The One Trend I’m Absolutely Obsessed With

As someone who is obsessed with fashion and all things related, it might seem odd when I say that I’m not too keen when it comes to trends, especially ones that seem to come and go before you can even blink an eye. As much as I love to take risks with fashion, I am always continuously drawn towards classic shapes and silhouettes that feel timeless and effortless.

Fashion and how you dress day-to-day can often become somewhat of a routine; we get comfortable with dressing in a certain way and it just sticks. I’m starting to realize this more and more as I take a deeper look into my own closet. This fact is pretty evident in the evergrowing sea of black shoes I have. I always use the justification, “Well, this pair will go with everything. They’re black, after all!” Point taken and noted. I truly do have a black shoe for every occasion. But lately I’ve been craving something different and new and I’ve found myself unreasonably addicted to a trend I’ve seen all over the runways and the streets: vivid, rainbow colors incorporated into an everyday dress.

There’s something so refreshing about wearing bright colors. There is nothing quiet or humble or timid about this trend—it’s right there, in your face. It makes a statement. It has a voice and not a hushed one for that matter. It simply feels so refreshing to wear colors that emit happiness and positivity.

In this look, I styled my outfit rather simply to let all the colors do the talking. I’m wearing a straw boater hat that is the perfect addition to any outfit in the summertime. I layered my funky tunic with a black bralette that is neutral and gives some balance to the look. The perfect shoes for this look were a pair of Birkenstocks, but if I was feeling extra funky I would’ve thrown on my chunky clogs.

The summer is coming to an end but I’m going to try to incorporate more color into my looks as fall comes upon us. I simply cannot get enough of this trend. There’s something so nostalgic about the bright colors that have me yearning for a time quite before mine. The feelings and thoughts of those times are still very alive today and can be felt by wearing this bright and vivid trend that is nostalgic but in a very refreshing and relevant way.

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3 Ways to Find Tranquility During a Hectic Summer

For most college students, the summertime is often not just filled with adventures and traveling, but also summer classes, interning, or working a job. More often than not, balancing all of these different commitments can be quite the challenge when all you really want to do is lay next to a pool somewhere and soak up some sun.

However, there are many little things you can do to help keep your mind focused and clear, even if you may have so many different things pulling you in different directions. Here are three ways to find peace within your mind and yourself when you feel overwhelmed from juggling everything you’re involved with.

1—Immerse yourself in nature and breathe. I’ve found that nature is, by far, the best place to clear your mind and let go of all your thoughts for a little bit. I like to lie out on a tapestry or a hammock and allow myself to become aware of my surroundings while simultaneously letting go of my thoughts. When you start to focus on the setting sun or the swaying of the branches on the trees from a cool breeze, you’ll gain a little perspective on the art of balance in life.

2—Go to your favorite places, whatever they may be. One of my favorite places to go is the thrift shop, where I can get lost in aisles of old clothes and where I eagerly anticipate the gems I’m about to discover. It’s so important to nourish your interests outside of work and school.

3—Spend time with quality friends, who have your best interest at heart. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to spend time with people who have pure hearts and who you’ve formed real friendships with. These people will lift you up and give you a good laugh whenever you feel like things are too much to handle. Also, you could always take some cute Polaroid pictures together and put them on your work desk, as a reminder of the genuine support system you have in your life.

Although it may be hard to find the time to do the things you love during a busy summer, it is absolutely essential in order to keep a healthy level of balance in your life. As the summer continues to move at an exceptionally fast pace for some of us, don’t forget to make the time for yourself. You’ll feel better and do better in all aspects of your life.

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WHAT TO WEAR: Sweet Summertime

At last—the long, endless days of school are finally over and that means that the glory days of sweet summertime are here. As a summer baby, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I live for the season of summer and all that comes with it: sunshine, swimsuits, adventures, and summer dressing. Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean that we have to compromise our summer looks and resort to the typical shorts and a tank top style. This is especially true for those of us who have internships and jobs—it’s essential to look appropriate and stylish for all of these occasions throughout the summer. For me, I start with fabrics, silhouettes, and colors that will help me stay cool throughout the summer but also dressing in a way that represents my personal style.

