WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Philadelphia’s winter this year has been underwhelming to say the least. Juno barely happened, and when New York and Boston got snow days, we just got rain. Although we haven’t been hit with heavy snow just yet, there is definitely an art to dressing for the cold weather. This Fashionista knew just how to dress for Philadelphia’s (mildly) cold winter.

To start off her outfit, this Fashionista wore her pair of J Brand ankle, midrise skinny jeans in the blue mercy wash. The inky, dark wash looked black in the shade, and the dark color was perfect for the winter months. Ripped holes in the knees added an unexpected twist to your pair of typical winter jeans, and the raw hems of her jeans certainly added a bit of edge while appearing to elongate her legs by showing a bit of ankle.

On top, this Fashionista knew to pile on the layers to stay warm in the cold weather. A gray-and-black striped, long sleeve shirt acted as her base layer, and she wore a puffer vest and an oversized scarf on top to keep warm. The vest’s goose down fill surely kept this Fashionista warm without adding too much bulk to her look.

One Simple Change: Are you headed to the library? Stiff, tight denim may not be the most comfortable option for that dreaded all-nighter. Instead, try wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants. These T by Alexander Wang neoprene sweatpants or these shredded terry NSF sweatpants are perfect for staying fashionable, comfortable and warm.

WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

There are certain items in my closet that I might not be able to live without; my black jeans, my leather jacket, my tall, leather boots and my white, chiffon blouse all make regular appearances in my outfit rotation. When I spotted this Fashionista, not only were we wearing the same shirt, but our drastically different ways of styling the shirt proved just how versatile the shirt could be. The perfect piece for transitioning from day to night, a classic, white blouse should be a basic in every Fashionista’s wardrobe.

There are inevitably days when running back home from class to quickly change into another outfit is simply impossible. This Fashionista, however, was wearing a great outfit to help her quickly transition from day to night. She layered a black, knit sweater over a chiffon shirt with dual-studded patch pockets. The tiny gold rivets holding the pockets to the blouse were an amazing detail that rendered the shirt different from your usual white button-down, but the detail was still subtle enough to render the shirt a classic piece.

Paired with high-waisted shorts and a pair of sheer tights, her outfit looked perfect for a daytime look. By simply swapping out the Converse and shorts for a pair of nighttime black, silk, crepe shorts and lace front heels, this Fashionista would be ready for a night out.

One Simple Change: A white blouse, black cardigan and pair of black tights will take you far. Don your favorite pair of patent black heels and quickly change into a classic pencil skirt to ace your interview.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Socks You Knee(d)

It may already be winter, but that does not mean it is already time to put away your fall or even spring dresses. Tights can be uncomfortable, and wearing leggings underneath a dress can sometimes just looks odd. Luckily, this Fashionista found the perfect solution to keeping warm and wintery while wearing her favorite dresses: knee socks. This winter, pull out your favorite knit dress, dress it up with a pair of knee socks and let the world know that “the cold never bothered me anyway.”

This Fashionista wore a purple knit dress, and paired it with simple accessories and dark tones. The gorgeous jewel tone of the dress looked stunning in the contrast to the stone heather shade of her socks. The darker color was likewise appropriate for the winter, and it was a refreshing contrast from the black wardrobes we usually see on campus.

Pairing brown leather boots with her dress appropriately covered her legs, and, of course, her boot socks added an additional layer of warmth and comfort. This combination of over-the-knee tights and performance socks with Bootight’s “Ellevator socks” likewise ensured that this Fashionista would be comfortable in boots while also allowing her to avoid snags and runs that are so common with traditional tights.

Finally, this Fashionista accessorized with a beautiful gold lariat necklace. A minimalistic design looked beautiful against her dress, and the simplicity of the piece aligned with her elegant look.

How To: Break out your favorite knit dress, and put on your favorite pair of over-the-knee socks. With a pair of leather boots, you’ll be warm and fashionable.

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Seniors, we have officially had our last first day of school. Everyone else, you’ll get here eventually. After our month off of binge-watching Netflix, putting on the holiday pounds and attempting (at least for a while) to fulfill New Year’s resolutions, school is fully back in swing.

