Winter brings the promise of so many things that I like. First of all, classes are over for the semester. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest now that there are no more deadlines to worry about for nearly a month. Even better, I am home in Connecticut with all my friends and my family- my biggest worry is what to ask for for my birthday in January! The only thing that remotely requires any higher thinking is what to wear when getting dressed in the morning so that we are prepared to face the brisk cold winter air of the east coast, yet not sweat to death when walking into over-heated buildings like when we’re shopping.

The answer to this fashion conundrum is layers, as beautifully sported by this Westport-native Fashionista found doing some holiday shopping downtown. She wore a black ANM button down blouse with a furry vest from Ann Taylor Loft, and then on top, she wore her trusty Barbour Beldale coat. On the bottom, she wore Paige blue denim jeans with a Lucky Brand leather belt, and Cole Haan x Nike Air black leather boots. As for accessories, she donned a Cartier Roadster watch, a David Yurman bangle, a hand-made ring with yellow topaz (her birth stone), a gold Jennifer Zuener necklace with her initals “ANB” on it, as well as brand new Persol aviators. She also recently got a manicure with a resort-shade of pink- “Knockout Pout” by Essie.

Despite the crisp temperatures, we have yet to see any snow. All of the Fashionistas are waiting with breathe that is baited for the first sign of snow fall, so that we can really put our ability to layer to the test!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: #SororityGirlSolutions

We are currently in the midst of finals week at GWU and among all the no-makeup zombies clad in the same sweatshirt they had been wearing for the same three days straight (this includes myself, by the way), I encountered this well put together prepster strolling down Townhouse Row. She had just had her dance class final and wanted to stay comfy, but as a true Fashionista, it was important to still look fresh.

She threw on an easy pair of black leggings and a grey tank by Kain. Her Ralph Lauren white sweater complimented the neutral tone. To accentuate her look, she layered with her basic brown Barbour jacket, which she told me is a considerable staple for her pre-winter attire. She also donned a pair of black lace-up military boots by Steve Madden that she figured gave her outfit an edgy angle. Lastly, she accessorized with an oversized pair of Ray-Ban aviators.

With everyone on a one track mind from final to final, some feel that their personal style can be sacrificed for the sake of time. This Fashionista proves that it’s easy to look well put together with almost no effort. I guess I should probably change my own sweatshirt now.


Now that I am nearly midway through my sophomore year at GWU, I am starting to feel at home on campus. I can walk the streets in my sleep, I’ve found my favorite place to sit in Gelman Library (Shout-out 4th floor silent room!) and I’ve even figured out the most optimal time to go to GW Deli in order to avoid the long line. Although I miss my dog and my bed back at home, I don’t mind that DC is a little bit warmer than Connecticut, and that we miss out on the fall foliage around this time. While I am content for the most part, I feel for my West Coast friends who hail all the way from California and are forced to acclimate to an entirely different lifestyle.

I found this California native Fashionista outside the E Street dry cleaners. We were both frustrated about how it seems the whole city of Washington just shuts down on Sundays — life still goes on and that silk top from last night needs to get dry cleaned as soon as possible! 

I dug her punk vibe and the way she effortlessly layered her pieces on top of one another. Her loose UNIF cut-off tank looked cool underneath her cropped, bleached demin Levi jacket. Her printed leggings from Urban Outfitters were lucked into her leather Fiorentini and Baker boots. For accessories, she had on a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, a black satchel by Marc Jacobs and a necklace she picked up at Venice Beach.

For cool cut-off tanks like the one this Fashionista is wearing, check out UNIF for other styles and interesting graphics. 


For Thanksgiving, I returned to Connecticut for the first time since the summer. Welcomed by the crisp air and the fall foliage that is specific to where I grew up, I was ecstatic to see old friends, talk about what boys we’ve kissed at college and, as always, see how everyone has grown up in the time we had been away from one another.

This Fashionista grew up in Connecticut with me, but moved to New York City for college. Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of watching her sense of style evolve. She was always been someone who was well put-together; she used to favor preppy button-downs and luxe denims, but now has accumulated quite the collection of accents, which makes those basics flourish. In particular, she has a pension for statement necklaces and tasteful bags that only seem to increase in their wow-factor every time I see her.