I would wear this outfit to a multitude of events, whether that be out shopping with friends, out to lunch, or simply strolling around town. My one shoulder blouse is an effortless piece made out of breathable cotton, which is perfect for the summer heat. The one shoulder look is super on-trend right now and I love the throwback vibes it’s giving me. Also, wearing white in the summer is a smart move when it comes to beating the heat. I paired the blouse with a pair of wide-leg jeans. These are lightweight and versatile. Plus, I love how they aren’t your typical pair of skinny jeans. For shoes, I opted for a pair of shiny gold mules, which are currently my shoe obsession of the moment. Nothing says effortless like a pair of slide-on shoes and they are absolutely perfect to slip on with every outfit this summer.

For accessories, I always lean towards the minimal side in the summer. Less is truly more. I wore my favorite pair of gold hoop earrings and my go-to RayBan round sunglasses. I finished off my look with a super unique woven bag that I thrifted for an absurdly good deal and tied my favorite silk scarf around it to add a little jazz.

This outfit is so simple but perfect for any casual summer occasion. I love how much movement and breathability the blouse and jeans provide. I like to look effortless but in a pulled together way and the season of summer provides the perfect weather to achieve this look. Simply throw together some of your favorite, lightweight pieces, add some no-fuss accessories, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful weather and moments of the summertime while you’re at it.

WHAT TO WEAR: Stepping Into Spring

Ah, spring is upon us. Or so we thought—until Mother Nature decided to surprise us with the wonderful gift of a snowstorm in the ever-surprising land of northeastern Ohio.

The period between winter and spring may be the toughest period of the year for figuring out what to wear. You often get tired of the heavy dressing and want to wear something that reminds you of the sweet springtime, but you still need warmth for the occasional (or often) snowfall.

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect outfit for that tricky winter-to-spring transitional dressing. She is wearing a utility-style coat with colorful embroidery on both of the sleeves. She pairs it with a lightweight sweater which is a truly versatile piece when you are in between seasons.

She keeps the rest of her outfit toned down and neutral because her coat is the statement piece of her look. I love her pair of classic, skinny ripped blue jeans (every girl needs a pair) and her canvas boots that have a utilitarian feel.

She ties her look together with some super cute silver rings and a matching necklace. Everything is simplistic and understated in her look which brings a sense of freshness to her outfit. This is a smart way to dress after feeling a little drab from a long winter season.

Sometimes simple is the way to go when you are trying to figure out how to dress for in between seasons of the year. This Fashionista’s look is versatile and fresh. It is an ode to stepping into springtime and to the revival and renewal that comes along with this season—whether that be in terms of dress or any other aspect related to how we live.

Even if spring may not be upon us for quite some time in cold and snowy Ohio, we can still bring the positivity and open-mindedness of the season into our lives now through the simple way of how we dress.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather and Layers

It was an abnormally sunny, non-snowy, but still chilly February day when I spotted this Fashionista walking to class, looking so effortlessly put together. I love when I see a Fashionista on campus that is wearing an outfit that is purely her, that is different from what every other Fashionista is wearing. To me, that is what true style is.

This Fashionista is wearing a look that is made up of many chic and eclectic accessories that work together to create an original look. I love how she layers a textured cardigan with a funky blouse and how she matches her leather clogs to her black and brown leather bag. She plays with different textures in her look through the smooth leather accessories and the fuzzy sweater which is super modern.

She also layered a couple of gold necklaces with a silk scarf. One of her necklaces even says her name on it—how Kim K of her! To top it off, this Fashionista is wearing some super cute glasses that add another eclectic touch to her look.

I love how all of the details of this look create a unique outfit that this Fashionista could wear for many different occasions. She was wearing this look to class, but I think it could also work well for going out to dinner, on a coffee date, or any other activity where you want to look pulled together, but also effortless at the same time.

