CLASS OF 2014: Meg

So this is it! After two years, 100 articles, three speaking events and a lifetime of newfound knowledge, my intern days with CollegeFashionista have come to an end! Believe me, if I still maintained the “college” part of my identity, I would be staying on until they dragged me out. Unfortunately, graduation has come and gone and I am now, whether I like it or not, a bonafide member of the “real world.”

These past two years have been formative in not only the social sense, but specifically to CollegeFashionista, formative in my writing and personal style. Being able to merge these two facets of my personality each week has been a really great honor and such a privilege. I am packing up and moving down to Manhattan in the near future to pursue fashion editorial as a career. So I guess you could say CollegeFashionista had a pretty substantial effect on me!

I am confident in the CollegeFashionista brand staying present and continuing to give opportunities to the Fashionistas and Fashionistos of Stonehill, as there are now a handful of very talented writers in their junior years. Thinking back to when I started, I was the lone CollegeFashionista intern at Stonehill, and now feel not only a sense of pride, but also very pleased that the next generation of Style Gurus at Stonehill have a small community of themselves to collaborate off of, and make CollegeFashionista even more of a presence.

Thank you Amy, Melissa and Sammy for the best two years with CollegeFashionista! Keep stylin’ on!


Are you feeling “All Shook Up?” Or somehow like a “Hound Dog?” Okay, Elvis jokes aside, this Fashionista is rocking her blue suede shoes, much like the king himself! In a sea of college girls in nude flats (which I am totally guilty, just so practical!) it is a nice change to see a Fashionista rocking something a little bit daring on her feet. This is especially true in the throws of finals, when wearing the all-too-present “grumpsuit” (read: gray jumpsuit) becomes easier and more tempting than ever.

This Fashionista is definitely feeling blue, pairing her adorable flats with a comparably adorable sleeveless chambray polka-dot blouse. I don’t mean to make any rash decisions, but I think this Fashionista has found the perfect transitional outfit between the bitter winter and the quickly warm spring! If you are also looking to emulate the pelvis-thrusting songster, take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and look no further than J.Crew. However, if you are in the market for something a little more trendy, try the D’Orsay flat from Madewell in the same royal blue suede for an extra Parisian twist.

Spotted: The boys are getting in on the Elvis-themed action in Neil Barrett’s spring 2011 collection in sandal form. Ladies have got to step up their spring suede shoe game! Allessandro Dell’Acqua was the most recent designer to send suede booties down the runway back in 2002!


Rainy days are a real buzz-kill. You may have the perfect outfit you have been dying to wear all week only to step out of your door in your suede/velvet/linen/any other temperamental fabric, and there is a torrential downpour. Let’s not even dive into what happens to your perfectly coiffed or straightened hair! However, there are ways to cure the rainy day blues, and what you wear has a lot to do with this.

Having studied abroad in London last fall, I am well-versed in the art of rain preparedness. Aside from constantly having mess-free hair and consistently packing an umbrella in my bag, to completely giving up any shoe that wasn’t leather or rubber; I really began to feel like a true Londoner.

This Fashionista is killing the rain gear game. Rather than trudge through the mud and showers in whatever is water-repellant, she is definitely stepping it up. Her adorable Coach rain boots are the perfect way to incorporate some subtle animal print and glamour. By keeping the rest of her outfit, umbrella included, very neutral, the boots are the perfect addition.

Although her exact rain boots are no longer available, you can still get the same effect with another Coach pair like these. If you are in the mood for something more classic, the old standby of Hunter boots is always a good choice.

Spotted: DSquared2 utilized the very prevalent rain boot trend in their spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection, even going as far as making the boots somewhat iridescent and interesting. In Elie Tahari’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, the utilization of the umbrella and general rainy motif was something definitely to take note of.


The old phrase, “What’s old is new again” is never more true than in the fashion world. The biggest trends of each season are all reminiscent of decades past. A great example is looking at the current season in particular. While there are evolving trends, as there are every season, the trends popular this season as reminiscent of the hippie generation, from long, straight, center-parted hair to bell-bottom or flared pants (ex: this amazing Free People printed pair).

What better way to welcome spring than through a classic late ’60s hippie-chic outfit and hair style? This Fashionista’s effortless look and ethereal air about her stems from her stick-straight shiny hair matched with a small but chic printed and jeweled headband, as well as the fabrics comprising her outfit, namely the lace on her tank.