These two Fashionistas were spotted starting off their semesters in perfect back to school outfits. Looking casual and cozy, these two sported multiple layers that were great for the classroom. Both Fashionistas wore variations of dark wash denim. Their skinny jeans looked great with ballet flats or layered under a pair of tall black leather boots, and that inky dark wash was the perfect versatile shade for the cold weather.

One Fashionista paired her jeans with a black long sleeve shirt and a quilted purple vest. The vest added a pop of color to her look, while also keeping her warm. The quilted texture rendered it a classic wardrobe staple, while the color purple gave it a more modern and youthful look.

The other Fashionista chose to layer with a gray crewneck shirt and a long, black knit cardigan. Her casual and cozy look was also great for the back to school season, as she could easily adjust her layers to her classrooms’ temperature.

One Simple Change: Before heading out for class, make sure you’re prepared for the cold weather. Throw on a puffer coat to keep you warm. A belted puffer coat with an A-line silhouette will keep your figure accentuated, while the down stuffing will surely keep you warm.

WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

Winter break was the perfect time for us all to cool off (or heat up—depending on where you went), relax and recuperate. Although it is always lovely to have the luxury of having no work for an extended period of time, if there was one thing I missed over winter break, it would have to be my girlfriends. With school back in full swing, a girl’s night out was definitely needed, and these two Fashionistas knew exactly what to wear.

These Fashionistas were spotted together wearing the perfect outfits for a girl’s night out. Looking classy and chic, the ladies both sported all black with minimal accessories. One Fashionista wore a sleeveless skater dress with a studded pocket. The subtle detail in the pocket added a hint of edginess to her gorgeous, polished outfit, and a pair of staple black patent heels perfectly finished off her elegant look.

The other Fashionista showed off her bold personality with a stunning lace dress by Alexia Admor. From the bateau neckline to the scalloped hem, the dress had beautiful exquisite detail. This Fashionista, likewise, picked the perfect pair of heels for her dress, opting for a pair of black, suede strappy heels. The matte texture of the suede lent a more luxurious vibe to balance out the boldness of the dress, and minimal accessories kept her look simply elegant.

One Simple Change: Spice things up for a date night with a pair of killer high heels, and add a coat before venturing out into the cold.

STYLE GURU BIO: Monika Haebich

Above all, one thing I admire is man’s ability to express himself. Granted our infinite ability to adorn, decorate, convey, present and create, it is fitting that fashion and style play such large roles in determining something as seemingly simple as what we put on in the morning. Fashion explores beauty and redefines art through its ability to celebrate and challenge culture, age, gender and mood. Just as we grow and reinvent ourselves, fashion is a living, breathing organism that shapes and is shaped by those around it. It provides the opportunity to create on a daily basis, and it nurtures our daily need to express.

My name is Monika Haebich, and I’m pleased to announce that for my final tenth semester, I will be covering University of Pennsylvania fashion with you as my inspiration.

As fashion, photography, music, art and traveling have always been my passions as well as my inspirations, it may come as no surprise that in my spare time I enjoy being the Art Director for The WALK and Co-Editor-in-Chief for Penn’s section of Her Campus. Aside from that, I have also found a home at CollegeFashionista. In the past four years, CollegeFashionista has provided me with so much more than opportunities or contacts; it has provided me with the ability to do something I truly love, and I could not be more grateful to be a part of an organization that encourages college students to push fashion boundaries and explore the meaning of fashion for themselves.

Fashion has given me the pen to define myself. Through this blog, I cannot wait to record how you reinvent, redefine and style on!


If there’s anything I always love seeing, it is a simple, fashionable and—of course—“punny” sweatshirt. The classic “Feline” sweatshirt gets me every time, and I will always want to buy myself a Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” or “Ballin” graphic T-shirt or sweatshirt.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately loved her outfit—especially, as you can imagine, her graphic sweatshirt. Her look was funny, chic, minimal and comfortable. Her graphic shirt read, “Do Epic Chic.” The simple black typography lent a minimal look to the sweatshirt, which nicely complemented the rest of her outfit.

Paired with black leather paneled leggings, the sweatshirt looked casually chic and put together. The variety in textures introduced by the leggings gave an unexpected edge to her outfit, as well. By wearing leggings with leather panels, this Fashionista also spiced up the sweatshirt with a bit of glamour and edge to avoid a more casual look.

