TREND: Santa Baby

This week's feature spotlights all things festive about holiday parties and going home for winter break. Ultimately going to a Tacky Christmas party, our Fashionisto did not miss this opportunity to be seen around the Classic City in the most festive combo I have seen this week.  This student should get an A+ for his daring use of holiday colors without denying his prep style.

Dockers scored, big time, with these khaki pants in what I call "mistletoe" green. They are the perfect combination of prep and style. The nice thing about purchasing something like this is that it can be worn all year round to frat parties, on spring break, or the golf course if you have secured summer work as a caddie.

The leather belt our guy is wearing is brown and ties in with his Sperry topsiders, a UGA staple. The button down shirt, adds red whimsy with a hint of tartan plaid. It is fun juxtaposed alongside the screaming holiday tie. This tie, purchased from Dollar Tree for…$1.00, actually plays music when you press the button at the bottom! This one accessory alone will get all the attention a guy needs to bring down the holiday house!

What a perfect outfit to liven up the party or to surprise waiting family as you get off the plane or arrive home in your car! The joy of coming home, or of going on a holiday vacation, will be heightened by your festive clothing.

This week's Santa Baby is my holiday gift to you!

Hint: This is the perfect time of year to break out Santa wear. You can always go traditional and garner approving looks or spice up the scene by combining odd patterns, like this week's Fashionisto, and turn heads. Green and red, in varying shades are, predictably, the favorite go-to colors. Pay attention to every detail. Sperry was a great prep choice for his shoes. You could even wear their green topsider with this look. The shoe has just the right amount of prep, along with a colorful pop of color for the feet. Some places in downtown Athens like Cillies, have a great selection of seasonal threads that would be fitting with this outfit theme.

TREND: Home for the Holidays!

Exams are ending, the car is packed, and it's time to head home for the holidays, but you don't want folks in your hometown seeing you blow in looking haggard. So, with a spring in your step and a scarf tied neatly around your neck, you grap up your winter coat, suede boots, and Longchamp bag and head towards freedom. You won't find a happier expression than the one this week's Fashionista is sporting after having just finished the last of her finals. In this sudden burst of brisk weather, our girl looks perfect in winter wear from her hat to her boots!

Suede boots are a sure bet for warmth and style right now. Our Fashionista's choice of brown suede for her feet is yummy. The black tights and warm, black, double-breasted winter coat will protect this UGA student from the chill and maker her look New-York-chic.

As mentioned before in this column, UGA girls LOVE Longchamp bags and this black one is the standard, basic bag you will see from 5 Points to ECV. It is the perfect bag, year round, for a college student. Longchamp has the right amount of chic plus the utilitarian usefulness we all need as we go from class to class. The brown leather handles pick up the flavor of the brown boots.

In this latest round of frigid weather, Fashionistas are smart to cover their heads. Our girl has chosen a cream colored hat and scarf that would easily make her look at home in Europe. Forever 21 carries lots of great choices for scarves. You can easily get this week's look by shopping online or hitting stores like Target for the perfect warm weather accessories.

Finals are final but fashion lives on through the holidays. Don't forget to look your best when returning home. You're a CollegeFashionista now and your look should reflect the confidence, maturity, and knowledge that you have acquired from being in upper level learning.

Happy traveling, Fashionistas!

Hint: Keeping your traveling outfit classic and unfussy is a great way to let folks know, back at home that you have it all together. If you are traveling home by plane, you might want to really be careful with what you wear. With increased security screenings, you can still go with something like this outfit but, modify it with black leggings, a coat, and easy-to-slip-off boots. You want your trip through the metal detectors to go off without a hitch. Krystal Schlegal gives great air travel wardrobe suggestions along with a sample outfit for going through our nation's airports.

TREND: Fashion for Finals

Finally! Finals are upon us. No time to slack off with academics or fashion as we enter the final stretch of this semester in Athens. This week's Fashionista is hitting the library in style with everything she needs to score a perfect A on the fashion front. Cute black flats – check. Low rise jeans – check. Layered top, sweater, and scarf – check. Backpack and books – check. The most important accessory for the library and hours of studying – Jittery Joe's coffee – check! While you will see most students decked out with these accessories over the next week, it will be hard to find anyone more fashionably ready for the end-of-course testing than our Fashionista.

