Dreading Your Early Morning Class? Try These 3 Outfit Hacks

Oh, the joys of an early morning class. I was such a morning person before I came to college. It was no problem to wake up at 6 a.m. and get ready for school. But when I came to college, it was a whole different ballgame. It was not as easy as walking downstairs to eat breakfast and driving to school. You have to walk to the dining hall, and then still walk across campus to class—basically waking up 30 minutes earlier.

PHOTO: Michelle Szczech

My first semester, I did not willingly take an 8 a.m. class—I had a mandatory University Perspectives class. As if it wasn’t hard enough getting up and getting dressed, it was also an eight-week class that started in the middle of the semester. But don’t worry: I learned that you can still wake up early and dress cute and comfortably. Here are a few outfits even you can throw on at 7 a.m.!

1—Athleisure. This is my favorite trend. The athleisure style is when you dress like you’re going to the gym, but you don’t actually go. Nice, right? All you need is a pair of leggings and some tennis shoes. By now, almost every major store carries some type of athleisure attire.

2—Mom jeans Mom jeans got their name because you got them from the best store—your mom’s closet! These are my favorite kind of jeans because they aren’t super tight. You can wear these all day without dying to take them off. I love mom jeans because they give me more mobility than skinny jeans, but they are nicer than leggings. These high-waisted jeans were popular in the ’90s.

3—Boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are similar to mom jeans in that they are looser than skinny jeans. However, in some cases, they are tighter than mom jeans. They first came on the scene in the ’60s. They’re very baggy and they are usually made with a harder type of denim.

Leave your super tight leather pants at home, because chances are you’ll opt for something more comfortable on those early mornings before class.

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What to Wear to a Concert

Summer is ending but that doesn’t mean the concerts are, too. There are a couple more weeks of summer and plenty of concerts to attend. Whether the venue is big or small, nothing beats hearing your favorite artist live. Don’t forget that wearing the right outfit is an important part of your concert experience!

When you are looking for an outfit, your main priority should be to wear something comfortable. If it’s an outside concert or music festival, shorts or jeans are obviously your go-to bottoms. I chose to wear boyfriend jeans because they’re loose and really comfortable. But there are other things you can wear that are just as good, like skirts or rompers. You will most likely be hot in something that’s really tight like leather pants or leggings. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake before, and anything with long sleeves gets incredibly hot so opt for something loose and light.

Shoes are my favorite clothing item. After all, Marilyn Monroe reportedly said, “Give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world.” I always see people in heels at concerts and they are usually miserable. Never make the mistake of wearing heels, no matter how comfortable you think they are before you leave home. Any flat, close-toed shoe will do. You will be standing for at least two hours!

For your top, you can wear any short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. I usually wear something that allows me to stay cool and still be able to dance. I love wearing these crop tops because they aren’t too hot. The choker top style is also popular right now. If you wear short sleeves you can bring a light jacket with you.

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What to Pack for College

One part of college no one tells you about is packing. There are a lot of things I wish I knew when I got ready to move into my dorm for the first time. Between figuring out what clothes to bring to picking out your dorm decorations, making the move from your bedroom to a dorm room can be stressful. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1—Bring the right clothes for the weather. Do not bring summer clothes in the fall. Check the weather and find out when and if it gets cold at your school. If your school is anything like mine, it will get cold within a month and a half of the fall semester. Pack clothes that you can wear in layers like light jackets. Buy a good rain coat and an umbrella. You can keep most of your winter clothes until spring break in case it gets cold in January and February.          Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

2—Buy shower shoes. These can be any cheap pair of flip flops. Community bathrooms are not the cleanest. You never want to shower without any shoes on. It is unsanitary and dorm showers are a breeding ground for bacteria.

3—Bring business casual clothes. You will be surprised by how many nice events you will go to your first year, from banquets to meetings with your professors to interviews. You’ll have to wear a nice dress or slacks at some point. It would not hurt to buy a blouse and a blazer, too. Here is a link for more tips to dressing business casual on a budget.

4—Bring extra storage. There is not enough space in a dorm room to keep all of your books, clothes, and food. Buy a storage bin to put more of your belongings in—preferably one on wheels so it is easier to move. Remember not to bring too many containers. Whatever you move in, you will have to move out at the end of the year and it could get heavy.

5—Pack clothes and shoes lightly. I brought too many hangers because I had more drawer space than closet space. Don’t bring too many T-shirts because you will get free T-shirts throughout the year. Only pack clothes you know you are going to wear that semester. If you have any doubt, don’t bring it. I recommend bringing one pair of tennis shoes, heels, sandals, flats, and shower shoes. The type of shoe you bring can vary depending on the activities you are involved in during the year.

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