Every Dormista loves Instagram because of it allows us to show off our favorite fashion and decor trends with our friends.  Kacey Royer, a student at York College, uses Instagram to share her handmade jewelry creations.  A two-year attendee of Teen Vogue’s Fashion University, Royer gained insights from some of her fashion icons including Nicole Richie and Nanette Lapore.  Royer’s Instagram account @kaceyroyer gives us a window to her stylish life!

CollegeDormista: The jewelry you create is absolutely beautiful. Where do you find your inspiration?

Kacey Royer: First off, thank you so much! I find most of my inspiration by looking at other Instagram accounts and then by taking a look at some blogs. Of course I look at other handmade jewelry designers, but a lot of my inspiration comes from individuals themselves, not just other creative handmade artists. My business is called Found and is geared toward the wandering, bohemian goddess. I find so much passion and love when I look at other individuals-whether it is what they wear, sense of creativity, or even how they presented what they ate that day. I love getting what I like to call “intricate vibes” off of other people’s Instagram account. Because my jewelry is based off of people who are wandering, I find great joy in being able to read a person through their pictures. Just because they are wanderers like myself does not mean they are lost!

CD: Why do you love to share photos with Instagram?

KR: Instagram is totally my creative outlet. I love being able to express myself through pictures, especially since I am able to get a lot of my inspiration by looking at other Instagrams. Whether I post pictures of my newest creations, behind the scenes photos of my work shop as well as sneak peeks of my new designs, pictures of me and my twin sister, or even inspiring quotations, it all helps me stay motivated and keeps my creative energy flowing. I also love surrounding myself with positive, empowering individuals and have been very luck to meet such kind souls on this particular form of social media.

CD: How would you describe your personal fashion style?

KR: I would have to say it’s a mix of boho, comfy, chic and natural! I love mixing a plain sweater, based off of a neutral palette and adding some shimmering, warm toned crystal necklaces or cool textured earrings. For me, comfort is key. I would have to say my style is influenced mainly by brands such as Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Pac Sun. I guess you could call me a comfy, chic bohemian!

CD: How is your fashion style reflected in your decor?

KR: Like I mentioned, I am totally obsessed with Free People and Anthropologie. I love how they decorate their stores because it is so unique and whimsical. My room is very welcoming. I light tons of candles, have mixtures of neutral colors, and like to keep my crystal and succulent collection visible at all times. I love feeling a sense of positivity when you walk into a room, so I like to portray a very warm, happy vibe. I am in love with little objects such as vintage boxes, displays, inviting curtains and fabrics, as well as hand-painted and rustic furniture.

CD: How exactly do Instagram and your jewelry line go together?

KR: I am going to be completely honest and accurate when I say this-Instagram is my life saver. It has 100% turned my little handmade bracelet business into a growing, crystal lover, boho inspired, internationally selling business. I have been so inspired by everything I see on Instagram and love being able to keep my pictures all in one place. I have gained so many followers and have been able to share my journey with individuals who I would absolutely love to meet one day. Instagram has helped by business grow into something real, something I love. I continue to share my progress and my everyday activities with individuals who share some of the same interests as me. I love being able to scroll through so many pictures of artistic, kind, empowering individuals as well as simply keep up with my friends and their lives.

DO IT YOURSELF: Bracelet Display

Jewelry is a piece of art, so why not display it in your space?  It brings color and sparkle to your room while showing off your personal style (because it’s fabulous).  Not only does displaying your jewelry in a decorative way add glamour to your space, it also conveniently organizes your beautiful bangles.  This super chic bracelet display is the perfect way to show off your arm candy – and it only takes five minutes to create!

What you will need:

Glass candle stick

Glass cylinder vase

Hot glue gun

Step #1 – GLUE IT

Wash the candle stick and vase with soap and water and dry both pieces very well.  Apply glue to the top of the candle stick.


Hold the vase on top of the candle stick in place for about 30 seconds to ensure the glue sets.

Step #3 – DISPLAY IT

Slide your favorite bracelets onto the ends of the vase.  Step back and admire the beautiful bracelet display you created!

STREET STYLE VS. DECOR: 50 Shades of Grey

Neutral tones are such a staple in fashion and interior design. Just like neutrals create a great base for an outfit, warm and cool neutrals create the perfect canvas for your space allowing many oportunities to add color and style. One of the most popular neutral tones this fall season are shades of grey. Greys were incorporated into Alexander Wang’s fall 2013 line.

