STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Celebrating Independence Early

Plaid flannel isn’t just for hipsters anymore. This week’s Fashionista utilizes a plaid button-up to create a preppy look. The mixture of colors and nude accessories is a great combination that displays the same spirit as the Fourth of July.

Popular in the '90s, plaid flannel has been a trend that has stuck around for the past few seasons. A few windy days have blown through the Front Range recently and this Fashionista chose to keep warm with this piece. With the unpredictable Colorado weather, a flannel is a fashion must-have. Whether worn over a T-shirt or buttoned-up, it is easy to incorporate any combination of hues into an ensemble.

On campus, more girls are wearing basic, clean cut shorts. These are a chic alternative to short, ripped up denim. Although it’s not Memorial Day yet (athough anyone rarely follows that rule anymore), this Fashionista paired white shorts with her plaid top. I love the mixture of red, white and blue hues; fashionable and patriotic. A great alternative to white shorts is a bright colored pair. This blue pair from The Gap is an essential spring/summer piece.

This Fashionista mixed nude accessories into her ensemble. Nude on white has always been one of my favorite combinations. A belt is a simple way to add a little umph to an outfit and this Fashionista matches her belt to her shoes. Girls love bows. There is something so femininely classic about bows attached to shoes, just ask Christian Louboutin. Whether in the form of a sandal, heel, flat or wedge, these shoes can be worn with any outfit. Choose a color, pick the material and you can complement your ensemble just as this Fashionista did.


The combination of black and white is my personal favorite. Chic and trendy year around, there are numerous possibilities. This week’s Fashionista is looking cool and put together in her black and white get up.

Dressy tops add a feminine component to any ensemble. This Fashionista chose a sheer top with ruffles. The neutral color with the ruffle accent allows her to look dressed up for any occasion and is great for warmer weather. A neutral piece with detailing is a wardrobe essential for each season. Ann Taylor has a collection of printed, colored and neutral tops that contribute a certain flair to any day or evening ensemble. This Fashionista paired her top with a tribal printed skirt creating an edgier look.

Prints are trending and this Fashionista makes it work. The neutral colored top and simple accessories help emphasize the statement of her tribal printed skirt. Simplicity is key when mixing and matching these prints. This Fashionista’s use of black and white gives each piece a voice and balances out the ensemble. On the other side of the spectrum, wearing multiple bold prints can create a dynamic and daring look. The heiress to the Missoni fashion house, Margherita Missoni, has an eye for pairing eccentric prints. 

Black and white are classic colors that can be easily styled and look great on everyone. This week’s Fashionista let her personal style shine. Sophisticated yet edgy, she presents herself in a powerful way. Black and white is a power combination and with an outfit like this anything is possible.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Orange You Excited For Summer?

As we count down the days until summer, many Fashionistas have found themselves tangoing their ways through the days. Not literally of course, but with the Pantone color of the year: tangerine tango. I must admit I was never a fan of orange, however this season has changed my mind. I spotted this chic Fashionista in a tangerine orange top paired with sleek white shorts. This orange created a new depth to her ensemble; not only is it bold and dramatic, but also friendly and warm.

Nanette Lepore sent a fresh collection down the runway for spring 2012. Filled with bright colors, these looks are what got me on the tangerine train. This Fashionista chose a tangerine orange top with florals. I love how the floral print adds an exotic feel to the ensemble. She looks sophisticated yet ready for a good time. Purchased at a local Fort Collins boutique, Cira Ltd., this Fashionista finds great pieces right in her backyard.

According to Pantone, tangerine tango “emanates heat and energy.” This Fashionista complements this zest with a classic pair of white shorts. The tangerine orange on top brings out the drama of pairing this bold color with these refined shorts. Not only does orange pop with this neutral color, but as summer approaches it is a great time to mix and match prints and bright colors on top as well.

Can’t get enough of this tangerine orange? Pair any ensemble with a glossy nail lacquer in this hot color. My personal favorite brand is Dior or essie. Now to shield the eyes from your own radiating allure, TOMS has produced a great line of eyewear with shades to match any ensemble. So prepare yourself for summer, from the looks of this Fashionista’s ensemble it’s going to be an exotic adventure.


As the weather gets warmer, Fashionistas opt for lighter layers. A crop top is the perfect remedy. This piece can be paired with almost anything and has rendered boxier and flowy cuts. This week's Fashionista casually paired a lace crop top with jeans and sandals.

There are multiple ways to style a crop top. You can show full naval, a peep or nothing at all. This Fashionista chose to bare a section of skin above the waist and place a skin toned bandeau under the lace top. A daring alternative is to pair a crop top with high-waisted shorts or a skirt, like superstar Rihanna at Coachella or Oscar de la Renta's twitter sensation @OscarPRGirl.

This Fashionista not only makes a statement with her crop top, but with the undergarment as well. The see through lace allows for an immense amount of creativity. Alongside the crop top trend has emerged bandeaus. Neon, pastel, neutral, floral and other prints are only some of the options to pair with these tops. I love this affordable lace, neon green bandeaus from Buckle. This would look fabulous under a sheer black crop top. The multitude of prints and color in both bandeau and crop tops contribute the boldness and quirkiness of an ensemble.

