TREND: Unwrapping Your Festive Fashionisto

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when every Fashionista routinely prays the men in her life will shed their terrible clothing habits and magically morph into presentable Fashionistos for all the holiday soirees they must attend. The best possible present has come early this year- a foolproof way to get these boys cleaned up and presentable! With a few simple pieces, any male can transform himself into a Fashionisto for occasions ranging from a tacky Christmas party to a moderately nice dinner. I challenge you to find the brother, boyfriend or best friend who won’t appreciate being able to easily be well groomed and humorous all at once.

Even in December, a nice pair of khaki shorts are the way to go. As long as you aren’t dining in a restaurant with a strict dress code (and really, what college boy does?) shorts will keep you from getting overheated while preventing the stuffy “office” look that so many college boys fear like the plague. Adding a striped dress shirt, like this Fashionisto, helps keep the outfit interesting. Red is also another option. Any subtle print or pattern in a festive color will serve you well.

Now that you have your khaki shorts and long sleeved button-up to untuck or tuck in as you please, it’s time to hunt down the fun pieces. A comical piece of holiday-themed outerwear, like this Fashionisto’s reindeer sweater, is absolutely essential. It’s perfect for getting laughs out of your peers, and Grandma will think you look so nice decked out for the holidays. Heck, she may have even previously gifted you a sweater perfect for this outfit! If she hasn’t, I recommend hitting up goodwill. There are some fun reindeer and fair isle sweaters available in stores, but they’re hard to find and typically expensive. A sweater vest is also a good alternative for those warm winter nights.

A pair of relatively nice shoes, like a classic topsider, and a festive tie are the final elements to completing your ensemble. This Fashionisto goes above and beyond in keeping the reindeer theme alive in his tie. If you choose to go with a fair isle sweater, finding a tie in the same funky print would be a good way to go. If not, any holiday colored tie with snowmen, Santa, trees or any other festive decorations will work great.

These versatile items will combine well for any occasion. Layer the sweater over the shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked for a casual party with friends. Unroll the sleeves and tuck in the shirt for dinner with family. Add the tie to your tucked in shirt for any dressier occasions. Voila! A wardrobe to turn even the most stubborn male into a Fashionisto you’d be proud to parade on your arm to every event this holiday season.

Hint: When rocking the sweater, check to see if it covers your belt. If it doesn’t, make sure it matches your shoes!

TREND: Detail Oriented

When I spotted this Fashionista strolling around campus, I was initially attracted to how comfortable, yet stylish her light neutral top and sandals looked next to the dark black leggings. The closer I studied her look, the more I realized her vibe of subtly pulled-together perfection was achieved by paying great attention to the small details of her outfit. Not only does the neutral background color of her top compliment the color of her sandals, but all of her accessories, from her bag and ring down to her cell phone cover and nail polish, coordinate with the plaid stripes in her shirt! It's the little things like this that make this Fashionista's take on the typical oversized shirt and leggings look go from ordinary to extraordinary.

To mimic this Fashionista's casually polished look, the first step is picking a color to work throughout your outfit. If you decide to use two colors like our Fashionista, be sure to follow her lead and pick similar hues, like she did with the light blue and lavender. Find an oversized plaid shirt or tunic that incorporates your chosen colors. There are many great options playing on blue, purple and pink, giving the boyfriend-inspired button-up a girly edge.

Pair the top with a sturdy pair of black leggings and a great pair of cuffed sandals. Make sure to play off the background color of your shirt, choosing your sandal hue accordingly. It's hard to go wrong with neutral grays and tans. If you're feeling adventerous, try a slate blue. Your toes will be exposed, so paint them a fun shade that goes with the color scheme of your outfit.

Last but certainly not least, don't forget your accessories. The key to choosing jewelry is to pick pieces with subtle pops of color. This Fashionista's ring has a touch of turquoise in it, making it a perfect addition to your outfit. Whether you choose a ring, colored studs, or a necklace laced with traces of your desired hue, keep it to one or two pieces at most. Any more starts to look tacky. Also, this is a great time to use your favorite colored tote bag. A Longchamp tote bag is always a classic, as this Fashionista demonstrates, and they come in every color under the rainbow. If you prefer something more unique, there are plenty of other well-made canvas totes that are less ubiquitous on campus. Or go for a fun bag with a bright pattern, funky print or cool material.

