TREND: Cute Meets Comfortable

As the end of the term is quickly approaching and finals are just around the corner, we are all so busy with papers, projects and tests. This part of the year is so busy and tiring that it can be somewhat of a chore to dress nice and fix your hair for class when you have limited time. There are many times when I just want to crawl out of bed and wear sweats and UGGs to class. However I know if I do, I will end up feeling worse than I already did knowing I look like somewhat of a bum. This fashionista has done a great job of putting together an outfit that’s cute yet still comfortable. She’s wearing black leggings with hunt boots, a plaid button-up and a cape-style jacket. The outfit has a common theme in the color palette. The shirt is an ombre-style that fades from light to dark. Her jacket is a blue-ish grey color and the rest of the outfit is solid black. I like this color combination because it looks chic without wearing too much of the exact same color. For a finishing touch she added a headband with a little bow to keep her bangs off her face. This outfit is perfect for test-taking or studying in the library because it’s comfortable and super easy to throw on and go.

Hint: Leggings are a great option for studying and taking finals. They are so comfortable that it feels like you’re wearing sweats but they look more put together. Boots help keep your legs warm in the cold plus they are really trendy this time of year. A button-up is super easy to pair with leggings and has a loose fit, so it’s extra comfortable as well. Just add a sweater or jacket to keep warm and you’ll be set for all those hours in the library. American Apparel has a huge selection of leggings in every color of the rainbow. Target has a really cute pair of boots that are similar to the ones pictured and they are really inexpensive. To help save time in the morning during your extra-busy schedule, try keeping your makeup simple and natural and don’t fuss too much with your hair. Headbands are a great way to keep your hair out of your face and help save time and effort.

TREND: Layering Your Basics

Winter weather is finally arriving! The air is getting crisper and it’s starting to feel like the Holiday season, which just happens to be my favorite time of the year. As I have mentioned before, I love the layered look. It gives an outfit visual interest and helps keep you warm when the temperature drops. My favorite thing about the way this Fashionista layered is how she mixed such simple pieces. I love bold outfits, but sometimes it’s nice to just stick to the basics. However it can be hard to keep your outfit from looking boring. This Fashionista has done a great job of mixing many separate simple items to create a cute layered outfit. I love the mixture of neutrals in this color palette. They are my favorite colors for this time of year and look so much better when combined. The outfit consists of a cozy oatmeal short-sleeved sweater with flap details on the sleeves. She layered it over a long-sleeve white T-shirt and black leggings. To finish the look, she stuck with the popular boot trend and wore brown leather boots with a small wedge and a buckle detail. Such simple pieces can look really cute.

Hint: To make simple items like T-shirts or plain leggings look more interesting and creative, try combining them together in a similar yet contrasting color palette. Try mixing different neutrals together too for a fresh look. To get this look, you can find similar style boots by Steve Madden that look great with just about any outfit. Nine West has a really cute sweater in chocolate brown that would look great with this combination. Have fun experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t

TREND: Perfect for Fall…The Sweater Dress

Although it’s nearing winter, the weather in Eugene has still been fairly mild and fall-appropriate. No crazy cold temperatures or storms yet. The great thing about fall weather attire is that you can get by with a few layers, like a sweater and a jacket, without freezing to death on your walk to class. One of my favorite pieces to wear in the fall is the sweater dress. Although it’s not a super trendy piece, I don’t think these will ever go out of style. All you need to do is keep them up-to-date with the accessories and add-ons you choose.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing an adorable grey sweater dress. It has a great A-line shape and cowl neck, and it comes in at the waist to create or accentuate curves. There is also a cute button detail on the waistband. By pairing this dress with black tights and black leather slouchy boots, the look is simple and modern but also weather appropriate. Black tights look so chic and keep your legs warm so you can wear dresses and skirts into the fall and winter. The boot is a very popular item right now so this helps keep the look trendy and modern rather than school-girlish. Add a fun pop of red nail polish, as seen here, to complete the perfect fall outfit.

Hint: Look for sweater dresses that give you some shape rather than making you look like you’re wearing a sack. The fun thing about sweaters dresses is that they can be dressed up or down to be appropriate for any situation. InStyle has some great advice for how to wear your favorite sweater dress. Just add some bold accessories for a night out or a jacket and boots for a cozy weekend outfit. Gap has a great option that is similar to the one pictured. Have fun with your accessories and add-ons in order to make the sweater dress trendy and fashionable. And when the weather gets really cold, add heavy tights or leggings, boots, a cozy coat and scarf.

