It’s not everyday that you can get away with wearing a sheer fabric. In a blouse, it can be too risqué for your daily duties, and there is the constant scramble in your closet for exactly the right item to wear under the semi-see-through fabric. But if you’re still craving the lightweight luxury of sheer, then you’re in luck, because sheer maxi skirts are the answers to your prayers. With a built-in, short slip underneath, you’re free to pull on this sheer skirt without any second thoughts as to what should go underneath.

This Fashionista wears a great sheer maxi skirt with a polka-dot detail that is perfect for the summer season. Worn with a tank and a jeweled bib necklace, this outfit proves to be effortlessly chic and comfortable all at the same time. Sheer maxi skirts give you the ability to dress your look up or down based on where you need to go. Worn with a more structured blouse and a '60s-inspired heel, a sheer maxi skirt could be just the piece to break up the monotony of your typical go-to outfit: shorts and a blouse for a night out. Or, worn with a gladiator sandal and a fitted tank, a gauzy maxi skirt can be the ideal casual day look.

However, sheer skirts don’t only come in maxi magnitudes. With the emergence of the high-low and wrap skirt trends, sheer hasn’t restricted itself to maxi styles, making appearances in several other skirt styles. Regardless of what form of skirt you sport this summer, let sheer play a starring role.


If there is one item that I look most forward to donning when the weather gets warmer and when it becomes appropriate for my toes to make their reappearance, it would be the wedge. There’s just something about this summer shoe that is universally easy for almost anyone to wear. Maybe it’s the fact that the sturdy heel offers more support to prevent the woeful wobbling that stilettos sometimes bring. Or maybe its because wedges offer the flexibility of dressing a look up or down, solely based on what you pair them with. Regardless, wedges are definitely the go-to shoe for this spring and summer season.

This Fashionista brought a punch to her spring outfit with these incredible patterned wedges. A shoe with such bright pops of color and a hip tribal-like print are sure to kick any outfit up a notch. Worn with a pair of tailored, white shorts and a sheer, patterned top, these wedges not only add some height to her look, but continue the colors of her outfit from top to bottom. With the addition of these colorful kicks, this Fashionista’s ensemble can appear instantly more refined and dressier.

But don’t limit wedges to just your shorts and blouse pairings. Try a wedge with a fun trouser to spice up a work outfit for your summer job. Or add some height to your maxi dress with a wedge in a neutral color. As this Fashionista proves, patterned wedges are going to be very popular this spring and summer, and your choices won’t be limited. Steve Madden and Theodora & Callum have some of the most perfect options out there right now. So as you’re donning your shorts, skirts and dresses this spring, don’t forget to give a big welcome to the wedges — you’ll be glad to see them.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put Your Vest Foot Forward

Sometimes, vests are the forgotten yet essential piece to an outfit. Most likely when you think of a vest, images of puffy ski wear or lifejackets come to mind. However, this small layering piece can be worn in many situations past the snowy slopes and the lake on a summer afternoon. Available in a staggering variety of colors, patterns, textures and, of course, denim, vests are the perfect casual piece to throw on over almost any summer outfit for an unexpected and unique layer.

This Fashionista layered her light-wash denim vest over a casual floral dress for a little edgy flair. Pairing a boxier cut vest over a dress with a swingy skirt not only adds interest, but also juxtaposes the feminine floral pattern, keeping the outfit clean and a bit unexpected. Gold and silver fringe earrings and a neutral wedge ankle boot continue to add some fun rough edges to this Fashionista’s ensemble, making it the perfect day-to-night look this spring.

If you’ve hopped on the denim vest bandwagon, make it your own with the addition of a fun print or some fringe. For a more loose and comfortable layer, try a long knit vest over a pair of denim shorts and a tank and a light, high-rise crochet vest in a bright color is perfect over a simple white dress for summer. Finding vests with unique embellishments, like buttons and metallic embroidery, are not only fun to hunt for, but are guaranteed to take your outfit to the next level. So this spring, pack a punch in your wardrobe and put your best foot forward with a vest. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You Know the ‘Drille

Spring season is here in full bloom and what better way to celebrate than by strapping on your favorite seasonal wedges — the espadrille. Classified as a wedge with rope or a woven sole, espadrilles always evoke a feeling of spring fashion and casual summer dress. However, espadrilles can be your most versatile shoe this spring, as they seamlessly work their way into almost any outfit. Your favorite shorts, casual dresses and even jeans can be kicked up a notch with these woven wedges.

