks stunning and ethereal with her rosy lips and cheeks matching the deep coral and cream colors of her outfit. You can visit Target or Urban Outfitters online for camis and Asos for your choice of mesh or chiffon midi skirts. If you’d like to add some coral jewelry to match, offers a lovely coral-and-gold canary necklace. This similarly beautiful bracelet may be classified as “sold out,” but since Spool No. 72 still lists it online, I’m holding out hope that it will be available again soon.

The one big winter trend that this Fashionista incorporates is lace, and with holiday shindigs coming up, it’s time to keep an eye out for party dresses. ASOS offers two lacy choices, one available in cream and the other in cream, black and berry red. Make your outfit really party-ready with a pair of Madden Girl pumps from DSW.

Don’t let moment-by-moment trends dictate all of your outfit choices. Style is far more important, and the glow you get from looking and feeling your best will outshine your other options every time.



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sparkling Shoes and Twinkling Toes

I have a hard time denying the ever present allure of glitter. Yes, it is the plague of the art world, the force that, once unleashed, will spread and stick to every surface. It inspires sadness just as surely when leaves the one place you want it to stay– may I never forget my glistening middle-school t-shirts that I owned before I learned how to properly care for clothes. Regardless, when I see photos of Taylor Swift in just about any of her dresses, or when silver and golden holiday decorations catch my eye and make me smile, I feel hope. Whether you're wearing something with glitter, shine or sequins, adding a shimmery dimension to your outfit is a great way to brighten your winter.

Plum and black clothes look splendid together, but they can serve as the perfect backdrop for something sparkly. One way to do this during the day is to pick some simple but beautiful flats for walking class-to-class in, like this pair from PacSun. Black, golden and pewter party heels are also available from Steve Madden.

So you like to dance, but you can't bring a disco ball wherever you're going? A miniature set from Etsy or Galaxy earrings from Urban Outfitters will keep you going for now. For a larger but more subtle piece, a glistening sweater from Macy's should help boost your shine without leaving a glittery trail everywhere you go.

Finally, golden leggings are available for the most daring among you. Head over to American Apparel for bottoms destined for the dance floor.

Was it simply coincidence that I found a spot of glitter on my own hat before I finished writing this article, or a sign that I should spread the love of sparkles everywhere? I'd have to go with the first option, I think. Still, you can do your part and make the world a better– and shinier– place to be.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Find Yourself Some Flannel

Some days, you just have to leave your dorm or apartment and brave a cruel, cold world of end-of-semester projects and final exams. It’s going to be alright, though. Soon, you’ll have a winter break to curl up, catch up on the reading you’ve missed and even (gasp!) fall asleep when you feel so inclined.

There are still simple ways to be chic, though. Take off that off-brand Harry Potter Snuggie– admittedly, it’s an improvement from your oversized pajamas and fuzzy bathrobe, but only because you have sweet and goofy friends who are far too busy to notice this time of the year. As classy as a real tie and button-down would be, today isn’t the day for either. Today is the day for flannel.

Your trusty flannel top will look great whether it’s fitted or two sized too big. Simply throw on a skinny or wide belt from Macy’s or Bluefly once you’ve decided on a shirt, preferable one created by Lucky Brand, Vans or Dickies. Choose those two, and you’re finished with your top. A lovely pair of smooth dark-wash skinnies will be just as nice as leggings and almost inevitably warmer.

Shoes? I think you mean sneakers. Go to the Keds site and take a look around. If you can find a pair or two that you immediately love more than the rest, you know what to buy. If you find yourself swooning over more than you can afford, Urban Outfitters sells a few different colors and patterns at a 2/$30 deal. They certainly won’t be as hardy, but they’re worthy of a stroll around the block.

Today’s Fashionista has a lovely DIY bracelet made of braided fabric with a button attached. If that sounds like your cup of tea, I recommend checking out this list of the Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs for inspiration. I’m familiar with a few of them, and they’re certainly worth visiting once the break hits (if you can resist the temptation to start now, you can look for motivation to finish off that last essay and be done with classes).

This Fashionista also brings to light a hair debate- keep it long or cut it short? In the winter, long hair can act as extra protection against the chill, but short strands dry much faster so you don’t have to worry about leaving your home with a wet mop of hair. I support this Fashionista’s choice, but either way, you can accessorize with a flannel American Apparel scarf or Calvin Klein bomber.

With your flannel on as a comforting shield against the world, it’s time to brave those last classes. The winter break has nearly begun. What are you waiting for?


Of course it would be the same day a friend bemoaned the shortage of stylish men on campus that one would make me double-take, then triple-take while in line for lunch. So much of what I love about men’s winter fashion has been combined in one outfit that I couldn’t pass by without documenting it. The stand-out piece determining the name of this post is a light chambray shirt that skillfully combines textures, colors and patterns without complication.

I can understand why people may shy away from chambray shirts. Since this material looks so much like denim, they may feel inclined to either give up their favorite jeans for a day or take the plunge with a monotone outfit, which seems to remain outside the comfort zone of many. This is easily remedied. A fitted shirt a few shades off from your pants will set itself apart. Make a simple shirt grand by sewing (or asking a friend to sew) plaid, striped and floral patches of fabric on the shoulders. You can start with this button-down from ASOS. If neither you nor your friends have any sewing skills, there’s no shame in purchasing one with a goofy pattern included.