To complete this ensemble, a great addition is a pair of sandals. These multi-colored ones from ALDO add additional color to the look. In juxtaposition, a neutral colored pair is an excellent way to balance out the different elements of the outfit.

The crop top has proven itself to be a statement piece that should be included in everyone’s wardrobe. This piece can be proportionally mixed into ensembles and colored to perfection.  Remember, it’s all about experimentation.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Showcase Those Accessories

With the faintest of breezes mingling in the air, the best way to dress up an outfit is with accessories. It was this Fashionista’s colorful and classic accessories that caught my eye. Sporting a sleek pair of skinny jeans and a black top, she has created an effortless ensemble.

Headscarves have become increasingly popular over the last year. A great hair accessory, they add both color and detail to the outfit. You can accessorize with a solid color or printed pattern, each accentuating the overall appearance in a different way. This Fashionista paired the floral print of her scarf with the crochet detailing on the back of her shirt. This detailing reveals the subtle complexities of the top. Similar to the headscarf, turbans are a great alternative to enhance any outfit and keep the hair back in an unusual way.

This Fashionista incorporated a beautiful turquoise necklace that brings out the uniqueness of her ensemble. The color adds edge to this boho inspired look, complementing the basic colors she is wearing. The distinctive turquoise color comes in all forms, whether it is a necklace, earrings, a bracelet or ring, this rare stone is a great addition to your accessory box. Local Colorado brand Stranded Jewelry has many fabulous pieces to contribute to your turquiose needs. 

Shielding eyes from the sun, there are no better sunglasses than aviators. They can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans or a seasonal maxi. The versatility of these shades is endless. My favorites are these Ray Ban Wayfarer's, or for a cheaper option, H&M has an excellent selection.

Spring and summer are about the colors you integrate into your ensembles. This Fashionista matched a red lip to her lovely headscarf, but contrasted them with the turquoise necklace. There are so many colors waiting to be mixed and matched. Like this Fashionista, show off your color accessories in a bold yet casual way.


“Light as a feather” is the idiom Fashionistas are embracing as they get dressed each morning. With the weather becoming increasingly warmer, pieces that are light, comfortable and chic are becoming more important. This week’s Fashionista paired a colored pair of chino shorts with a lace top and Sperry Top-Siders.

A trend sweeping the globe, chinos are becoming increasingly popular among males and females. Appearing in both shorts and pants, chinos can be dressed-up or dressed-down. These fitted pants are designed to leave just enough room to stay comfy while going about your daily activities. This Fashionista chose to ditch the khaki and denim and incorporate fashion-forward colors into her ensemble. This salmon color is a great contrast to the honeysuckle and tangerine we’ve been seeing lately. It is a light color choice to pair with neutrals and easy to color block. I love how this Fashionista color blocks with her bright pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. These colors complement her skin and hair tone, leaving her radiant.

This Fashionista created an overall look that is great for warm weather. Eyelet, crochet and lace are light fabrics that neutrally balance with pastel and bright color schemes. From winter white to summer white, her lace top is fresh and a fabulous contrast to her suggested prep look. With Coachella nearing these lighter fabrics, like this one from Free People, are making quite the appearance, creating a distinguished bohemian look, as many would call it. Not only a look for outdoor concerts and events, this Fashionista exhibits the multiple possibilities for styling these distinct tops.

No longer an east coast prep essential, college students everywhere are rocking this boat shoe. Sperry’s are known for their comfort, lightness and freeing feel. Originally made in a dark and light khaki, they are now sold in all different colors and patterns allowing Fashionistas/os to mix-and-match. This Fashionista chose a floral pattern to enhance her color scheme and overall look. A variety of adjectives can be used to describe this Fashionista’s distinct style, but one thing is for sure she incorporates color perfectly and keeps it fresh.


From the campus grounds to clothes being worn by busy students, roses, daffodils, orchids and daisies are everywhere this season. Taking a step back from the monochromatic color scheme, this Fashionista chose bright and colorful prints. However, not only is she taking this intiative, but fashion stores and designer labels have also broadened their color palettes.

Many Fashionistas long for the day when they can break out their dresses again. On this beautiful morning, this Fashionista decided it was time. Her desirable multi-printed dress was a Target steal for under $20. This Fashionista added a long gold necklace that enhanced the value of her appearance.

Florals are being spotted on all articles of clothing. My favorite deals are these pants from H&M, this jumper from Topshop and this dress from Forever 21. The best part is that this trend also comes in all different shapes and sizes. As seen on this Fashionista’s dress, the bottom half are largely printed and the top are blended in a small print. In the DKNY spring 2012 collection, Donna Karan incorporates smudgy florals, which displays how diverse these floral patterns can be.

