TREND: Fall Into Line

Well Fashionista/os, it seems that summer has come to a close. As back to school commercials start to take over our TV sets and we all get ready to head back to campus, it seems as if the weather is catching on too. We have officially turned of the air conditioning in my house and opted for the fresh breezes of open windows. For me, that means I finally get to start layering again! I’m all about taking a lot of basic pieces and making an awesome look out of them by throwing them all together, but with 95 degree temperatures, it’s a little hard to pull off.

This Fashionista’s layers immediately caught my eye. One of my absolute favorite color trends for fall is camel colored jackets and blazers. This Fashionista sports a chic yet casual cotton jacket over a loose black shirt – perfect for days when your classroom is freezing but the walk home is a little toasty. Her bright blue denim skirt pops against the neutral tone of the jacket, and really stands out in the crowd.

To add even more layers of fun, this Fashionista has added a brown scarf and black cut-off tights underneath her skirt. She let me in on a little secret – the tights were actually added because she’s a bike rider and wanted a little coverage on that ride home, but I think they add an interesting touch!

The simple blue and white striped TOM-like shoes are a great choice for keeping the outfit fashionable yet comfortable (and safe – always wear closed toed shoes while riding a bike!).

TREND: Buttons and Birkens

A few weeks back, a friend and I were having discussion (argument) over a pair of shoes that she posted on her blog. Yes, they were Birkenstock sandals like those this Fashionista is wearing. I argued that there is no way the Birkenstocks were ever fashionable, and that she should therefore remove them from her fashion blog. In fact, this Fashionista argued that her shoes were ugly and that I should refrain from taking her picture. However, as she walked past me out of a store, I couldn’t help but notice how trendy they were with this simple yet chic outfit.

I’ve always thought as these thickly strapped sandals as something only my comfort conscious mother would wear. But since Fashionista’s such as Ashley Olsen and Anne Hathaway have been spotted wearing this ancient brand, they seem to be making a major comeback!

After I noticed the shoes (I’ll be honest, I was looking down at my phone when I spotted them. Who ever said texting and walking couldn’t yield great results?!), I looked up to see one of my absolute favorite trends for summer and fall – a baby blue button-up shirt. This Ralph Lauren Polo is classically fitted for a effortlessly preppy look, but this style is also fantastic worn loose and tucked into your favorite pair of jeans. A pair of crisp white shorts accent the white collar of the top, and keep the outfit a cool, calm and collected.

Finally, a Michael Kors tote and some sepia toned sunglasses round out this Fashionista’s outfit and are a perfect match with the brown Birkenstock sandals. Her hair is thrown up into a loose ballerina bun on top of her head – a great summer style that is simple to create but looks chic and styled.

TREND: Hot Pink Heat

Happy August Fashionista/os! We all know what that means…extreme heat, humidity, and our last chance to show off our favorite summer trends. One of my favorite trends from this season (which I hope I can carry into fall) is bold color. Color blocking is really in right now – which basically means pairing two or more (but not too many) bold colors in the same outfit. Even if you’re not quite daring enough to add lime green shirt with that fuchsia skirt, any bold color can really go a long way.

This Fashionista stopped me in my tracks with her hot pink mini skirt. Cotton-spandex miniskirts such as this one are an absolute must in every Fashionista’s closet, mainly because they are so versatile and inexpensive. To top it off, a white lace tank with black bandeau are chosen.

This is an excellent outfit for a night out with friends – whether you plan to be at an outdoor party or in a sticky hot night club, you’ll be happy you chose a breezy outfit such as this. To add some glam, gold earrings and a simple gold chain give the outfit a classy touch. Ray Bans and simple black Steve Madden sandals accessorize the look to perfection.

Hint: Want to take this outfit from night to day? Switch out the black bandeau for a black tank, then tuck the shirts into the top of the skirt. Add a black blazer and a pair of black (closed toed) pumps and you’re ready for a meeting with your coworker!

TREND: Time to Shine

I think I speak for everyone when I say this heat wave is out of control. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love summer. The winter days in Pittsburgh seem to drag on forever, so I embrace it when I finally get a chance to feel the sun’s rays. But an entire week of 90 degrees or above has got my fashion sense all out of wack. When I want to layer a simple tank with a button down shirt at night, I walk outside to a wave of heat and humidity. So when I spotted this Fashionista sporting a new twist on the classic hot-weather outfit, I was quite impressed.

Shorts and a tank top are certainly the most comfortable option in the extreme heat, but boring as well. This Fashionista has switched out the classic jean short for a white pair instead, and added a thin tan belt with leather clasp. Instead of a simple tank top, a glitter tank adds pop of fun to an otherwise simplistic outfit. A pair of white sandals embellished with rhinestones complements the tank nicely but doesn't take away from it.

