I think we can all appreciate a person with confidence and poise, and this Fashionisto definitely knows the meaning of confidence.  He sports a simple V-neck tee and jeans, and although this is an effortless outfit, I feel that it’s not necessarily about the outfit itself, but more about the composure. With summer coming to an end and the new school semester approaching us in nearly two weeks, it's absolutely essential that we find practical, yet stylish outfits to sport around campus to give you the extra confidence that we all need. So be daring and take fashion risks this semester and acknowledge that an outfit doesn’t define you, YOU define the way you portray yourself in your attire.

 So with this new semester filled with challenges and tasks,  just remember that a little confidence goes a long way. Good luck! 


The classic little black dress dates back to the 1920's when Coco Chanel inspired a generation of women to indulge in their femininity with the ultimate must-have black dress. Something about a form-fitting black dress screams elegance and class, so it should be no surprise that this traditional dress continues to appeal to women today.

Although the dress has managed to remain timeless, versatile, affordable, and accessible, this iconic piece has become reinvented and accessorized throughout decades to accommodate with modern fashion. As the majority of us know, the classic black dress is essential to complete any wardrobe and can easily go from day to night if done right.

Check out this Fashionista as she dons this simply ideal little black dress. Its perfect for a date night with your significant other, or cocktails with the girls, and it can also easily become a day dress if adorned with wedges and a simple jacket.

Regardless whether you plan to attend a day outing with the family, or get dinner with friends, as a Fashionista it is your duty to invest in this worthwhile dress!
Good luck!!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Breezy Cotton Skirts

It's no secret that these triple digit temperatures are grueling, and wearing jeans seems like a thing of the past.  In order to accommodate the majority of us have welcomed short, skirts, and sandals with open arms.

Although warm weather is nothing new for those of us who live here in Arizona, I find it rather practical to purchase garments that are able to shift into different seasons. July is what I consider the ultimate inferno in the desert, so any bottom purchases made are most likely to be shorts, or skirts.

Just check out this Fashionista, she dons a simple yet flawless cotton green skirt that keeps her feeling cool and looking stylish all at the same time. The skirt can easily shift from summer to fall and spring, and can even be accessorized with leggings and boots during the winter (or at least for Arizona’s version of winter)

With that said, remember that although its virtually impossible to escape from this heat wave, your attire does not need to suffer. Simply check out this cotton skirt that can easily be dressed up or dressed down.


I've noticed lately how vests have recently gone from geek chic to just plain chic within the past several months. Of course, when vests come to mind it's usually for a formal event or outing, but I'm happy to reveal that this popular outerwear has grown to become a very diverse piece that's perfect for day or night and can easily transition into different seasons.

Check out this Fashionisto, although he's wearing this black vest in a more traditional timeless attire, it completes the outfit beautifully. Vest aren't only for guys, of course, so check out these casual vest that can be worn with a simple tee or tank.

For you Fashionistas:

Vest #1


and for the Fashionistos:



So whether you're going out on a night on the town or simply running errands, consider adding a vest to spice up your attire.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tanks, a Summer Must!

During my weekly visit to Urban Outfitters, I stumbled upon this Fashionisto who was taking advantage of the latest sale the store had to offer. I spotted him from a distance and felt that he was able to carry himself confidently and with poise.

As I approached him to see if I could take his photo for the website, I learned that he actually constructed and created his tank on his own. Being able to fabricate and wear your own design is something I find completely admirable, which brings us to our "Style Advice of the Week: Tanks!"

Male or female, I think we can all appreciate a nice cooling tank top that's fashionable and yet practical within these unforgiving triple-digit temperatures.

In order to achieve this look, you can find tanks basically anywhere from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. Just keep in mind, this is a very casual look that’s perfect for everyday leisure events.




While recently attending a friends barbeque party, I couldn’t help but praise all of the outfits, worn by friends and strangers alike. It was like looking into a sea of maxi dresses, rompers, floral prints, tunics, and wedges. As I caught myself drifting from conversation to conversation, I took mental notes of what I commended as fashionable, and couldn’t help but have a fashion-intake overload!

This of course had me thinking about our upcoming holiday, the Fourth of July. As many of us know, the Fourth of July is usually celebrated by attending an event such as a party. Attending an event is usually a red flag for trying to scramble up the perfect outfit. Well fear not, the trick to the perfect Fourth of July outfit can easily be put together with a few easy steps.

