Keeping up with trends in the fashion world that now has four seasons can be exhausting, but I have found a fun Fashionista game to stay rejuvenated amidst the trending frenzy. The game is to reinvent contemporary outfits for some of my favorite characters from movies and literature while using seasonal trends. Today’s Fashionista represents for me the reinvention of the original dark child Wednesday Addams, minus the pigtails and the sadistic hobbies!

Everyone remembers the eldest daughter in the Addams Family—memorably played by Christina Ricci in the 1991 film, The Addams Family—as having a penchant for black pointed white collars and slick pigtails. She rebelled by playing horror movie worthy tricks on her siblings and grimacing at the pantomime love her parents shared. The macabre Wednesday is the original rebelling teen, but what would everyone’s favorite bad girl look like today? Our generation’s rebels take refuge in the hypnotic sounds of music. Every college student will have found him or her caught in a body swaying trance at a favorite artist’s concert. Today’s Fashionista shows us how Wednesday would by styling it today, on her way to enjoy some ethereal Ellie Goulding or the soulful folk tunes of Mumford and Sons.

After the deep jewel tones and rich hues from the fall/winter 2012 collections, the spring 2013 collections returned to a classic black and white color palette. While there were plenty of bright oriental sheens and sugary sweet tones, black and white kept coming back in prints and contrasting pieces from Marc Jacobs, Marni and Calvin Klein. This Fashionista pays homage to a darker rock chic, styling with her sleek, edgy lycra trousers, which will allow her to remain cool while others are sweating it out in jeans on the concert dance floor. Another spring trend this Fashionista has incorporated is her oversized, crisp white shirt. Keep your shirt well-pressed to showcase its soft, billowing silhouette or layer up with a sweater or cardigan on top. However, make sure you showcase a sharp, well-ironed collar à la Wednesday Addams. The big cat motif on this Fashionista’s sweater, for me, is a subtle nod to Wednesday’s satirical humor of childhood.

This Fashionista’s light blue denim jacket and woolly white scarf prove that you don’t have to be all black and lacquered to be rock chic. The contrast between the soft denim and wool with her second skin black trousers allows her to go straight from the classroom to a concert with ease. Finally, today’s Fashionista embraced her darker Addams Family side with some seriously wicked skull motif studded loafers. Studded shoes were all the rage last season and I still advise investing in a pair. Check out this insane pair by Jeffrey Campbell. If you want something a bit more weatherproof, why not try studded ankle boots, like these from Zara.

One Simple Change: Add some blood-red lipstick and switch into a pair of platform black heels to take this look to the nightclub after the concert.

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

The initial uncertainties of a new semester’s classes are starting to settle, and you might notice that the gentle ebbs and flows of your workload are starting to drown you. Cue the first stressful round of midterms, short papers, presentations and other ghastly testing mechanisms that our forefathers concocted in the laboratory of academic torture. Motivation to study can come from simply donning the right blouse, so get those synapses going by sparking your inner Fashionista.

The sublime Coco Chanel once said, Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” If there was a quote to capture what CollegeFashionista is about for me it would be this, and today’s Fashionista exudes this ideal down to a T. With a color palette that complements the iconic brick pathway of Boston University and a style that observes both New England scholarly detailing and contemporary trends, this Fashionista waves her sartorial banner high.

This Fashionista’s jacket is a quirky combination of a contemporary color blocked trench with detailing of a classic Russian fur stole. The slightly oversized fit is on the mark with the voluminous silhouettes from this season and allows for layering underneath. Wisely, this Fashionista has left it unzipped and accessorized with a scarf to keep the cold out, but also to reveal the fur collar. This outfit can be characterised as androgynous, but the luxury of the fur collar adds a subtle glam factor and femininity to the ensemble.

Her scarf picks up on the navy color of her jacket’s sleeves, but the red stripes pick up on the nutty red and brown hues in the rest of her outfit. Stripes and other graphic geometric prints are the bold newcomers from this season with designers Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton heralding them in their spring 2013 collections. If you’re not quite ready to take a graphic plunge, detailing your outfit with these graphic prints is the next best thing, like today’s Fashionista. Try this versatile scarf from ModCloth or these striking stripe print leggings from ASOS.

