CLASS OF 2014: Meg

I can tell you all a few things right off the bat. Sitting here writing this means I am getting dangerously close to ending my college career. At this point, I can’t really tell what I am more upset about—moving into the real world or that it will be less socially acceptable to procrastinate by watching hours of Netflix until the light of my computer screen hurts my eyes. That, however, is besides the point. What I can say with certainty is that my college experience has indeed been an interesting one. Looking back, it is incredible to think that you can spend four years in the same place and feel as though no time has passed at all. There have been ups and downs, maybe even some left and rights, but I am thankful for my experience here and the friends and memories I will take with me well into the future.

As for my sartorial evolution, there hasn’t been much of one. The closest I have come to going crazy in my closet is adding a single pair of pattered pants and a printed romper. My wardrobe has been pretty consistent, chock full of high-waisted black jeans, about 50 black T-shirts and black Frye boots (wild, eh?). I can tell you, however, that a white dress was the color of choice for my graduation, which really was a shocking twist for most.

Fortunately, my experience with CollegeFashionista has opened my eyes to versatility in the world of fashion. Not only have I been able to write about something that I love, but I have been able to photograph and showcase what my campus has to offer. Although my “down with cargo shorts” crusade has been unsuccessful, I definitely think that people are becoming more fashion conscious. CollegeFashionista has allowed me to express myself in ways that I never thought I could and has pushed me to pursue a career in fashion and social media. Not only have I had the opportunity to write, but editing has been a great experience, as well. Gaining insight into both sides of the site has been an incredible opportunity and I am sad to see my time here finally come to an end.

I have had three wonderful semesters with CollegeFashionista and I am excited to see the site grow in the future. As for me, I’m not quite sure where I’m headed at this point. What I do know, however, is that CollegeFashionista has opened doors for me and pushed me to reach my goals. For that, I am forever grateful. Perhaps you will be seeing me in the fashion world again sooner rather than later (we can only hope that will be the case). For now, I’ll stop wearing black once they make a darker color.

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

Baby it’s cold outside! But seriously, it’s freezing, and all I’ve got keeping me warm is a grande nonfat latte (so much for those Christmas songs predicting a winter romance). Despite the chilly temps, I think we are all happy to be saying sayonara to the fall semester. As for me, my impending graduation is scary enough but, now it’s time to focus on winter break.

Unlike most New Yorkers I can actually admit that winter is my favorite season. There is something about the crisp, cool and snowy air that puts a smile on my face. Plus, I really don’t mind being stuck inside with the newest copy of Vogue in one hand and some Starbucks in the other. However, when I do have to venture outside, I always make sure I do it in style.

Winter break is the perfect time to showcase your favorite outdoor items. Who says gloves and a hat aren’t a great accessory? Trust me, if bundling up in a new scarf and a beanie is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

A long winter coat is a great place to start for winter wear. It is sleek and flattering on all body types (not to mention well insulated). It is not the worst thing covering up a cute outfit if you’re doing it with a great winter-coat. And of course, leaving the house without a hat is a huge no-no. It’s perfect for protecting your hair from those unexpected snowstorms. While the beanie shown here is vintage ’90s from the Super Bowl, several retailers are making similar products.

So, while the snow is still falling, strut your stuff in a pair of your favorite snow boots and head outside for a walk. If it puts a smile on my face, I hope it puts one on yours too. Take advantage of free time during winter break to get out and do some new winter activities with friends and family, it will keep you happy until we’re all hitting the books next semester.

One Simple Change: Swap the scarf for a turtleneck sweater. They were spotted on a lot of runways this year and can keep you just as warm.

WHAT TO WEAR: Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Well, maybe not in the midst of finals, but, you get the point. December is truly the most wonderful time of the year (post-finals). Not only do we have about a month ahead of us to catch up on all of the shows we missed this semester, but we can all sit back, relax and truly take in what the Holidays have to offer. There is ample time to spend with friends and family, and instead of scheduling group study sessions, our planners will be full of catch-ups over coffee and a lot of brunch dates.

The Holidays are a great excuse to allow your fun, cheery side to shine. With Christmas cocktail parties and New Year’s Eve, we can all take advantage of dressing for every occasion. Of course, the LBD is a staple item for holiday attire but, when the more casual events roll around, we have to be just as prepared. Luckily, it looks like Christmas came early, because this Fashionista is giving us the gift of inspiration.

