STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Higher, The Better

High-waisted bottoms have become a huge trend in the past few years, with pants, shorts and skirts. It’s a very flattering look for many body types since the top of the bottoms hit at the narrowest part of the waist.

My favorite go-to for the summer are high-waisted shorts. There are endless options, as far as looks, when you start with a pair of high-waisted shorts. They can be worn with a shirt tucked in or untucked, either cropped or not, or a shirt that is tied. All looks are equally cute, so just choose your favorite or try all three!

Let’s start with the tucked in look. Choose a tight-fitting tank or T-shirt to have a put-together look, or you can also tuck in a loose-fitting blouse, such as the Abbeline Sheer Boyfriend Tank from South Moon Under. This top also works perfectly for the tied option, so it serves a duel purpose.

For the untucked option, a shorter-cut shirt works best. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cropped, but cropped is very cute too! This crochet crop top from Nasty Gal works well. If this option shows too much skin for your liking then this sweet crop top has more coverage. Not to forget about the shorts themselves, a good basic pair is the Cooperative High-Rise Denim Shorts. These can be dressed up or down, making them very versatile. 

So, next time you go to choose a cute summer look, base your outfit around a pair of high-waisted shorts. It’s a simple, but very trendy, fashion flashback from the '70s. 


What could be more of a summer staple than jean shorts? No matter how old you are, jean shorts have a variation suitable for all ages. Each year there is the trendy pair of jean shorts for the upcoming summer season. This summer, the ripped high-waisted denim shorts is very popular.

Ripped denim looks best when it is made by hand. A simple way to make a pair of high-waisted ripped shorts is to find a pair of cheap high-waisted jeans at Goodwill or a thrift store. Take a pair of jean shorts that you already own to use as a guide for cutting. Always cut the shorts a little too long at first, to be sure that you can make them a little smaller. If you want to make rips in the shorts, just cut lines in the fabric and then use a knife to fray the edges. Once you have the shorts cut and ripped the way you want, you can add studs or fabric to finish the look. Making your own pair of shorts isn’t very time consuming, but with just a little bit of time and effort you can make your very own custom-designed denim shorts.

If you find that making shorts isn’t for you, and you would rather just spend the money, there are still very cute options. For a pair with lots of rips, or for a rugged look, consider the MinkPink Slasher Flick shorts. For a pair that isn’t as ripped, Etsy is the perfect website to order a custom pair that is relatively inexpensive. So, start your summer purchasing off with a pair of ripped high-waisted denim and they will become your go-to bottom this season.


Sometimes it’s hard to find cute and comfortable outfits, especially when dressing for class. A very trendy option is to wear high-waisted loose pants with a simple top. This style of pant is referred to as harem pants. Harem pants, originating in India, are a cross between a skirt and skinny jeans, which gives you the flexibility to dress them up or down. They became a fashion piece in the '80s when MC Hammer wore them in a music video. They are loose fitting through the leg and tapered around the ankle, helping to draw attention to your shoes. So, if you choose to wear a pair of harem pants make sure you pair them with some of your favorite shoes!

This Fashionista wears a snakeskin-patterned pair of harem pants with a black lace top and gladiator shoes. Her pants are comfortable because they aren’t tight and have an elastic waistband. These can be paired with a shirt, either tucked in or left out depending on what look you’re going for. For class or a daytime look, wear cute flats or sandals. For going out, harem pants are super cute with a pair of heels. They can be found in basic colors as well as a variety of patterns to suit any style. This black pair found on Shopbop is really practical and can be worn be a simple tank, tee or with a nicer silk top. If you’re feeling daring, you can go for a fun patterned harem pant.

If you already have a pair of harem pants, then good for you and I hope you love them. If you don’t have a pair, now is your chance to try the style!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Remember To Accessorize

Accessories are essential to every outfit. Sometimes, I find it hard to pick and choose what kind of accessories I want to wear with any outfit because there are just so many options. The key with accessories is to never overdo them. You want to make sure accessories pull your outfit together and don’t go overboard.

