Back-to-school fashion is officially here. Badgers are flooding the campus and it’s finally time to bring out our school sprit and our favorite fall fashion. It’s the time of year where everyone is dying to show off their summer tans paired with their new wardrobe for the new year. Check out this bohemian Fashionista as she talks all things fashion.

Name: Diana Goldberg

Year: Senior

Major: Education 

CollegeFashionista: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

Diana Goldberg: I am able to see tons of students who are free and open with all different kinds of clothes. In Madison, there is not one style that’s correct. Everyday I see people in my classes dressed in all kinds of styles and it really makes you want to bring your personality into what you wear.

CF: Who is your style icon?

DG: I really like Rachel Bilson. I love that she wears tons of sundresses. She has this great free flowing style that’s amazing. And she’s not afraid to wear bright colors, which I love.

CF: How would you describe your style?

DG: I am very eclectic. Working at a camp his summer, I saw that wearing tie-dye and having dirt all over you can be a style of it’s own. Style for me is being happy with what you are wearing and seeing people that bring color and vibrancy into their clothes is what I love.

CF: Where do you get your fashion fix?

DG: I don’t really read fashion magazines or blogs. I pretty much look at my friends and people in the street — watching what works for them. I often find one little piece that they have and imagine how I can make it work for me. When my twin got back from Italy, she had a lot of Italian influences so it was fun seeing what that brought out in her.

How To: Tired of your typical style routine? Vests are the perfect way to spice up any outfit. Throw on a lacy, leather, knit, fur or even a down vest and you are sure to create a mix up that you’ll want to go back to time and time again. Try a lace vest over a maxy like this from Shopbop or go wild with a funky number like this. Either way, vests will bring the edge you’ve been craving.


Brightly colored pants are a huge trend this summer. They’re amazingly daring yet they bring a hint of old school prepster to every look. No matter what you’re style, these bold denim bottoms are sure to make every outfit easy and right on trend. I sat down with the queen of color to get in the inside scoop on her fashion favorites.

Name: Lauren Gruber

Major: Nutritional Sciences

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What trends are you most excited to wear this fall?

Lauren Gruber: I love blazers. They’re so easy to just throw on yet they can dress up an outfit in a second.

CF: How do you describe your style?

LG: I would say my style is sporty and comfortable. I also love color blocking. Taking simple items and wearing them in fun colors is a great way to add some spice to any outfit.

CF: Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

LG: I like to just observe people on the street. I love to watch what they’re wearing and think of new, creative ways to make it my own.

CF: Do you have any staple pieces in your wardrobe?

LG: Yoga pants! And leggings. They are so comfortable and easy. You just throw a flowy top on over them and you’re set for class…and you still look great! They’re a much cuter alternative to sweat pants.

CF: How has Madison influenced your style?

LG: Madison has taught me that you can still look cute in the wintertime. Layers and layers of clothes do not have to equate to a frumpy style.

How To: Want bold bottoms like this Fashionista? They’re amazingly simple and so easy to wear. Make them ultra conservative by pairing them with a neutral top or, for those wild Fashionistas, try teaming your colorful paints with a top featuring another rad color. No matter how you wear them, you will not be missed!


Dressing for the workplace has always been a questionable feat for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. The fine line between style and professionalism changes between every company, position and every age, making it difficult to know when to bring out your true flare. There never seems to be a rule stating exactly how daring you can be, but who says you have to leave your personality behind? This law student shows us exactly what it takes to bring character, style and professional talents into one law office.

Name: Steven Gruber

Year: Second year grad student

Major: Law

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Steven Gruber: I have many different types styles that I wear from day to day. I can be preppy, hipster or pretty unique depending on the day and season. But I can also be seen in athletic shorts and a tee; it all depends on how I’m feeling.

CF: How do you change your style to fit the workplace?

SG: It depends on what I am doing that day. Some days I come in wearing a conservative dark blue suit with a white shirt and a dark tie, while there are other days when I wear something like I am wearing today with skinny white pants and a plaid shirt. It all varies on the day’s work and time of year. I typically like to wear brighter colors in the summer.

CF: Where do you find clothes to fit your style?

