STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s The Little Things

Do not let the dreary December weather get you down, especially with completed finals and the holidays so close! On those bone chilling rainy days it is hard to get inspired, but rest assured it is the little things, the simple subtleties that can make or break an outfit. An exciting pattern here or electrifying pop of color there can bring a look from drab to fab. Just keep in mind, less is more.

This CollegeFashionista has the knack for incorporating a pattern seamlessly into her ensemble. She adds a little fun to her oversized, purple cashmere sweater and dark wash jeans with her pretty patterned rain boots from J.Crew. The best part about this Fashionista’s look is that it can be emulated with your favorite closet essentials. Just grab a cozy sweater and skinny jeans or jeggings, then pair it with a cute pair of rain boots like this colorful pair from Coach or J.Crew, or these tall, quilted Sperry Top-Siders from Piperlime.

To add even more pop to your outfit instead of jeans or jeggings, you could incorporate patterned leggings with a bright, solid colored rain boot. To keep out the cold, also coordinate your boots with a pair of comfy knee-high socks.

‘Tis the season, so show your enthusiasm in your charming clothing choices.


It is that time of year again. Sure, the holidays are right around the corner, but I am talking about finals season. The time when libraries are packed, students are stressed and campus chaos ensues until break. Do not let this super stressful time get the best of you.

This CollegeFashionista shows us how to make the finals frenzy look fabulous. Her layered, casual attire is perfect for hunkering down in a lounge or the library, but appropriate for a last-minute meeting with a professor as well. She is wearing gray loafers with vintage wash, skinny jeans and a feminine, white lace top, combined with a royal blue knit sweater, navy peacoat and gray knit scarf. This Fashionista’s favorite accessory though is her red and white, ceramic travel tea mug, completing the ensemble and keeping her awake for a long day of studying.

To get a look like this Fashionista’s, throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and flats. Then, layer a casual and comfortable T-shirt or tank top, like this jersey graphic tee from H&M, with a bulky, open sweater like this Coincidence & Chance Classic Cardigan from Urban Outfitters in mustard yellow or olive. Complete the look with this heather gray, wool duffle coat and wool Beacon Scarf from Gap.

This outfit is one that can be styled using simple, closet essentials, so even though your brain may be fried, take a minute in the morning to get creative. If you look good, you feel good.


It’s everywhere: on scarves, collars, jackets, boots and vests. The most popular embellishment this season is fur lining. It adds a warm, yet trendy touch to any look. The best part is that it can be used to embellish just about anything like these Joehanna Riding Boots from ALDO. It is important to remember, though, that with such an extravagant texture less is more.

This CollegeFashionista epitomizes the perfect balance of embellishment. She pairs a solid black, three-quarter length T-shirt with vintage wash jeans and black leather boots, alone a simple outfit, but with the addition of a fur vest this ensemble goes from tired to trendy.

To get this Fashionista’s look you can pair jeans or leggings with a plain long-sleeve T-shirt or blouse. You can wear flats with this tassel hem faux fur gilet or this knitted cable fur cardigan from Topshop. Other ways you can incorporate fur lining into a winter wardrobe is with outerwear like this down parka from The North Face or this X marks faux fur coat from Free People.

As you can see there are numerous pieces that embellish an otherwise simplistic outfit, but the most fashionable way to do it this winter is with a touch of texture.


Everyone loves the timeless look of a peacoat to keep warm in the winter and to add a layer of sophistication to any outfit, but recently capes have been making their mark on the runway as well as the city streets. This CollegeFashionista shows us how to bundle up while still looking cute and chic.

Underneath the dark plaid patterned cape, this Fashionista is wearing a bold, royal blue shirt dress. To add more shape to the dress she accessorizes with a tan leather belt embellished with a gold metallic clasp. The outfit is also pulled together with camel leather cowgirl boots and satchel. The final layer is really what gives an extra bit of elegant ease to the ensemble. The dark plaid of the cape is a striking contrast against the brightly colored dress and neutral accessories. The wide fit of the cape also lays well over the formation of the dress, pulled into shape by the belt.