Any easy accessory to wear is a scarf. Scarves work in all seasons, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Some people might be turned off by scarves when it’s warm, because it’s just an added layer. However, if you choose a scarf in a light silk or cotton fabric and wear it loosely around your neck, it shouldn’t pose a problem. This Fashionista uses her scarf to break up an all-black ensemble by adding a different fabric and pattern. Her animal-print scarf is worn loosely around her neck without being looped around, so it doesn’t add extra warmth.

There are a large variety of spring scarves in stores now. The classic Alexander McQueen skull scarf is just speechless. With an array of colors, the McQueen scarf can work with any style preference. The darker-colored scarves, such as black and red, make a powerful statement with a strong contrast between the color of the skulls and the background. The lighter colors, such as pink and mint have less of a contrast and are more neutral. If skulls aren’t for you, another lightweight spring option is the basic floral print scarf. This Fashionista wears an infinity scarf, which is very practical because you don’t have to do much besides hang it around your neck, with the option of looping it around.

So, next time you get dressed, remember to accessorize. It’s a simple way to take your outfit to the next level and tie your look together. If you’re a simple person, a basic scarf will do the trick.


What is one style that works for every season? Layering! No matter what the temperature is, warm or cold, layering allows you to use many of the same pieces all year round. Tank tops, or other warm weather tops, can be transitioned into fall or winter by layering an open button-down over top. When you wake up early for class and the weather is cooler, layering is great because as the day goes on you can adjust your outfit to the temperature.

This Fashionista pairs a simple, black long sleeve shirt with a sleeveless denim button-down. The denim button-down looks almost like a denim vest but is made out of a thinner material, which makes it a good layering piece. Often times when the weather gets warmer it’s tempting to just wear running shorts and T-shirts to class, so it’s nice to have other casual options that don’t make you feel like you’re always in gym clothes. As far as layering goes for spring, start with a tank top, either plain or a patterned, and add a sweater or blazer. If you get warm, you can always take off a layer but having multiple parts to your outfit makes it more appealing. A simple denim button-down is a practical piece to have. Urban Outfitters' BDG Breezy Dolman shirt does the trick and can be worn buttoned, unbuttoned or tied for a variety of looks. Another layering piece that is a must have is a jean jacket. They come in a number of different washes and colors, making them a fun addition to any outfit. This neon green one from NASTY GAL is an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit. 

So, no matter what time of the year it is, don’t forget that layering is always an option! Even if you're in a rush, or lazy, take the time to dress up. Layering is an effortless style that works all the time. 


What is more perfect for a warm spring day than a fun, floral-patterned crochet top? Crochet has made a recent come back and is a big spring trend this year. Often times, crochet has an older-women vibe but it has become a very trendy staple this time of year. With the variety of colors and styles that come in a crochet fabric, your options are endless. The details can be very intricate, a simple design usually with a floral pattern, or just criss-crossed lines.

Crochet mostly appears on tops, shorts and shoes. Last summer, TOMS shoes came out with a very popular crocheted pair in fuchsia, silver, black and natural. These are super cute and comfortable to wear to class, or just out and about. Since they have little holes in the fabric, it makes them breathable so your feet won’t get too hot. Another awesome pair of crochet shoes are the Jeffrey Campbell lita-mac lace-ups. I personally am obsessed with these shoes and they are a perfect statement shoe that’s a must have! As far as tops go, Forever 21 has a variety of crochet to choose from. There’s options with a little crochet or completely-crocheted tops to suit your taste. Any little bit will do! High-waisted shorts are an option as well. Free People makes a cute pair with a scalloped edge that would work dressed either up or down. So, if you don’t have any crochet, now is a great time to look for a piece or just add to your collection while it’s still hot!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Always-In-Style Blazer

The blazer, a timeless piece of clothing that started as something only worn by men, has come a long way from its early years. The blazer started off with two different purposes: a boating jacket and a sports jacket. These are very different uses, one being casual and the other is more formal. These two uses have moved their way to today's use of the blazer, which is not just a man’s jacket but sometimes, more frequently, a women’s jacket. Blazers are most often found in the work place, being worn by both men and women in a variety of colors and styles. The typical color you find is black or navy. These simple colors show formality and power in the work environment.

