Sometimes it is so easy for trends to go unnoticed. There are so many to follow per season it’s just hard to keep up. With all of the accessory and nail trends on the rise it might be hard to pinpoint a Fashionista wearing one of the above with just a passing on the street. I spotted this week’s Fashionista walking and in the spirit of bight nail designs, she needed to be spotlighted. Her bright bag and apple covered henley were just as fun and outrageous as her star and animal print nails.

Name: Amanda Montigney

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Amanda Montigney: My style is laidback. I wear simple things and prefer to stand out with certain accessories and of course through nail trends.

CF: What’s your favorite nail trend right now?

AM: I just tried marble nails and loved it! It can be a little messy and tricky to do at first but it’s worth the try.

CF: Any nail polish rules you follow?

AM: I won’t spend crazy money on nail polish that’s for sure. I think some brands are just really expensive and if you do your nails every week like I do, it can become costly. I actually stick to using cheaper nail polishes because I go through them so quick. Sinful Colors is my favorite brand.

CF: What’s going to be the It color for fall?

AM: Definitely Mint Green. It’s been my go-to color for a while now.

CF: How do nail trends enhance someones style?

AM: I think nail trends are great because they are actually a great conversation starter. Your nails are the finishing touch to a great outfit. I prefer to keep my style comfortable and let my nails do the talking.

How To: While Amanda’s nails match the style of her fun personality, she did these by hand which takes a ton of practice and dedication. Depending on your personal style, Caviar Dreams offers neutrals to bright colors.  Shop Jeen’s “I Don’t Play Nice” nail wraps are another option to add unique flare to any style.



One of my favorite things to find in another Fashionista is that we have the exact same style. I’m always in search for another CollegeFashionista who isn’t afraid to wear over the top feminine influenced pieces. Well Fashionistas/os, that is exactly what I found. I spotted this Fashionista walking through town on another hot summer day. What intrigued me besides her amazing dress that reminded me of couture was her to learn that she was a summer au pair from France. Obviously her amazing style comes from her growing up in the fashion capital of the world and I immediately knew she needed a spotlight. She paired her cream colored dress with delicate flowered sandals. Her dress reminded me of something that Romeo and Juliet Couture would only be able to design.

Name: Gaelle Adalbert

Major: Economics and Management

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What’s your favorite piece of this outfit?

Gaelle Adalbert: My favorite piece has to be my dress. I bought it in a little shop at France near my home. I definitely love shopping at small boutiques more than buying big name brands.

CF: How would you describe your day-to-day style?

GA: Very feminine and obviously French-influenced.

CF: As an au pair, how do you keep up with your style?

GA: I try to stay comfortable by buying pieces that are easier to run around in like this dress for example. It fits my style and doesn’t need to be accessorized because of all of the frills and layers on it.

CF: What a few of your go-to shopping spots?

GA: I online shop a lot so I would have to say ModCloth and Haute Look.

How To: The pieces of her outfit remind me of something found at Free People because of the intricate designs and details. This Fashionista said she likes pieces that don’t need to be over-accessorized so that’s the tip I’m going with. This Lace Woven Insert Dress may not be as detailed but it’s sure to make a statement. The Crochet Applique Dress from Free People may be more your style if looking for a feminine piece.


There is something extraordinary about finding a Fashionisto and a gentleman all in one. Finding a Fashionisto on the streets dressed to impress can be quite the challenge since most summer staples for the male population include the usual pair of board shorts and cotton tanks. I was thankful to see a Fashionisto leaving work for the day that had a style like no other. This week’s Fashionisto was dressed top-notch in a casual prep look. I couldn’t get over the way all of his accessories matched each other perfectly with the blue/red color combination. His outfit is the perfect transition from summer to fall.

Name: Rob DeLosSantos

Major: Architectural Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Rob DeLosSantos: I have on a Gap collared shirt, Gap jeans, a Tommy Hilfiger tie, Timex watch and Steve Madden oxfords.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RD: To sum it up I would say my style is casual and clean-cut.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

RD: I view a lot of different clothing websites like Top Man and J.Crew. I don’t even necessarily buy from them but looking at their outfit combinations and putting my own spin to it is what I like to do.

