No matter what you wear and which body parts you conceal, the fact of the matter is you can’t hide your face or hair! The beauty aspects of an outfit, I’d argue, are of the highest importance. Regardless of how lovely your outfit is, the way you style your hair and apply your makeup can really make or break the look. My style advice of the week is to match the beauty aspect of a look with the fashion aspect of your outfit.

Let’s use the most obvious example of fashion I can think of: a red carpet event. Notice how the womens' hair and makeup are styled to complement not only the wearer but the entire cohesive look as well. For example, take a look at Beyoncé’s side pony paired with her one shouldered dress and red lip to match the dress color. Now imagine how different the look would be if her hair was left loose and straight with a pink lip. That really will change everything. If you’re going out at night, wearing more makeup with a more sophisticated style is what’s generally socially acceptable and socially expected. With daywear, however, I find there’s more of a gray area as to what is considered appropriate. Finding a good balance which allows for self expression while at the same time not looking as if you’re trying too hard should be what you aim for.

This Fashionista wears a lovely powder blue summer dress and gets an A+ for hair and makeup. She keeps her hair frizz free with loose curls for a sweet romantic look. She has a slight tint of blush around the apples of her cheeks and a natural pink on her lips. Her eyes are emphasized with black liner that is not overpowering but is still very visible. All together, a perfect look for daytime. It’s a look that is appropriate for a date, a get together or even work.

Unfortunately, one does not always have the time to style their hair before rushing out the door…so what’s the best solution for always healthy looking, ready to go hair? I asked this Fashionista. She says, “Never use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. You can’t wash your hair AND condition it properly at the same time, and much of the moisture you can get from two separate products is lost. When I used 2-in-1s a long time ago, I wasn’t happy with the results. 2-in-1s save you maybe 3 minutes. Take the extra step and care for your hair!” This Fashionista recommends the use of Bath & Body Works shampoo and conditioner in moisturizing mango mandarin and Herbal Essences Body Envy volumizing hairspray. In terms of cosmetics, she’s a big fan of MAC (and frankly, so am I).

So if you must remember only one thing, remember this: fashion doesn’t end where neck begins — make sure your face and hair work cohesively in beauty bliss!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: High-Waist Hourglass Hiatus

We all know that a slim waistline these days is more desired than gold. The good news is that a slim waistline doesn’t have to be as difficult to attain as gold. Moreover, what’s more appealing than long legs? LONGER legs! Elongate those legs and create an hourglass figure with a high-waist skirt — that’s my style advice of the week.

You can slim down the waist area in various ways — belts, vertical lines, corsets, dark colors — but the best way, in my opinion, is through the use of high-waist and free flowing skirts. Not only will a high-waist short skirt create the illusion of a smaller waist, but it will also fill out the hip area to create a sort of hourglass silhouette and elongate the legs all at once. Think of a classic psychology trick. Click here. Which lines are the shortest and the longest? Perhaps you already know the answer, but let me amuse you anyway. They’re all the same length! If you don’t believe me, you can measure them yourself. Like the illusion of the lines, a waist will look significantly smaller in comparison to hips that have been dressed in a wide, flaring skirt.

Even if you’re already slim like this Fashionista, it doesn’t hurt to work what your mama gave ya. As a matter of fact, I think that would only be more reason to show it off a little. Skirts are the most feminine piece a girl can buy — accessories excluded — and are immediate attention getters. Depending on the style, color and print, your skirt can say a lot about your personality.

With a pastel colored palette and a smile as cute as a button, this Fashionista’s outfit works cohesively as a whole to flatter her slim body and give her some additional curves in all the right places. The horizontal piece at the bottom is a great point of interest on the outfit as the pattern resembles that of the white top and creates a fair sense of balance. Showing just the right amount of skin, she looks like the perfect lady. The hot pink top with the powder blue skirt is an example of one of the trends seen on the runways of today: combining various colors. Her white lace top does well to soften the bright pink tank and blend the look together. Further, her choice of a neutral top, purse and shoe ensures that her skirt and legs get all the attention.
There are some adorable high-waist skirts available from Suzy Shier, Aritzia and Polyvore.