Blazers can also be worn in a more casual, fun atmosphere. This Fashionista sports a thin gray blazer with a floral pattern on the cuffs. This type of blazer works well for a carefree look that still shows sophistication. She paired it with flip flops and a white tank to wear around campus, but a blazer can dressed up by pairing the jacket with a silk tank and heels for a night outfit. 

The versatility of a blazer is the greatest quality. I find it practical to have a business-style blazer in either black or navy to wear to an interview or business event, as well as a white or colored blazer to spice up your weekend wardrobe. Often times it gets chilly on spring or summer evenings, so throwing on a light blazer over a girly dress or skirt ensemble will do the trick!


Every season seems to have one color that defines the season. For this year, mint green seems to be sping's eye-popping color. It’s always so exciting when winter is winding down and all the spring merchandise hits stores. The bright colors and fun patterns get everyone revved up for warm weather. Today’s Fashionista happened to be wearing this season’s color. Mint is great color because it really looks good on every skin tone. It’s also not too bright that it will stand out too much in a crowd.

I’ve noticed that anything you could want is available in the mint color. It’s especially popular with pants, shoes, accessories and even nail polish. What you choose to pair with mint can change the look completely. Mint works well with neutrals or, for a more unique look, paired with other pastel colors. This Fashionista wears a sheer mint top over a tank with cropped jeans and sandals. A very cute, but casual, daytime look for walking around campus. The mint color she wears is more subdued and, since it’s sheer, doesn’t stand out as much. Free People makes a sheer mint top in a brighter mint color that also gives off a casual vibe. Even though it has long sleeves, the thin fabric still makes it wearable on warm days.

So, with it now being April, spring is in full effect. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the sun is shining. Freshen up your wardrobe with something minty fresh!


I’m so glad that rompers made another come back this spring. Rompers are just so practical when it comes to warm weather because it combines shorts and a dress. Rompers are great for most occasions but work best when you need a more sophisticated but still fun look. I find that rompers are great on a windy day because you still can wear something girly but you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing up your dress. Rompers can often look like dresses if worn loosely.

Not only are rompers meant for warm weather because worn with a pair of tights and jacket this piece can transition into the colder months too. Rompers come in a variety of sleeve lengths from full length to strapless. The full length works for a cooler day so you don’t have to carry around a jacket. Sleeveless or strapless rompers are better for warmer days but can also be worn with a light jacket or blazer if it gets chilly.

This Fashionista sports a patterned romper with three quarter sleeves. This sleeve length is great because you can deck out your wrists with some fun jewelry. The color scheme of her romper works well with either gold or silver jewelry so why not have some fun by mixing up the metals!

So basically a romper is an all year round essential that is practical for any college student. It’s a good day and night outfit that is easy to just throw on without having to put in much thought.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: With Warm Weather Comes Floral

What are the first two things that come to mind when one thinks of warm weather? I would have to say floral and denim shorts. These are two of the easiest, most timeless pieces of summer weather that are always a go-to. This Fashionista knows what I mean. With the quick change in temperature in Columbus, campus is now filled with short-and-tank-top-wearing girls. The best thing about warm weather is that it completely changes your mood. Cold winter weather can often times put you in the “winter rut,” which always seem dreary and boring. With the first signs of warm weather everyone races to take out their summer clothing.

Floral has been a staple in everyone’s closet for as long as I can remember. The great thing about floral is all the variety in colors and flower print there are endless options on what to wear. This Fashionista sticks with a more traditional floral pattern in pastel colors, giving off a very feminine look. If the feminine look isn’t for you, there’s other ways to make floral work with your style. Floral prints can be paired with a leather jacket or black pants for a more rugged look, or with a neutral colored blazer for a preppy look. A big trend this spring is patterned pants, so what better way to wear floral than a pair of floral patterned pants. These pants are a fun way to add something new into your wardrobe.

So get out of your winter rut and add a smile to your day with some exciting floral. Even if this strange warm weather in March doesn’t stay, you can always get yourself ready for summer with some floral!