Sporting the perfect look for a casual, laid-back holiday get together this Fashionista certainly knows what she’s doing. While many of us gravitate towards red for the holiday season, it is clear that green deserves some loving, too! Her knit sweater is perfect to add a bit of flare to any outfit. Plus, it super warm for those snowy winter days. Paired with a simple pair of dark jeans, this Fashionista is put together and is definitely keeping comfort in mind. Her leather riding boots are a great addition to the look, allowing her to keep her footing while (literally) walking in a winter wonderland. Her outfit is just right for those long car rides to visit family or heading out for a day of festivities in the city. It is versatile, casual and of course, comfortable.

So, while you all plan on stuffing your faces with Christmas cookies and guzzling down holiday drinks, keep in mind that your fashion choices always come first. It is important to make a good impression on your fellow partygoers and above all, you want to start the New Year off in style!

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans for a skirt and a festive pair of tights. I love tights in fun colors; they are perfect for bringing some holiday cheer.


With Thanksgiving break behind us there is only one thing left standing between me and re-watching every season of The OC: finals (queue terrifying Jaws like music). Just thinking about them makes me shutter, and don’t even get me started about the studying part. While you are all trading sleep for textbooks and space in the library, let me remind you, your style is just as important as getting an “A” in Psych 100. So instead of procrastinating on Facebook, please take some time to make a sartorial statement, not a new status update. Just because you might come off as a zombie does not mean you have to dress like one. Breathe in and breathe out, it will all be over before you know it.

Although many of us are in solitary confinement on the quiet floor of the library, getting up, showering and getting dressed in the morning is great motivation for a productive day of studying. Plus, for those who enjoy taking study breaks for coffee or a quick lunch with a friend, dressing the part is necessary. Refrain from the pajamas, or my worst nightmare: the gray on gray sweat suits (or at least do it in the comfort of your own room). Soon, we will all be able to relish in what the holiday season has to offer; until then, finish the semester on a good note!

If anyone knows how to dress for intense days of studying and long hours in the library – it is this Fashionisto. Trust me, he is definitely ready to ace those exams. Finals week is all about dressing casually and comfortably, and this Fashionisto is doing just that. His dark tones are great for the winter and his use of layering is great for keeping warm (and if your campus library is anything like ours, you will need the extra layer). Rocking a graphic sweatshirt and a simple pair of jeans, this Fashionisto is ready for some serious studying. His coat is perfect for the cold winter air and is a great stylistic statement. Not to mention his shoes are just right for snowy upstate New York. Topped off with the most popular finals accessory (the backpack), this Fashionisto is a great example of a casual and comfortable look.

Ladies, you are not off the hook for finals either. A nice sweater paired with comfortable leggings and a pair of boots will work well for long days in the library or sitting through a three-hour exam.

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans for some cords or khakis. They keep you a bit warmer and are more comfortable in my opinion. Happy studying!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

As I sit here in a turkey-induced coma that has lasted well over a week, I am excited to move full force into the holiday season. I definitely prefer hibernation at this point in the year but, alas, several events require my attendance. I know the days are shorter and the weather is dreary but the holiday season keeps me cheery (ha, see what I did there?).

Of course, there is no place like home for the holidays, but the stress that comes with traveling (crowded trains, delayed planes and horrid weather) can surely put a strain on the seasonal spirit. Plus, a full house of friends and family can put anyone on edge. Finals, Christmas shopping (or returns) and family photos are quickly approaching, but I promise there a light at the end of the tunnel.

The holiday season provides all of us with plenty of activities that require dressing our best but sadly, the rainy weather does not. However, these two Fashionistas have got a handle on dressing for the cold, gray New York weather. While it is still not cold enough to snow, the rain here can definitely be a problem. Both are dressed comfortably for a long, Rainy Day of traveling (and are anxious to get home to their families). Dark, autumnal colors are a necessity, and maroons and reds are perfect for just that. With denim on the bottom, both of these ladies are keeping up with the fall trends. L.L.Bean boots are great for the rain as well. If you’re a bit grungier, biker boots can be paired with just about anything and add a little flare on a cold, gray day.

Don’t let the weather keep you down though! Bright fun colors are acceptable too, especially with the New Year just around the corner. Try silvers and golds to add a bit of spice to an outfit. I also think a funky holiday sweater is a must.

One Simple Change: Accessorize with a scarf or a beanie. There are great sales going on right now so get out and pick up some new pieces (before it’s too late). And don’t forget your umbrella!