So if you must remember only one thing, remember this — if you want an hourglass figure, make your summer hiatus one that involves high-waist skirts.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Puzzling Prints And Patterns

Needless to say, prints and patterns are exciting. They create illusions and shape the body differently depending on the orientation, style and color. In combination with sheer and loose fitting attire, prints gain movement and create interest in different areas of the body. Prints are phenomenal and function as true attention drawers when worn correctly. Just be careful not to overdo it. Invest in some flattering prints and pair them appropriately — that’s my style advice of the week.

The fact that prints are everywhere can be misleading, almost giving the impression that any print is a good one. There’s more to it than picking a flattering pattern. The first thing to note is that even if the pattern is the same, prints vary exponentially with mere color variants. To see what I mean by demonstration of a Monroe artistic piece, please click this link. As you can see, the combination of colors makes the image look either more or less appealing. Imagine an outfit made for you using that print. Visualize the combination of colors on your skin tone in contrast with your eyes and hair. Sometimes it’s even good to consider the length of your hair. Sometimes, it’s best to pick a color combination that isn’t necessarily your favourite, but one that is flattering on you. I’m still bitter about the fact that grays and earthy browns make me look washed out when combined with my dark brown eyes, hair and skin. But I also have colors that do look good on me. Try to find a print which ideally has your most flattering color/s as the focal point.

This Fashionista is wearing a gorgeous feather patterned top. Overall, the outfit is very flattering on her tall and curvy build. The V-neck makes her neck look longer while the vertical orientation of the feathers makes her torso look longer. The top, wide across the shoulders, falls loosely with butterfly sleeves and creates a nice silhouette of the upper arm. The primary color of the pattern — red — brightens her brown skin tone and contrasts well with her dark hair. This Fashionista also does well to follow a well known rule of thumb; balance is everything. Pair a busy pattern with a neutral opposite. Her pants are a solid black color so as to not take away any attention from her top. There is a bell bottom flare towards the bottom of her pants which work in unison with the wide spread shoulders of the top. A very nice outfit indeed!

You can steal this Fashionista’s look from GUESS or Urban Planet. So if you must remember only one thing, remember this — you are a puzzle and a pattern is the missing piece… just make sure it fits!


Summer is officially here and so are summer dresses. My style advice of the week is simple: show a little skin, and dress for the weather!

An elegant, flowing dress such as the one this Fashionista is wearing is always in fashion. Dresses such as these usually look flattering on every body type because of their empire waistline which is forgiving around problem areas. Furthermore, they make your legs look longer while slimming down your torso. A lower neckline helps make you neck look longer and your shoulders slightly narrower. Dresses such as these are also extremely comfortable and move around freely and gracefully with you.

Solid, yet bright and summery colors are always nice because they are simple, yet their vibrancy draws attention on their own. Solid and simple colors keep the wearer in the spotlight at all times, which is a good thing. That's how clothes are meant to be worn. Sometimes, patterns on dresses can become overwhelming and are too much. Sometimes, less is more. I've seen fashion disasters where ladies are wearing dresses that look like the dresses are wearing them. We need to remember, fashion is meant to enhance and flatter, not to dismember and shatter. You can never go wrong with solids! This Fashionista has done well here to pair a rosy pink dress — which works extremely well with her fair skin tone and green eyes — with some nude heels to make her legs look days long. She pulls the look together and draws the eye to her neckline with a lovely silver necklace that acts as the perfect accentuation to her look.

Urban Planet has some really cute and affordable dresses on sale now. As for accessories, I'd highly recommend picking up a silver or gold necklace to jazz up your more simple pieces. Accessories really can make or break and alter the entire look of an outfit. I'd recommend this heart-shaped pendant from GUESS which would work really well with various different outfits.

So if you must only remember one thing, remember this: dress for the summer weather!


“The picture will have charm when each colour is very unlike the one next to it,” said Italian author, artist, architect, poet, priest, linguist, philosopher and cryptographer Leon Battista Alberti. It seems evident today that Alberti’s dated yet insightful statement is very much apparent in fashion today… and I couldn’t agree more with it. Don’t be afraid to combine bright and highly contrasting colors – that’s my style advice of the week.

