STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Festive in Fedoras

This week’s Fashionista is displaying the epitome of a summer outfit, looking very put together yet casual while enjoying the last days of the school year. She is wearing a striped dress, Tory Burch flip-flops and a fedora hat. The style of her dress, having multiple straps, has been a very popular trend this spring season. This Fashionista’s particular dress not only has spaghetti straps but also off the shoulder thicker straps creating a very unique dual strap feature. Furthermore, in regards to the hat, a lot of people in my opinion cannot pull them off. However, I believe that this Fashionista pulls it off effortlessly. The straw composition combined with the navy blue band is summery and preppy, the perfect hat for the upcoming season.

Fedora’s are not just spring and summer staples as Donna Karan proves in her fall 2012 collection. She pairs them with structured suits and tailored dresses to give somewhat of a masculine and rough vibe, where-as, this week’s Fashionista’s gives the opposite feeling of femininity and warmth. The season and outfit definitely create the mood around the hat. Just as fedoras have seasonal ambiguity, both males and females also can wear them. Lanvin’s fall 2012 collection for men featured a variety of fedora inspired hats. These were paired with suits and overcoats often times covering the eyes creating a sense of secrecy.

As you can see fedoras are the hat of versatility and chicness and should be incorporated in your summer wardrobe!




STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Crazy For Circle Scarves

The year is coming to a close as finals week is upon us. Ironically, as we end this school year the weather seems to be rewinding back to the fall. Instead of wearing summer dresses and shorts, these last couple of days, I have had to go searching around the back of my closet for sweaters and leggings. I guess I should not be complaining since I would rather be stuck in the library without the distraction of nice weather outside.

Ironically, leaving the library, I spotted this week’s Fashionista dressed for studying, but also very stylish. She is sporting a circle scarf, a cargo inspired gray jacket, a button down cream top, leggings and to the knee black boots. She looks adorable in this ensemble. The piece that I love most about this outfit is the scarf. I am all about adding an extra piece like a scarf to an outfit. Furthermore, the jacket adds a layered look. Especially in this unpredictable weather, layering is definitely the way to go. Lastly, when I look at this week’s Fashionista’s boots, I think of a horseback rider's black show boots. The sleekness in the height and the style add a polished look to her relaxed outfit.

Many elements from this week’s fashionista appeared on the fall 2012 runways. In regards to the circle scarf, Elizabeth and James fall 2012 collection combined a silk pajama set with a green fur circle scarf. These two contradictory pieces seem to fit together when displayed under the Elizabeth and James name. I have to reveal by bias though. I am a huge Mary Kate and Ashley fan stemming back from the TV series ‘Full House.’ Not only as actresses, but I also really respect their fashion sense and style. Their collections, Elizabeth and James and The Row, are two of my favorites. Regardless, the circle scarf is displayed similarly to this week's Fashionista and both looks work well. Additionally, fall 2012 saw a lot of layering. Specifically in BCBGMAXAZRIA fall 2012 fashion show. There were a lot of oversized pieces layered on top of each other. One look consisted of a quarter sleeved gray and coral dress underneath a vest with fur accents. At first look however, it looked like one overwhelming piece, until you look again and realized that there were separate pieces. if anything these looks are definitely an interesting styling choice.

If you like us in Ohio are experiencing some unusually cold weather, bring out your scarfs to keep warm during finals!




This week's Fashionista is sporting a simple ensemble of navy blue shorts, a white, tank top and unassuming gladiator type sandals. The reason why she stuck out to me is for her jean jacket cutoff vest. The light wash vest complements the shorts and adds a unique element to her outfit. Jean jackets have forever been a staple in every girl, and for that matter, guys closet. This Fashionista put her unique spin on the classic jean jacket by making it a cut-off.

A jean jacket reminds me of a summer country music concert. There is such an ease to throwing on a jean jacket over a summer dress. However, and slightly unfortunately, jean also brings me to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s all jean outfits at the MTV music awards in 2001. Personally, I say that jean should be worn in moderation. Britney Spears’s jean dress was a major fashion faux pas whereas, this week’s Fashionista proved that in small doses jean can successfully be incorporated into an outfit.

Jean jackets can take different forms and come in many varieties. Different cuts and washes allow for different looks. Aside from the obvious designers like Levi and Diesel, Band of Outsiders’ fall 2012 collection featured a male model with jeans and a jean jacket. Jean shirts in addition to jean jackets have become really popular and can be seen in stores ranging from Madewell to Bloomingdales. The jean shirt is a subtle alternative to the traditional jacket.