With festivals being a staple in a lot of Fashionistas’ summer calendars, channeling a specific decade’s trends is a good way to stand out amongst festival-goers alike. To amp up this outfit for more of a summer festival look, change out the jeans for a pair of high-waisted, cuffed denim shorts, like this classic pair from Levi Brand Jeans. Swap the riding boots for an ankle-height pair like these from Jeffrey Campbell, with zipper trim.

Spotted: The Chanel 2009 resort collection used headbands in the collection in the same way this Fashionista did, around the top of the head rather than being used to push back hair. For spring 2014, Donna Karan sent models down the runway in stick-straight, lusciously shiny locks.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Classically Trained

Throughout high school and early college years, finding a great, inexpensive top or pair of jeans is the biggest score of all time. No matter if your entire closet is comprised of strictly Forever 21 or H&M. This mindset begins to alter as you go through these tops faster than your more well-made garments. The thrill of shopping becomes less about strictly cheapest, but more about investment pieces that you can grab, maybe even on sale!

This Fashionista is demonstrating the importance of investing in classic pieces. From her very functional and necessary trench coat, to her classic aviator sunglasses. Rather than succumbing to the trend of the hard-to-pull-off round frame sunglasses of this spring, she went with a silhouette that has been popular long before the days of Goose and Maverick in Top Gun. Classic pieces are better for the long-term investment (look at me, talking like an adult!) and should be thought-out before purchase. An LBD, trench coat, the perfect black pant and aviator sunglasses make up a good starting list for those beginning to invest in high-quality items.

If you are in the market to invest in these classic silhouettes of sunglasses, the obvious choice is the longtime standby of Ray-Ban. The most classic of which are the gold-rimmed, green glass version which you can grab here. Although, these days the aviator style is so ubiquitous that essentially every brand has their own version. For example, if you are a loyal Gucci buyer (lucky you!) their version has a resort style bamboo chute as the brow guard. If you aren’t convinced, and are using your budget to plan out this purchase, there is still nothing wrong with an amazing H&M steal like these. 

Spotted: In the Dior Homme fall 2012 menswear collection, mirrored aviators were in abundance.


It’s finally happening! Spring is on its way to being fully sprung! The days of being cooped up inside or rushing around bundled in layers upon layers are ending, and the days of frisbee on the quad in a T-shirt are coming back. Although we may be a little ways away from being in full-on shorts weather, it is definitely time to start putting a little spring in our step. A great first move is to add some bright florals into your daily wardrobe!

This Fashionista is updating a very chic but casual ensemble by adding a bright, floral scarf and every college girl’s life saver, a floral wristlet—perfect for keeping the necessary cards and phone while remaining hands-free. A printed, lightweight scarf is a definite must in the coming months, as the spring brings temperature fluctuations of which we need to chicly adapt to.

If you are eager to exhibit some flower power yourself, try this floral scarf from Lucky Brand on a simple outfit to give it a definite burst of life. If the days have sufficiently warmed as to not warrant a scarf, try jewelry! This J.Crew floral charm crystal necklace would look amazing against a chambray button-down or even a plain white T-shirt.

Spotted: While floral print has been everywhere recently, not so much on accessories! However, Alberta Ferretti debuted some killer ballet-inspired floral flats for the spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection. The men even got involved on the floral scarf trend as seen in the Etro spring 2012 menswear collection.


In terms of accessories for the Fashionistos out there, many may feel limited as to what they can experiment with. A watch, some funky socks or maybe a colorful backpack; the possibilities seem repetitive. Something that this Fashionisto took advantage of was changing an ordinary outfit into something a little more extraordinary with the addition of mixing prints. Between his printed oxford shirt, lace-up sneakers and statement-making cat print flat brim, the prints come together in a very unified and funky collaboration.

While I would love nothing more than to delve right into the numerous amount of cat puns I have up my sleeve, I seem to have maxed out in one of my recent posts (see that purrfect example here!). All I will say is that because all three of the prints used by this Fashionisto are so very different from one another, together they are not overwhelming and mesh in great cohesion. By not letting his accessories fall by the wayside and instead making them the statement pieces of the ensemble, this Fashionisto really sets himself apart from many college-aged Fashionistos out there who may be hesitant to do the same. If you are in the market for a cat flat brim like this Fashionisto’s, look here! If you aren’t daring enough to don a feline inspired topper, try this 3-D printed version from Lacoste.

Spotted: The Paul & Joe spring 2014 menswear collection had its fair share of printed flat brim hats. However, if the Fashionistas out there are looking to get in on the printed hat game, Alexandre Herchcovitch sent some amazing embroidered flat brims down the runway in the spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection.