This is a look I love. Denim and a black T-shirt are the basic backdrop to start with. The low rise jeans fit this student's figure perfectly. The wide, white belt adds pizzazz and pop. Her smokey gray, short, cropped sweater is perfect with jeans and the black and white color combo she has put together. Layering, as shown here, is smart for drafty evenings in the library or the SLC. A loosely tied scarf always adds warmth and chic to an outfit.

Because each article of clothing has made its own statement, the best move was to keep hair and jewelry simple. A sleek, pulled-back hairstyle, topped off with a black and white headband is perfect for the no-fuss look you need when you are nose-to-book. Jewelry is kept in check with simple, white pearl studs that coordinate with her belt. The cute, wire-rimmed glasses are exactly what will help tired eyes during long hours of reading and research.

Black flats are timeless and are complimentary with a black, North Face backpack. This Fashionista has tied in black at the base, middle, and top of her look.

She may be able to study with no distractions but everyone around her will be admiring her look.

Hint: If you have arrived on campus without a scarf, don't fret. Target has a great selection. If you cannot find a short sweater that you like, simply wrap the scarf around you, like a shawl, for warmth and style.

TREND: Accent on Accessories

A cross between an Olsen twin and celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe, this week's Fashionista has high fashion on the brain while out running errands in the Classic City.

Animal print is HOT this fall season! Kim K is a testament of this fashion trend! These leopard booties give just the right amount of punch to an otherwise simple outfit. A straight black skirt, black ruffled blouse, and black oversized sweater create a neutral backdrop for the pow in the accessories. Wearing a little leopard with all black, like Olivia Palermo, brings all eyes down to your feet! The fact that this Fashionista added opaque black tights shows her fashion savvy in making a statement with shoes.

Our Fashionista paired a gold Juicy Couture bracelet, gold ring, and gold hoop earrings with her ensemble. A messy side ponytail and a red lip take this outfit from North Campus to Bryant Park. Red lips and a hint of leopard make this look go from drab to fab! It's that simple! Finally, this Fashionista's purse is very unique. A hint of Hermés style and crocodile skin texture add extra animal flavor to this look.

Make a statement and turn heads, Fashionistas!

Hint: Don't overcomplicate your outfits! There are times when your clothing should be a backdrop to a powerful accessory. This black outfit is very simple, minus the shoes and pop of color in the lips. When working with a statement accessory, like leopard booties, remember to limit the other elements of your outfit. Stick to the basics and add bold pieces – this still allows for creativity and risk-taking! You want to reflect couture, not chaos!

TREND: Blazer Bliss

There is something so blissful about putting on a fall blazer. It surrounds you with warmth and style. At UGA, blazers are out all over campus and they are a welcome sight! This week's Fashionista has great style and her blazer caught my eye! The dark jacket is classic and works well over her magenta top. The gold buttons are the traditional trim on this three-quarter-length sleeved blazer. Not a lot of fuss but the jacket has plenty to say about comfort and ease when layering for cooler weather. Labeled by New York Magazine as "Fall's Most Practical Purchase," blazers come in many different styles and fabrics. You can purchase them from department stores or borrow them from the boyfriend's closet.

Hip, gray boots that climb all the way to the knee are the perfect shoe to add to this outfit. The low heel, minimal-trim style shown here is perfect for her overall look. What may surprise you about what you see next is her jeans. Jeans? No, today's Fashionista is actually wearing…jeggings! Jeggings are jean leggings and these look fabulous! They hug her toned legs and do not distract from the overall look. Jeggings are easy to add to your wardrobe.

This Fashionista has added a little touch of whimsy to her outfit by painting her fingernails the same shade of blue that you see in her jeggings. Blue nails are big this season! This college co-ed showed off her fashion-forward confidence, and confidence is the best accessory of all!