TREND: Rainy Weather Cute

As is typical for Eugene, it’s been very wet and rainy these last couple of weeks. When I first experienced this much rain as a freshman, I was in a fashion dilemma. I had no idea what kind of shoes to wear that would keep my feet and pants dry but still looked cute. There’s nothing more miserable than trudging through the puddles in flats and getting your pants soaked up to your knees. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I soon discovered that nearly every person I know who lives somewhere that rains this much owns a pair of rain boots, also called Wellies. When worn like regular boots and paired with a cute outfit, rain boots can be stylish as well as functional.

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that’s a great example of looking cute while still incorporating the rain boots for function. I love the red plaid detail at the top of these boots. It adds extra style and makes them fun. The rest of her outfit has a casual, relaxed vibe that I love. She’s wearing a long slouchy cardigan, a scarf tied loosely and an adorable black cross-body bag.

Hint: Rain boots look best paired with either skinny jeans or leggings. Any pant that has a loose leg ends up looking bunchy and sloppy when tucked into the boots. Rain boots come in so many fun colors and styles. You might even want to buy a couple pairs to fit your mood. Patterned ones add some detail to a simple outfit but solid-colored ones can look simple and chic. My favorite pair of rain boots are these chic Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots, but they are clearly outside most girls’ price range…a girl can dream, right? Hunter has a great variety available for a lot less money and they fit nicely. Macy’s and Target also carry cute rain boots for really cheap prices. Have fun with them; maybe you will be more excited next time it rains when you get to wear some adorable boots!

TREND: Bandage Skirts

One of the best parts of college is getting dressed up and going out at night with the girls. I love getting ready together with my friends in the bathroom, music blasting, doing our makeup and fixing each other’s hair. What I love even more is picking out a fun outfit to wear for the night, with all my friends’ approval of course. One fun thing about dressing up for nights out is that we can wear all of the cute skirts and dresses that we don’t normally wear to class.

A big trend I have noticed this year is the black bandage skirt. They are versatile and practical but fun and sexy for going out. They go with everything and can make any basic top look so much better and evening-appropriate. This Fashionista is wearing the trend in a classy and cute way. She has paired her bandage skirt with a blush pink flowy blouse, which looks great tucked into the tight skirt. She added black pointy-toed heels for a finishing touch.

Hint: Because these bandage skirts are so popular right now, you can find them almost anywhere. I found a couple different variations that are both so adorable and would look great on anyone. Express has a high-waisted one, which would look great on us less-curvy girls who need a little help defining our waist. Macy’s also has one that fits a bit looser for a slightly different look. Bandage skirts look great with almost any type of top but my favorite thing to pair with it is a flowy top that you can tuck in to help balance out the tightness of the skirt. Add any type of high heel, jewelry and a clutch and you’re ready for a night out with the girls!

TREND: Colorful Scarves

The weather here at the University of Oregon is finally looking more like Eugene weather. It’s been windy, cold and rainy every day. It’s a chore just to make it to class without getting soaking wet or freezing cold. One of my favorite pieces to wear when the weather is this bad is a cozy scarf. Sometimes it can be hard to stay stylish while bundling to stay warm but scarves add style and fun to any outfit.

I spotted this Fashionista and loved her whole look. My favorite part is obviously the scarf. The surprising color combo of turquoise, orange and red is so perfect for fall and the plaid pattern is adorable. She paired it with a cape-style grey sweater and a long silver and pearl necklace. I love the way she is wearing the scarf. By letting it hang down, it shows off all the colors so much better.

Hint: What I love so much about scarves is their versatility…not only the variety of colors, patterns and fabric but also the different ways you can wear them. There are websites that show the many different ways to tie a scarf. Scarves look good worn over a heavy coat or with a lightweight sweater. It all just depends on the temperature outside. American Eagle has a good variety of lightweight fashion scarves in a ton of patterns. They also have a few heavy-weight ones and a couple of the trendy loop scarves. Macy’s has a good variety as well. Just add some gloves and a cute hat and you are ready to brave the elements.

TREND: Patterned Tights

One of the best things about fall is getting to wear all the cute clothes and accessories that have been buried at the back of our closets or in the attic all summer. I love when the mornings start getting chilly and I can finally wear my jackets, scarves, boots and tights to class. They add so much to a basic outfit and are great for layering.

I spotted this Fashionista and immediately fell in love with her outfit. I love the combination of warm neutrals. Another thing I love about fall is the change of colors that people tend to wear. I personally prefer to stick with rich colors like browns and reds or creamy neutrals. They give your outfit a warm cozy feeling. This fashionista has mixed light grey, white, chocolate brown, leather brown and a gorgeous bronze necklace. I love the feel of this whole combination. She is wearing an adorable boyfriend blazer with a high-waisted flowy skirt, a multi-layer beaded necklace and boots. The best part of this outfit is the adorable patterned tights. They are lacy and kind of like fish nets, only instead they are sheer rather than cut-out with a great diamond pattern.