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

Slowly but surely, the semester is coming to an end. Unfortunately, that means that office hours will be packed, papers will need editing, tests will be taken and mass amounts of caffeine will be consumed (although the coffee part isn’t all that bad in my opinion). For all of you outgoing people out there, stopping in to see a professor is nothing new. Maybe you have been to office hours already this semester at least once or twice. For you introverts, Meeting With A Professor can be something that is utterly dreadful. Meetings can be awkward, drawn out or just down right frustrating. A professor can seem intimidating and if you’re not one for intimate conversation, meetings can induce a bit of anxiety. Thus, preparation is key.

Building a relationship with a professor is important and can be advantageous upon entering the workforce. You can throw the stigma associated with being the teacher’s pet out the window; that kind of behavior is praised in college! Whether you like it or not, showing interest in what a professor is teaching and their personal interests will benefit you in the long run. Knowing what you need help with and what you are going to say during a meeting is crucial, and presenting yourself in a confident manner is imperative as well.

Going for a confident and casual look is perfect for Meeting With A Professor. Take note from this Fashionista who is mastering a professional, yet casual appearance. Her outfit is perfect for cold fall days and encompasses several staple pieces. By pairing solids and prints, her look is unique and she is making some bold stylistic statements. Her polka-dot dress is great for dressing to impress. Covered and kept warm with a gray crewneck and a vintage denim jacket, this Fashionista knows exactly what she is doing. Her tall leather boots are a great addition to the look. Topped off with a pair of thick-rimmed specs, she gives of a scholarly vibe.

Don’t get the jitters when your Meeting With A Professor rolls around. It will help you, not hurt you. I promise!

One Simple Change: Swap the denim jacket for a longer wool peacoat. There are so many fun printed patterns out this season and they are perfect for keeping warm in the winter.

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Alpha, Beta, Gamma…and the list goes on. I presume a lot of people on campuses across the nation know the Greek alphabet by heart. Greek Life is prevalent at many schools and here in upstate New York; you don’t go a day without seeing someone in some sort of letters. While some use their fraternity or sorority clothes as an excuse to throw on a ratty old sweatshirt and call it a day, others use their letters to make a statement. Despite popular belief, there is a tasteful way to show off your organization without bringing forth the negative stereotypes that Greek Life seems to have. There is nothing worse than a grungy frat boy walking into your classroom in clothes that have been in their organization for well, years. Trust me, you can get away with representing Greek Life sans ripped T-shirts (I get the nostalgic appeal but, save them for the gym please).

While Greek Life might not be as big as it is in Southern schools, the Greeks take it very seriously. The population might be small, but it is mighty! After all, where would most of you be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights without your organizations? Plus, wearing letters provides ample opportunities to design new things and let your inner Anna Wintour shine.

While the weather is getting increasingly cold, letters are a perfect way to bundle up and this Fashionista is doing just that. Her maroon pullover is a great background color to show off her unique paisley printed letters. The best part about letters is that they can be put on just about anything. Crewnecks and simple long sleeve T-shirts are a great way to show off your letters in the chilly weather. Paired with a cozy puffer vest, this Fashionista certainly knows how to keep warm. Her leggings provide extreme comfort as well. Topped off with a great pair of brown leather boots, this Fashionista knows the best way to show off her letters.

So let your Greek letters show, people! But remember, they are not an excuse to hide your fashion sense.

One Simple Change: Try a pair of Chelsea boots instead of tall riding boots. It is always fun to change up your shoe collection.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Brrrr! Feel that? It’s finally the cold air settling in (queue getting your mug of hot chocolate). There is nothing better than being able to retire all of your summer clothes and break out essentials for fall and winter. It’s a dream come true when your dresser drawers are full of long sleeve shirts and you can dust off your favorite hat and scarf combo. As for me, I’ll be going through my extensive beanie collection and perusing my favorite shopping websites for great coats for when the real cold weather rolls in (check out ASOS and Topshop for ideas).

With all of the great things that the cold weather brings, the best part about it is that it provides endless sartorial opportunities. Not only is layering an easy way to stay warm but, it is the perfect way to combine two or more of your favorite pieces. Designers, celebrities and bloggers alike are layering up for fall, and you should too!

Suffering in the cold is not worth showing off that cool new tank top you got on a flash summer sale at the end of the season. Bundling up is where it’s at, people. So breathe in that brisk cold air ladies and gentleman, because sweater weather is better weather. Am I right?