As cute as Forever21 beanies look pinned in place behind bangs, they remain one of my favorite accessories for guys. Banana Republic sells striped, plaid and plain styles, but a knit cap with a lid is also available. While you’re visiting their store or site, don’t forget to check out their scarf selection. Adding a scarf is a great way to make a masculine outfit a little fancier.

What if you’re saving your money for just one other piece? Personally, I’d want to wait for a good pair of boots. Piperlime sells very handsome Polo Ralph Lauren boots that are nearly identical to the ones worn by today’s Fashionisto. I hardly ever give men’s footwear credit, but these are (almost) as magnificent as any boots worn by a Fashionista.

It’s funny how so much attention is given to androgynous fashion, boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts. Maybe we should really acknowledging that plenty of clothes look at home on men and women, no matter what their labels may say. Ladies and gents can both turn to peers like today’s Fashionisto for inspiration on how anyone can wear beanies, scarves, fantastic boots and charming chambray.



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Show Off Your Soft Spot for Scarves

At first, there doesn’t seem to be much to the humble scarf: typically, it's a rectangular piece of fabric that wraps or ties around the neck a time or two. Why would anyone get so excited about that? Try shopping for one, though, and you’ll realize how many possibilities there are. If you're avoiding them at risk of covering your favorite necklace, fear not. From summer scarves to chunky scarves, long scarves to eternity loops, a scarf can be just as beautiful, colorful or elegant and much cozier.

Today's Fashionista grounded her bright, cheerful outfit with a front-and-center navy scarf. Its deep color stands out from the radiant yellow jacket and turquoise mini skirt and adds depth to an outfit that can easily transfer to spring. It's not so important which pieces are bright and which are dark as long as the contrast exists, though. While this navy infinity scarf from American Eagle Outfitters does the job, you can take the turquoise from the skirt and throw on a thick “Shooting Star” scarf by Roxy or a thin triangle scarf from Bluefly. If you're waiting to buy the biggest, softest scarf you can find, keep an eye out at World Market. Their beautiful pieces are big enough to double as togas, and they're some of my favorites.

No matter how loveable scarves are, the rest of this outfit deserves some attention, too. A boxy golden or mustard jacket that hits at the hips is best left open to show off a high-waist skirt (weather permitting, of course). Forever21 serves us once more with their versions as well as plain white shirts to mimic this Fashionista's look.

I'll definitely have to take my own advice, but try not to get too distracted from the (well-deserved) hoopla over brand new boots and tights. Take the time to pick out a trusty scarf, and it will serve you well.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: High Time for Fair Isle

To some of you, it may seem a little soon to be breaking out such an iconic winter pattern. “But it's November!” you protest. “We're still working up to Thanksgiving break!” It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but Santa decorations are filling up the department stores, I've already joined a Christmas choir and by golly, if today's Fashionista wants get a head start on the season, she has my support!

Like last week's Fashionista, this chick knows the value of some navy pieces. Besides adding a pattern (or two or three) to her outfit, this cherry-colored Fair Isle cardigan pops against the darker hue. You can mimic this look with a sweater from American Eagle Outfitters (and with the white contrast, these patterns will stand out on their own.)

Although it's obvious that she and I share a love for tights, this Fashionista reminded me of a wintertime wonder that I'd nearly forgotten about: fingerless gloves. Once classes let out in December, you may find the time to crochet or knit your own. Not everyone feels crafty and inspired in the colder months, though. Some Fashionistas and Fashionistos may already be missing the summer months and yearning for spring's first bloom. If that's the case, these Urban Outfitters Fair Isle gloves may be your cup of tea.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the upcoming chilly weather and holiday season. While men are celebrating the aptly-named Movember, spruce up a dress or a mini skirt with some tights and a classy Fair Isle print on top.


The color navy never seems to get the attention it deserves. It's not that I'm pointing fingers: I have been as much to blame as anyone for overlooking its potential. However, as with Sienna MIller's harem pants and the Man Repeller's… well, her wardrobe in general, it just took one stranger wearing something well to help me see that some aspect of fashion really can be worn, and worn well. This week's Fashionista taught me not to underestimate navy accents.

The first pieces that caught my eye were her over-the-knee socks. They're a great change of pace when you're used to wearing tights or leggings, and you can purchase your own pair from LuLu's. You can best show off their length by matching them with some matching flats. Zappos sells a pair of navy Rocket Dog shoes with a white polka-dot print.

The navy piece that caps it off is a lace cardigan contrasted with a white button-down shirt. Asos sells a great cropped version that still highlights your waist without requiring you to dig through your closet for the right belt.

For those of you who have seen Pulp Fiction, you may have noticed a resemblance between this Fashionista and Uma Thurman's character in the movie: both of them sport a classic dark bob with lipstick and a plain white blouse. This outfit becomes more dramatic with some giant celebrity-esque sunglasses. sells similarly shaped two-tone pair.

