How to Ace Your Interview and Snag the Job

Summer is coming to a close but applying to fall internships are on the rise. Have no fear! I have a few tips and tricks for how to get the job.  At the end of the day, that’s the goal, right? Here are some ways to be extra confident going into your interviews.

1—Interview appearance. Interviews are all about first impressions and believe it or not your outfit says a lot about you, so dress to impress. Make sure you look put together. My go to is a blazer, colored blouse,  trousers and a nude heel. First impressions are prominent not only in interviews but in life in general! So leave your mark and do it in style.

2—Do a background check! Before going into any interview, do a background check. Use those incredible internet skills. Get a better idea of what you are actually applying for and see what the company is all about. This will give you some talking points if needed and will help with having questions prepared ahead of time.

3—Practice the tough questions. Typical tough interview questions include: What makes you different from everyone else who wants this job? Tell me a little about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What salary do you think you deserve? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Now here are only a few tough questions. Don’t stress these questions.  Think about a couple of these questions before your interview and think about how you’d like to answer them. My best advice is to not over-rehearse. You still want your answer authentic, so if you over practice it will sound over-practiced.

4—Always ask at least one question at the end of your interview. There is always that moment at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions and, if you’re like me, most times my questions do not come up until later, after going over the interview in my head. So, asking a question at the end is essential if you want to really get a step ahead. Asking at least one question in your interview or having one prepared can show promise and real interest. It displays that you weren’t just bobbing your head. If you’re like me and can’t think of questions on the spot, try to have two or three prepared before you go in.

5—As cheesy as this sounds, be yourself. Whatever you are applying whether it be an internship or your future dream job, they want to hire you, not a person you morphed yourself to be for the job. Be confident and take a deep breath because you’re awesome, own it. As nervous as you may get, it’s just a conversation. Just remember to stay positive and relax. Show your personality and prove why you are qualified for the job, it’ll turn out great.

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How to Get the Perfect Summer Natural Makeup Look

This summer, the natural look has taken the fashion world by storm. Even freckles have returned on the fashion scene! People want to look like they have no makeup on and  want to enhance their natural features. Whether it’s a night out or taking cute pictures on the beach, summer is all about looking and feeling like your best self. So, here’s some tips and products to help achieve that perfect summer natural glow look that everyone, including models, are trying to master. 


Make sure you have a good primer. I know sometimes we get lazy and don’t want to prime our face, but making sure you have a primer will not only ensure that your pores are covered, but it also protects your pores by keeping your face hydrated and healthy underneath the products that you place on top of it. 


Pick a light foundation. A really great foundation that keeps everything light especially on those hot days is a must. Choosing a lighter foundation makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting. I use L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. Since it’s a true match product, it not only matches my skin perfectly, but it provides a seemingly natural glow. 


Keep your eyebrows as close to natural as you can by doing light brush strokes with the perfect eyebrow pencil.  I do a slightly bushy look by just filling my brows with natural brush strokes, and it leads to flawless results every time. 


Use waterproof mascara. Use the right brush for your lashes. Having the right brush can help achieve a flirty eye look without having to add fake lashes. 


The highlight is essential for your summer natural glow look. Add highlight under the browbone, on the tip of your nose, Cupid’s bow, the center of your chin, and your cheekbones. This will enhance your features and really give you the glow you are looking for. Lighten up your eyes by putting the highlight on your brush and then placing it on the inside corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes and add to your highlighting that you just did. 

6—Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to set your face with finishing powder and setting spray. I put finishing powder under my eyes and then place it over the areas that I just highlighted. To complete the look, use a setting spray. This method not only finishes the look but also ensures that your look stays on all day.

That’s all you need! Use these steps to achieve a seemingly effortless look. You can also add more or use less as you please but take the time to play around with the look until you feel like it is just right.

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