Dressing for a Casual Night With the Girls

It seems pretty crazy to admit that August is already here. I always find this month to go by the fastest because it means that summer is coming to an end, and school is approaching us soon. My inspiration with this current look is what I am absolutely obsessed with and that is because it is super simple and easy. I’ve found myself to be very busy this summer, so this is a perfect outfit for a casual, unplanned afternoon or night with your girls.

First off, one of my favorite purchases I have made over this summer would include this Express double buckle western belt. I have found that it really pulls the whole outfit together. I love how unique it is with the double buckle, and also how easy it is to adjust to different lengths.

Since I wanted to keep this look pretty casual, I decided to add a black velvet necklace with a silver circle that complemented my black and silver belt. You also have the option to make the necklace go from a choker to a long piece, which was something that won me over when I first bought it. Another simple accessory that is perfect for something casual would include some sort of crossbody purse. I am a big fan of my Michael Kors one, but for many reasons, this type of purse is super practical and easy for you to carry around. And of course, I can’t forget to mention my favorite aviator, mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I always have the best luck with Express jeans, especially when they’re on sale! In this look, I am wearing distressed skinny jeans from, of course, Express. From my personal experiences I have found it very hard to find comfy and well-fitted jeans for my body type, considering I am only 5’2. The jeans pictured here actually turned into my favorite pair. It’s a huge plus when they actually fit my length, and where I feel comfortable enough to wear them all day and not want to go home and put on my leggings.

Accessories are key to any outfit. What are your favorite go-to accessories? Let us know in the comments below!   

Summer Music Festival Must-Haves

Summer concert season has finally arrived! Every fan is into something different when it comes to a music festival, but for me, it was a country music kind of night. This event is usually the highlight of my summer because what is better than seeing some of your favorite artists play live while enjoying it outside in the sun (hopefully) with your best friends? For occasions like this, it’s nice depending on what the temperature is to style your look with a kimono. I love this layer mostly because it is a super light and loose fitting robe that is easy to pair with any plain T-shirt or tank top.

This look definitely has more of a country vibe to it, so the cowboy boots were a must for this particular look tonight. Comfy but cute is my motto for shoes whenever I am at an event that requires a lot of walking. When I take the risk of wearing heels to something like this, I always regret it after the second hour.

Whenever you think something is missing from your outfit I always think that jewelry is the answer, even a simple gold necklace can do the trick. Some last final touches can also be a couple of gold rings that flow with the necklace, then, of course, some of your favorite bracelets to finally top it off. Oh, and you can’t forget to bring your favorite sunglasses.

If anyone has a music festival coming up, I hope this gave you some ideas for what your next adventure could look like.

What is a must for your summer festival outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Essentials on the Water

It seems like it took forever, but June is finally here. I feel like I’ve been waiting all year for this month to finally come around. From late night cookouts to adventuring afternoons on the boat with your friends and family, get ready for a careless free summer. These are the kind of days that we are looking forward to when we are stuck in the office on slow Wednesday afternoon.

This Fashionisto is ready to enjoy his day on the water with some loose fitting clothing. His North Face water-resistant shirt is designed to speed dry whenever it comes in contact with water. It is also very lightweight, which makes it a great shirt to cover up in whenever the sun is shinning down on you. To top it off, his outfit is also paired with this stylish Adidas hat. This is a great touch to any lake outfit because it adds a sense of style while also keeping the sun out of your face.

Another summer essential that is a must on the lake includes sunglasses. Nothing is worse than having to squint your eyes all day from looking at the sun. It’s always a good idea to invest in a pair that can protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. This Fashionisto decided to pair his outfit with a bold set of black shades, which is always a great accessory to any outdoor outfit.

As a final point, I would like to leave you with some ideas as to what else you can bring on the water to make your day a little bit more enjoyable: Always protect your skin with sunscreen whenever you are in contact with the sun, anything with a SPF 30 or above that is water-resistant is a must for me. Along with that, I always like to capture great moments with friends and family, so I always have some sort of camera on me. Lastly, playing any sort of music on the water is a huge essential because it provides great entertainment to everyone around you.

With the weather warming up I am definitely looking forward to discovering more must have essentials for life on the water! 

What warm weather activities are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comment below!