One of my favorite jean alternatives that came back last season are corduroy trousers. They give an alternative plush look, while still achieving the ease and comfort of an everyday pair of jeans. Corduroys come in a variety of cuts and colors. This Fashionista’s earthy terracotta pair creates a contrast in her silhouette and her outfit’s more somber colors. Her scholarly satchel in buttery tan leather complements the earthy tone of her trousers and takes her look from being pedestrian to having an academic flourish. The rectangular shape and metal clasp give an unexpected alternative to the traditional oxford satchel. Finally, her suede oxford shoes not only complete her collegiate styling, but also the pink soles give a subtle nod to her contemporary details.

One Simple Change: Take this look from the classroom to a dinner date by switching out to some tan ‘40s heels and a tailored blazer.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The climate in Boston has been, to put it mildly, cruel. The last day or two, however, has shown some signs of reprieve. Now that we’re over the midweek hump, the only thing on the minds of me and my fellow collegiates is the glorious weekend. The only thing that makes the weekend better? Styling it up, of course! This Fashionista shows us just how to do so with a kick of some iconic ‘80s spunk.

My favorite Fashionista outfits always make an iconic reference. Today’s Fashionista shows us how to dress up for the weekend in a modern take on the style from the John Hugh’s ‘80s movie, The Breakfast Club. Her outfit has elements of the polished Claire Standish, the rebellious John Bender and the moody style of Allison Reynolds. Everything Claire wore in the movie was purchased from a Ralph Lauren store and therefore her look exuded a high-end American designer aesthetic, which is quite opposite to the neon, shoulder padded, pop culture look associated with typical ‘80s gear. This Fashionista paired a sleek black bodycon dress with a striped cotton T-shirt, which had a similar draping quality to the feminine pink cotton blouse Claire wore. This pairing gives the Fashionista a casual elegance. Wearing stripes is always a challenge as it can go wrong easily, but remember to never put stripes with another bold pattern as you will lose the dramatic effect the stripes achieve on their own.

She contrasted her Claire Standish elegance with some John Bender ruggedness. A slightly oversized denim jacket in a traditional denim blue, this Fashionista’s jacket adds a grunge quality to her look while achieving a I-just-threw-this-on effect. To achieve the look of this denim jacket, go to your local consignment or charity store. The other Bender detailing in this outfit is her desert sand colored industrial ankle boots. They add a tough girl aesthetic to the look, complementing the ruggedness of her denim jacket. The color, however, is reminiscent of Claire’s color spectrum and adds a subtle femininity.

Finally, my favorite styling element of this Fashionista’s outfit is her gray over-the-knee socks over her sheer black tights. The colors are reminiscent of the darker character of Allison Reynolds, but the look itself is bold and sexy. The contrast of this daring show of leg with her androgynous jacket shows that the laws of physics, where opposites attract, are applicable to fashion too. Layering legwear has the same rules as layering for your body: put the thinnest layer at the bottom and layer up to the thickest. Try traditional over-the-knee socks in bold colors from American Apparel or in fun patterns from Sock Dreams.

One Simple Change:  Switch out the denim jacket for a studded leather jacket. Sweep some smoky eye shadow over your eyelids to take this look to an evening live music show.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

One of the most refreshing changes at university is that the student-professor dynamic can become less of a hierarchy and more of mentorship. If you find yourself in and out of a professor’s office hours, you want to make sure that he or she can take you just about as seriously as you take yourself. Take some styling cues from today’s Fashionista to keep yourself looking smart but casual, so you (and your professor) can focus on your scholarly aspirations rather than a glaring fashion faux pas!

