This summer tribal prints are hot! In all colors, patterns and style, Fashionistas are throwing a tribal tantrum. I spotted this Fashionista sporting a minimal form of the tribal obsession. The simple tribal pattern found on her sundress keeps her fashionable, comfortable and individualistic.

As this Fashionista sunbathed in her studies, her electric blue dress caught my attention and the effortless tribute to the tribal trend drew me in. Her look was very minimalistic with little jewelry or other accessories. The white, floral pattern around the bottom and bust of her dress was just enough to add that extra something.

You can incorporate the tribal trend throughout an outfit or selectively like today’s Fashionista. If you want to go big try a printed maxi dress like this one. If you’re feeling really bold opt for colors rather than a neutral palette. If you want to stick with simple colors this black and white romper is another option. If you choose to be selective try one tribal piece like this one-shoulder top from Banana Republic.

Hint: Don’t limit tribal prints to just clothes! Accessories can help incorporate the trend into any outfit. Colorful necklaces or ones with feathers scream tribal and work as great accents to plain outfits. Or, feel free to opt for colorful bangles or a fringed purse. Finally, any outfit can be topped-off with killer shoes, try sultry sandals or decked out wedges.



Internship season has arrived. Whether you're running to the subway in New York City or driving to Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, you want to look professional and fashionable. This can be a difficult balance sometimes. Today's Fashionista shows how to make a classic black pencil skirt her own, with a little pattern and metallic accessories.

Her zebra printed top adds a subtle flair to her professional attire. The print is bold, but kept classy by sticking with black and white. Going sleeveless is perfect for summer and the high-neckline is appropriate for any office. Black heels, an office must-have, continue the professional vibe. Now being professional isn't all clear cut black and  white, this Fashionista adds another flair with her metallic platimum pocketbook. Big enough to hold the days necessities — a planner, water bottle and coffee money, it makes the look youthful.

Hint: Want to find your professional look? Feel free to start with a simple pencil skirt like this Fashionista. Your personal style won’t be lost if you use colors, patterns and jewelry. If pencil skirts aren't your forte, go for a cute (but professional) sundress. Just make sure the neckline isn't to low or the hem-line too high. Dress pants can be a little warm during the summer months, but if your internship requires it opt for a cute sleeveless shirt and open-toed pumps!


Everyone has a classic little black dress. A LBD is a girl’s best friend and fall back for every event. This summer, the classic LBD is going to be introduced to some competition – the little white dress! A LWD is a fresh twist in everyone’s wardrobe. Not only does a LWD show off your sun-kissed skin, it is fun to accessorize as well!

This Fashionista chose an A-line, strapless LWD. The simplistic style allowed her to accent her dress with bright pumps. One of the best things about this season’s fad of white is that you can make it your own. You can go minimal or accent crazy.

If you want to accent with bright shoes, a patterned pocketbook or bulky bangles let your LWD act as your base. A simple style like this thin-strapped dress from J. Crew or this ruched number will allow your accessories to make the outfit.

Hint: If you want your dress to take center stage, think fabrics and style cuts! Adding lace or sparkles can make a LWD standout. This indie dress from J. Crew or this cutout number from TopShop make a statement on their own! If you want to make a bigger impression, go for a one-shoulder cut, a tiered bottom or a high-neckline.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color-Blocking Conundrum

Regardless of your shape or style, there is one spring trend that works on everyone – color-blocking! This trend can create curves, highlight some areas while hiding others and make any outfit interesting. Color-blocking can be personalized by colors and design, which makes this the perfect trend for everyone.

This Fashionista chose to color block using different shades of the same color. She chose to highlight her bust, waist and long legs with a lighter shade of blue. Her use of color-blocking takes an everyday sundress and makes it fit her slim body type perfectly.

Not sure which color blocking pattern would look best with your body type? No worries, here are a few tips for choosing color-blocked patterns. If you’re curvy and want to highlight curves while slimming, try a dress like this from Forever 21. The two vertical stripes make the eye travel in a vertical pattern, this makes your body look longer, while still allowing you to flaunt curves. Kim Kardashian can be seen rocking a similar style. If you have an athletic body type and you want to highlight curves, then styles like this work best. Using a different color to highlight your subtle curves will exaggerate them.

Hint: You can color-block with more than dresses! Try layering shirts or contrasting a solid tank and bandage skirt. If you can splurge on color-blocking, check out Louboutin’s color-blocked heels to top off any outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let the Texture Do the Talking

Details, details, details – this is what creates dramatic fashion. Sometimes monochromatic outfits can be just as eye-catching as neon orange. This Fashionista’s neutral palette caught my eye, she meshed textures to create drama while toning down color to keep the outfit sophisticated.

The materials used to create each piece of this Fashionista’s ensemble incorporate an individual fabric that brings its own texture. Her top incorporates lace, one of this year’s fashion-musts. This dainty fabric is off-set my a heavier crocheted cardigan. Even though both items are neutral in color, the texture contrast makes them pop!

This Fashionista set off her top with accessories that also incorporate texture. Her pocketbook’s brass handles and leather base continue the monochromatic look, but the shiny brass works with the smooth leather to contrast the complex texture of her cardigan and lacey top. She uses this look from head-to-toe by incorporating her flats. With a braided detail around the top and tassels to top them off, her flats are just as textural as the rest of her look.

I love how she used a seemingly lifeless color and turned it into a va-va-voom outfit with material and texture!

Hint: Want to try the monochromatic look, but not sure how to add drama? Choose a color and find a base piece! This piece can be simple, like today’s Fashionista’s skirt, or it can be textural like this fab dress from Forever 21. Offset the knit material of the dress with a woven or leather belt. Top it off with this bag from TopShop, the mix of leather and suede is the perfect drama to complete the outfit!