  1. Think colors: show off your patriotism with sporting the good ol' red, white and blue.
  2. Think sundresses: in 110 degree weather, its hard not to. 
  3. Think accessories: they can easily turn a day outfit into a night outfit, so make sure to carry back up jewelry in your bag to make this transition.

Check out these Fashionistas, they don a Maxi dress, and a simple cover up which is perfect if you plan on attending a pool party or intent in being outdoors for this 4th of July.  I feel like these outfit would be appropriate for the Fourth, because not only are they very practical to wear from day to night, but they are also extremely comfortable, so make sure to incorporate this into your attire.

As we all know, fashion is about making a statement, and if you can get someone to do a double take when you walk by, you know you’re doing something right. With that said, good luck Fashionistas, just remember that the possibilities are endless!


‘Tis the season for shorts, sandals, and stripes and when I came across these two Fashionistas, I couldn’t help but admire the nautical striped shirts that they donned.  Stripes have been around for centuries, yet they never seem to get old, and always find a way to be reinvented into modern-day trends. These nautical tees are accessorized beautifully and are a perfect example of how to wear a simple tee like this without making ones appearance look dull.

From personal observations upon recently attending the very popular First Friday art festivals held here every month in down town Phoenix, I noticed that the reappearance of stripes in today’s fashion did not only apply to women, but I spotted many men rocking the striped tee as well. With the striped tee being highly sought-after, I predict that this summer trend will lengthen its stay till the fall and maybe even winter… that is if accessorized properly.

With that said it seems like even major celeb from Sienna Miller to Ashley Olsen have been photographed sporting this chic tee, so it’s only natural to incorporate such a great piece into your summer attire. For an inexpensive option check out this dolman top, it is very similar to the one that these Fashionistas model above. Its absolutely perfect for a daytime festival to a night out on the town, and can easily be dressed up with a simple piece of statement jewelry, or can pop with a boyfriend blazer. Nonetheless, I feel like this top is a summer must!

TREND: Colors for an Ideal Summer Attire

Summers here in Arizona are probably one of the most excruciating discomforts one could ever experience, so its crucial to dress comfortably as well as fashionably for these triple digit temperatures. I spotted this Fashionisto on Mill Ave, and couldn’t help but think of the latest summer collection from Urban Outfitters. The collection consisted of fun patterns, bright fabrics, and printed tees, which was everything this Fashionisto possessed!

He dons a green-stripped tank, long denim cut off shorts, yellow Puma hemp shoes, and lastly a straw fedora hat.

Coming across this Fashionisto I couldn’t help but admire the overall outcome of this outfit. I feel like the usage of colors in this outfit really seize the eyes of an onlooker, as well as makes the simple statement of standing out from the rest of the crowd. To achieve this ideal summer look, you can find a variety of great tanks and shorts at Urban Outfitters, just try to avoid the monochromatic colors and save that for the fall. 

TREND: Dressed For Success

With the semester ending and internships at the head of us, it is absolutely vital to dress for success! Internship attire can be a bit challenging in these triple digit temperatures, but fortunately a cool classic cotton top might be the way to go.

Check out this Fashionista that I spotted on ASU West campus, she models a cotton ruffle top with a pair of black skinny jeans and wedges. Also check out the cute pearl necklace, one can never go wrong with a good pair of vintage pearls, they always embellish an outfit beautifully. To make this a bit more formal you can dress it up with a light blazer or cardigan. Check out Forever 21 for the amazing variety of outerwear at an affordable price that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Style Guru Bio: Michelle Calix

Greetings from Arizona fellow fashion enthusiast! My name is Michelle and I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I live and breathe instyle and Vogue, and have a rather unhealthy obsession with H&M and Forever 21. My own person style would have to be classified as bohemian girl meets London rocker, with that said I honestly love the architecture that goes into garments, and absolutely admire how trends constantly come and go.

Currently I’m a senior here at Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!!) where I’m getting my bachelors in Tourism Development & Management. One day I hope to be working for an event or PR team specifically targeted towards fashion related events. I also love to travel and hope someday to be traveling and admiring trends and styles from all other parts of the world. With that said, I look forward to sharing ideas and giving out advise about fashion trends found here at ASU!