Today’s Fashionista is wearing a light, smoke gray asymmetrical jacket with lapels. It is on cue with fall/winter 2012 collections which featured many styles of asymmetrical jackets from designers such as Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Billy Reid. This jacket has a distinct academic air to it, but maintains a structured fit to accentuate a feminine silhouette. To achieve the scholarly look this jacket effuses, look for one in wool or felt material with crisp lapels in cool tones of blue, gray or lavender. The wool scarf adds a comfort factor, but if you want to keep in line with your academic look, try wearing a heavy pashmina.

Layering is not only a styling skill for any Fashionista/o to master, but it is also an essential at this time of year. This Fashionista exhibits the zig-zag layer effect, which is perfect for those who are petite and want to accentuate a narrow waistline. Layering requires you to wear thinner materials and layer up to your thickest. The purple blazer peeking out from under her jacket not only adds color to this outfit, but her blazer will ensure her scholarly look is maintained even after removing her tailored jacket. If you’re a layering beginner, stick to two to three pieces with the same cuts at the bottom.

College is notorious for barely modest hemlines, and it is refreshing to see a Fashionista channelling pure elegance in a pencil skirt. Keep pencil skirts at no more than two inches above the knee and look for ones in stretchy, woollen materials for a casual look. To go ultra svelte, try this heavy knit pencil skirt from Zara or this skirt from H&M for a more playful look. The knee-high boot and pencil skirt pairing was made popular by Victoria Beckham and is definitely a great look to adopt for any professional setting. It keeps your modesty, but does not make you look frumpy. Like this Fashionista and Mrs. Beckham, match the color of your boots and pencil skirt for a more homogeneous look.

This PR student has topped off her look with a stylish book bag and sunglasses. Rather than lugging around a cumbersome backpack, this Fashionista has a smart shoulder bag in a rich jewel green tone. This color complements the jewel tone of her purple blazer and offsets the neutral shades of her outfit with elegant swathes of color.

One Simple Change: Don some sleek black cigarette trousers and switch out the boots to jewel-toned heels for a Fashionista-worthy interview look.


It’s the first day of classes and you have that perfect first-day-back outfit ready to go. You look outside your window and—cue theme music from Jaws—it is snowing. Not just a few graceful flakes meandering their way down the sky. No, it’s coming down like a flurried storm. Have no fear, CollegeFashionista is here to save the day with a lot of help from today’s Fashionista who triumphed over the dreary color spectrum that cold weather tends to encourage.

When coordinating an outfit many people forget a key accessory: your hair. It makes a real difference to know what colors accentuate or complement the tone of your hair. Today’s Fashionista wrapped herself up in a down jacket in a neon blood orange statement color. The key feature of her outfit, however, is the window showcasing the lapels of a smart hazel brown wool blazer and a heather gray scarf. As an earthy redhead, this Fashionista looks best in autumn colors such as orange, brown and earthy greens for the day along with emerald green and ivory for evening events.

This Fashionista has not allowed the statement color of her down jacket overwhelm her look. By layering it up over different colors that complement her hair, she has brought a scholarly sophistication to the outfit. Also, she has created a stylistic contrast between the rugged look of her down jacket and the elegance of her wool blazer. Find a basic winter jacket in a striking color that emphasizes your hair, but watch for its fit. Remember to gauge whether your hair tone is cool or warm as this will also affect which colors suit you best. As a general rule of thumb, go for colors in the same color as your hair, like today’s Fashionista. Her down jacket picks up on the subtle fiery orange tones in her hair, but the hazel brown blazer suits the warmer overall shade.

The heather gray scarf picks up on the gray tone of her chukka boots and the glints of silver from her earrings and nose piercing. By contrasting warmer colors with these cool metals, she has not allowed her pale skin to look washed out. Chukka boots are a great rugged boot to invest in for colder climates, offering both comfort and style. They are supposed to give you a slightly androgynous look, but you can bring an individual touch to them with patterned socks like this Fashionista. Opt for ones in a smoother finish to keep your look sophisticated for class, like these rich suede boots by Dolce Vita with contrasting sole. Alternatively, you can go uber feminine by trying these jute heeled chukka boots by Lucky Brand.