Go back to the basics and try to incorporate some jean, whether it is a vest, shirt, or jacket, into your next outfit!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Raving About Rompers

This week's Fashionista is wearing a halter dress-romper and sporting a colorful clutch. I love the simplicity yet intricate design of her romper. The main construction of this romper is that the front has a flap over the shorts making it appear like a dress. The romper also has a tribal pattern and belt-like aspect. I also like the purple color with a tan and blue features. Additionally, this outfit is nicely complemented with the clutch. The purple and blue stripes on the clutch brings out those similar colors in the outfit, it’s the perfect accessory. Personally, I love rompers because they are the easiest outfit; with one piece you are completely dressed. I am all about an outfit being easy and cute, which is why I frequently wear them in the spring and summer.

A similarly piece as rompers are jumpsuits and they have made a significant appearance on the runways. Valentino’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection featured a vibrant red long sleeved jumpsuit. The usage of the typical Valentino red and the chicness of the silhouette is the epitome of Valentino and a gorgeous piece. Furthermore, Yves Saint Laurent’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection starred a sleek sleeveless black jumpsuit. The model’s hair was slicked back and the high neckline is so elegant and sophisticated. Rompers are the perfect summer staple and jumpsuits are a nice way to incorporate a long pant romper into your winter wardrobe!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Playful in Patterns

This Fashionista is wearing one of the edgiest outfits I’ve seen on Miami’s campus this year. Not only has this Fashionista so smoothly incorporated two different patterns in her outfit, but she is also wearing a long skirt combined with combat boots. There are so many things about her style that I want to talk about. Her black and white stripped skirt paired with her blue and white dotted long skirt is a fundamental paradox. The horizontal stripes have a slimming effect while the long skirt elongates the body; therefore, this pairing is super becoming. Furthermore, the femininity is toughened a little with the combat boots. This outfit is punk rock meets bohemian meets this week's Fashionista’s individual style.

The combination of different patterns was a huge trend in fall 2012, but as this Fashionista proves it can still be worn, and worn well. Firstly, Suno has always been known for prints; however, Suno’s fall 2012’s collection featured a more refined look. In other words, different flower prints were seen on tailored pants and blouses. Whereas, Basso and Brooke’s fall 2012 collection lacked all sense of symmetry. Every look it seemed featured a combination of new prints, almost making my eyes hurt. However, the theme of patterns and usage of them has never been so clearly expressed. This theme is to use patterns and use them in excess. I think this Fashionista abided by and would agree with the tone that both Suno and Basso and Brooke has displayed in fall 2012. This weeks Fashionista is bringing the trend in a very elegant way to Miami University’s campus.


Beaus come and go, but bows are timeless. This Fashionista’s shirt is a perfect depiction of sophistication and refinement. The arms are sheer but the middle section has lining to avoid a see-through effect. Furthermore, this Fashionista paired this feminine and some-what formal shirt with jean cuffed shorts, brown moccasins and of course the cross body bag to make this outfit appropriate for an afternoon look. Even though moccasins are usually associated with winter I think that this Fashionista pulls them off in the springtime quite well. It is always nice to have pieces that translate from season to season.

Personally, I love bows and I think that all ages can pull them off, even though they are usually associated with younger children. Yes, there is nothing cuter then a little girl with a monogramed bow on top of her hair.  However, it is probably not acceptable to walk around your college campus with such a look. There are several other options to integrate bows in your wardrobe. If you want to get in touch with your childish side, bow clips are always a good alternative. Last year, I bought a tortoise shell one from Anthropologie that I am in love with. It is the perfect accessory while still being totally age appropriate and meeting the targeted look. In regards to bows on clothes, I think that tie neck blouses allow for bows to be incorporated into outfits without seeming childish or overdone. This trend was very fall 2011 circa Tory Burch silk tie neck tops but I think that this is a trend that is not limited to one season. Obviously, bows are super feminine but being as a majority of these shirts go directly up to your neck, the lack of exposed skin adds some rigidness,  which hardens the look a little bit. In my opinion, this shirt is the perfect contradiction.

Whether you wear one in your hair, or pick out a tie neck top, you’re never to old to rock a bow in your outfit!




I picked this Fashionista for her gorgeous and girlie lace skirt. Not only do I admire the femininity of this outfit, but I also am a huge fan of this black and cream color combination. It is a super simple outfit, but after a second look you realize the detail in the skirt. This particular lace pattern includes an alteration between flowers and diamond shapes. Additionally, I love this Fashionista’s black Tory Burch flip flops; a timeless shoe that adds some sophistication to the outfit.

Immediately when I saw this skirt, I thought of the lace skirt and jacket suit that Oscar de la Renta displayed in his spring 2012 runway show. Instead of complimenting cream with black, like our Fashionista, De la Renta flattered his suit with a pale pink blouse. Second to black and cream, you can never miss by pairing those two colors. Furthermore, Marc Jacobs’s collection for Louis Vuitton utilized eyelet lace consisting of a flower pattern. Specifically, the first four looks in this collection remind me of this week’s Fashionista’s outfit. They have sheer lace elements with Marc Jacob’s classic daisy symbol. This week’s Fashionista would fit right in with the models from Oscar de la Renta or Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton’s shows.