To get a look similar to this Fashionista’s, start with a solid colored dress like this fluid blouson dress from Gap, pair it with either flats or riding boots, and top the outfit off with a cape like this Classic Cape Coat from Forever 21. A cape is an easy outer layer to wear over just about any outfit. The best part is they can be as simple or exciting as desired, like this Bird's Eye Poncho from Madewell.

To keep warm this winter, throw on a cute and comfortable cape. Suitable for any look, it can make all outfits refined and remarkable.


Different colors and patterns are great ways to make certain elements of an outfit pop, but those are not the only ways to turn drab to dimensional. Cuts and hemlines can play a significant role in any outfit. This CollegeFashionista shows us how an asymmetrical hem can be both flattering and fun, turning a tunic, cardigan and leggings into an eye-catching ensemble.

This Fashionista kept a relatively simple color palette, though the tunic was a strikingly attractive array of hues, and the real variance stemmed from the bottom hem, slouching from hip to mid-thigh.

To get a look similar to this Fashionista’s, pair a tunic with an unconventional cut, like the Songbird Flutter Tunic or Striped Dancer Tunic from Anthropologie with black leggings. To add more multiplicity to the outfit, try patterned or leather leggings. Additionally, for a daytime look, throw on a pair of boots or flats. For a night out, this ensemble could easily be combined with heels and a pair of statement earrings like these In Rome earrings from Anthropologie.

Take a different approach to diversifying an outfit. Instead of focusing on just tinges, tones and tints, try to find pieces with an interesting neckline or hemline. These pieces are versatile, easy to wear during the day or out at night, and can be layered when it is colder or worn alone in the warmer months. Most importantly they are flattering on any body type and add something extra to an outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Consistency And Coordination

Though the age old tradition of color coordination and matching accessories has been overlooked recently, replaced by wild patterns, color blocking and eye-catching accents, this CollegeFashionista shows us how some color consistency can create a cute and simple look. While still displaying today’s love for eccentric patterns in her cream colored skirt, she keeps the ensemble true to the roots of coordination with a purple knit sweater, complemented with a matching cross-body bag. Of course there are times when this fashion can be outdone, however with the right hints of hues an outfit can go from busy to balanced in the blink of an eye.

Although this Fashionista uses a cross-body bag to accompany the purple sweater, there are several different ways to emphasize color with the use of accessories. To get a look with just enough repetitive color, try colored jeans, like toothpick ankle jeans in a blue grotto from J.Crew matched with an oval focal statement necklace or Ashley Bow Ballet Flat in royal blue from Banana Republic. This could be paired with a simple black and white striped shirt or another simple pattern to draw in the propriety of the old with the excitement of the new.

Consistency and coordination of vibrant colors does not make an outfit boring or predictable, it simply adds a classic touch to pull together a more modern look.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sweet And Striking Sweaters

The chill has arrived. Pull out your warm sweaters and winter jackets because the post-Halloween cold front is moving in on the Northeast. As the temperature drops, though, I am seeing more and more fabulous printed and patterned sweaters. Animal prints, stripes, polka dots and other eclectic patterns can liven up potentially mundane, monotonous outfits and can be easily complemented with some simple accessories.

This Fashionista embellishes her brown boots, leggings and white T-shirt with a tribal knit, overlay sweater—a great way to break up an otherwise color blocked ensemble. Additionally she adds a layered gold charm necklace for an extra touch of femininity. Her well pulled-together, yet relaxed look is perfect for either a day on campus or in the city.

To accomplish a style similar to this CollegeFashionista, combine a comfortable pair of leggings or jeans, tall boots and a fun sweater, like an embroidered oversized pullover or lace-up pullover from Free People. Also, for layering options, throw this grandpa cardigan or Alpaca blend, button-down sweater from Mara Hoffman over any solid colored T-shirt. To add even more dimension like this Fashionista, find a fun, simple accessory to supplement the look. The online boutique, Ruche, has many eye-catching statement necklaces, such as this Pink Moonrise necklace or the Tiered Elegance necklace.