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Remove the down jacket to reveal the wool blazer. Cinch it at the waist with a wasp belt and add a slick of coral lipstick to take this look to a brunch date.


I’m back in my hometown of London, and from the moment I arrived, my Style Guru senses started sparking. Whether Londoners are heading for a big night out or simply running errands, like today’s Fashionista, they are always on point. I came upon this Fashionista styling it up on my local high street, showing that you can bring both comfort and elegance to an every day chore.

This Fashionista has donned an ever-essential peacoat. Like many iconic fashion staples, this coat has military origins and thus exudes a clean structure. For winter, this coat can either top off an outfit or give a great baseline for outerwear accessories. The peacoat is both fashionable, due to its elegant silhouette and practical for winter since it is usually made from heavy wool. It is a classic piece to just grab and wear on your way out the door, ensuring style and warmth. Opt for a peacoat in a classic navy color, like this classic J.Crew one, or to make your errand pop with color try this fun ochre swing style peacoat from Topshop.

Another major styling brownie point this Fashionista won with her elegant errand-efficient look are her black coated denim jeans.These fabulous jeans featured in fall 2012 collections by designers like J Brand are a great alternative to achieving the look of leather trousers without the discomfort. They add an instant va-va-voom factor to any outfit and can range from having a light to heavy waxy coating. Today’s Fashionista is sporting some in a light coating, adding a glamorous sheen to her outfit. While the bright sugary and neon colors of jeans from spring/summer 2012 collections can still make a well-styled winter appearance, invest in these winter wonders for your pins. Avoid buying these jeans in bright colors and stick to ones in dark jewel tones.

When you’re getting things done you may not have time to be fiddling with buttons. This Fashionista gives us a simple solution with her moss green heavy knit scarf. It serves to both add a different subtle color to her dark palette and keep her torso warm. The scarf and her black handbag both offer a change in texture to the outfit too, without it being too loud. While running an errand you don’t want to be fussed with textures like animal prints or patent leather; instead, keep things simple. An elegant accessory to add in a rush is a wristwatch. This Fashionista’s gold wristwatch provides the perfect eye-catching element to her understated look. Finally, she completed her look with patent leather studded loafers. These are an easy and stylish pair of slip-ons to keep at the door. So whether you are running to the supermarket or going out for brunch, they keep you light on your feet without sacrificing your inner Fashionista.

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Twist up your hair into a chignon and add some classic gold hoops to take this look from errands to a dinner with a friend.


This semester symbolizes a lot of lasts for me as a senior at Boston University, but also the start of something new with graduation a few short months away. This semester, apart from being a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I will be leading my dance team at BU at competitions all over the East Coast. I will also be finishing off my last semester at BU, studying International Relations and English Literature.

I started this New Year off with my family in my native country of India. Coming to India with knowledge from my major and working with CollegeFashionista has made me scrutinize everything here, particularly the beauty and fashion industry. Models are increasingly subjected to the “thincentric” body image prevalent in the west and beauty standards are focused on having non-ethnic features. However, with the bad there is also an increasing amount of good. I have been exposed to a wide array of incredible Indian designers I had little knowledge about previously. These designers include Manisha Malhotra, who had a collection featuring sumptuous, full, ethnic A-line skirts; Surily Goel, who had Aztec-inspired prints and fresh, modern silhouettes; and Payal Pratap, who had a nomadic-inspired collection fused with punky mohawks for styling. Apart from this I discovered a hat designer called Little Shilpa, who designs eccentric, eco-friendly hats for Lady Gaga. What really struck me about all these designers is that they are all strong women. In India, the fashion industry, unlike the film industry, is dominated by women and this shows in the designs they produce. This is a fact that I feel is not necessarily played off as a positive here, but a negative.

Coming away from this eastern fashion experience, I think it is important to realize as women the kind of power we wield in the domain of fashion. CollegeFashionista has given me the chance to explore and enhance a fashion journalism voice I never knew I had. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the various styles, designers and products for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS section last semester. This semester my colleague Maya Jiménez and I are covering a new section on the CollegeFashionista website called WHAT TO WEAR. I want to continue to build on the informed and insightful posts I have been attempting to produce for CollegeFashionista with this new section this semester.