Hint: When in Athens, make sure you stop by Plato's Closet on Alps Road to look through their selection of blazers. We are lucky to have a great Plato's near UGA. The staff stocks a good selection of blazers and coats at great prices for college students. And shop now for boots! One thing I have learned about buying boots is that you need to shop for them early to get the best size, color, and style. Wait much longer and you may find that you are limited with your choices.

Find your bliss in a blazer, Fashionistas!

TREND: A Feast for the Eyes

If nothing else inspires you to get out and enjoy fall's wonderful colors and fashion, this week's Fashionista will. She is set for the Thanksgiving break. With a hint of Rachel Zoe style, this UGA beauty has the right idea from the top of her head to the soles of her feet! Her great crocheted head wrap is the perfect accessory for style and warmth. The detailing on the side just adds to the cuteness of the head covering.  This head wrap is a fun autumnal piece from Charlotte Russe.

Drawing from the color in her head band, our Fashionista adds a bright red sweater to her ensemble. This particular style looks warm and huggable and perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings with the fam! The detail at the sleeve, with a wide cuff, along with her head wrap, gives our girl's look a bohemian flavor.

Of course, nothing could be more perfect than a comfy pair of jeans and a T-shirt, the uniform of many college students this time of year. Skinny jeans are a popular style that is in demand again this year. Finish off the look with a cozy pair of moccasins or UGG boots and you are set! This Fashionista continues the cuff with a turn up at the bottom of her jeans.

After you have devoured Thanksgiving dinner, tuck your bangs up under this head band and take a long walk in the crisp autumn air before dessert and the holiday football games begin. Style on through Thanksgiving, Fashionistas!

Hint: This look is simple but perfect for a reunion with relatives. No longer looking like high school, you and your sophisticated collegiate style will impress those around the dinner table. Go with simple hair, as today's Fashionista has done, and a fresh face/minimum make up. No need for fussy jewelry that might get stuck in the leaves you are tempted to run through or toss in the air. You are set for Thanksgiving activities or outdoor bonfires.

TREND: XOXO Gossip Girl Prep

I love that Gossip Girl is challenging us to amp up our collegiate fashion game! Each week, the girls (and guys) of the hit CW series bring us more chic styles. Gossip Girl fashion has a huge following and multiple websites for styling your look like our favorite Upper East Siders.

This week's Fashionista could be Serena Van Der Woodsen's sister! Her casual GG prep style would fit perfectly on the campus of Columbia, or right here in Athens. Starting with a classic button down (her choice is pink and white checked), add a cardigan over it for cool fall days and turn up the cuff of the sleeve over the end of the cardigan sleeve for that chic, subtle prep touch. Paired with jeans, this look has been around for decades as the go-to standard for preps from Ivy League schools to the Ivy covered ones.

Flats – gotta have 'em! They are perfect for the long walks from Snelling to Brumby and GG continues to feature them in casual scenes. Flats from Tory Burch are THE girly shoe at UGA.  They are perfection for the ped. Our girl's black flats marry her cardigan and keep her style balanced.

Of course, who doesn't love a punch of color! The green Coach bag, slung casually over the shoulder, screams Gossip Girl drama and draws your eye to the interesting accessory our Fashionista added to her GG style. It even has that Lilly Pulitzer green that has long been tied to the prep scene.

Our Fashionista's classic hairstyle can be worn straight or slightly curled like Blake Lively's character on the CW. Either way, it is an easy coif that never loses its popularity.

Hint: If you just can't get enough of the preppy look, seek out a copy of The Official Preppy Handbook.  It remains the ultimate guide for prepsters from New England to the Old South and it is a humorous glimpse into the lives and fashion style of preppies we long to know.

As Gossip Girl says, "Keep things classy and somewhat true."

XOXO, Fashionistas!

TREND: Transitionally Chic

It's fall but, some days, only the colored leaves on the ground prove it. With temperatures going up and down on any given day, a Georgia Fashionista has to plan her wardrobe choices carefully. Layering is good when the southern temps drop a bit more but, during these transitional days, students seem unsure of what to put on to go to class. It's too late in the season to wear cotton dresses and it's too early to start putting on heavy coats. To complicate choices, southern steam rises after a heavy rain!