Although it is still February, and I live in Ohio, I try my best to not let the weather dictate if I’m going to dress in an outfit that makes me feel like myself or not. This Fashionista’s look gives me hope that spring is (hopefully) right around the corner and that no matter the weather, it’s worth it to dress in a way that shows who you are. Make the effort every day. You are worth it, and it is most certainly worth it, to put in that small amount of effort every day and be purely you.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Well That’s Just Patchy

Once upon a time I was at a heavenly vintage store in London that was basically straight out of my dreams and I stumbled upon a gorgeous denim jacket that was covered in quirky patches. It was too good to be true—until I looked at the price tag. I thought in my head in pure sarcasm, “Well, that’s just peachy.” Then, an idea hit me! If I wasn’t going to pay a fortune for this jacket that I was drooling over, I could just make it myself instead! Flash forward to a couple months later when I thrifted this oversize denim jacket and ironed on patches (for longer than I’d like to admit) and made this one-of-a-kind gem.

Since my denim jacket is the statement piece of my outfit, I toned down the rest of my look by wearing all black. I strongly believe the most versatile piece in my wardrobe is a long sleeve black turtleneck—I wear it with everything. I’m also wearing a pair of cropped black pants that I thrifted (surprise, surprise). When I was in Italy last semester, it seemed like every super cool, Italian it-girl on the streets was wearing these versatile pants. They have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe no matter the weather or occasion.

For accessories, I’m wearing a twisted headband, an eclectic mix of rings, and a pair of black and gold sparkly socks to add a little something to my look. I’m also wearing a pair of boots that I bought in Italy that were also love at first sight. They are leather ankle boots with hair details and an oxford-inspired detail. I like how these go with everything but they also aren’t just a basic pair of ankle boots.

This look is easy to accomplish and is chic in a simplified way. It’s also exceptionally comfortable which is super important for any Fashionista on the go!

Although I’ll be dreaming of that vintage store in London forever, it’s pretty rewarding to make something yourself that can, more often than not, have much more value to you than an item bought at the store. Instead of buying that denim jacket, I purchased a couple of patches from London that now have a special home on the back of my DIY jacket. Every time I wear this jacket, it reminds me of my amazing time abroad and to always just be myself, every day. That, after all, is the most important thing we can strive to do.

STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Darin

Hi there, my name is Melissa and I study fashion merchandising at the beloved Kent State University. I’m a summer baby (where are my Geminis at?), habitual thrifter, adventure seeker, and lover of life. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I can’t wait to (hopefully) inspire you guys and get inspired as well!

Fashion is pretty cool because there are no rules. Sometimes rules are created, but then it’s always fun to break them. It is the purest way to show who you are without saying anything. I especially find myself drawn to how people dress on a day-to-day basis and how they create their what I like to call “personal uniforms.” These personal uniforms help them conquer any challenges life may throw at them in a day by helping them feel confident and true to themselves. Friends, I’m going to make it my goal this semester to encourage you to embrace your “personal uniform.” Then the world is yours.

My “personal uniform” is a mix of thrift shop finds, items from the beautiful land of Italy (study abroad-er, over here!), denim in all different shapes and forms, and a sense of effortless ease that leans slightly bohemian and/or slightly edgy. One year ago, I cut my hair off into a lob/bob or whatever you may call it. The only way to describe that was liberating and I have truly never felt more like myself, so that is also part of my “personal uniform.”

Although we may not live in the mod 1960s or roaring 1920s, I believe that we live in a transformative and revolutionary time in terms of fashion. There is no single particular “look.” You can combine elements from any era or any time and create a look that is purely you. I always look for vintage inspiration when creating my “personal uniform” and find myself drawn to the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘90s the most. Fashion has never been more free or individualistic. It’s never been easier to embrace who you are through how you dress.

In this look, I am wearing my cozy, oversize Free People coat to stay warm in the bitter Michigan weather and a cool pair of fray hem denim that I made myself. I accessorized with a silk scarf, a cheetah-print leather bag from Italy, fishnet socks, and cut-out Jeffrey Campbell booties. I love a simple outfit with interesting details and unique accessories. This is such an easy way to dress for a girl on-the-go.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles this semester, friends! Stay rad, be yourselves, and keep breaking those rules in fashion!