This Fashionista was working her espadrilles this week with a great fitted pair of dark denim. The wrap around ankle ties on these wedges not only makes for a fun detail, but also add stability as she’s going about her busy day. A bright lime and cream color blocked top juxtaposes the skinny jeans and a turquoise and gold fringe necklace adds a colorful, textural punch to the outfit. This Fashionista’s espadrilles complete her casual spring look — adding not only a few extra inches of height, but also bringing in a small amount of texture and a unique tie detail that your basic sandal definitely can’t compete with.

But don’t limit your favorite espadrilles to a basic pair of jeans and a top. As the temperature is quickly rising, tie on those woven wedges with a pair of bright, high-waist shorts for a classic, tailored look. Or if you’re craving a more ethereal vibe, pair your espadrilles with a maxi dress. And who says that this spring staple shoe has to be made of a neutral rope? Bright and patterned wedges can be just the statement piece you need to complete a perfect outfit. So this spring, do the ‘drille — the espadrille that is.


Call them what you may — denim cut-offs, Daisy Dukes, even jorts — there is so much to love about denim shorts this spring. Denim shorts have been a long-standing staple in my wardrobe. And while you may be cringing at the thought of wearing these shorts around town, let alone on campus, let me assure you that they have come a long way since their days of hillbilly exclusivity and The Dukes of Hazzard. Different cuts, styles and washes offer versatility, enabling you to wear these denim duds almost all year round — which is definitely something to celebrate.

When I spotted this Fashionista around campus in her simple cuffed denim shorts, I jumped at the chance to prove that not only are these shorts comfortable and casual, but they can still be on trend, without conjuring up a mental image of Jessica Simpson, to boot. A simple wash with light distressing adds texture and detail to this simple pair of shorts without being over the top, and the white t-shirt with a boat neckline maintains a casual, all-American feel. What could be more classic, and effortless, than throwing on a cute pair of denim shorts and a white top to hop to class? Simple accessories, like this Fashionista’s handmade friendship bracelet and a bright pair of neon sandals add personal flair to this basic duo and keep the outfit on trend and unique.

This spring offers numerous denim short styles to choose from. If you’re feeling risky, a pair of extra distressed denim, trimming and all, could be just what you’re needing for that weekend trip to the lake. Or if you're feeling classic, there are several tailored options. A bold, high-waisted turquoise denim short could be just the kick of color you've been needing this spring. So whether you're feeling all-American with a simple short, or you're feeling adventurous with colors and patches, denim is definitely a do this spring.


Sometimes all it takes is a simple little detail to stand out. Now, I love stacked bracelets, layered necklaces and unusual color combinations as much as the next girl, but occasionally it's one unique piece or element that can really snag your attention. The tried and true saying, “The more the better” clearly doesn’t always apply.

This Fashionista proves that something as simple as a distinctive collar can completely alter the outfit. A small Peter Pan collar on a classic white tee instantly adds detail to the ensemble, without using an overwhelming number of accessories or layers. Continuing the achromatic color scheme through the tapered, ankle-length pants and even the tuxedo inspired shoes makes this a classic go-to look that can easily be switched up with new accessories and pops of color. This Fashionista chose to don a bright yellow jacket to battle the dreary weather, instantly adding a fun color contrast into the mix.

This spring is all about the small details. Designers like Elizabeth & James and Anna Sui are starting to forego the complicated looks and layers in favor for more classic and simple, yet still eye-catching, pieces. It is all too easy to duplicate an ensemble like this, when all it really requires is a unique design detail or embellishment to stand out. Try a piece with unique embroidery or a very structured high-waist pair of shorts. With that one specific piece selected, it is fun, and easy, to mix and match other, more simple and classic items to create a fresh and clean look. So whether it’s a pop of color or a pop of a collar, it’s the small details that matter this spring.


I realize that the idea of wearing a dress to class might not blow your skirt up, literally. But who says they have to be floor length gowns or elegant formal wear? Sometimes all it takes is an effortless grab of a hanger to throw on that casual swingy dress and walk out the door rather than trying to mix and match tops and bottoms. And as the temperature is slowly starting to spike up the thermometer, what is more comfortable and practical than a loose, sleeveless dress?

This Fashionista, who was on her way to class, looked cool and casual in her floral frock. The sheer layer and empire waistline keep the dress from being too fussy, allowing this Fashionista to dart from class to class with no restrictions. But the best way to prevent a dress from appearing too formal for class is with accessories. Simple sandals, a cardigan for chilly classrooms and minimal jewelry keeps the ensemble feminine and fun without compromising comfort.