At our reunion lunch, this suburbanite turned city girl wore black leather boots from Tory Burch, army green jeggings from Car Mar, a black silk top by Vince and a vintage fur vest bought at Starstruck on Greenwich Avenue in NYC. For her accessories, she had Ray-Ban aviators, a turquoise and gold statement necklace made by Nicole Miller, a black leather bag by Celine, a David Yurman ring and her arm party included a silver Rolex watch and a gold studded wrap bracelet by Tory Burch. Lastly, her nails were painted in Russian Roulette by Essie, which, in my opinion, is the perfect shade of red nail polish.

Underneath the bling and the fur, my dear friend and fellow Fashionista was still consistent in her polished uniform of jeans and a button-down, but with all of her accessories she transformed her outfit into a show stopping ensemble.


I've come to realize that my personal definition for maturity is when you reach a profound understanding of yourself. I know that may be a very broad concept, but now that we are independent, functioning members of society at college, it seems more applicable than ever. One is unable to begin to write a paper unless they know how they feel about the particular subject, and similarly, one cannot shop for clothes unless they know what works for them. Personal style isn't assumed, it is achieved. After years of trial and error of different trends, you tend to recall what shapes suit your frame, what colors compliment your tones and what looks you keep coming back to time and time again. It is easy enough to go online and take some quiz that claims your “classic romantic urban chic,” but what does that even mean? Like anything in life, personal style isn't one way or the other, its a multi-dimensional spectrum that grows with you. 

I found this Fashionista on 22nd and G and I immediately knew she was CollegeFashionista-worthy when after a few glances at her ensemble, I couldn't exactly pinpoint what I considered her “personal style” to be. Although we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, each element of her outfit reflects a different trend, yet it all works harmoniously together. Her patent-leather Prada loafers and Malene Birger hunting vest could easily be described as preppy, yet her Goldsign acid-splattered black jeans and A-symmetrical hemmed Joie sweater could be considered edgy. Not to mention her accessories, her funky Karen Walker rounded sunglasses and her dainty polkadotted Chan Luu scarf even matched with her Giant Rose Gold City Balenciaga. Lastly, her arm party was a playful mix of Chan Luu, Dodo, Sydney Evans, David Yurman, Hermes and Rolex, complemented by her Cuckoo for this Color polish by OPI

So I don't know, would you call her an edgy prep meets urban enviornment? Or should we just call her Ali? I asked this Fashionista if it took her a long time to get dressed this morning, and she replied shyly that she just threw something on and left her room. 

Trends come and go, but the best advice out there is to stick what works best for you. And if you have to pull something down, it's too short.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Saturday Night Fever

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post that declared our generation has been ravaged by technology; Not only are people more socially inept, but the percentage of romantic relationships compared to past decades has significantly decreased. Also, someone told me that the world was going to end in 2012, but I guess we don’t need to worry about that right now. Thankfully, like a breathe of fresh air, there seems to be a 1970’s revival in all aspects of culture from music to fashion. I had the pleasure of listening to Gloria Steinhem accept her award at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year award show and hearing about her accomplishments, like procuring rights for women in the 1970’s, moved me to tears. Similarly, some of my most recently added tracks to itunes have vibed disco sounds as classic Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye singles are set to techno beats. Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld recently presented his 2011 resort collection for Chanel to only be described as 70’s bohemian. It has never been a better time to get nostalgic for a time period marked by love and social change.

Imagine my elatedness to see this trend catch on locally in DC. I found this Fashionista before a night of clubbing at the recently revived Josephines. I was completely crazy about the statement her black wide-legged jeans from Rag and Bone made. She tucked in a simple white tank by Kain and layered with a leopard coat she found at a vintage shop in New York City. She kept her accessories simple with wide round sunglasses by Chloe, earrings from a shop in Tel Aviv, and a red Hermes enamel bangle for a pop of color.

Wide-legged jeans are the most flattering style for anyone’s legs and can easily transition from day time to night time. In order to ensure the best fit- make sure you pair them with a tall heel, like this Fashionista did with her black Steve Madden booties.


Most movies project this misconception about college that its this institution removed from society where pretty much anything goes, and people wear togas anywhere and everywhere. However, to my dismay and probably my parents’ joy, I’m starting to realize a large part of the college experience is learning how to be a real person, like sticking to a schedule and cooking meals, but most importantly, learning how to present yourself well.