In stores everywhere, highlighter colored tops and bottoms are scattered from wall to wall. I dare say some colors are so bright, they are actually almost too bright to look at! But hey, if you want to make a statement, wearing brights is definitely a way to get some serious attention. Not to mention, bright colors also brighten up one’s skin tone and literally add a certain glow to the wearer. Colors are always in, especially in the summer time.

This week’s Waterloo Fashionista sports a very colourful, feminine and playful outfit combined with some very “in” shaped glasses, layers and a rockin’ print shirt; a combination of many trends we see today. Such an outfit makes for excellent flexibility, because it’s not too casual and not too formal… the perfect balance suitable for various events and occasions. “When buying clothes and picking outfits, I pay close attention to buying pieces I can wear to work, and wear for fun. The pieces I wore in the photo are pieces I have worn to work, and pieces I have worn out in the summer,” says the stylish Fashionista.

We see that this Fashionista’s outfit exuberates two highly contrasting colors… blue and orange. Her choice is splendid, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, her dark blue printed top she has on under her button-up shirt has discrete hints and accents of orange which help to soften up the contrast and pull the look together. Secondly, her color choice is fabulous. On the color wheel blue is a primary color and orange is its polar and secondary opposite. Two colors across each other on the color wheel create the highest amount of contrast and can also work together as compliments. Don’t be afraid to mix the colors around and combine those which were formerly considered “awkward.” You’d be surprised to see what magic you can actually create with color alone! Steal this Fashionista’s look here and check out Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2012 collection for some exciting combinations of print and color.

So if you must only remember one thing, remember this – contrasting colours makes for composed and complimentary concordance!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sheer Sophistication

Leave lots to the imagination, but also entice the imagination — that’s my style advice for the week.

Nothing piques the imagination more than a sheer yet slightly oversized top combined with long legs. Baggy, sheer tops are seen nearly every where these days — on the runways, in top fashion magazines and on campuses everywhere. Often made of delicate materials, they almost float on the wearer’s body and dance with them upon movement. Furthermore, because these tops are a little on the baggy side, they are forgiving. Whether or not you have a little tummy to hide, even if they’re just those tiny folds you get when sitting down and wearing tight jeans, you can be sure your secrets will be well hidden without actually being hidden.

Another great look that’s making a name for itself these days is the collar. It was once thought of as a masculine touch but is now regarded as professional and seen on many female outfits. A collar draws attention to the face and its usual V-neck shape makes the neck look substantially longer. If you’d like to make a collar shirt with buttons seem a little more summery, casual and relaxed, simply leave a button or two at the top open.

This Fashionista displays these two spring/summer 2012 trends as she sports a fashionable, white, sheer, long sleeve collared shirt which yields the perfect combination of professionalism and sophistication. She pairs the top with a nude pair of shorts and a darker belt just below her waist line to create contrast. The combination works perfectly. A baggy top should almost always be complemented with a tighter fitting bottom and vice versa. This helps to create a well balanced and interesting, yet still feminine, silhouette. The top and bottom then work together as opposed to fighting for attention. Forever 21 has some lovely similar takes on this Fashionista’s look varying from crochet lace to embroidered to sleeveless. Nude colored shoes — whether they are 8-inch heels or flats — create the illusion of longer legs. While I love strappy heels, they won’t help, to the same extent, in creating the long-legged illusion as pumps and strapless flats. Aldo has an entire section of nude shoes that’s definitely worth looking into.

So if you must only remember one thing, remember this one simple equation: sheer and  nude = sassy, sexy and sophisticated.


Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and birds are chirping. The season of life has arrived yet again, painting a world full of color with an artist's palette exhibited on the runways of spring 2012. As I flip through the pages of glossy fashion magazines, I realize that designs are now increasingly impressive with intricate and often feminine designs, patterns and florals that give the eye an abundance of area for exploring. In particular, I can't help but notice one of my favorite trends constantly reappearing — pops of color paired with simplistic neutrals. Such a look is usually elegant and sophisticated. It's perfect for drawing attention to your best assets, whether that be your face, bust, hands, hips, hair or any other part!