Be the lovely lady that you are and wear some lace this spring!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressed to the Maxi

This Fashionista looks very bohemian with a blue patterned maxi dress and across-the-forehead headband. With the 80-degree weather Oxford has been experiencing these past couple of days, every girl's two main goals while going to class is to stay cool and comfortable. That is why I love Maxi dresses so much, because they reach both of those objectives (I have worn one two days this past week). This Fashionista’s maxi is so pretty with the diamond shaped pattern and the different shades of blue. Furthermore, I love the v-shaped neckline that becomes a halter; it is so flattering and feminine. In regards to this Fashionista’s headpiece, as Rachel Zoe would say, I die for it. Other then 80’s themed parties, I do not wear them as much as I would like too at school. However, in the summer time the across-the-forehead headband, is one of my favorite go-to’s and I admire this Fashionista for rocking it at school. It adds a little bohemian/hippie inspired edge, that I personally am a huge fan of and this week’s Fashionista pulls its off seamlessly.

Maxi dresses have not only been in style on Miami University’s campus but also on the spring 2012 runways. Mulberry’s Emma Hill put her spin on the maxi dress by displaying a pastel color block strapless one in her spring 2012 collection. The lightness of the colors combined with the fact that it is a maxi dress, makes it a summer must have. Furthermore, Michael Kors displayed quite a few earthy toned maxi dresses. I know I have talked about Michael Kors collection before, but I really enjoyed his showing for the spring due to the fact that I am a huge fan of his inspiration: the safari.

If you are in the market for a comfortable stylish outfit for class, or looking to be in style with spring 2012 trends, a maxi dress is the way to go!



Just in time for spring break, I found this Fashionista rocking a somewhat nautical look. The blue and white-stripped shirt combined with jeans and Sperry’s projects a preppy sailing vibe. I liked this outfit so much because it is so simple. Almost every human being on Miami’s campus owns a pair of boat shoes including guys, girls, and I have even seen teachers rocking these shoes. They pretty much go with any outfit, and this week’s Fashionista is no different. Furthermore, stripes in all colors have been very common. Especially stripes in blue and white are very “high-society-lets-go-yachting.” They are relaxed, but still stylish. Coincidentally, Miami is commonly referred to as, “J.Crew U” so this Fashionista is living up to Miami’s reputation. Additionally, I noticed this Fashionista’s hairstyle. She had her hair in a bun but had twisted a piece of her hair back into the bun. I love this. Similarly with adding a French braid to a hairstyle, this twist is a bohemian touch to this outfit.

Although not exactly the same representation, spring 2012 paid tribute to the ongoing stripe theme. Designers such as Mara Hoffman, rag & bone, and Band of Outsiders played into the ‘blanket stripe’ theme. In other words, these designers in their respective collections, displayed stripes in sweaters, jackets and capes. Especially, for Band of Outsiders using stripes this way, made for a unexpected color blocking. It is also interesting that rag & bone and Band of Outsiders were also finalists in Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Program. rag & bone in 2006 and Band of Outsiders in 2007. Maybe they are on the same wavelength in terms of inspiration?

Even though the weather is not exactly spring break status, pair your stripped shirt with some boat shoes for a preppy look!


Dressed to impress in a long sweater, crossbody bag, leggings, an oversized watch and brown boots this Fashionista is enjoying the rare sunshine. She topped off this look by using her sunglasses as a headband. Any excuse to bring out the sunglasses is definitely taken advantage of on Miami's campus and why shouldn’t it be? But first things first, this long open sweater is every Miami Fashionista’s stable. On a campus where girls are rarely seen in sweat pants, leggings and a sweater such as this one is a go-to outfit. You always run into people walking around Miami's campus and outfits like this one are the perfect alternative to sweats while still being comfortable. Paired with boots, this outfit could transform from being at the library to being out for dinner uptown. After all, you never know who you could run into, right? Oversized sweaters and crossbody bags are everywhere.

Large sweaters graced D&G fall 2011 ready-to-wear runway. Bright colored sweaters were paired with skirts and pants. However, a little more accessible, Urban Outfitters always has the best selection of tight and loose cardigans. Also, I sometimes dapple in the men’s section. They have really good options; so don’t always limit yourself to the women’s section when looking for looser sweaters. In terms of the crossbody bags, these have been a popular trend for a few years now. Whether you are going out or going to class, crossbody bags are a convenient and safe option for all of your belongings. Ranging in colors and sized, my favorite bag is the Marc by Marc Jacobs one. I don’t go out without it because it is small enough to not be bulky while also being big enough to hold my phone and wallet. Or you could go with a little bit of a bigger envelope bag, like this Fashionista, and use the Tory Burch one which could also be used as a clutch. Versatility and convenience are my two requirements when in the market for a new bag.

Enjoy the warmer weather with your long sweaters and pair it with a cute over the shoulder bag!