The sky is the limit with how far you can take the detail coordination in your outfit. As long as you employ subtle details that bring your outfit together, you'll be following in this Fashionista's pulled-together footsteps in no time.

Hint: Embellished details on the cuffs of your sandals like studs, laces or buckles are an easy way to add some extra personality to your outfit.

TREND: Simple Sophistication

What college girl doesn't aspire to sleek, sophisticated style? Combine casual hair, long dresses and a few accessories and you have a very chic outfit. These Fashionistas demonstrate two effortless ways to achieve this look.

Whether you prefer solids or prints, there are many choices for long fall dresses. Stick to darker hues and patterns to stay seasonally appropriate. A defined waist and back detailing are key features that can take a long dress from drab to divine. These Fashionistas do a excellent job of selecting dresses that compliment their height and coloring. This look is just as stylish when your dress is ankle length as it is when it's skimming the floor, so pick whatever length you feel comfortable in.

Let your dress take center stage by pulling your hair up into a high bun. This simple hairstyle adds to the effortless vibe of the look. Also, avoid going overboard with accessories. For jewelry, pair a substantial, classic watch with delicate earrings. If you feel a need for more, a statement ring can be a fun addition to your ensemble.

Top the outfit off with oversized sunglasses and a neutral handbag. If you're really fashion savvy, keep your bag and sunglasses in the same color family as any accent to your dress, like this Fashionista did her with the embellishment on her straps.

Hint: High-maintenance heels and bulky boots clash with the laid back vibe of the dress. Stick to sandals and maximize the look's easygoing vibe.

TREND: Shiny, Sequined and Striped

Who knew a sparkling look could be so sophisticated and simple? This Fashionista demonstrates an effortless way to rock this trend. By following her lead, you can easily add some glam to your everyday life.

The pivotal piece of this Fashionista's outfit is her striped, sequined top. Three-quarter sleeves work great for this look, but a tank top will also do the trick. If you're feeling timid, you can try a short-sleeved sequined shirt sans stripes, or wear a simple, striped long-sleeved top.

A sequined, striped top pairs well with your favorite well-worn denim shorts. The polished look of the shirt juxtaposed against the worn-in look of the denim keeps the look trendy without being too dressy.

Jewelry is what really makes this outfit. A few simple accessories really pull the look together. Try some funky pearls paired with a dainty initialed necklace. Don't be afraid to mix silver and gold. Bright earrings really pop on this look. Remember to finish your outfit off with great shoes- a shiny pair of flats, like this Fashionista's gold Sperry boat shoes, leave her sparkling from head to toe.

Hint: No matter what top you choose, avoid anything excessively fitted.

TREND: Comfortably Wild

Who doesn't love animal print? It's everywhere this season, and is surprisingly easy to wear casually. This Fashionista demonstrates a perfect way to style leopard print in a way that is comfortable and simple.

Build your outfit around the leopard print. Start with an attention-grabbing pair of leopard print pants or leggings, like today's Fashionista. Leopard print bottoms are unexpected and are a quick way to give your outfit some personality. This is a great way to do leggings that avoids looking boring or sloppy. If you do choose leggings, make sure they are thick enough. For pants, stick to a skinny cut.

Whether you choose pants or leggings, pair your leopard print with a long, simple top. Ideally your shirt should hit between mid-thigh and your knees. Neutral solids pair perfectly with leopard print. If you want a little more color, try to stick to very dark or very light colors. These are less likely to clash. A bright shirt with leopard print can easily scream 80s gone bad. It's hard to mix prints with leopard print, but large stripes in neutrals are a good option if you find a solid shirt too plain.

Today's Fashionista chose not to add jewelry her look, letting the leopard print take center stage. If you feel naked without an accessory or two, a long pendant or a large metal bangle would be great additions. Also, an oversized tote like this Fashionista's is another way to add more depth to your outfit without competing with the leopard print.

Hint: Avoid pairing your leopard print leggings or skinny pants with a tight shirt. Loose tops are more flattering and comfortable.

TREND: Brighten Your Rainy Day

Most characterize rainy weather as bleary, bleak and gray. That doesn't mean your style on these stormy days has to follow suit! Rain boots and a cute dress are great vehicles to use to bring some color to a drab day.