On a hot Spring day in early May where even summer scowls with envy, this Fashionista sports a look inspired by the Harry Potter famed actress and model, Emma Watson. “[Watson] always sticks to who she is and is always confident. She is not afraid to admit her mistakes, even when it comes to fashion.” This Fashionista proceeds to do my job, giving some valuable style advice, “Be completely comfortable in your own skin.”

Not only does she appear comfortable in her own skin, but it's evident that she's comfortable in her clothing as well. This natural, yet flirty look embodies trends seen in the 2012 spring collections of SUNO, Diane von Furstenberg and Alexander Wang. She makes the trends her own, marrying her white crochet top, worn over a discrete nude tank, with always in fashion, always practical and comfortable dark wash jean short shorts. White is a color which is being seen evidently on the runways of today and in Vogue patterns of 2012. The color represents purity, innocence and yet can be extremely sexy. Check out Alberta Ferretti's goddess-like summer dress from his 2012 spring collection.

What really makes her outfit great, however, is her use of color and accessories. She adds a splash of color with a pastel orange belt and red kitten heels, and accessorizes for an added sparkle to match her smile with nautical-studded earrings and a sliver ring. Her makeup is light and natural, with just the right shade of link lip gloss and mascara to emphasize her lovely green eyes. Neutrals combined with color accents create a classy, effortless, casual look that's perfect for spring or summer.

So if you must only remember one thing, remember this — pops of color are pops of perfection!

Style Guru Bio: Melissa Morgan

“You can’t do it.” One mere sentence was all it took to motivate and direct me and my life; and I’ve never looked back since. 

My name is Melissa Morgan, and I’m a Psychology, English and HR student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Before enrolling here, I was strongly considering a career in fashion design. When I’m not drowning my brain in books, I’m drowning it in something else. I need to keep busy. When I become a psychologist, I’m going to diagnose myself with a new condition I call “Unspecified ADHD.” Let me explain why.

I have so many interests that I can’t seem to focus my attention. I’m currently interning at an HD television company. I run 200m track and play OYSL soccer, volleyball and basketball. I’m an agency represented model, actress and voiceover artist. I also have an interest in art, journalism, dancing, video games, music, painting, video editing, graphic and web design, photo retouching and have recently begun a side photography career which you can check out on my self-made website. I now find myself a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista.

Despite my otherwise scattered hobby list, there is one aspect of my life which has always remained as a constant and top priority: fashion. It’s an art form which is often overlooked and unappreciated. So often times we, the consumers, fail to acknowledge the time, effort and creativity that went into creating the piece. If you’ve never sewn before, I challenge you to try it… you’ll be unpleasantly surprised as to how time consuming and complicated it is to make a simple looking T-shirt. 

I would describe my style as dressy and classy. Despite my often boyish hobbies, my style is very feminine. I often mix and match my outfits with pieces from GUESS, Sirens, Urban Planet and Forever 21. I enjoy adding that playful pop of color to an otherwise dull and boring outfit. In terms of makeup, I almost always rock the cat eye look with nude or plum lipgloss. My hair varies each day, depending on if it’s willing to cooperate or not. It’s more moody than a 50-year-old woman going through menopause, I swear.

As a Psych major, I’m also interested in the psychological aspects and illusions associated with fashion. For example, I find it interesting that, according to a Psychology magazine, men pay more attention to females dressed in red. In terms of illusions, it’s interesting what the power of a line and color can do. Horizontal stripes widen the figure while vertical lines elongate it. Darker colours are slimming. Faded jeans make the thighs and hips look larger. V-necks create the illusion of a longer neck. Red lipstick makes the lips thinner. I have many more fashion tid-bits which I look forward to sharing in my upcoming CollegeFashionista contributions so stay tuned!

I’ll be writing STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. Until then, my life advice is this: never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. As my favourite athletic brand reiterates, “just do it.”