Some of my favorite home decor (and fashion) pieces are neutral greys. One of the reasons I love the color grey so much is because it coordinates with many colors beautifully. One of my favorite combinations right now is grey with yellow. Try using a neutral grey base for your next outfit with splashes of citrus colors, then mimic that in your decorating. Here are some items that will bring the shades of grey to your space in a beautiful, classic way:

A weathered mirror from Restoration Hardware

A chevron rug from Urban Outfitters

This pewter fur throw is perfect for fall

A swoop chair with grey upholstery is great for lounging

Bring out your inner dormista by adding some grey hues to your room!


Interior design and Instagram mesh beautifully together. The social media platform allows users to photograph design elements and give them a new twist with the right filter. This weeks article features Julie Hecht, a recent college graduate and interior designer. She explains how Instagram feeds her inspiration when it comes to design.  Check out Julie’s Instagram account @julieahecht and read on!

CollegeDormista: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

Julie Hecht: I attended Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture.

CD: Have you always dreamed of having a career in interior design?

JH: I hadn’t always had a dream of becoming an interior designer, but I have always had a strong eye for design. Going through my education really proved that interior design is my passion.

CD: Where do you find your inspiration?

JH: I find inspiration everyday through everything I see! I could be dining at a restaurant, looking through a magazine or going on a nature walk. That’s the great thing about being a designer, you are always observing and gaining inspiration.

CD: How do you incorporate fashion trends into interior design?

JH: All trends today are relevant to each other. Modern colors and styles are ever changing and are seen in patterns, clothing, jewelry, artwork etc.

CD: Why do you love sharing your photos on Instagram?

JH: Instagram is such a cool way to document and share your inspirations. Smart phones are always on hand today so it’s easy to snap a picture at any point.

CD: Do you ever get decorating ideas from photos found on Instagram?

JH: Oh yes! I follow many architects and interior designers and they capture amazing photos.


IN HER SPACE: Dina Podnar

“Simply adorable” are the first words that come to mind when describing the dorm room of  sophomore University of Dayton student, Dina Podnar. Dina’s space incorporates a wonderful mix of bold patterns and textures. Her personality shines through in every single detail of her room. Read on to see how Dina’s dorm room came to life.

CollegeDormista: What inspired your dorm room decor?

Dina Podnar: I saw a picture on Pinterest with a similar headboard. My favorite colors are black and white, so I knew I wanted to base my room around that. I needed a pop of color, so when I found this bedspread I knew that green would be perfect.

CD: How is your fashion style reflected in your room?

DP: My love for black and white clothes is definitely reflected in my room. I also love wearing polka-dots, stripes and monograms, so I mixed those in as well.

CD: What is your favorite place to shop for home decor?

DP: I love shopping at Homegoods. They have really cute stuff and I found a lot of the accessories in my room there. 

CD: I know you’re a very crafty person. What DIY projects did you do to decorate your space?

DP: I actually made a lot of things in my room! I made my headboard and the green bulletin board above my desk. I also painted the “D” by my bed and the monogram hanging by my desk. I painted my side table in black and white stripes, of course.

CD: What is your absolute favorite thing in your room?

DP: If I had to pick just one thing, it would probably be the giant pictures of my roommate and me. The pictures are so big, it’s a funny touch to our room! I love photography and displaying pictures with my friends and family, so that makes it my favorite thing.

DO IT YOURSELF: Faux Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is a beautiful glass finish that will give your space a shabby chic feel. The silvery tones of mercury glass are perfectly neutral for any decor. Instead of spending your weekend rummaging through antique shops for the perfect mercury glass vase, why not make one yourself! It is actually easier than it might seem to achieve the mercury glass look. You’re minutes away from having a lovely, chic, mercury glass inspired vase!

What you will need:

Glass vase

Krylon Looking Glass Spray

Spray bottle filled with one part water, one part white vinegar

Paper Towels

Step #1 – PREPARE IT

Wash the glass vase with soap and water to ensure it is clean. Set up your crafting area in a well ventilated space, preferably outdoors.

Step #2 – SPRAY IT

Spray the vase with the water and vinegar mixture. Spray it enough so there are water droplets on the glass, but not dripping down the sides.

Step #3 – PAINT IT

Immediately after step #2, spray one light coat of the Krylon Looking Glass spray on the vase.

Step #4 – BLOT IT

Let the paint dry for about one minute, then blot the vase with a paper towel. Gently blot the vase so some paint picks up, leaving a speckled finish.

Step #5 – REPEAT IT

Repeat steps #2-4 until you get your desired look. The key to the faux mercury glass is to do several fine layers. When the vase looks how you want it to, let it dry before you use it!

DIY Tip – You can do this faux finish on nearly any glass surface. Consider trying it on colored glass for an entirely different look. Get creative!




Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, fall scented candles and oversized sweaters because fall is officially here. This season is a long transition from the hot days of summer to the cold winter months. Just like your wardrobe, change your home décor to reflect the season. A major fashion trend popular in the autumn months is plaid. This tartan print can be found in many pieces of clothing from flannel shirts, scarves and even jacket linings. Plaid was spotted all over Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2013 line.

