TREND: Happy Holidays Harley

Harley of Harley-Davidson, of course. Ride on this holiday season wearing some tough, but chic motorcycle boots. Whether or not you’re having a bit of a staycation or heading out for the holidays, these boots will be perfect. Okay, if you are going to Hawaii, maybe not so much. Nonetheless, they will still be in style for when you return to Boston. Live on the edge with these motorcycle boots, and an actual motorcycle is not a prerequisite for owning a pair.

This Fashionista looks tough chic in her Frye Harness 12R boots. The metal circle and studded straps are a great detail to an already stylish boot. While this Fashionista is wearing the black leather one, it also comes in brown leather and one style is even shearling lined. Frye also offers differing shaft heights, like 8 inches instead of 12. Perfect for walking up and down Commonwealth Avenue, these boots are the kind you have forever. Once broken in, Frye won’t let you down. If you are seriously looking into a pair of Frye boots, also take a look at the Engineer 8R, which is another motorcycle style they offer. Nothing is better than a pair of comfortable chic boots, and the motorcycle style is the way to go this season. There is no doubt you will look amazing wearing these this holiday season, next holiday season or, of course, any other day of the year. 

Hint: With the temperamental weather in Boston, try to weatherproof your motorcycle boots or any leather boots you own. That way, if you get caught in the rain, your boots won’t get wrecked!

TREND: Old School Rules

At some point, despite the resistance, studying needs to get done. That means turning off your computer, TV, iPod, and cell phone. While denying yourself the luxuries of technology, look to some old school fashions that might not be as entertaining, but equally luxurious.

If you are going to have to lug all your books to the library, you might as well do it in style. Backpacks are incredibly practical, and there is no doubt there are stylish ones out there. The fashionable tote is equally functional and who doesn’t love a great Longchamp bag? But, rather than using these, look into a classic messenger bag. While generally seen on men, there is no need to let that be the case forever. Messenger bags are classic and reminiscent of preppy old school fashion. This kind of trend needs to be revived, in the name of fashion, and studying of course. Somehow, it becomes less of a pain to carry books around when you put them in a messenger bag like this Fashionista. While her utility jacket and black denim shorts and tights ensemble is fashionable, her Barbour messenger stands out in the crowd. Definitely made to withstand both wear and time, the leather bag has old school charm that cannot be denied.

Barbour makes a similar model in a dark chocolate leather as well. If you have really embraced the olive color this season, this Fenton Holdall might be the one for you. This caramel colored style is also fashionable with its contrasting leather trims. When it comes to school, the old rules apply: reading the book goes a long way and starting a paper before the night it is due is best. But, as we all know, easier said than done. Stick to the classics like a leather messenger bag, and you might be better off than before.

Hint: Do research on your messenger prospects. While these leather ones are great, there might be other styles that are more to your taste. Even though a good bag is always an investment, make sure it is right for you.

TREND: Hats Off to Studying

Since when are the weeks leading up to finals more stressful than finals week itself? It’s crunch time, which means it’s library time. But, just because your head is in the books doesn’t mean you can’t still look chic. Don’t compromise fashion for studying. You can still have the best of both worlds. A quick go-to staple for a bad hair day or a low-on-sleep and low-on-energy day is a hat. While baseball hats work well and show school or team pride, they’re not the most stylish hat this season. The fedora is. Yes, it has had a comeback and yes, it probably has something to do with Matt Bomer on White Collar. A fedora never looked so good. But, fedoras are not just for the boys. This Fashionista donned a chic crème fedora with a black stripe and orange feather for a nice pop of color. A fedora makes everything a little bit cooler. Take a look at this Aqua felt fedora that comes in both black and gray. The grosgrain band and feather add a little extra touch to the classic look. Hat Attack also has some great fedoras in rich colors like maroon and navy. If you aren’t quite sure, look at this Rag & Bone chambray fedora. Unlike the felt, the chambray fabric is more versatile for all seasons. While you are held up in the library studying hard, don’t lose your head for fashion. You are sure to make the grade wearing a chic fedora.

Hint: Definitely go try on the fedora! You might feel silly in front of the mirror trying them on, but it is worth the hassle. Every hat fits differently, even if they look identical. You are going to want the perfect fit.

