Beating Heat in the Streets

As I have emphasized in previous articles, there is nothing I find more difficult than trying to put together a comfortable and trendy outfit while dealing with sweltering summer heat. I spent the first month of summer struggling with trying to find heat-friendly fabrics that also match my preferred style.

I realized that guys tend to have way fewer options at hand than us girls do when it comes to fabrics and style. This Fashionisto, however, has found a way to incorporate comfort and style in a look that can be worn every day.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, graphic T-shirts are the perfect way to make a statement with any look. This Fashionisto wore a vintage-inspired black and white graphic T-shirt that depicts the late rapper Tupac. He complemented the top with a simple pair of Champion black athletic shorts, a perfect piece for guys to achieve comfort in the heat.

To add to the sporty vibe of this street-based look, he added a pair of green acid-washed Nike sneakers. The bright and bold sneakers make this simple look stand out in a crowd. To top off the look, this Fashionisto added a hand-crafted wooden necklace, which he says he wears with every look. Often times guys will stay away from jewelry, especially with casual looks. However, pieces like this add so much personality and character to any outfit.

What are your favorite tips on staying stylish and comfortable during the summer heat? Let us know in the comments!

Fit and Fash

When it comes to working out, there seems to be a stigma against looking fashionable. Some of the more intense gym-goers tend to disqualify people who decide to work out with a full face of makeup and extra trendy yoga pants. However, the saying is “look good, feel good,” am I right? Fitness and fashion are both outlets that are meant to help people feel good, so it only makes sense to use them together!

This Fashionista put together a simple, yet detailed-oriented piece that is perfect for any quick workout session. She paired a simple, solid gray sports bra with versatile solid black leggings, which can serve as a base for any gym look. Though it may seem like a simple top at first, the back of the sports bra has several crossover straps, which makes it all the more fun.

Gym shoes are a whole new category of fashion I have recently indulged in. This Fashionista not only chose a bold, bright peach and black shoe but also even found the nail polish to match! Detail is everything when it comes to the best gym styles. Finally, as an optional piece to this look, she added a simple yet trendy Nike fitness pullover. Pullover crop tops are a must-have, whether they be used as cover ups for the gym or cover ups for the Chipotle run you make after the gym.

Whether you chose to glam it up or dull it down for a workout, the gym is just one more fun place to bring out your inner Fashionista/o.

Let me know what your favorite fitness fashion trends are in the comments below!

STYLE ADVICE: Mix and Matching

Spring fever has taken over campus at Temple University. Sitting through class and finishing end-of-the-year assignments have officially become the last things anyone wants to do. On the bright side, warm weather means you can finally dig out your favorite spring and summer pieces from the bottom of your closet. In the past, I have always found warm weather the most difficult to dress for. Hot weather usually makes me want to just throw on shorts and a T-shirt. This year, however, I have taken it upon myself to figure out trendy, yet comfortable, ways to dress around campus.

This Fashionisto makes sure to incorporate style into his outfit every day. For this look, he took a few simple pieces and added some bold statements that make his outfit stand out. To start, he chose to wear a pair of all black, faux denim pants. Black pants are something that can act as the base for any look and stay in style all year round. By cuffing the ends of the pants, this Fashionisto already brings a warmer vibe to his look.

He then, again, targeted simplicity with his T-shirt. He wore a simple white and floral printed pocket T-shirt. In the warm weather, a lot of materials become very uncomfortable to wear. So finding pieces, such as this one, that incorporate the comfort of a T-shirt with summer-y vibes is a perfect way to bring style into the heat.

Finally, to bring his outfit together, this Fashionisto chose to wear bright, paisley boat shoes. These shoes are definitely my favorite part of this look. In the past, I used to go out of my way to make sure I didn’t have any clashing prints within my outfit. But this year specifically, print layering has become very popular and is a great way to make even the simplest look stand out in a crowd. Though the prints on his T-shirt and shoes are completely different, the pieces are tied together by the dark blue/black bases. This Fashionisto took several fashion risks but successfully created the perfect spring/summer look. The best advice I can give for this season, with direct inspo from this Fashionisto, is to be bold and take chances!


Recently, I have learned that it is impossible to dress for weather in Philadelphia. One day it will be 70 degrees and sunny, and two days later we are knee deep in snow. So this year, instead of buying clothes based on season, I have been shopping more based on style and the versatility of certain pieces.

I never thought that I had a set style, but there are a few staples that have been carried along with me over the years. These include distressed denim jeans, solid colored shoes, and a pair of sunglasses.

I don’t know if you all have heard… but graphic T-shirts are in!!! The last few weeks I have purchased about 12 new graphic T-shirts and cut and shaped them into styles that can be worn everywhere. I even bought some band T-shirts of groups that I’ve never listened to… yes, I’m that person and yes, they look adorable. I don’t like to think I have a set “style” that defines me, but trends, such as this one, tend to consume my wardrobe for months at a time.