Every day at BU, as I see men and women who make statements about their confidence, style and personality through their clothes, I see that fashion is not for the faint of heart. The recognition of fashion as an art form should not be limited to the confines of women’s magazines, insider fashion blogs and the closeted conversations of editors. It needs to be expressed increasingly through mediums like CollegeFashionista, where fashion is presented from all perspectives without gender bias. This year I hope to see fashion continue to break away from stereotypes and present itself as a true art form. Look for my pieces as a Style Guru to be hung in the gallery that is CollegeFashionista this semester!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Keeping That School Spirit

Going back to school is not nearly as hard as the last few weeks of it. With mountains of papers due and the looming spectre of finals, these last few weeks can seem like an eternal hurdle race. A great way I find release from stress is to keep expressing myself through fashion so I remember not to take myself too seriously. While everyone else shrinks into sweatpants in class and at the library, why not defy the status quo and keep your enthusiasm bubbling by styling it up? Today's Fashionisto did just that by making a statement in a fall piece that evolved from the sublime combination of academia and school spirit: the varsity jacket.

The varsity or letterman jacket originated just across the Charles River from us at Harvard University in 1865. Back then varsity jackets weren't really jackets, but sweaters with the bold “H” letter front and center. It was only in the '30s, however, that the varsity jackets with a wool body and leather sleeves were introduced. Since then, these jackets have slowly seeped into mainstream fashion; to avoid looking like a collegiate has-been, take a few styling tips from today's Fashionisto.

This film student contrasted the Air Force blue color of his varsity jacket with the inky blues of his denim button-down and chinos. This pairing keeps the varsity jacket contemporary, but the simplicity puts the emphasis on the jacket. Though the color spectrum is the same, he has given a variety of material and textures that give a clean separation between the different items he is wearing. It is important not to let statement pieces, like a varsity jacket, stand starkly alone, otherwise they could be overwhelming. By layering his vintage jacket over a bold denim button-down, this Fashionisto has worn the varsity jacket and not let it wear him.

Letterman jackets are versatile and easily customized, leading fashion designers to take it upon themselves to make this iconic piece accessible to everyone. Thom Brown, True Religion and Brooks Brothers have decidedly more traditional letterman jackets, but Gant Rugger, Homerun Jacket and Comme Des Garcons have some revamped takes on it. If you want to sport one of these jackets in their traditional aesthetic, why not try this Forever 21 jacket? Alternatively, for a subtler varsity jacket, try this Obey one in tweed.

This Fashionisto polished his look off with lace-up boots in moccasin, which have ocre hues that complement the yellow stripes on his jacket. He also effused an '80s Tom Cruise charm by accessorizing with wayfarers, though you can also try some classic aviators to accessorize your letterman jacket. For today's tip, remember when choosing a varsity jacket, make sure it fits well. You can check this by making sure the ribbed cuffs stop at your wrists without the sleeves bunching up and the ribbed trim sits on your hips without the main body of the jacket billowing out.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Chordially Corduroy

Michael Bastian, Burberry, Thom Browne, Shipley & Halmos…need I go on? These were but a few of the designers this fall to feature corduroy in their collections. The fact of the matter is: corduroy is back. And it's better than ever. With slim cuts, jewel tones and savvy styling, this material has been through fashion history's ringer to now finally claim its throne. Today's Fashionisto was ecstatic when I wanted to capture his corduroys for CollegeFashionista and triumphantly said, “I'm bringing corduroys back!”


Corduroys have a long history, from being the coveted material of royals like Henry VIII, to becoming known as the “poor man's velvet” of 18th century industrial workers. Since then it has resurfaced with a tired and overly casual stigma for bookworm academics and children's overalls. This fall however, it received some serious revamping and has become a great alternative to denim and chinos.