TREND: Fashionable Furry Feet

Nothing is better than utter comfort this winter. Curling up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate sounds just perfect while getting out of our warm beds only to brave the cold winter sounds like a nightmare. Take some of the comfy warmth on the street with fabulous furry boots. Often when thinking about furry boots, we think of boots lined with fur on the inside, not outside. Boots with furry exteriors make a fun fashion statement this winter that other boots do not. While many are not fans of UGGS, when the temperature drops, they start coming out. This fall, they have made a fashion statement with their Sheepskin Cuff Boot. Admittedly, they do look a little funky, but in a good way. Unlike the UGGS, the Manitobah Mukluks Suede Boot is a little plusher. The beadwork detailing is reminiscent of moccasins and the pom poms are adorable. Or, check out some boots that are furry from the top down like this Fashionista’s. She looks effortlessly chic in her gray leopard print sweater tunic, leggings and her black fur boots. The fluffy fur boots look best with leggings or skinny jeans. These Tory Burch boots are definitely a splurge, but they are ski lodge-chic. Keep your feet toasty this winter in some fashionable furry boots going to class or up to the slopes. 

Hint: Check the weather report before leaving class. Furry boots are made for walking, but not in the rain! Nothing is worse than wet soggy boots. 

TREND: Little Leather Vest

Who doesn’t love a little bit of leather? Leather, especially black leather, is edgy and just screams rock chic. The good news is that you don’t have to be a rocker to rock a leather vest. It is one of the best layering pieces this season. While basic long sleeves are great for keeping you warm, you wouldn’t call them cool. Now a leather vest, well that speaks for itself. This Fashionista pairs her black leather vest with a denim shirt, black skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Her outfit is stylish, and the addition of her leather vest really completes the whole ensemble. Take a look at this leather vest from Topshop. The asymmetric zipper is reminiscent of a motorcycle jacket and would look amazing over anything. Another great vest from Topshop is this one. Unlike other leather vests, it has jersey panels on the side and a beautiful waterfall collar. Drapey collars add a chic and feminine touch to this Trina Turk motorcycle-inspired vest. Leather vests add edge to even a plain white T-shirt and look amazing over a more feminine top, as well. A little leather vest goes with just about everything – even your favorite little black dress.

Hint: Leather vests can be on the pricey side, so you can always look for a faux leather one. Or, shop around in vintage stores. Leather vests have never gone away – while the trend may have faded, know that as long as there are rockers, there will be leather vests for you to rock.

TREND: Festive Flannel

It’s time for a break where we give thanks and eat lots and lots of food. On this relaxing holiday, there is nothing more to do than just hang out with family. Thanksgiving gives the green light to Christmas decorations – minus Starbucks who didn’t quite get the memo as red coffee cups are already the perfect accessory. But, more importantly, Thanksgiving is the calm before the storm. Before exams and the stress of buying presents, we are given the opportunity to sit on the couch and just watch humongous balloons parade around New York City. How do you look fashionable lounging around the house or frolicking among the fall foliage? The answer is flannel. Contrary to what some believe, flannel is not exclusive to hipsters or lumberjacks (ironic that the groups could not be more opposite?). Break out that flannel on campus and at home this fall. This Fashionista looks cute and comfortable on a cold day in her jeans, gray UGGS and a flannel jacket. She mixes her blue plaid with a tan and brown printed scarf to stay warm walking down Comm. Ave. Check out American Apparel for a great variety of flannels in different colors. Madewell also has these cute flannels that are perfectly tailored. This Splendid top is adorable and the perfect way to wear flannel in a different way than a traditional button-down. Relax this Thanksgiving in some flannel and be thankful we have the luxury of comfort this fall.

Hint: Sometimes, go borrow from the boys. Look in the guy’s department at Urban Outfitters when you are looking for some good flannel pieces. If the shirt is long enough, wear it as a tunic over a pair of leggings and boots. You will not only be comfortable in class, but fashionable as well.

TREND: Showing Different Spots

It’s an animal print invasion. From ballet flats to skirts, everyone is showing spots these days. While there is the traditional print being worn around town, there are also variations on the natural print. Leopard print, and animal prints in general, are kind of sexy. But, this cartoonish print has a pop-art air to it – more fun and playful. This Fashionista wore an awesome leopard print cardigan with a graphic tee and plaid skirt. The almost-mustard yellow really makes her outfit pop. The juxtaposition between a normally preppy item of clothing with the fun and sexy print is a twist on a plain cardigan. Similar to a leopard print accessory, like these great ballet flats, a leopard print cardigan can be added as a finishing touch to many outfits. This leopard print cardigan is cute and comfy with an inverted pattern. Especially with it getting colder these days, layer on some leopard and let it peek out underneath your jacket. For a little more fun, check out some leopard print patterns that stray away from the natural color scheme. This YARNZ scarf grabs your attention because of the mixture of lace and leopard print as well as the gray, orange and magenta coloring. Or, take a look at this Diane von Furstenberg tunic that incorporates neon lime green into the leopard pattern. Let’s take a walk on the wild side this winter and show some spots!