CF: What advice do you have for other Fashionistos on how to dress to impress?

RD: Start with the basics. Every wardrobe has basic pieces and it shows how versatile you are if you could work with the pieces you have.

How To: This look is quite easy to achieve. To get a look like this or to get future outfit ideas just do what this Fashionisto did and visit sites like J.Crew. Try a bold yet casual stripe like the Marled Stripe sweater and pair it with a Mid wash Skinny jean. What makes the outfit is his shoes. Check out the Pisa Brogues on Top Man to bring color into an outfit.


When most Fashionistas think of the summer months the last thing on their mind is the classic color black. It may not bring out the sunshine, but black is a closet staple that works for any season and any Fashionista. As I was people watching (for fashion reasons of course) through Wilkes-Barre I was surprised to see a Fashionista who wore it with confidence in such humid weather. 

What I loved most about her outfit is how she pairs it with a printed gray tank. The two colors combined actually lighten the outfit making it more summer appropriate. Finishing it off with a Rebecca Minkoff bag wasn’t a bad idea either. Her outfit may be simple but her accessories are bold. Our joint belief is that having an arm full of bangles and bracelets is the only way to accessorize right now.

Name: Jill Edwards

Major: Communications

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look?

Jill Edwards: I decided to wear this outfit today because sometimes I get sick of sticking to bright colors in the summer. Black is one of the only colors that I think anyone can pull off and who says you have to abide by the rules and what seasons to wear? It’s a total rule breaking moment for me.

CF: What is your favorite piece from this outfit?

JE: Definitely my Rebecca Minkoff bag. I’ve wanted one for the longest time and as soon as I spotted this dark purple one I needed to buy it. It’s the ultimate summer accessory.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JE: My style is classical yet I’m not afraid to try new things.

CF: Are there any trends you’re looking forward to seeing?

JE: I’m really excited for fall trends because I think the fall season really allows anyone to experiment with their style since it’s cooler out. I love pairing tall boots with chunky knit sweaters.

How To: To capture this Fashionista's look one shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with black in the hotter months. Try adding in a pair of black shorts if you want to stay cooler. What I love most is her bracelets and bangles. Lately I’ve found a great selection at Sadee Says and couldn’t help but fall in love with the Luv AJ Pyramid bracelet.


If there is one thing I have learned about summer style it’s that a Fashionisto has to try twice as hard as a Fashionista to get noticed. Since most trends apply only to girls the Fashionisto has to find some way to go against the ordinary. That is where this Fashionisto has succeeded. He pairs hot pink prep shorts with a summer blue classic V-neck. What makes this outfit really stand out are the bright colors that most might be afraid of. The vibrant hot pink stands out so much that it was hard not to notice this Fashionisto walking down the busy street.

Name: David Kester

Major: Fashion Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

David Kester: My style is extremely preppy but with color. I’ll buy the classic prep pieces but I always stay away from neutral colors like black, gray and brown. Adding in color is a way to show you are not afraid to express your style.

CF: Why do you think it’s important for guys to dress to impress?

DK: Honestly I think it’s important for guys to care about their style because girls love fashion. There really is no better way to impress a girl than to show her you know how to dress.

CF: Being a Fashion Marketing major, what are your plans post-graduation plans?

DK: Well I plan on moving to California and I’m hoping to work in Fashion Public Relations. This whole summer I have been working on my personal blog and trying to build my portfolio as much as I can.

How To: This summer season you can make this look your own by applying some color to your wardrobe. Shop for bright shorts at H&M and Urban Outfitters for the best results. This Fashionisto kept his look simple with a blue V-neck. This look would come together even more with a pair of Converse. It’s really all about experimenting and taking this Fashionisto’s advice: girls love a stylish guy!


I spotted this week’s Fashionista walking through Downtown Wilkes-Barre and knew there was something about her. Of course it was her amazing sense of style and uniqueness that set her apart from most of downtown during the daytime. Sundresses like the one she is wearing have always been a summer trend but she has taken her look beyond by adding in a scarf and black heels. While two very different pieces might seem like a challenge for most, this Fashionista dishes on how she doesn’t concentrate on trends and follows the styles from different generations instead.

Name: Rebecca Dennis

Major: General Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is the inspiration for your outfit today?