This Fashionista definitely knows how to dress appropriately for cold weather (so she doesn’t walk into class looking a little too similar to Frosty the Snowman). Her layering skills are top notch and as she makes evident, it’s officially time for L.L.Bean Bean Boots! The polka-dot pattern on her sweater adds a fun element to her look, layered on top of a simple white button down. The denim on the bottom keeps the outfit causal and match well with her rustic looking boots. Not to mention her cross-body satchel is a perfect item to carry all of her school essentials. It certainly looks like this Fashionista has a handle on the cold.

While the cold weather does provide the perfect excuse to stay inside and snuggle up, heading out for the day means dressing to look the part. You never know who you might run into that can help you keep warm when it’s too cold.

One Simple Change: Try adding a Barbour coat (they are huge this fall season). They are amazing quality and can really enhance an outfit meant for the cold.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the anxiety that comes with giving a Presentation. Whether it is in front of a large lecture hall or in a small group, Presentations seem to make everyone a bit weak in the knees. While we all take the necessary precautions to do our best (i.e. note cards, rereading PowerPoint slides, etc.), there is always something that seems to go wrong. Trust me, I have heard my fair share of Presentation horror stories, and don’t even get me started on the perils of group projects.

While the semester is slowly but surely winding down we must all take a deep breath because Presentation season is upon us. Some say it is better than taking a final exam but really, what about a Presentation doesn’t make your skin crawl? Plus, something tells me it is not appropriate to fake sick on a Presentation day.

Thankfully, there are ways to decrease Presentation anxiety – there is a definitive answer to those Presentation woes. Number one on that list, you ask? Looking the part! A crucial aspect about giving a Presentation is, well, looking presentable. Public speaking is an important part in preparing students for the real world, and I am certain none of you would go to a job in your pajamas (or so I hope).

Presenting is all about confidence. This Fashionista makes it clear that she is not only confident in what she wears, but bold too. You want to make a subtle statement with your outfit choice that shows professors and students that you not only care about your Presentation topic, but about your attire as well. This Fashionista’s (almost) all black ensemble is the way to go. She is dressed to impress in a comfortable LBD paired with simple black leggings. Her taupe boots add a bit of excitement to an otherwise plain outfit, and provide her with a bit of an edge, too. The key here is this Fashionista’s use of a statement necklace. It draws attention to the outfit just enough to show off her unique style and her conscious effort to look put together. Additionally, her red peacoat adds a pop of color and will draw positive attention to her outfit upon arrival.

Dressing up for a Presentation can definitely provide you with the confidence you need to get through those nerve-wracking five or 10 minutes in front of the class. Gentleman, a button-down, tie and khakis will certainly do the trick for you. Don’t worry.

One Simple Change: Swap the boots for some fun flats. There are a ton of different styles that everyone seems to have this season.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

“Thank God it’s Friday”—a phrase echoed around college campuses and schools around the globe. Once that final afternoon class is over I swear I can literally see people jumping for joy. After a full week of class, extracurricular activities and homework, I think we all definitely deserve a little R&R. Those sleepless nights spent studying are quickly replaced with time to catch up with friends, amongst other fun things. For those two precious days, we are not penalized for hitting the snooze button, or maybe not setting an alarm at all. Of course, there is still work looming over our heads for the upcoming week but, having two days to ourselves can be imperative for our mental health. After all, taking your nose out of that book for a bit can be exciting; you never know what could happen!

So put away that to-do list that never quite seems like it will end and take the time to enjoy your weekend. That being said, looking your best for whatever activity is on your schedule is a must. While it is easy to throw on your favorite sweats and sweatshirt, having a laidback style does not mean sacrificing looking presentable. Mustering up the energy to dress well can be hard but the possibilities endless (in that short time span of 48 hours).

This Fashionista is certainly showing off her weekend wear, abiding by what I like to refer to as “The Three C’s.” The first “C” being casual, the second: comfortable, and the third: chic. I cannot say enough how obsessed I am with her pullover – it is the perfect piece for a Saturday or Sunday. The embellishment on the front and on the sleeves adds a fun element to an otherwise bland sweater. Worn with a simple pair of gray jeans, this Fashionista knows exactly what I mean by casual, comfortable and chic. Her leather riding boots are great for walking around campus, grabbing a cup off coffee or hitting up the movies with friends.

Take my advice, go out and do something with your weekend and make sure you dress appropriately for whatever you find yourself involved in. After all, we don’t work super hard during the week for no reason.

One Simple Change: Add a dark denim jacket or a black bomber. They are the best way to stay warm in the chilly weather.