Shorts and a tank top don’t have to look like a boring “I’m too hot to wear real clothes” outfit. With the right combination, they can be fashionable and fabulous.

Hint: Glitter is a hard trend to master — too much and you look like a disco ball, too little and it’s not even noticeable. Make sure that you pair your glitter top with a neutral bottom, and vice versa. Keep your makeup and accessories simple as well so as not to overdo it.

TREND: The Denim Dude

When I think of the summer months in the good ol’ USA, I think of burgers on the grill, messy ice cream cones and denim. Although the fabric was originally made in France, the U.S. has definitely taken it upon itself to exhibit the trend in as many ways as it can think of. From the bell-bottom jeans of the '70s and the skinny jeans of today, denim pants have always been a large part of our culture. But let’s not forget about wearing denim on the top half!

This Fashionisto is looking fly in his button-down denim shirt from Fossil. His choice to leave those top few buttons undone and roll up the sleeves of the shirt takes it from a spring or fall trend into the summer season — showing off that tan and keeping this Fashionisto much cooler. Embellished with white stitching and white buttons, a pair of white skinny jeans is an obvious choice. White denim is a huge trend for the spring and summer months. It’s sure to turn heads and is slightly cooler than wearing a dark denim pant.

To round out the outfit, a pair of gray Adidas sneakers with white soles are chosen to complement the pants. Just as these shoes appear to have a blue tint in this photo, gray shoes will often appear to take on whatever color is being worn. The ‘stunna’ shades round out the outfit for a super cool, super trendy summer outfit.

Hint: Love this look and wanna wear it tonight, but don’t have either pieces in your closet? Flip it! Wear dark skinny jeans and a white button down for (almost) the same effect!

TREND: A Hot Pink Statement

Every year my family takes a few days off of work, school and whatever else is going on to spend the Fourth of July holiday together at my family’s townhome in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. So when that weekly deadline started to approach once again, I thought to hit Rehoboth Avenue to scour up a Fashionista to feature. To my dismay, everybody was decked out in their Old Navy Fourth of July t-shirts and tinsel star crowns. Although festive, not exactly what I was looking to feature. But as I was sitting outside my favorite Rehoboth store — South Moon Under — a gift from the fashion gods rode up on her stylish pale blue beach bike, and I had found my Fashionista.

This Fashionista was hard not to spot as she sports this hot pink sun dress. This is definitely a sundress that is meant to get noticed. With its lace detailing and perfect cut and length, this Fashionista will most definitely be stopping traffic. What’s great about the dress is it is so versatile — you could dress it up with wedges to be worn to a cocktail party or celebration of sorts, or dress it down such as this Fashionista with sandals and minimal jewelry to be worn while riding a super-cute bicycle!

To finish the look, gold sandals are chosen instead of what you would classically pick: a white sandal. My mother, who was with me when I spotted this Fashionista, could not understand this sandal choice. I explained to her that although a white sandal would match, it would take away from the bold statement of the dress. The gold sandal gives off a subtle chic feel, and I feel they are an excellent choice with this ensemble. A simple strand of pearls around the wrist along with pearl earrings and white nail polish finish out the outfit beautifully.

Hint: Notice that her bike acts as an accessory? If you’re gonna ride an outfit looking this cute, you better have a cute bike to go with it. Try a Schwinn Cruiser or hit your local vintage shop to see what they have in-store!

TREND: Pleasantly Peasant

With scorching temperatures and high reaching humidity in our almost daily forecast this July, getting dressed can be more of a hassle than a treat. Dressing for your part time job or other indoor activity can prove extremely challenging as tank tops and short shorts are usually inappropriate for most jobs. Tight fitted clothing is just too constricting for the 20 minute bus ride to your job, but clothing too sheer will leave you chilly in the intense air conditioning. So what’s the solution?

A three-quarter length sleeve peasant top is a great way to stay cool and breezy in the heat but has enough fabric to keep you warm in that frigid air conditioning. This Fashionista’s peasant top is patterned with wide pale colored stripes. With buttons down the front, and lace trim on the unevenly cut hem, this top is the perfect staple piece for a breezy summer ensemble.

Underneath, the cargo trend I described in this post is reappearing once again. These mid-calf cargo shorts are a great choice under a longer peasant top. Wearing shorter shorts will make it seem as if you forgot to put on your pants, and anything longer would just be too hot for these summer months.