Rebecca Dennis: I wanted to play on two different colors: the green and yellow. Today I thought to myself that I wanted my outfit to be inspired by the outfits in Grease. I think this is definitely something that would be seen during that time but adding in my personal modern-day twist.

CF: What are your plans for the summer?

RD: Well I just got back from Belgium, which was definitely an eye-opening trip for my personal style. It made me want to stand out even more in the outfit choices I make. Everyone is so laidback there. The trip influenced me to be who I am.

CF: What is your favorite summer trend?

RD: I don’t really know if it is a trend right now but I love wearing summer scarves. I think they go with the flow of summer and can be worn anywhere. Most people see them as a staple winter accessory but they definitely have the opportunity to stand out more in the summer.

CF: What advice would you give to other Fashionistas on dressing for the summer months ahead?

RD: Be yourself through your fashion and dress how you feel. Don’t be afraid to try new things and go beyond your comfort zone this summer.

How To: The primary piece of this outfit is her sundress. She chose a light yellow which is perfect to pair with unexpected accessories like this Fashionista did. Next comes the summer scarf: ModCloth has some great floral scarf options perfect to add to a sundress. Check out for inspiration on how to wear your summer scarf.


Since the first day of summer has officially passed and the weather in Northeastern Pennsylvania has been hotter than usual, Fashionistas are baring more but still keeping it stylish. Even though summer can be a time where some of us forget about our style and choose to lounge in our gym clothes (which I am completely guilty of) it’s important to remember all of the amazing trends out for the summer.

I spotted this week’s Fashionista on a walk through a local park. What I loved about her outfit was that she stood out from the majority wearing head-to-toe Nike for their two-mile walks. She was able to apply her style for a casual walk in a park where athletic wear is the go-to clothing. Dressing for occasions like this shows she’s got style and since she chose to apply neon to her outfit, she had to be featured.

Name: Shara Brown

Major: Criminal Justice

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style of the day?

Shara Brown: I think my outfit today is causal but still shows I have a sense of style. This is how most of my summer clothing is. I go for the most brightest and outrageous pieces since summer is really the perfect time to experiment with different clothing trends.

CF: What is your favorite piece of the outfit and why?

SB: I am obsessed with my ICORA Sandals because they remind me of Sam Edelman sandals, but obviously cheaper. The rhinestones and spikes make them stand out so I have made them a staple summer item of mine.

CF: What’s your go-to summer outfit?

SB: I like to keep it simple with denim or colored shorts and a sheer tank. The weather here is always hot so I try to stick with an outfit like this and overly accessorize with bangles or Pura Vida bracelets.

CF: What do you love most about fashion?

SB: I love that everyone’s fashion sense is so different and unique. It’s rare you’ll find two girls around here with the same outfit on and if you do they have it styled completely different.

How To: Want to conquer the neon trend like this Fashionista? NASTY GAL is the perfect place to look for unique neon pieces like the cutout dress. It can be worn for any occasion and could transition into fall with biker boots.


Being a Fashionista is hard work. Sure, it takes a killer outfit with only the perfect accessories to match, but there is more to the high-profile title than meets the eye. In order to truly be a Fashionista, one must have an eye for style and the confidence to back it up. After capturing the style of this week’s Fashionista I learned that an outfit looks twice as amazing with a great personality as well. What caught my eye was the way this Fashionista made her outfit standout with intensely bright accessories. Her style is ideal for any occasion from a shopping trip to a girl’s night out.

Name: Leah Dudeck

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and wear are the pieces from?

Leah Dudeck: I am wearing a slouchy tie top from Express, cropped skinny jeans from Forever 21 and both the ribbon wedge espadrilles and scarf are from Gap.

CF: What do you like most about your outfit?

LD: My favorite piece from this outfit is definitely my wedges. I love their sangria color and the ribbons that tie around the ankle. They are also extremely easy to walk around in and really adorable.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

LD: My personal style is similar to Kourtney Kardashian’s. I love putting together some neutral pieces that will go with accessories that add a little sass and color to the outfit. 

CF: What do you love most about the bright color trend?

LD: I love bright colors because they go perfectly with a neutral canvas. Wearing beiges and light pinks or even black with a pop of color brings more focus to a person's best features and personality.