This spring is all about casual flouncy dresses, with designers such as Cynthia Vincent and Marc by Marc Jacobs leading the way. Still think it's too chilly to start donning dresses? A knit long sleeve number provides a perfect transition from the winter months. A swingy day dress can also easily transition from class to a night out with something as simple as a quick shoe swap and the addition of some key accessories. So whether you’re racing from class to class or just out for the day, slip on a casual dress and you’ll be ready for anything.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Maximize Your Spring

One of my favorite perks that comes with the spring season, besides the wonderful weather of course, is the fashion flexibility that accompanies the warmer weeks and sunny days. In the winter, you might be more inclined to be confined to the typical pants and jacket duo, but with spring and summer seasons you can maximize your wardrobe and experiment with new and different pieces.

This Fashionista made a fun and festive statement with a coral maxi skirt. While some may consider maxi skirts as confining or conservative, they are anything but. A skirt with a longer hemline not only emanates a more relaxed vibe, but it also is a refreshing alternative to the skin hugging mini skirts that are all too common. Who wouldn’t want to make a statement in something a little more relaxed and, most importantly, comfortable?

When wearing a longer hemline, its important to keep the upper half of the body looking lighter and in doing so, minimize the amount of layers and pieces to keep the outfit from looking too weighed down. As this Fashionista exemplifies, by pairing a maxi skirt with a cropped tank or a top with a little less coverage, she keeps this look fresh and young. Adding your own accessories like a floppy hat for days by the pool, or a bright turquoise necklace is just another simple way to add a unique touch to these basic pieces.

Don’t have cropped tops to mix with your maxi skirts? A basic camisole is perfect when tucked into your skirt. Add in a few bright accessories and a structured sandal and you’re all set for a comfortable day of classes. This spring, don’t be afraid of those longer hemlines and maximize your wardrobe with a maxi skirt!


Now that we’ve all had a short taste of summer after our spring break adventures, we’re in the mood to meander over (or in my case, run) to the pool on warm weekends and lazy afternoons. Looking good at the pool requires somewhat of a checklist. Do you have that cute and flattering swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen and sunglasses? Check. But an item on the list that is most often ignored is the swimsuit cover up.

Why hide your fun bathing suit over a boring oversized T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts when you can just as easily throw on a cute top or a maxi dress? This Fashionista is the perfect example of how simple it is to make a fun first impression at the pool. Her lightweight printed crop top is easy to slide on over a swimsuit and the off the shoulder feature prevents the outfit from becoming too smothering for a sunny day by the water. A bright pair of distressed denim shorts adds a pop of color while still being casual enough to throw on and head to the pool in two seconds flat.

Finding effortlessly chic items to don over your swimwear is not only infinitely more fun, but it can also come in handy if your plans change unexpectedly. You could be the best dressed attendee at an after-pool party! Be creative when you’re searching for something to slip over your swimsuit. Half the fun is finding items that you normally wouldn’t think of wearing to the pool. Have fun with some fringe with a lightweight poncho over your bikini. Or, a romper is a casual but chic alternative to your basic go-to looks. So as the warmer weather moves in, and you’re moving outside, prep for the poolside with fun and functional cover ups.


If fluorescents have temporarily blinded you lately, then you’ve become well aware of the neon trend this spring. If you haven’t become personally acquainted with the eye-popping colors, well, maybe it’s about time you did. There is nothing more thrilling than throwing on neon and walking out the door, all the while demanding the attention of anyone who passes you by. Who wouldn’t want that?

That is exactly what this Fashionista did when she grabbed her neon lime oversized clutch. And although you could spot her from afar, her outfit was far from overpowering. Pairing her fluorescent accessory with head to toe neutrals, this Fashionista kept in mind that what you decide to wear with your neon is crucial if you don’t want to resemble a crosswalk guard or perpetually convince people that, no, you did not just attend a rave.

This Fashionista’s cropped blush blouse is the perfect shade to add a sharp color contrast with from the bright accessory and juxtapose the structured lines of the clutch, keeping the look feminine, elegant and fun. Cropped skinny jeans and a pair of two-toned light sandals continue the neutral theme from top to bottom, keeping the clutch the star attraction of the outfit. A bold statement ring adds the right amount of interest, while still keeping the look uncluttered and sophisticated.

But don’t let these bright fluorescent shades scare you from wearing them in more than just accessories. A loose lime blouse with a cutout back is a daring feminine way to embrace the neon trend. An electric pink mini skirt is another fun option, especially if you want to brighten up a night on the town. Or if you’re wanting just a peek of neon, a fluorescent bralette worn under a sheer top is a more subtle method to incorporate that eye-popping color. So, this spring be more daring and mix in some neons with your neutrals and be a little more eye-catching for a day.