This Fashionista pulls together an outfit that works for the weather, while also being comfortable and stylish. The key piece to any rainy day outfit is rain boots. This Fashionista's multicolor polka dot pair are lively and go with anything. The variety of colors on a neutral background give this Fashionista the ability to pair her boots with anything. Your rain boots serve as the foundation for your outfit, so give yourself as many possible ways to build upon them as you can by finding a pair with lots of different colors. This is a great opportunity to wear something really wild and eclectic, so take advantage of it!  There are a variety of great multicolor prints out there. Patterns like plaid are frequently done in subdued hues, and a great option if you feel more comfortable doing subtle colors. If all the color is too much for you, try a leopard print– neutral but still fun!

Pants tucked into boots look fabulous, but even when it rains, the temperature is usually still too high to comfortably wear that look in Miami. A cotton dress that hits near the knee is a great alternative. As this Fashionista shows, it's a very stylish option that works well with the heat. Cotton dresses are always a safe pick because they dry quickly if they get wet. Fabrics like silk, suede and leather are susceptible to water damange, so try to stay away from dresses made of these fabrics, even if it's just trim. A bright dress that plays off a color in your rain boots will really pull your outfit together. This Fashionista manages to match the purple of her dress to the purple in her boots almost perfectly!

Hint: Stay away from busy, patterned dresses. They will make your outfit look too busy and can potentially clash with your rain boots.

TREND: Make Them Green With Envy of Your Style

By now, even the freshmen girls all have made their “The U Invented Swagger” T-shirts into dresses and have amassed a sizable collection of cut-up orange Miami tops. It sometimes seems our student body has forgotten we have a second school color: green. For the next game day, upgrade from your destroyed orange look and get your swagger on in a green dress.

This Fashionista wears her green well. She picks a shade and shape that compliments her coloring and figure. If you want a dress like this Fashionista’s, you’re in luck. Raid the end-of-summer sales, and you're likely to find this summery tube-style dress, along with many other strapless cuts, at a great price. Lucky for us, summery clothing can be worn year-round in Miami.

Strapless dresses work great during the day now and can be paired with a lightweight cardigan (preferably in a neutral or orange) for indoor events or night games later in the season. If you aren’t a fan of sleeveless dresses, a tank dress will work just as well.

Orange accessories are a great way to emphasize your ‘Canes spirit in a green dress. Otherwise, stick to neutral accessories, like this Fashionista’s long charm necklace. Also stick to neutrals or orange for shoes and purses.

For some fun variations on this look, try a dress with a green print or stripes. If you want to make a bigger statement or go for a dressier look, a dress with more detailing, like ruffles, will do the trick. Conversely, if a green dress is too much for you, try pairing a neutral top with a green bottom, or vice versa.

Hint: The key to a classy, spirited look that will make others green with envy of your style is picking a shade of green that flatters you and letting it take center stage. A bold look like this doesn’t need flashy accessories.

TREND: Belt Your Basics

We all have those tried and true standbys that are easy to throw on for those lazy mornings when we don’t want to think about pulling together an outfit. With the addition of a belt and a great accessory, your basics can go from simple to stunning. This Fashionista illustrates the concept beautifully.

Whether your favorite go-to dress has a defined waist or not, any simple dress in a fall color or pretty pattern can be belted. Adding a skinny belt gives a touch of polish and flare to your ensemble. If your dress has a bold or busy print, think something neutral and simple. If your dress is a solid color, like this Fashionista’s, something with a little more embellishment is an option. A braided belt is a great investment- it can be paired with both busy prints and solid colors alike.

Try to keep your shoes and belt in the same neutral color family. This Fashionista’s light brown belt works great with her medium brown shoes. Different shades of the same color give her outfit variety without clashing. Bonus points to this Fashionista for not only coordinating her brown leather tote, but also for sticking to gold with both her sunglasses and necklace!

Keeping your shoes and belt neutral allows you to wear a colorful, attention-grabbing necklace. Today's Fashionista realizes her simple, yet chic outfit provides the perfect backdrop for her orange owl pendant. An ensemble like this one is the perfect time to bust out that funky, colorful necklace. Any great pendant on a long chain will work well.

Hint: A low-cut dress can be more versatile than you think. Wear the dress on its own when out at night with friends, or with a tank top underneath, like this Fashionista did, for daytime.