Today's Fashionisto paired his inky blue corduroy trousers with a bright red and purple windbreaker jacket and a red T-shirt. This pairing gives his sporty corduroy look an intense flush of color, which is exactly how you should be styling your corduroys. For corduroy beginners, purchase your corduroys in classic tans, browns and inky blues and then add bright pops of color. This will create a classic dichotomy between the vintage durability of the corduroys and modern styling accents. The key to pulling off corduroys is understanding wales (the textured lines that make it corduroy) and fit. The wider the wales, the more casual the corduroys.


This Fashionisto's corduroys caught the sunlight like velvet and looked rich and luxurious, all because the corduroy had a high wale count. Always opt for a higher wale count as this looks much more refined. Even though I am a stickler for fit, with corduroys there really is no question about it—they should fit like a glove. Today's Fashionisto has corduroys in a classic slim cut, a fit perfect for day-to-day. This is as casual as your corduroys can go though, to avoid any confusion with your granddad's dust-offs. Now that you have got the right wale count and fit, the final thing to look for with your corduroys is color. This Fashionisto shows a great basic color to invest in for your corduroys; but once you really start to get into the swing of things, there are some fun canary yellows and plum purples you might want to turn your attention to. To start off, why not invest in some corduroys in a selection of traditional colors like these Eddie Bauer ones? If you are feeling more adventurous, try these fun Scotch & Soda corduroys.


To switch up from this Fashionisto's sporty corduroy look here are a few hints. For a more industrial look, couple corduroys with a cable knit sweater and some army boots. Alternatively, for a more refined look, pair up your corduroys with a blazer, V-neck cardigan and white shirt. Polish off this tailored look with wingtips or a chelsea boot.


There are three key rules to keep in mind when trying to stay stylish at the gym. Firstly, always opt for simplicity. Next, like today's Fashionisto, keep color blocking to a minimum of three shades. Finally, avoid loud or big logos on your workout gear. Take a few styling tips from today's Fashionisto and you might find yourself looking forward to your daily workout rather than dreading it.

When you go to workout you want to be comfortable—but that doesn't mean shrinking inside an oversized T-shirt and some baggy shorts. This Fashionisto has the right balance of fitted and loose clothing. In the chilly climes outside or even the cool air-conditioned temperatures of a gym, it is nice to have a quarter-zip pullover like this Fashionisto. Note how this dapper piece of workout gear is fitted, giving him a clean silhouette. Wearing a quarter-zip pullover or a full-zip track jacket with the rest of your exercise kit to class doesn't look sloppy; it communicates intent to stay fit around your academic schedule. Unlike baggy hoodies and sweatshirts, this piece doesn't make you look like you rolled out of bed. You can try a classic black and slate Champion pullover like this one, or if you are feeling a little more colorful try this fitted track jacket from PUMA with a mint colored zip.

This Fashionisto wore an azure blue, cotton T-shirt under his black quarter-zip pullover, which offers a window of color to his otherwise somber color palette. Cotton T-shirts are the best to wear at the gym, since they are comfortable and quick drying. Avoid white or gray T-shirts, since the former can result in unflattering yellow sweat stains and the latter tends to make you look drenched. If you have an impressive set of biceps, show them off in a sleeveless shell shirt; but steer clear of tank tops. For shorts, today's Fashionisto has the perfect length that sits just above his knee. The slate shade puts the emphasis on this Fashionisto's elegant pullover, keeping the look casual and not overly calculated. For greater mobility having loose shorts like these from Under Armour are perfect. If you want more coverage, do not wear bulky sweatpants. Instead don these sleek, drawstring track pants from adidas. For sneakers, keep it simple in classic white ones, like this Fashionisto's iconic Nike ones, which tie this understated look together. If you want to be more adventurous, try these bright neon Nike sneakers, but be careful to stick to just one other color tone. This Fashionisto's only accessory is his sleek sports watch, and apart from this and an armband for your MP3 player, avoid any other accessories.

If you want to really think outside the box with your workout gear to transition from class to gym, try throwing a sportcoat over your sleek, fitted exercise kit and watch some heads turn!