SG: That's a tough question because I pretty much shop all over.  For instance today my shirt is Penguin, my pants are from Express, my shoes are Johnston & Murphy and the tie is from Macy’s. So obviously my closet consists of clothes from a vast array of stores. Where I shop depends on what I am looking for and what I need. Macy’s and other department stores are great for nicer work clothes while smaller boutiques have more unique options.

How To: Want some slick duds for the workplace like this Fashionisto? Try pairing plaid tops with your favorite ties. It’s a great way to add fair to your ensemble while still keeping your fit appropriate for the office. Also, don’t forget the perfect male accessory — a polished watch will bring an unparalleled touch of timeless style and class to any outfit.


As I passed by this stunning Fashionista on her way to a Sunday brunch, I was absolutely in awe by her entire look. From her enormous sun hat down to her sky high leather wedges, this Fashionista knew how to be daring yet oh-so-classy at the same time. She is the epitome of summer fashion and, lucky for us, she took a few minutes to tell me all about her sense of fashion.

Name: Mariana Berbert

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work and Spanish Literature

College Fashionsita: How has your style evolved over your time at the University?

Mariana Berbert: When I got to college I had a very commercial style. I would go to a store and just get whatever was cute, without really taking risks. Then I went through a harsher phase. I was wearing darker clothes; a little hipster vibe I would say. Lately, though, I’ve gotten more comfortable with being girly and not feeling over the top about it.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MB: It’s eclectic, but definitely feminine. And now that I am getting older it has become more classic. When I shop, I have to think about if I can wear this to work or to my internship.

CF: What films have inspired your fashion sense?

MB: The movie Down With Love has amazing fashion. It’s all about the beginning of the feminist movement and the styles are very over the top '60s and I just love it! I adore the way they dress in the film. I’ve watched it over and over again.

CF: Since you moved to Madison from Sao Paulo, Brazil, how has the difference in cities influenced your style?

MB: In the summer I feel a lot more Brazilian here. I am able to bring back what I wore at home with tiny sundresses, short jean shorts and strappy sandals. Brazilians are all about the heels. I grew up with my grandmother telling me that you do not go to the Plaza without wearing high heels, otherwise you’re not a true Brazilian woman. But it’s nice because in the winter I feel a lot more American. Cold weather clothing is something I’ve never had to wear at home so it's been really fun learning a whole new side to fashion. I love mixing the styles of the states and home, it’s a great way to diversify my looks. 

How To: Want a killer Sunday brunch look like this Fashionista? Try this maxi dress and sun hat. It’s the perfect combination that screams summer trend. Plus, this ensemble will keep you looking and feeling cool, even on the hottest days.  


August is here, which is always a good sign that we need to hurry up and finish everything on our summer to-do lists. Our long days our winding down and football season is starting to peek around the corner. It's an exciting time in Madison as we get ready for the best season of the school year, yet we can still spend our lazy days at the Terrace. New and old students are going to start trickling back to campus soon and even more amazing fashion will be flooding our streets. Finding a man with a sense of style in Madison is never a challenge, but finding one with stellar opinions and thoughts about fashion is golden. Check out Zach Pereles as he explains his style theories, thoughts and inspirations. 

Name: Zach Pereles

Year: Junior

Major: Retail

CollegeFashionsta: How has Madison influenced your style?

Zach Pereles: Being a broke college student has really forced me to hone in on what I can and can't afford, so I try to stick with basics. For guys it’s easy to just do graphic T-shirts, unless you’re really out there with your style. I look for things at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Madison has definitely brought out my thrifty side. Also, Madison its all about the college; I didn’t really wear a lot of red before but now I’m definitely showing my Badger pride, like with the red flannel I'm wearing now. 

CF: Where do you get your Fashionisto inspiration?

ZP: I think guys have it a lot easier has far as fashion goes. I don’t really invest all that much money in fashion and I dont think a lot of guys around here do either. So, I get a lot of my inspiration from shopping at thrift stores. You can get a great graphic tee for 50 cents and probably no one else has it. I like to pair those thrifty finds with some great shoes. You gotta keep the kicks cool.

CF: What is your favorite Fashionisto trend for this fall?

ZP: I definitely say the toggle. Its more of a vintage feel but in a modern way. And it's not too out there.

CF: What is your least favorite Fashionisto trend in the last five years?