To complete this floral fantasy this Fashionista wears a pair of earthy wedges that echoes the theme. From head to toe, she embodies a garden that is essentially the essence of spring and the fresh opportunities for growth. Her nails contrast the fragility of the florals with the ferocity of a leopard. To replicate this playful look or design your own, check out F*** Yeah Nail Art and Nails Magazine for ideas and D.I.Y options to complete any ensemble.


Spring is in full force and this Fashionista is transitioning her winter pieces for the new season. With chilly mornings and warm afternoons, she layers to perfection with a great color combination.

This Fashionista’s lace tights caught my eye first. A bold leg statement, the wine color complements the black dress and her skin tone nicely. What I love about lace tights is the risk that is associated with them. Often on college campuses these are a rarity, but few understand how great they truly are. Lace tights can be worn seasonally and come in a variety of colors that can be worn continuously with the latest trends. My personal favorite tights are from the Eric Daman (the costume designer for Gossip Girl) DKNY collection. Lace tights have become a staple piece that allow you to speak with your legs and keep the rest of the ensemble simple.

Keeping her outfit minimalistic is exactly what this Fashionista chose to do, serving as a perfect example of how to sport the Little Black Dress on a day-to-day basis. Other illustrations of how to keep the LBD simple and chic can be seen in my previous post and in Grace’s post from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Great additions to this Fashionista’s ensemble are her cardigan and boots. A classic cardigan is a subtle way to keep an outfit simple but unique. J.Crew has an assortment of cardigans that come in different colors, prints and with embellishments that are fabulous additions to any outfit. Shoes are also crucial when deciding how to complete a look. This Fashionista chose a short boot, which contributes to the edge associated with her ensemble. A spring alternative to boots would be a wedge heel; wedges can add a dressed-up affect to one's look. When striving for a style like this Fashionista's, the key to mixing and matching is to keep it simple. Remember, it’s the use of supplementary pieces that make the ensemble your own.


In Colorado, we couldn’t have asked for a better Spring Break. With the weather in the high 60s and low 70s, Fashionista’s were breaking out their spring pieces. This Fashionista chose a light combination with chic accessories to complete the ensemble.

Sheer is everywhere this season, found in a variety of different colors and lengths. From the runway to the red carpet, it is easy to draw inspiration. This Fashionista chose a high-waisted, over the knee skirt in a beautiful shade of maroon. Although this length is a popular trend, others include long or asymmetrical, which pairs well with heels or flats. Bold oranges and pinks, or pastel greens and purples are fashion forward shades for these skirts this spring.

After seeing how this Fashionista rocks her basic white T-shirt, I was determined to find one of my own. It had to be loose, waist length and have the right cotton feel. This may seem easy, but I’ve gone through many T-shirts that were only satisfactory, until I went to The Gap. The Gap now has a new line called Pure Body that includes sophisticated basics that go with everything. Needless to say, I was beyond satisfied. This Fashionista displays that a basic T-shirt is a classic piece that can be paired with a skirt or jeans for a more casual look. With longer shirts, especially one that is looser, my favorite thing to do is knot it on the side for a fresh look. Check out how this Fashionista from the University of Wisconsin knots her skirt for inspiration.

I also love this Fashionista’s accessories. Her gold necklace complements the maroon hue and adds a finishing touch to her ensemble. A watch is the perfect wrist accessory for college students, and with numerous style options it has become a necessity to many. Lastly, a popular trend in the '50s, the peep toe has made a comeback. Found in flats, heels and wedges, this Fashionista chose a stylish pair of peep toe flats. A great alternative to flip flops, peep toe shoes range from solid colored to the latest patterns and allow you to show off your favorite pedicure color. This spring seems to be all about fun, so experiment with new colors, refined accessories and modern twists to classic pieces.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated Pastels

It’s spring on Colorado State’s campus and the trends are blooming. From the likings of Rebecca Minkoff, Louis Vuitton and J.Crew’s spring 2012 presentations, pastels are a trend that are here to stay. Engaging in the beautiful March weather, this Fashionista paired an earthy green corduroy skirt with a floral tank, pink blazer and Mary Jane heels.

Dressing up is a luxury females partake in weekly. Whether a date, business meeting, or simply to feel more confident and beautiful, it’s about each girls’ personal style. The pink spin on this classic blazer sets the mood for spring. Paired with a skirt or blue jeans, a blazer is a great addition to any ensemble.

Macro florals are also another must-have trend from the runways. A great print that blends harmoniously with the color-blocking of pastels, this soft look is a change from the neon and bolds we have been seeing this spring. Sophisticatedly casual, this Fashionista remains fashion-forward and stylistically unique.

Originating in the 1920s, Mary Jane’s instantly became a classic shoe for girls and women, and has continued to be traditional while evolving over the decades. This Fashionista’s maroon Mary Jane’s are suede with a bit of a heel, which are perfect for campus walking and casual or dress-up occasions. Many Mary Jane’s today are platforms, pumps and colored or embellished; another definitive piece that speaks to an individual’s flair.

A final accessory this Fashionista chose was a pair of hoop earrings, an affordable accessory that adds a little “umph” to any ensemble. With pastels, florals and a new look on classic pieces, spring is coming and it’s fresh as a daisy.