To finish off the outfit, camel colored closed toed sandals and a wooden bracelet give the outfit a bohemian vibe. Loose fitting clothing and natural colors are a definite go this summer, so when trying to plan for some rapid changes in temperature, don’t forget to be pleasantly peasant.

Hint: Oh no! It's 100 degrees AND humid outside! Skip the sleeves and opt for this flowing tank.

TREND: Stars and Stripes

Okay, so maybe there aren’t any stars in this Fashionista’s outfit but in honor of the approaching Fourth of July holiday, I thought I’d be a little festive with my post this week.

I spotted this Fashionista donning a very trendy striped maxi dress. As you all might already be aware, stripes are a huge trend this season. Just make sure that you pick a stripe that isn’t too thin or too thick, as they can often have strange effects on the shape of your body. This cotton-based dress is an easy way to make a statement: its bold and bound to turn heads, but simple enough to be worn time and time again with different accessories.

To spice up the outfit, this Fashionista has chosen to add a teal colored cardigan. This unevenly cut cardigan goes wonderfully with the angled stripes of the dress, giving balance and intrigue to the outfit.

To accessorize, a mahogany colored belt is added to the waistline. This not only adds a contrasting color, but also gives more form to an otherwise fabric-full outfit. This Fashionista has also added a pair of bronze strappy sandals and an interesting bunny pendant necklace.

This outfit is great for a day of work, an afternoon barbeque with friends, or even a casual date! To make it a little more festive for some fourth of July festivities, follow my hint bellow!

Hint: To add some stars and hints of red to the outfit, try a star studded ring and necklace, and swap out the teal cardigan for this red one!

TREND: Playfully Bright

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it lets you express your identity. When you meet someone for the first time, you can say a lot about who you are simply from what you have chosen to wear that day. When you want to be taken seriously in an interview, black is the obvious choice. But when summertime rolls around and the living is easy, a playful and bright outfit can exude that optimistic and laid back personality that results from long days of leisure.

This Fashionista has chosen to show her bright side by donning this aqua and lime green patterned skirt. This skirt has a certain tropical feel to it – and reminds me of a mix of Lily Pulitzer and Calypso St. Barth – both two of my favorite summer brands. A crisp white tee adds to the laid-back and breezy feel of a daytime summer outfit, and tucking it into the cinched waist of the skirt gives shape and intrigue to the simplistic dual elements.

Accessories are certainly key with summer ensembles – as we certainly can’t pile on the layers when its 90 degrees outside. First, these silver Grecian sandals (which she told me were actually from Greece!) complement the silver pocket watch this Fashionista wears around her neck. Watches (in all forms) are a definite trend this summer – fashionable and functional! She also carries a Longchamp “Le Pilage” small tote bag. This tote is the perfect size for summer travels – not overwhelmingly large but big enough to fit all you necessary traveling needs.

Playful, bright colors are a definite trend this summer. So tap into your inner child and style on!

Hint: For an even bolder bright statement, try a maxi skirt or dress such as this one!



TREND: Black and White and Chic All Over

Summer is in full swing at CollegeFashionista, which means new trends and more Fashionistas to spot! Although I go to school in Pittsburgh during the year, my hometown is on the outskirts of Philadelphia where I’ll be residing for the remainder of the summer. So when it came time to round up some Fashionistas, I ventured into Philly for the day to see whom I could find. With bright blue skies and students from numerous Philadelphia campuses scurrying the streets, I knew it was a great day for Fashion.

I spotted this Fashionista coming head-on towards me on a cute little pathway that connects the University of Pennsylvania campus to the Drexel University campus. I could tell from a distance that this classy Fashionista was going to be a keeper.

I have always been a fan of black and white ensembles. Although simple, the possibilities are endless with the different styles and moods you can create with simple black and white pieces that you probably already have in your closet. This Fashionista chose a black and white tiered blouse with paisley patterning, and paired it with a black polyester skirt. The skirt has some embroidered lace along the bottom, giving the outfit an overall feminine and classy feel.

To accessorize, this Fashionista has added a pair of black leather ballet flats, similar to these Steve Madden choices, and a more than noticeable Betsey Johnson tote bag. I’m definitely one of those people who loves oversized bags – I put everything I need for the day in it and never have to worry about missing something! This is especially true for school, as you certainly don’t want to be returning to your apartment that is six blocks from campus because you didn’t have enough room for your laptop. This stylish tote rounds out the outfit in both functional and fashionable aspects.

Finally, I must mention the hair. Simple up-dos are totally the way to go when you’re running late for class. No need to fuss with the irons and hairspray, just twist your hair up, stick a few bobby pins in, and run!