Tartan prints are timeless and traditional. Mix the trend in with modern pieces to keep your space looking young and trendy (just like you!). The combination of modern color palettes, clean lines and the classic print will turn a new leaf on your space this fall.

Bold artwork

Tufted ottoman

Printed area rug

Cozy blanket


Instagram is a wonderful platform to use for both professional and personal use. Photographer Jon Morton’s Instagram account @jonmorton captures snip-bits of his professional and personal life (including his adorable children) to share with the world. His pictures are truly works of art, showcasing the beauty of nature, buildings and people.

CollegeDormista: Where did you go to college and what was your major? Have you always dreamed of having a career in photography?

Jon Morton: I went to a small Christian school in Winona Lake, Indiana, called Grace College. I majored in both Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies. It wasn’t until my last semester of my senior year that I got into photography. I had to take a filler course and I chose photography. It was honestly just a “how to process film” class, but it fed me creatively nonetheless. I absolutely fell in love with the concept of freezing a moment in time for the eventual purpose of rekindling memories. The rest is history!

CD: Where do you find inspiration?

JM: I have a couple of favorite photographers but for the most part try to stay away from other’s work, at least those in the same industry as me. Instagram is honestly my only real source of daily inspiration. For a creative, it can be a wonderful thing (if used correctly). Every morning begins with a quick scan through my feed!

CD: How does fashion relate to your photography?

JM: Fashion IS my photography. My main source of income is high school senior photography with a “fashion” twist. It’s what has made my name and what supports my family, so I try to not really stray away from it. Hence the reason I don’t look at other senior photographer’s work too much. I want to keep my own style. High school girls are obviously very in-tune with current fashion trends, so we try to highlight those. I feel like I get a front row seat of the ever-changing trends in the fashion world.

CD: Why do you love sharing your photos on Instagram?

JM: Instagram is not only a feed for my followers, but a feed for my family and I. It documents our life! Like I stated earlier, it is a series of frozen moments that rekindle our memories of those moments! We also have a business account that solely showcases our professional work (@Jon_Morton_Seniors).

CD: What are your favorite things to photograph?

JM: My family, God’s creation (includes much more than just trees and clouds) and my clients, in that order. They all have their own special perks!

IN HER SPACE: Emily Frost

Decorating university owned housing can pose some serious challenges. With restrictions on decorating, it can be hard to express your personality and add style. Emily Frost, a senior at the University of Dayton, found a way to convey her personal style with accessories in her space. Read on to learn more about Emily’s cozy bedroom.

CollegeDormista: What inspired your bedroom decor?
Emily Frost: Pinterest gave me a lot of ideas that helped inspire the look I was going for. I love the look of home accessories from Pier 1 Imports and World Market. I really like Moroccan style, so that was another source of inspiration.
CD: What was the vibe you wanted your room to exude?
EF: I live in a sorority house, so I knew girls would always be popping into my room to visit. I wanted my room to be cute and welcoming, but still calm and relaxing so I can study. I definitely think it shows my personality.
CD: How is your fashion style reflected in your decor?
EF: I like classic looks with pops of something bold, whether it be a color or pattern. I never really knew how to describe my personal style, but I love mandala patterns and a lot of my style is influenced by that. My room is classic with a white bed spread and off-white walls, but then shows my fashion style with the colorful picture frames and other accessories.
CD: What is your favorite part of your room?
EF: I actually really like the lighting in my room. It’s not too bright which makes it relaxing. I also love my picture frame wall; it’s really the focal point of the room.
CD: Is there anything you would add or do differently to your room?
EF: I love how my room turned out, but I would love to add more decorative pillows to my bed. That’s a great way to bring in more color and you can never have too many pillows!

DO IT YOURSELF: Accent Pillow

It’s a new season so it is time to switch up your home décor! After a while, you may get tired of the accessories in your space. The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to change up your décor. A quick and easy way to add some color to your space is with accent pillows. This pillow takes less than five minutes to make and is a great way to bring in some color this season.

What you’ll need:

Scarf, $8.80

Throw pillow, $9.99

Step #1 – LAY IT

Lay the scarf face down and place the pillow in the center.

Step #2 – FOLD IT

Fold the scarf over the top of the pillow. Do the same for the bottom.

Step #3 – GRAB IT

Gather the ends of the scarf and grab one in each hand.

Step #4 – TIE IT

Wrap the ends around the pillow and tie them together. Cozy up on the couch with your new accent pillow.

DIY Tip – Instead of a scarf, try using scraps of fabric or a blouse to cover a throw pillow for added color to your room.