Bright, sunny days call for sundresses and sandals. With 60 percent of UNC's population heading to class dressed to impress in flouncy dresses and skirts, how can you stand out from the crowd? The best fashion advice is to find your own style and be confident.

This Fashionista walked passed me on the way to class and I couldn't help but stop her. Even though her sundress is super casual, her shoes and attitude got me. The splash of orange on her tootsies makes your eyes take in the total outfit! Color in the right place is never lost. These shoes show off this Fashionista’s quirky side.

Along with her awesome sandals, her other accessories show off her personality and make her simple sundress into something unique. With the oversized headphones and boho bag, her style has no definition: it is hers and she owns it!

Hint: To make your own style figure out what you like! Bold colors, classic looks or boho fab? Personalize an outfit with accessories or a signature item, like a headband – Blair Waldorf anyone?


Spring shopping means a fresh new look. When choosing your ensemble for the day, don’t be afraid to mix it up – literally! This Fashionista mixed-and-matched her patterns, while keeping her look simple. If matchy-matchy is your style, choose a color palette and stick to it while letting your patterns make the statement.

This Fashionista’s patterns work so well together because none are too extreme. The thin, horizontal stripes on her sundress are set-off by the bolder, horizontal strips in her sweater. Since both items have alternating white stripes, the color scheme is simple and the patterns don’t overwhelm her small frame. She continued picking the perfect pattern right down to her shoes! Her sandals have a small, detailed paisley pattern. The pattern has a tan-grey undertone that looks fantastic with her grey and white striped sweater.

Don’t let patterns intimidate you! The spring runways were full of patterns, from bold color-blocking to subtle fades. If you want to mix it up, start small with accessories. Take an item with a small print, like this dress from Forever 21 and pair it with a subtly patterned bag. From there you can work your way to bolder prints and more patterned pieces.

Hint: Not sure which pattern you like? Tribal and southwestern prints are big this season! Sailor stripes and animal prints are both a classic go-to and metallics are always a must-have. Pick one or try them all!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: No Shortage of Shorts

As the temperature rises, Fashionistas begin pulling sundresses and shorts from the back of their closets. When considering internships, work and interviews the line between temperature appropriate and office appropriate can become blurry. This Fashionista knew exactly how to walk the tightrope, making the perfect multifunctional outfit.

A young and professional outfit is created through balance. This Fashionista’s bright colored button-up creates a friendly atmosphere while maintaining a professional neckline. Her gladiator-inspired lace up sandals are casual but make a statement. These shoes work well with a busy life-style because they can be dressed-up or down while staying comfortable.

The piece pulling together this Fashionista’s entire outfit and making it wearable for work and class are her high-waisted shorts. The shorts are obviously fashionable, but also functional. Their length is appropriate for the office, but not too long where they seem uncomfortable. The belted waist shows off this Fashionista’s fabulous physique while not being too showy. The large pockets will be useful in the office or on campus for a cell phone or to-do list. The shorts are also made of fabric that resembles heather-colored dress pants. Details also give these shorts a dressier feel: pleating at the top, a cuff at the bottom and front pleats complete the professional air.

Hint: To find your perfect multi-functional outfit, find one key piece that fits for work and fun. This Fashionista found her shorts at Urban Outfitters, try these similar shorts that are color-blocked from Urban. If you want to try something different, opt for a blazer that looks great with dresses, jeans or shorts. Don’t let color limit you either! Stand out at your internship with a pop of red.


With a cloudy sky and spotty rain, a Fashionista can feel like forgoing style for a day. This Fashionista incorporated a popular spring trend to stay fabulous regardless of the weather: minimalism. What exactly is minimalism, right? Think neutral color palettes, few accessories and one statement piece.

This simple style doesn’t have to be boring! This Fashionista used an off-white coat as the center of her outfit. With a khaki scarf and brown boots, her outfit is full of warm neutrals. She lets her feminine peacoat with large buttons, a flair waist and a loosely tied belt speak for itself. Without the use of color this Fashionista manages to make a statement.

To finish off her minimalistic look, she has hair pulled back with a tight braid to hold back bangs and avoids jewelry.

Minimalistic fashion comes in all colors and styles. Renee Zellweger does minimal with a simple dress and neutral heels. Whether it’s a heel, flat or boot, neutral colored shoes are a great accessory for a minimal look! Like today’s Fashionista, just choose a main piece and dress around it.

If you want the minimal look, but still aren’t sure how to go about it, follow these simple guidelines. Avoid bold or flashy jewelry. Think crisp and clean for everything, including hair and make-up. Go for clothes with clean lines, but don’t limit texture and color.




A breezy spring afternoon calls for a fresh new look. This Fashionista was spot on in her white, bohemian skirt. She nodded at two of this spring’s biggest fashion trends: white and long skirts.

This season white is taking center stage. The classic color dominated dresses on the runway and created a fresh and polished look. This Fashionista’s white skirt lets her accessorize with a patterned top and jewelry without weighing down the breezy appeal of the overall outlet.

Flowy skirts are simple, chic and easy to pull off! These skirts can work on any body type and come in variations to suit everyone’s taste. You can try this Fashionista’s look with a skirt like this from Top Shop, or you can go fitted with something like this. Whether you’re going for an antique look with lace, also popular this season, or playful with patterns, enjoy this comfortable and stylish spring must-have.

If you like the look, but don’t think you can pull it off start simple! Try a denim or khaki skirt and pair it with a staple white tank and a pair of cute sandals. If the weather’s not quite warm enough to look sleeves, try putting together a romantic version like this. You can’t go wrong with this trend, wear it to class, wear it on the beach, wear it for date night – feel sexy and classy regardless of the location or occasion.