ZP: Hipster; more specifically the hipster tank top. Like the deep V-neck tanks. I just can’t do it.

How To: Men's fashion has a tendency to start looking the same after a while. Simple T-shirts and jeans are typically what roam the campus. But it doesn't take a major trend to make your style stand out. Take small, key pieces to make your look amazing as a whole. Like this Fashionisto; adding a simple yet timeless gold watch, some classic Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a pair of killer kicks is exactly what took this stylin' Badger to another level. 




“Weather that is 96 degrees, feels like 106 degrees.” These are the words we dreamt of back in January, but somehow we are once again stuck inside. Is anyone else ready for a little snow? It may be just me, but I literally melt every time I step outside. It is not only hard to function in this extreme heat, but creating the right wardrobe is just as much of a challenge. Less is more and simplicity is key. This Fashionista shows us the power of an easy look that’s sure to stay cool.

Name: Jsering Yama

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Jsering Yama: I love looking at blogs like LOOKBOOK and flipping through fashion magazines. I also love going through vintage stores for inspiration. 

CF: Who are your celebrity fashion icons?

JY: Definitely Rachel Bilson. Everything she wears is so simple but at the same time its still so cute. She can wear a simple black tank and shorts but the way she pulls it off is so cute.

CF: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

JY: I actually moved here from New York so when I came here everything was so different. But I really think my style has become simpler since I made the move. Madison is so great but there are not all that many choices in terms of shopping. So, making it simple yet great is the key.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is amazingly trendy yet consists of two perfectly shapeless pieces that make her outfit right on point. The flowing elements of her look make it perfect for this hot, hot, hot day while the monochrome colors keep it refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Want duds like this Fashionista? Try this white maxi skirt and black-cropped tank from Shopbop. Add some gladiator sandals and this stunning necklace for a splash of color and you’ll be sure to look and stay cool in the heart of summer.


CollegeFashionistas everywhere know the power of amazing clothing. We also know the power of amazingly inexpensive clothing. But how do we find the perfect medium between our favorite designer brands and the items we can comfortably afford? We get thrifty! Thrift stores are fabulous ways to get the killer looks we strive for without breaking the bank. Plus, inexpensive clothing makes it easier to test out new styles and try crazy pieces that are usually not worth the price tag. You may also stumble upon some one of a kind vintage designer pieces and who doesn’t love finding vintage treasures. Ahhh, I die just thinking about it. Today’s beauty is the perfect example of a thrifty Fashionista. Her entire look is made from second hand stores! Now, that’s what I call a true Fashionista.

Name: Hayley Blum

Year: Recent graduate

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: Who are your fashion icons?

HB: Definitely my mom because she always mixed styles together. She was very eclectic. She would bring in classics and mix them with something funky. She never directly taught me about style but I would always sit and watch how she would put things together in amazing ways.

CF: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

HB: I get my style from my life interests. For example, the environment — if I were to find an organic or hemp made tee, I would fall in love with it. But, as far as picking up on style around me, I love to people watch. I like to see what people all over are wearing. 

CF: How would you describe your style?

HB: I love going back to past styles and bringing them to the present but with a funky flare. I love thrift stores. Everything I am wearing now is from thrift stores. They’re older, but I love how they’re from years ago and you can still make them work with today’s styles.

CF: How has Madison molded all of this?

HB: Being in Madison has allowed me to embrace my style. The city is a really open place and very diverse as far as style goes. People come to Madison from all over and there is a wide array of interests here, which is great for developing your own style.

How To: Want to mix past and present like this lovely Fashionista? Try shopping at ReThreads on State. It’s an amazing spot to find vintage and new clothing at great prices. You can also sell your clothes back to make some extra cash. What could be better? But, if you're looking for new clothing that resembles this Fashionista's look, look no further than Shopbop. They have these amazing bermuda denim shorts and this stunning sleeveless button-up. Pair this look with an enormous belt and you've got a killer look on your hands. 


Madison’s fashion scene is so diverse and sometimes crazy that it's nice to focus on the classic, timeless styles every once in a while and give them the attention they deserve. An airy summer dress is the ultimate summer staple piece that shows up time and time again. Sun dresses make looking amazing so easy. All it takes is a simple change of your jewelry, jacket or any other accessory under the sun to make your look completely new. Today’s Fashionista shows us exactly how perfect this look can be.