Finally, this Fashionista topped off her look with an oversized boyfriend coat. The deep oxblood color of the jacket popped against her black and gray palette, and the wooly texture added a bit of softness to the hard, sleek texture of the leggings. Black motorcycle boots perfectly finished off her edgy look, tying her whole outfit together.

How To: Instead of opting for your old sweatshirt and leggings on a lazy day, try dressing up a graphic sweatshirt like this Fashionista so effortlessly did. This “Sweat Shirt” sweatshirt adds a bit of comedic sarcasm to any look, and this oversized “Graphic Content” sweatshirt can likewise be dressed up or down.


When both Stevie Nicks and Britney Spears have songs about leather and lace (or in Britney’s case, lace and leather), you know you have a winning combination. Sure, our favorite singers have proved the lace and leather combination to be poetically fitting, but we all know they work together sartorially, as well.

This week’s Fashionista looked divine in her leather and lace combination. She wore a taupe jersey slip dress, similar to this slip dress from NASTY GAL. The lingerie-inspired look was tastefully playful, and the lace trim at the hem added a subtly sexy detail.

Pairing her lace dress with a leather bomber jacket, this Fashionista gave her look a bit of edge. The black leather balanced the femininity of her dress well for a less blatantly girly look. By covering up her arms, she also looked a bit more conservative and appropriate for class. The difference in textures between the soft jersey and hard leather created an element of surprise within her outfit, and this Fashionista certainly looked memorable in this fantastic match of fabrics.

The leather and lace combination is always a versatile and fun style to try to adapt with your own wardrobe. Try mixing unexpected fabrics or styles for a look that is uniquely your own. Although wearing something entirely “preppy” or “edgy” or “hipster” is a fun and easy way to create a memorable style, juxtaposing different elements always renders something even unexpected.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t wear a bra.”

WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Do you have a date night coming up? Date night is everyone’s favorite excuse to get dressed up. When else do we Fashionistas get the opportunity to don our favorite platform heels, go bold with daring cutouts and prance around Center City in short dresses? There is always an element of fun and magic to date night, and this Fashionista knew just how to capture that with her date night outfit.

This Fashionista found the perfect nighttime look from Penn’s favorite campus boutique, Bonded Boutique. Sporting a metallic cutout dress, this Fashionista was not shy in the tastefully revealing piece. Angular cutouts along her ribcage revealed a sliver of skin on each side, and a plunging neckline looked feminine and chic without revealing too much. Thin shoulder pads added volume to her look, creating a structured silhouette.

She wore a pair of RED Valentino peep-toe pumps. The multicolored, glittery heels tied in the gold in her dress, but the patent black bow, strap and lining in the shoes grounded her look in a more conservative color. The platform heels likewise made walking and dancing a breeze, which was perfect for a date night.

One Simple Change: It’s never too early to start thinking about vacation—especially when that vacation is spring break! While bathing suits and cover-ups are important to bring on spring break, don’t forget about packing the clothing you’ll need for nights downtown. Bring a black and gold clutch, like this studded Ted Baker beauty, when headed downtown on vacation for a bold and confident look.


With midterms in season, the last thing anyone has time to think about is what to wear to the library. With comfort and ease as the main determinants in an outfit during midterms, it is never surprising to see sweatpants and sweatshirts suddenly proliferate on campus—especially in the library. This Fashionista combatted the typical library look by placing her own chic spin on dressing comfortably with essential basics.

Every Fashionista loves a well-fitted, comfortable pair of jeans, and this Fashionista started her outfit with a pair of timeless dark wash denim. On top, she wore a UNIQLO Suprima cotton crewneck T-shirt (which I have to add is one of the warmest and most comfortable fitted T-shirts I have ever owned). The thick and buttery texture of the shirt, along with its versatile color, makes it an essential wardrobe staple for any closet.

This Fashionista layered a lightweight, black blazer over her T-shirt. The lighter material and the relaxed fit rendered it perfect for the library, unlike a more structured blazer. Her shoes were also great for any day spent in the library; her Vince Camuto black leather flats proved to be adaptable to many occasions.

She completed her outfit with a simple, but effective accessory: a J.Crew jeweled necklace. The elegant necklace was essential in easily elevating her look to something a bit more formal and fashion-forward.

One Simple Change: After days of research in the library, the next step is always the dreaded presentation! Simply switch out the dark denim for a chic tweed pencil skirt for a look that will surely make an impact.