For this look, I picked out a simple pair of light-washed, distressed jeans and paired them with solid white canvas shoes. On top, I chose one of my new graphic band T-shirts and complemented it with a mustard colored hooded jacket. Rain or shine, I will always have a pair of sunglasses with me. With this outfit I chose one of my favorites, my round metal-based copper colored sunglasses.

Simple T-shirts are perfect for any event. You can cut them into a crop top and wear them to a party, or pair them with a pair of jeans for a quick brunch date. You can even dress them up with a cute blazer and heels for a day out in the city. This trend has come in and out of style over the years, but it’s one that you can always rely on for the perfect look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Day Rad

My go-to for any rainy day is, of course, my favorite pair of rain boots topped with a cute raincoat. However, on those dreadful days trekking to class in the pouring rain, I can’t help but notice my fellow male classmates running around in cloth hoodies and sweatpants and then sitting in class soaked for 50 minutes. For a true Fashionisto, a rainy day is simply the perfect opportunity for a fun spring look.

The rainy season is just around the corner. Walking to class is all fun and games until mother nature tries to ruin a good outfit day. This Fashionisto’s look on the first gloomy day of the semester stood out to me immediately. He decided to throw on a pair of light-washed, distressed jeans, which are the perfect pair of pants for the spring, along with a bright mustard colored hoodie. He accompanied the oversize hoodie with the perfect rainy day piece—a windbreaker. The dark and light contrast from the yellow and navy complement each other in a way that pulls the whole look together.

To top (or bottom) the entire look off, this Fashionisto added a pair of cream, waterproof, high-top boots. These are personally my favorite part of this look, and not just because shoes are my favorite part of every outfit. Not only are these absolutely perfect for a rainy day, but they can dress up any casual “on-the-go” look. I commend this Fashionisto for turning a simple hoodie and jeans into a RAD spring look, perfect for any rainy day! With just a few simple pieces and a little sense of style, you can always find the perfect look, even if you are just heading to class.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Prints on Prints

Spring and warmer days are just around the corner. Though it may be too soon to pack away all your big fluffy sweaters, you might get away with breaking out some of your sun-friendly transition pieces once again.

This Fashionista has the right idea in mind when it comes to finding the perfect balance between winter and spring. If you passed her on the street, a few major pieces of this outfit may stand out to you. You might notice her big green plaid jacket, that can bring a vintage feel to any modern look. Or you might have noticed her adorable black leather booties that would go perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans that seem to have fit since you were 14. However, only those with the most developed fashion eye would look straight for all the detail put into this look.

Who says that stripes and polka-dots don’t work? The mismatch print between her plaid jacket and black and white button-up accent each other in the best way! This Fashionista, like many others before her, chose to bring this outfit together with lots and lots of black! From her black shoe-lace necktie, to the black polka-dots on her top, to her sheer black tights, and leather boots… this Fashionista knows how to pull her outfit together with detail. My personal favorite piece within her entire look is her button-down denim skirt that directly complements her top. To add a little bit more personality to this look, our Fashionista added a burnt orange broach along with a few other pins to the center of her coat.

When it comes to fashion and detail, though it may seem cliché, you must remember that there is always more than what meets the eye! The best Fashionistas/os will always take the extra time and pay more attention to detail, sometimes in ways you may not notice at first glance.

STYLE GURU BIO: Medina Saeed

Hey guys! My name is Medina, and I am a sophomore marketing major at Temple University. My biggest goal is to land a job working on the marketing team for one of my favorite clothing stores. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and I could not be more excited! My interest in fashion sprouted from my family’s excessive obsession with clothes and also a little too much binge watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I hope that with this internship I will be able to further expand my knowledge and appreciation for the fashion world and share my experiences with all of you!

If someone asked me what my style was I wouldn’t be able to give one answer. My style seems to change based on a number of circumstances including the weather, my favorite song that week, or even my new favorite Fashionista/o. One day I may be content with throwing on a pair of leggings, a printed sweater, and some sneakers; the next day I could decide to wear my most glamorous dress to take my dog out for a walk. The best advice that I could give to anyone, based off of my personal style, is dress for comfort. Feeling comfortable and confident in your wardrobe makes for better and more productive days!

For this specific look, I threw a plain white, button-down shirt on top of some ripped, light-washed jeans. To glam it up a little, I added gold bracelets and a pair of big gold hoop earrings. I also added a pair of chrome-like rose gold sunglasses. To finish everything off, I added a pair of soft gray wedges to make the look a little more fun. In my opinion, a good pair of shoes can change the look of any and every outfit!

I’m looking forward to sharing yet another outlook on Temple’s campus fashion, and I hope you follow along in my journey with CollegeFashionista!