It is finally here! Time to leave behind the cold, snowy landscape of Boston and head to (much) warmer climates! This means digging out the summer clothes and shopping the resort wear collections in preparation, definitely some of my favorite winter activities. This winter has been particularly tough, both weather-wise as well as in the effect it has had on hindering the chic factor, when the majority have been hidden under layers and layers of wool.

I spotted this Fashionista while on spring break in Florida and was immediately drawn to her classic straw tote. In terms of warm weather, nothing is more quintessentially resort wear than a straw tote. These bags are perfect for the pool or beach, as there is no chance of the dreaded sand collection in the bottom of the bag after a day spent seaside. The light fabric the bag consists of is a great way to make sure your contents don’t overheat while you are basking in the sun.

If you think that investing in a new tote for only one vacation is not fiscally responsible, this J.Crew version ensures that it can double as a reusable tote for the grocery store or farmer’s market runs! Who ever said being environmentally conscious couldn’t be chic?! If you are consistently beaching it, investing in this gorgeous Tory Burch version will not be money wasted!

Spotted: Jason Wu’s 2011 resort collection had another straw-based accessory that is perfect for a spring break in the tropics: the straw hat! Lacoste’s spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection showed how to utilize these straw totes in everyday life.

FUREVER FRIENDS: Meg and Jake & Tootsie

In the days leading up to my departure for freshman year of college, I started an “Alphabet Days” event with my little sister. Each day, we would do something fun together that began with a different letter of the alphabet (ex: for A, we did Arts and Crafts, B was Bagels, etc.). For one of the letters, we were brought to the local mall where we spotted a small three-pound miniature Dachshund in one of the cages of the pet store. My sister and I went home and gushed to my mother about the adorable little pup and convinced her to scoop her up the very next day. We already had a cute pup named Jake at home – a Pug and Beagle mix (Puggle), and were hesitant to how he would react to being a big brother. Although rough at first, the two are inseparable (maybe to Jake’s chagrin), and together they are the dream team of cuteness.

The dogs and I may not be the most modelesque creatures, but what we lack in leggy qualities, we more than make up for in personality! Due to our short stature, finding the perfect proportions takes some careful calculations. I like to keep the volume on top, like with my thick, white scarf to help elongate my body. Layering is also a great way to do this, which, living in the Northeast, gives me the chance to do for six months out of the year! Chambray oxfords under gray open-weave sweaters all under a nice utility jacket is my winter wardrobe in a nutshell. Finally, always choosing shoes with a little heel is a no-brainer.

Some of my favorite things about my little pups include:

  • Jake’s tail – curly like a Pug’s and long like a Beagle’s, it cracks me up every time I see it!
  • Tootsie’s constant 95 degree body temperature makes for the most perfect snuggle partner of all time
  • Tootsie may or may not have a more exemplary wardrobe than anyone I know, as evident by her C.Wonder sweater she is donning in this photo.
  • Sometimes Tootsie allows my sister and I to tie her extraordinarily large ears in a ponytail on top of her head.
  • The way they both cock their heads to the side if anything is said with any sort of inflection, as if they are saying, “huh?”

Do you have a fashionable pet? Share a photo on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


Writing a weekly column on accessories can become all about the statement-making pieces. The chunky necklaces, fluorescent shoes and abstract printed scarves become weekly expectants. While none of these statement-making accessories are in any way bad, they sometimes overshadow the more delicate, but equally chic jewelry.

Initial necklaces have been a staple for women ever since Carrie Bradshaw donned her now infamous “Carrie” necklace on Sex and the City. I don’t know about you, but having my initials monogrammed onto my L.L.Bean backpack all throughout middle school was just about the coolest thing about me. This not only speaks to my lameness in middle school, but also about how inherently fulfilling making something totally yours is.

These necklaces are a great way to show your individuality, as what you are wearing not many people may have. These fun necklaces are still appropriate and a nice, understated way to show your personality for internships and jobs. If you are hoping to follow this Fashionista’s lead to the letter, try this version from kate spade. However, if you are looking to showcase your full monogram initials, here is an awesome scripted version on Etsy!

Spotted: Dolce&Gabbana sent this trend down their runway in their fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection in a more overt and less delicate way, switching the gold chain for plastic and colorful necklaces. More recently, Charlotte Ronson had her models in her spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection don nameplate necklaces, only replacing their names with words such as “Tomboy” or “Bookworm.”