Name: Jenny Schmitt

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite summer trend?

Jenny Schmitt: I love wedges. They’re my favorite thing ever. I am also obsessed with fun sunglasses. I wear them non-stop all summer.

CF: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

JS: The weather is so unpredictable here so you really have to learn how to dress for the conditions. Layering is essential. Just like what I’m wearing now with my sundress and jean jacket. You need to be ready for any weather fluxuations at any moment. And doing it with style is always the challenge. I also love how everyone has his or her own style. Its normal to be unique.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JS: I'd like to say classic and timeless. I don’t want to look back in a few years and be like what was I thinking? I’ll say classic with a little sass. Classy/sassy.

How To: Adding a jean jacket to any look immediately takes your outfit to another level. A jean jacket can take your skin tight jersey dress and make it completely appropriate for a Sunday brunch with the family in less than two seconds flat. Or, make your jacket a vest and turn your look into a killer ensamble like this NastyGal model. Lastly, add your jean jacket to a floral summer dress, slip on some sky high wedges and you’ll be rocking the day like this Fashionista.


Fourth of July weekend always seems to bring out everyone’s inner prepster style. It’s a weekend filled with good old all-American fun, which never fails to spark timeless and classic fashion tailing off into the days following the eventful weekend. This Fashionista truly knows and appreciates the meaning of simplicity. Her look is timeless and perfectly pleasing to all who observe. Take a hint from this beauty as she explains her fashion ideas and inspirations.

Name: Haley Kosup-Kennedy

Year: Senior

Major: Theatre and Drama 

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite aspect of summer style?

Haley Kosup-Kennedy: I love shorts. Like a lot. You can’t just wear a mint green pair of pants. I mean you can, but not without making a huge statement. With shorts, you can rock whatever style, without being so dramatic. I also love white. It’s so appropriate in the summer; such a fresh and cute look.

CF: What are your staple pieces in your wardrobe?

HKK: I am all about standby jewelry. I am a person that sticks to my timeless jewelry especially sentimental pieces. Like these two gold necklaces, one was a gift from my grandmother in Ireland and the other was a 21st birthday gift from my mother. All of my jewelry means a lot to me.

CF: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

HKK: Madison is not a big city but people here care about style. People are interested in expression here. There is a hunger for a diversity of style.

CF: Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

HKK: I am a blog feen to the core. Garance Dore is one of my favorites. A lot of fashion blogs today are tacky. They’re all about people just throwing everything together to be funky. But Garance is more about how the person wears clothes rather than how funky you can make it. It’s all about the perfect person wearing the perfect piece.

How To: Want to exude classic style like this Fashionista while still keeping your look bright and fun? Well, do as this lady with a classic button-up in a fun pastel paired with fresh shorts to match. Add a brightly colored scarf and some espadrilles and you are set!




Last week marked the official date of summer and it seems as if the humidity hit at the very same moment. I am not going to complain though, it is still summer at the very least and, if nothing else, we have the versatility of hot, summer fashion — my personal favorite. This week I am all about the nude. I am all about this color that can only be worn in the season of tanned skin. As much as bright colors rule summer, neutrals can offer a sultry break from the typical hot weather ensembles. Check out this nude-inspired Fashionista. 

Name: Gina Jensen

Major: Retail

Year: Graduated in May

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Gina Jensen: I'm a comfy, boho kind of girl. 

CF: What inspires your comfy boho look?

GJ: Fashion magazines are a huge part of my inspiration, as well as watching the street style around me. I also love reading blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, WhoWhatWear, and Singer22

CF: Who are your style icons?

GJ: Definitely Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s amazing and always pushes the norm in a chic, glamorous way. I also love Blake Lively.

How To: Nude ensembles are killer when paired with a summer tan and sun kissed locks. Try a look like this Fashionista with this alice + olivia number. This dress is super easy and simple, yet the T-cut back and dusty pink color is oh-so-sexy. Add these Sam Edelman wedges and you are set with a stunning summer look. Want these Sam Edelman wedges? Pick them up at our own Karen & Co./Sassafras located right on State St.