TREND: Cut Out Your Cutoffs and Go High-Waisted!

Newsflash: fall has fallen, and it’s really past time to put away those barely-butt-covering cutoffs you’ve been wearing every day on campus. High-waisted shorts are a flattering antidote to the epidemic of unforgiving super-short denim shorts everyone seems to be sporting lately. This is a great way to start shifting your style to fall, while still being wearable in the summer-like weather we’re experiencing.

Today's Fashionista proves that high-waisted shorts can be worn casually and comfortably. Her loose, neutral pair is easy to throw on with just about anything. Look for a pair that’s loose through the hips and leg to get the same effect. Opt for a pair that’s fitted at the hem for a different but still easygoing look. Additions like buttons and a sash that ties in a bow at the waist can spice up an otherwise typical pair.

High-waisted shorts come in a great variety of fall colors. Versatile colors like blue, black, brown, tan, olive green or this Fashionista’s grey are easy to pair with almost anything. If you’re feeling adventurous, a patterned or leopard print pair will really stand out.

No matter what pair of shorts you choose, it’s best to pick a simple top and cede center stage to your bottoms. This Fashionista pairs hers with a plain T-shirt for a laid back look that’s easy to replicate for class, lunch or just hanging out. A cardigan or short-sleeved sweater, like this Fashionista sports, is an easy way to transition your look to keep you from freezing in overly air-conditioned buildings.

The beaded sandals on this Fashionista keep her look from being boring. If you decide to pair a simple pair of shorts with a plain T-shirt, make sure to follow her lead and add great shoes, a chunky necklace or another great accessory to give some life to your outfit.

Hint: Pay attention to both the length and fit of your high-waisted shorts. Proportion is key for pulling off this trend, and the proportion gets thrown off when your shorts are too tight or too short. When in doubt, err on the side of longer and loose.

TREND: Hello, Harem Pants!

There are some trends that set apart the timid Fashionistas from the bold, and harem pants are one of those trends. It takes a confident Fashionista with a great eye to pull together a look that makes these pants look sophisticated instead of sloppy, and today's Fashionista here has done just that. By using colors that work well together and properly utilizing proportions, she gives us some great lessons in how to rock this sometimes intimidating trend.

A big concern many Fashionistas have with harem pants is how to prevent these bulky bottoms from appearing to add excess inches. As every good Fashionista knows, black is slimming. The simple act of choosing a flattering color helps keep these pants flattering, not fattening. Some harem pants have yards of excess fabric, but some achieve the same look with slightly less bulk. Try to choose the former kind. Also, when wearing a loose ensemble, a defined waist can work wonders. The wide, fitted waistband does a great job of cinching this fashionista's waist, and the detailing in this area helps draw attention to this fact. Adding any embellished belt to the wide waistband of any black harem pants can acheive this same effect.

One might instinctively shy away from an unfitted top with harem pants, but today's Fashionista's loose, cropped white number works wondefully. If your top is too fitted, it will actually make your pants (and thus your lower half) look larger. Again, defining the waist is key to keeping the loose top and bottom combo from looking shapeless and frumpy. The fact that our Fashionista's top is cropped is key. A longer top would overwhelm the outfit. Today's Fashionista chose to stick to a neutral pallet for her ensemble, but if you want to add some color, a top in a bright shade would also work well.

With an outfit like this, the details are essentail to take your look from acceptable to amazing. Small, delicate accesories will get lost against big, statement clothes. This Fashionista's chunky watch works well. A large bracelet or a wide cuff could also be great accessories for an outfit like this one. Also, it is imperative to pair harem pants with shoes that lengthen your legs. Heels are impractical for walking around campus, so a pair of flat sandals with a strap down the middle, like this Fashionista's, will help elongate your limbs while keeping your feet comfortable. Her sandals are also a great example of how to wear brown with black- the trick is to pick a light brown and use a variety of neutrals in your outfit. Lastly, I love cross-body bags as much as the next Fashionista, but a purse strap won't look cute cutting across the middle of this look. A coordinating tote will work great.

Hint: When looking for a cropped top, remember that a foot of exposed mid-drift is not necessary. The shirt simply needs to be short enough to give you room to highlight your waist and add shape to the ensemble. If you're having trouble finding a top in a color or length you want, you can always buy an oversized T-shirt and cut it to suit your needs.