I found this Fashionista on her way to a launch party looking sophisticated in a longsleeved Little Black Dress (LBD) from BCBG. An LBD is one fashion statement that will never go out of style. The long sleeves on the dress give off a modest air, but the plunging deep-V and the snug ruche detailing keep the dress extremely chic. For the most part, her look is very understated with a black chain evening bag from Chanel and black pumps by Steve Madden, but then she also incorporated a lively statement necklace from Bluefly that really brought her whole look together.

When wearing an LBD, the best thing to do to keep your look fresh is to pick an interesting silhouette like this Fashionista did. Check out designers such as Alexander Wang for his LBDs with asymmetrical designs.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You can Hang with Me

The cold weather in DC snuck up on us all too quickly. Usually there seems to be a transitional period between October and November where it is only necessary to make little changes, such as sandals to flats. Just two weeks ago, I was wearing a dress, but today I am wrapped up in boots and a scarf with my hands crammed into my pockets. I don’t typically like carrying bags; it’s just another thing to worry about. Especially in the cold weather, a bag leaves my hands exposed to the unforgiving winter temperatures and dries out my skin. When necessary, a satchel is the most practical accessory for low temperatures because the auxiliary strap allows the bag to merely hang across your frame, without the hassel of having to hold on to it, unless you want to.

I found this Fashionista early in morning on my way to class. I know that I was wearing a long down coat because it was synonymous with the down comforter I just unwrapped myself from, but this girl managed to look fresh and trendy despite the early hour and the cold temperature. She donned a vintage satchel she acquired during a trip to Isreal for a “hands free” approach this morning. Underneath the bag, she wore a pair of worn-in boots from J.Crew, a black maxi skirt from BCBG, and a sweater from Rugby. She layered a YSL belt in order to define her waistline, and she wrapped herself up in a cozy, red and furry Jocelyn infinity scarf.

If you’re looking for something funky like this Fashionista’s bag, I recommend checking out The Cambridge Satchel Company, which has a variety of different sized satchels in basic and fluorescent colors. They are fantastic as daytime bags or can function simultaneously as a bookbag.


At college, most people are challenged by new experiences that force them to leave their comfort zone. Some have difficulty learning how to do their own laundry, others have trouble cooking for themselves, but one part of college that is particularly hard to master is the ability to make an outfit from last night look cute the next morning. Items such as mini bandage skirts are such an intricate aspect to your evening outfit that it's hard to find a good way to translate them into daytime wear. 

I ran into this Fashionista on a Sunday afternoon after the official comeback of Josephine Saturdays. Although she looked exhausted, she still looked effortlessly chic. Her black BCBG bandage skirt was the focal point of her ensemble; leftover from last night, she had decided to throw it back on. She noted that she had previously paired this mini with a tank tucked in, so for daytime, she chose to wear a loose chambray button-down made by Lark and Wolff. To offset the tight skirt in this fall weather, she wore a pair of leather biker boots by Steve Madden, which matched the skirt and made it appear more casual at the same time. For accessories, she layered a black infinity scarf from Nordstrom that kept her warm in the crisp, fall weather. She had originally borrowed her roommate’s Tory Burch clutch to use last night, but its gold chain and black leather ended up matching her outfit perfectly too! Lastly, her sunglasses by Michael Kors weren’t just an accessory, but a necessity for the bright sun.

It is easy to wear pieces one would usually reserve for nighttime during the day. Shadow Room may have closed, but there is still a window of opportunity for a black bandage skirt anytime.


The color brown has been an intricate part of fashion trends this fall. Not only does it match the fall foliage, but brown is also a subtle hue that is a lot warmer and more forgiving than black, its sister on the chic-color spectrum.

I found this Fashionista on her way to a coffee date with a new potential suitor at Starbucks by Gelman Library. Her brown leather Frye boots accentuated her legs, and played off of her Sanctuary shearling vest, making her outfit incredibly cohesive. The best part about her leather boots and vest is that they effortlessly dress up her outfit. Underneath, she wore a simple pair of David Lerner leggings and a grey long-sleeve t-shirt by Three Dots, which she claimed were so incredibly comfortable. Lastly, she polished her look off with a pair of tourtiouse shell sunglasses by Michael Kors that perfectly framed her face.

Although I love the black-on-black look, this Fashionista proves that it is possible to do create a triple threat with an alternative color as well. Particularly for day time, all brown can be extremely trendy. As long as you wear other pieces in neutral tones to balance out the ensemble, you are good to go.