The accessories you choose and the prints that strike you are what make this look malleable to every Fashionista’s personal style. Remember, what is most important as a CollegeFashionista or Fashionisto is creating outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright Hues And Boat Shoes

It is not true that preppy does not suit everyone. It is the perfect way to accomplish a clean yet relaxed look, and personally I am partial to any ensemble that encompasses both qualities. This look has become more than a school uniform and there are many possibilities to transform it to cater to individual tastes. It is also versatile enough for a day of classes, meetings or just running errands. This Fashionista even includes a few nautical touches to her ensemble for additional dimension.

Most would identify the combination of boat shoes and navy stripes with the summer months, but this CollegeFashionista proves everyone wrong sporting a preppy, nautical look nearing November. The red toothpick jeans are an electrifying contrast against the simplicity of the white blouse. She ties the outfit together with a navy and white striped cardigan and chocolate brown leather boat shoes, which are insanely cute and comfortable.

The best part is that this Fashionista’s look is easy to accomplish with just a couple of simple pieces like a white or striped T-shirt or blouse, colored chinos or jeans, boat shoes or flats and a cardigan. Some other ways to add a pop of brightness is with a vibrant cardigan like this one from Madewell or these adorable red patent-leather Top-Siders by Sperry.

Even if you have steered away from it in the past, give a preppy, pulled-together look a shot for a cute day-out ensemble. By adding a little brightness, simple stripes and your own personal touches, the outfit will be anything but boring.


So begins the highly unpredictable weather conditions of the mid-Atlantic region. With Mother Nature’s harsh tricks, it is appealing to just stay in sweatpants and a sweatshirt all day with a cup of tea and a good book, but this Fashionista shows us how to combat the storms of Fall without letting it rain on her stylish parade.

This CollegeFashionista was one of the few left on campus, but looked prepared and appropriate for the incoming conditions. Her military green trench coat and caramel colored combat boots with heather gray socks peeking out the top are adorable ways to stay warm and dry. The wispy tan scarf also adds a touch of femininity that complements the straight lines of the trench coat.

This outfit can be dressed up as well with a more extravagant coat, like a royal blue, ruffled jacket from Francesca’s, or it can be made a little snugger with this long fuscia peacoat from LOFT. Both ways can be tied together with contrast or a pattern, like an animal print scarf from Francesca’s, comfy socks or leg warmers and a pair of durable, yet adorable, boots like embellished combat boots or knee-high camel colored buckle boots from Baker's Shoes.

Sure, spend a day or two in your favorite sweats, but enduring misfortunate weather does not always have to be frumpy. Change it up and add a little sophistication to the storm.


Anyone can appreciate the classy, sophisticated look of clean collars and precious pearls, but for those who like to embrace a little less of a rigid style, this week’s CollegeFashionista has just the ticket by pairing the classic with the coarse and creating a simple yet suave appearance.

This Fashionista shows how to add just enough edge to any outfit. She combines a simple cream colored blouse, skinny jeans and adorable leopard loafers. By itself it is a cute and simple outfit, but she also accessorizes with a black, studded infinity scarf adding an extra element of fierce flare perfect for class, a day in the library or even a casual night out.

To get this Fashionista’s look, add a studded scarf over a plain T-shirt and jeans, perhaps pairing the ensemble with a bright or patterned pair of shoes. Some other ways to incorporate some edginess into your everyday style is by adding a couple of fun accents or accessories like a pair of studded boots or embellished T-shirt from H&M. Zara also features powerful pieces like a studded bomber jacket or fancy flats.

Live on the edge and step outside the rigid lines of the feminine mold. Whether you add some studded or appliqué detailing, make the look your own by sharpening lines and developing a personal hybrid between rebellious and refined.