Hint: Leopard print is best in moderation. Head-to-toe leopard print looks crazy. You don’t want to actually resemble the animal!

TREND: Knee-High Nylons

To wear or not to wear pantyhose. What’s appropriate? Nowadays, we tend to go bare-legged, but years ago it was a fashion rule to stick to wearing hosiery. Since we are no longer expected to wear this leg-wear, we are given the choice, which makes them more of a fashion accessory. One way to make a hosiery statement is with knee-high nylons. This Fashionista wears her gray dress and grandpa cardigan with a taupe scarf. Paired with black knee-high nylons and black patent leather flats, her stylish ensemble is complete. By wearing the black nylons, she adds a chic element and a unexpected flair. Hue has a variety of “knee hi’s” that would be a perfect addition to an outfit. They have many different textures, such as their classic rib and their sueded opaque ones. They vary in sheens, texture and color. While it is fun to mix up colors, keeping the tights and shoes monotone, like this Fashionista did, is a great idea. It keeps the look more put together and sophisticated. Since black tights go with most outfits, if you don’t already have a pair, you should definitely look into getting a pair of black patent leather flats. The shiny patent will look great with the nylons. Whether or not you choose to go with colored knee-highs or black ones, there is no doubt that these nylons are reaching new heights this fall.

Hint: If you are planning on wearing knee-high nylons, make sure your dress or skirt hits about mid-thigh. When your skirt is knee-length, it breaks your body into unflattering proportions because there will just be a small section of your bare knee. However, you don’t want the skirt to be too short. Even if the skirt is really not that short, it will look even shorter now.

TREND: Cool Cape

It is natural to be a little weary of capes because usually we leave them to Batman and Robin. But, not all capes should be reserved for Halloween. A great and fashionable alternative to a traditional pea coat this fall is a warm cape. Jackets are more tailored and fitted, while capes are more voluminous. This Fashionista bears the brisk fall weather with a classy brown and cream plaid cape. The plaid, which is a larger print, along with the color scheme, gives the cape a refined quality. There is a understated, polished quality about a chic cape. And, there is a cape out there for everyone. Some capes this season have great hoods that will definitely come in handy when caught in the rain. This Clu plaid cape is more casual, while this Alice + Olivia cape has embellished shoulders and is dressier. Or, take a look at this “Hooded Duffel Cape” that has cute toggle detailing. But, for a classic cape shape, check out this camel-colored cape with military buttons. Instead of reaching for the more popular coat option this fall, consider a cape. Who knows? You might just reach a new level of cool.

Hint: Since capes are more voluminous, pair them with skinny jeans or black leggings and a tunic to create a very flattering silhouette. You can also achieve this look by wearing your cape with a straight skirt, like the pencil skirt this Fashionista wears. Also, for when it gets colder this winter, these elbow-length gloves will keep you warm and work flawlessly peeking out from your cape when you go to grab something out of your bag or text a friend.

TREND: Fall Sun

Even with the leaves beginning to turn, the sun hasn’t quite gone into hiding yet. Amidst the dreary rainy days, we have been fortunate enough to get some bursts of sun and warm weather in the last few weeks. Carry a jacket in hand, in case the weather turns unexpectedly, but don’t put away your sunglasses just yet. Along with her army green and Sherpa-lined jacket, this Fashionista wears retro sunglasses. Because the weather isn’t too cold, she also wears a belted tan skirt and adorable leopard print flats. Even on days when it is remotely sunny, sunglasses can come in handy if it is windy. The retro-style sunglasses this Fashionista wears are incredibly fashionable and one trend that is not fleeting. There is just something effortlessly chic and cool about these frames, which is why they are so timeless. The Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ is a classic model of these sunglasses. If you are feeling more adventurous and want to step outside of the usual black or tortoise shell frames, take a look at the vibrantly colored ones. The frames range from cobalt blue to colorful stripes. The iconic style of these glasses has been tweaked ever so slightly in the ‘Clubmaster II.’ For a more feminine take on the classic frames, Ray-Ban has newly released the ‘Catty Clubmaster.’ These frames have more of a cat-eye shaped lens and are smaller than the others. When facing what is left of the sun this fall, shield your eyes with some iconic shades and you are sure to walk in style.

Hint: Always try to keep sunglasses in a case. We all know how easy it is to throw them into our purses and book bags without any protection. The lens get scratched or they break. If you have invested in a more expensive brand of sunglasses, like these Ray-Bans, definitely take care of them. They will be in style for many more years.