CF: What’s your fashion inspiration for the summer?

LD: This summer I really love the whole boyfriend look. Wearing a slouchy button down with a belt and heels or a men’s plain white T-shirt with some high-waisted dark wash shorts can make an incredible outfit.

HOW TO: To get this look, start with a basic pair of dark skinny jeans. Slouchy tops like this Fashionista's can be found anywhere. Try a slouchy pocket tee or a polka dot print shirt. Since rings are a key accessory for summer, try adding animal rings to your outfit for the relaxed and playful this Fashionista incorporated with her frog ring.


Since the end of classes and start of summer, I have been on the search for new ways to accessorize with summer staple pieces. We all know what items I’m talking about: maxi dresses, rompers, high-wasted shorts, and anything else that keeps us from overheating in the hot summer sun. Being fashionable in the summer can be more fun than any other season because you can experiment with accessories from other seasons. For my first FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT post ever, I sought to find a Fashionista that could pull off her summer look with a mix of accessories from other seasons and a killer personal style. I ran into this Fashionista on my last day of class and I could tell by her floral belted romper and feathers in her hair that she had quite the summer style. I have always been a fan of anything with feathers, but never thought to add it to a floral print like this Fashionista. Another unexpected accessory, her boots, made me think twice about my creativity when pairing this season’s outfit together. She mastered a look that is carefree and season appropriate.

Name: Gabriella Lengyel

Major: Communications and Media

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite piece of your outfit?

Gabriella Lengyel: My favorite piece of this outfit would definitely be my boots. I feel like they complete the outfit and keep it light and fun. They add an edgy feel to it, which is something I always strive for.

CF: What’s your favorite trend of the season?

GL: My favorite trend is definitely the neon trend. When I was applying for jobs almost every store I went into had neon clothing working the windows and the front of the stores. Stores like Forever 21, Mandee, Wet Seal, Delia’s.

CF: How would you sum up your personal style?

GL: I would sum it up as all over the place. I like a little bit of everything. I am obsessed with livening up black and darker tones with anything bright.

CF: What inspires your style?

GL: I’m a Tumblr and Youtube junkie. Any outfit I see in my feed reblogged by other people I love. I wish I had all the money in the world to buy all the clothes I see on Tumblr. I follow fashion and beauty guru’s like they are my only friends. A few of my favorites are Kandee Johnson, Carly Cristman, Gregory Gorgeous, and Michelle Phan.

HOW TO: Gabriella’s look is an easy one to achieve. It's all about pairing unexpected prints with trendy accessories like the floral romper with boots. Since there are so many stores selling rompers now,  find a floral one that suits your style. Urban Outfitters Mistress Romper resembles our Fashionista's, but adds more color. Next, add in feathers or other fun accessories like a floral crown or a Luv Aj metallic turban.Theses are accessories that are guaranteed to make any outfit standout.

Style Guru Bio: Michele Drago

I’m Michele and this is my third semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Obviously, I love every second of uncovering the hidden fashion at Misericordia University and proving to all that small colleges like mine can be quite the stylish scene. As I finish up my last few credits and venture on to New York City in the fall to receive my second degree in Fashion Marketing at Parsons The New School for Design, I guarantee this to be a great summer of northeastern Pennsylvania fashion.

Since my last Style Guru bio, nothing too dramatic has changed for me to document. My obsession with ballet flats has gotten worse and I still try to add pearls to everything I wear. However, I have noticed my style has evolved from being super feminine to what I like to call girly with a touch of grunge. I’ve been thrifting more than usual because of my love for vintage finds and probably even more because of the signature Fendi bag I bought at a church flea market for $2. If you love fashion as much as I do, you will understand my panic attack after this purchase was totally necessary.

Another change has happened, I went from covering STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK to the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT, which I’m thrilled about. I’m so excited to be able to get to know the Fashionistas/os that I come across in my hometown and to give them the opportunity to have their style featured.

If there is one thing I know and love about fashion, it’s that trends for seasons ahead can be determined by what we see on college campuses and in our neighborhoods no matter big or small. My advice for all is still the same: fashion is what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to own your style, you never know who is going to want to document it.