Hint: Tights are a great way to add some pattern and interest to a simple outfit. They also allow you the freedom to wear your skirts and dresses into the fall. For added warmth, try pairing them with a great pair of boots. The fun thing about tights is that there are so many cool patterns and colors available. Artisan Socks has a really cute black pair with a snowflake type pattern. J Crew has a more subtle lace pair in black and tan that are really cute. Have fun with them and stay warm while still looking great!

TREND: Mad for Plaid

Although plaid has been a trend for several seasons now, I don’t see it going out of style any time soon. Plaid is such a great print to wear in the fall. It’s fun and the flannel styles are so cozy and warm. Another great thing about plaid is the variety of color palettes it comes in and you can find a plaid shirt at nearly any store. If you have a button-up style, they are perfect for layering when the weather is chilly.

This Fashionista mixes two different plaid patterns for a different look. She has paired a purple and black plaid button-up over a simple black T-shirt with indigo skinnies and Velcro Converse sneakers. She has added a blue and black plaid backpack for an interesting twist that not a lot of people would be brave enough to try. Mixing patterns, or in this case, wearing two different colors of a pattern, works well as long as you keep one item as the focus piece so you don’t end up looking overwhelmed with prints. She has kept her purple shirt as the focus and the backpack works like an accessory and adds a little something extra to an otherwise simple outfit.

Hint: If you are afraid to wear this much color or print, try sticking with one single plaid item, like the button-up shirt or a plaid bag. American Eagle has a cute option of a plaid boyfriend-style shirt. Target also has some great options in a ton of different colors and styles. If you are looking to add a plaid purse or backpack to your outfit, check out these two cute options from Buckle. Plaid shirts and bags are the perfect items for fall and you can wear them in so many ways. It’s a great trendy piece to try that you can get for a really good price.

TREND: Go Bold with Accessories

Although many people are great at pulling off a ton of accessories at once, I personally prefer to stick with one bold item at a time. For me, I think it’s important to have a focus item that adds visual interest to your outfit and makes a statement without going overboard. This Fashionista shows the perfect example of how to do exactly that. She has kept her outfit simple and in neutral colors in order to allow her brightly-colored necklace to be the focus. She has paired an elbow-length button up blouse in black that has some girly details in the fabric on the upper half with simple black leggings. She added flat sandals in a contrasting tan color and a brown hobo-style bag in addition to the funky necklace. She does a great job of mixing neutrals that a lot of people are afraid of doing, like wearing brown with black. The effect is classy and elegant. By picking a necklace in bright red, which also nicely complements the color of her hair, it adds a pop of color to her otherwise plain-colored outfit. The necklace is chunky with big beads and wood rings.

Accessories are a great way to dress up a simple outfit and express your personality. To find fun chunky necklaces like the one this Fashionista is wearing, check out Urban Outfitters, or Forever 21, for some great options that are reasonably priced. Piperlime also has a great variety in a ton of styles! You can also find great jewelry at vintage and antique stores.  Have fun with your accessories and use them to turn a plain outfit into a fashionable one.

TREND: Summer Meets Fall

Disregarding the unusual heat wave that UO students have been experiencing these past couple of days, the summer season has officially ended as we began our first week of classes. The leaves are beginning to change and Starbucks is now serving the seasonal favorite Pumpkin Spice lattes again. We all know what this means: it’s officially fall! Time to bust out the clothes that have been hiding in the backs of our closets all summer long. Although it may still be too warm for scarves and sweaters, there are many other fall pieces you can start incorporating into your summer wardrobe to help you transition seasons.

This Fashionista has done a great job of mixing seasonal clothes into one outfit for an adorable look that can carry her from summer to fall as the temperatures begin to drop. She has paired this high-waist floral skirt, in a very summery pattern, with a simple white V-neck and grey suede slouchy boots. These boots are the perfect example of how to transition your wardrobe when the weather begins to cool off and they are a definite fall staple. She keeps the look simple and clean by making the floral skirt the main focus of the outfit and keeps her other items basic and neutral.

The boots ,not only look cute and add style to a basic outfit, but they can actually help expand your wardrobe and give you more options. By investing in a nice pair of boots, you are able to create new looks by re-wearing your summer clothes in fresh combinations that you might not have thought of. As we all know, most college students don’t have the extra money to go buy a whole new wardrobe for every season, but by purchasing one or two staple items, you can stretch your wardrobe and your dollar.

Sometimes when purchasing a classic piece like a boot, it’s better to spend a little extra money on an investment item that will last you for years. Steve Madden has a great selection of quality leather boots in different styles available here.

So go ahead…wear your summer skirts and dresses in to fall, but make them work for the season by mixing in fall staples.