Although there's nothing wrong with leaving your dorm or apartment in a white top and basic bottoms, pause and take the time (if you can) to add a few matching shots of color to pull your outfit together. This can look stunning with any color, but if you aren't sure which to try, follow in this Fashionista's footsteps and try out some samples of navy.


There are some pieces that I will, if possible, fit into any outfit. Hats will come out of hiding whether or not I need to cover up my hair. Some of my favorite necklaces become staples for short periods of time before I start forgetting to put them on, but I’ve always had trouble remembering to add jewelry. Tights and boots, though, are a class above the rest. I’ve layered tights under barely-ripped jeans and stared longingly at more beautiful booties and knee-high pairs than I care to remember. The unification of these two is a match made in heaven…or autumn. Sometimes the two are easily confused.

This week's Fashionsta paired her boots and tights with a belted jacket, a matching shirt and, in a classic case of summer clothing transitioning to fall, shorts. This mix of shapes and seasons looks modern, balanced and fit for a city that can reach uncomfortably high temperatures between a nippy morning and evening.

As this Fashionista shows with her black shorts, mixing black and brown shouldn't be scary at all. Most of the cutest ankle boots I've seen come in woodsy shades, anyway, and refusing to wear black for that reason is just plain silly. With a little creativity, the two can be styled together beautifully.

As the popularity of tights continues, there are plenty of interesting tights to be found in stores and online. This particular pair belonged to the Fashionista's mother, but for those of us who haven't inherited such great pieces, ModCloth offers a fantastic array of patterns and colors, including the You Zig, I Zag Tights and the ski sweater-inspired Snow Bunny Tights.

At last, the ankle boots can finish off the outfit. Urban Outfitters offers a spectacular pair with crochet sides that add a girly touch to some rugged shoes. Forever21's pair has a swirl of dots on the toes for daydreamers and a touch of hardware that adds shine. Both have tiny heels that can add a little click to your step, which, oddly enough, always makes me feel like more of an adult. After years of wearing pull-on sneakers, lacing up some boots for a brisk walk makes my strides a little longer and my mind more confident. I hope that with the help of some little ankle booties, you can feel the same.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hope Floats (And So Do These Sleeves)

What an understatement it would be to say that Disney style has been “on my mind” lately. Disney outfits are one of my favorite fashion topics online. Just sifting through the newest sets on DisneyBound can be a thrill, and I love to review the cartoon-inspired articles on CollegeFashion; their piece on Snow White is one of my favorites. As soon as I saw this Fashionista, I was captivated by her floaty, dreamy sleeves (and if you know what those sleeves are called, you’ll notice the sneaky pun I just slipped in). After rewatching Tangled last night, pretty sleeves and sheer styles remind me of princesses. Technically, this blouse reminds me a little more of Jasmine than Rapunzel…more  on that later.

Dark blue jeans and girly flip-flops are a great choice for dressing down a shirt with this much character. The beautiful fabric on top and the dainty buttons by her collar have an ethereal quality balanced out by the surprising aqua stripes running up and down her shirt. It’s hard to find a shirt as gorgeous as this unique find, but there are plenty of options for ladylike sleeves.

Etsy, a spring of unabashedly girly and creative clothing, features a simple gray top with cute tucked sleeves. Asos sells a yellow chiffon dress with asymmetrical pleated cap sleeves. Alloy offers black and taupe tops with lots of lace and Macy's sells the most princess-friendly top of all, with huge puff sleeves ending in tulle trim.

My last suggestion is a princess necklace from Etsy to add to any outfit. The aqua stripes in this Fashionista's top remind me of Jasmine's classic outfit in the movie Aladdin, and there's a perfect necklace for her character and the other princesses in the Sweet Whatevers shop.

Don't think for a second that college means leaving your childhood fairytales behind. We may be growing up, but we can always find ways to sprinkle some Disney magic on our everyday lives.


The Sunshine State hasn’t been living up to its name, as far as north and central inhabitants can see. With clouds ranging from ghostly pale to dark and dim, we've gone a good few days without seeing much of our bright blue sky.  It may seem natural to succumb to the doldrums of the day with old but loveable sweats and sweatshirts, or even combat the mood with boisterously bright hues. Don’t get me wrong- both are wonderful choices- but there are always other options.

Today’s Fashionista went for a different look: pairing pale colors that match the stormy weather without being gloomy. This Fashionista chose to skip the blue jeans and go for slate-colored skinnies. BlueFly, a fantastic place to search for clothes online, helped me find a similar pair by Unknown Factory. A loose, sheer top balances the slick silhouette created by the bottoms. This lavender blouse is covered in flowers, but you can incorporate one of the big fall trends, polka dots, by wearing this ModCloth blouse. In my opinion, the best detail of the outfit is the way the cream-colored canvas sneakers bring out the petals in the top. A similar Keds pair can be purchased through Zappos, but if you’d like yours to match the white polka dots of the Modcloth shirt, white versions are available, as well.

No matter how bad the weather looks when you wake up, don’t let stormy days get you down. Follow nature’s lead and take a day to cool off with muted colors like shades of gray.