This week's Fashionista is sporting a popular look for Athens and for this time of year. It is southern chic! I am a big fan of leggings and this ensemble is one reason why. The black pair of leg coverings featured here looks so good with the leather, knee-high boots that almost have an equestrian appeal. The classic boot has just enough detail with the buckle on the side, at the top, to make people look twice. Leggings are often worn with longer tops and the blue, cotton one, simply tied at the waist, tops off this look with elegant simplicity. This Fashionista's look is easy to copy and so worth the effort to do so! The fact that she wears her hair pulled back and pearl studs marks this Fashionista as one who can put a transitional fall outfit together effortlessly. The outfit itself is not overdone and neither are her accessories – a simple silver bracelet and watch and only a subtle silver necklace. Enough worn, enough said!

Hint: Leggings can be purchased just about anywhere, from Target to Walmart to Macy's. Do be careful with the style! Part of what is smart about this Fashionista's look is that she chose a basic legging. Steer clear of leggings with a line down the front. You don't want that line to twist and travel during the day! Also, if your silhouette tends to be curvier in the hip area, make sure you wear a top that falls lower, beyond your hips.

Keep it transitionally chic, Fashionistas!

TREND: Festive for Fall

Fall is here! There is NO denying it. Leaves line the walkways all around UGA and students are breaking out the clothes to stay warm when there is a slight chill in the air.

Doesn't our Fashionista just inspire you to pack away what little summer things keep creeping back into your fall wardrobe and throw on your pumpkin-colored threads?! This UGA student has everything delicious about fall going on! From the fabulous scarf, to the long vest, right down to her Indian moccasins, this week's trend setter is the perfect mannequin for autumnal style.

Since the weather does warm up during the middle part of the day, the short-sleeved, orange t-shirt is great-layered underneath a long, black vest for added warmth in the mornings. That combo has just the right amount of Halloween color and serves as the perfect backdrop for the most wonderful fall scarf. Scarves of every fabric and color combination are always in vogue when wrapped effortlessly around the neck. The jeans just add to this great style and set off the classic moccasin for a let's-go-on-a-hayride look. We have mentioned the bag, worn cross-body, before. This little black, leather bag is the perfect proportion and it gives our college student an enviable look. Her simple ponytail and fresh makeup top off one of the best displays of October fashion on campus! Don't you just love it when a Fashionista gets a look right from head to toe!

Happy fall, October Dawgs!

Hint: Moccasins are a great accessory for fall. One brand that has been around for years is Minnetonka. Minnetonkas are even carried at Nordstrom online! Comfort comes to mind when you think of this footwear so go casual from the shoe up. Jeans are a good look with these suede moccasins. 

TREND: Georgia Glam Rock

There is no denying Lady Gaga's influence in music and fashion. Named to Forbes 2010 World's Most Powerful Women list, Gaga continues to flex her influential muscle across college campuses. The "glam rock" style that Madonna started back in the 80s extends through performers like Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, and Lady Gaga today. The look was powerful in the 80s and still carries a following in 2010.

It takes a special confidence to pull off the glam rock look but this Athens Airwaves Fashionista has no fear in showing her fabulous style. This Fashionista's look starts at the top with a head full of blonde locks. Continuing on, a short black skirt is topped by a slouchy gray shirt. The wide, studded leather belt ties the main part of her outfit together and adds the edginess that this look requires.

What sets off the shock of blonde on top is the flowered tights on her legs. This was a bold, eye-catching move and just the kind that Fashionistas across the country embrace. The short, black boots, so popular this season, juxtaposed with the busy leg represent a well-thought out look. The slouchy, black hobo bag pulls the whole theme together. This Fashionista is set to "Just Dance!"

Hint: Part of the appeal of the glam rock look is hair and make up which tend to be very precise. Red lips give the glam rock look an extra pop. When going for a strong statement look like glam rock, make sure that you pay attention to your make up pallet. This Fashionista pulled off this look perfectly by balancing out pattern, accessories, and hair with the right amount of dramatic make up. You cannot take your eyes off this look!

Keep it edgy, Fashionistas and look out because this glam rock Fashionista may just land on Forbes Most Powerful list, along with other great style makers!