Layering is the key to cold weather fashion. As fall transitions into winter, the need to bundle-up increases, but no one wants to see you in UGGs and oversized sweatshirts everyday. Great style shouldn’t be forgotten, even when the temperature drops!

I have said it before, but there is nothing better than a great coat, and this Fashionista’s adorable grey-wool jacket is trendy and fun. The shorter length of the coat and the double-button detailing make this coat attention grabbing and chic. This Fashionista is also sporting a practical pair of thicker leggings by J.Crew, with a zip closure in the back. She finishes the look with a pair of knee-high brown leather boots, a Marc by Marc cross-body bag, and a woven loop scarf. The loop scarf has been growing in popularity the last few years and it is an excellent, not to mention easy, way to add an accessory piece to your outfit. In this case, I like that she stuck to neutral, muted tones for the whole look.

If you haven’t found your perfect winter coat yet, I stumbled upon this down Steve Madden coat with a belted waist and faux fur lining on the hood. I also found two great loop scarves. One from Nordstrom that comes in several gorgeous colors and the other is a cashmere scarf by Vince.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You Can Never Have Too Many Coats

There are so many reasons to love fall fashion. Cozy fabrics, beautiful colors and inspiring patterns, just to name a few. My favorite thing about fall is that it gives me a chance to buy a new coat! Although my wardrobe is already overflowing with different versions of this fashion staple, I don’t think you can ever have too many. A basic, well-made coat will never go out of fashion. There are so many different styles, structures and details that can set one coat apart from another. It’s an item that you can wear across several seasons, at least in Seattle, and it can be a great finishing touch to many outfits. So many different attitudes can be portrayed with a coat.

This Fashionista is wearing a grey wool pea coat, perfect campus attire. She has chosen to create a casual look, pairing the coat with a pair of basic jeans and black flats. She adds a pop of color with her bright red school bag. This coat would also look great with a skirt and tights for a dressier presentation.

I love this Swing Coat by Dahlia because it has a really flirty feminine shape. I also think the oversized buttons and flap-closure pockets add an extra element of detail. My other favorite coat for winter is a gorgeous green number from ASOS. It has faux leather trim, a faux fur collar and it is a great example of how a coat can act as the stand-out piece of your outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t be Afraid of Contrast

This Fashionista mixes a very preppy Burberry print with an edgy leather jacket. It’s a great example of contrasting style pieces that actually make her outfit more interesting and unique.  It’s a portrayal of opposites. She looks cute and collegiate, but fashion-forward at the same time. The leather jacket almost mutes the boldness of that famous checkered print, and makes her appear more sophisticated.

This Fashionista also does an inspiring job of adding bursts of color to her outfit. The red in her rain boots and fringed-cashmere scarf is subtle, but the vibrancy and rich color of her gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, makes that small amount of colored detailing in her other outfit pieces more noticeable. The red accents break up the heaviness of all of the black and grey in her look. In this case, matching her footwear with her accessories, ties the whole look together. Red, is also the perfect color choice for fall. It’s a color that seems to return year after year across designer collections, transcending the aspect of change that fashion is all about.  

In my opinion, there really is no substitute for Burberry’s signature print, but recreating this look is worth a little investment. This Fashionista’s adorable rain boots can be found on the couture section of Zappo’s website. When it comes to the scarf, I love the cashmere Half Mega Check scarf by Burberry, because it’s thick and cozy for fall. This Fashionista’s leather jacket on the other hand, offers a bit more freedom.  My two favorites are this piece by Member’s Only, and this 3-Way lamb skin biker jacket by Robert Rodriguez.




This Fashoinista caught my eye on campus with her effortless, put together look. There is nothing particularly flashy or embellished about this Fashoinista’s outfit, but that’s what makes it great. From her blue button down to her corduroy pants, brown leather boots and scarf, the theme of this outfit is basic. Easy to wear and totally comfortable, some variation of this outfit is a must have in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. Another thing to take note of is the way this Fahionista blends different fabrics and textures into her look. This helps give simple pieces, like her solid blue shirt more life and dimension.

Although some fashion experts would say differently, the “no white after labor day” rule is a thing of the past. White, and other light colors can help brighten up those dark and rainy winter days that we are so accustom to in Seattle. Wearing white corduroy, instead of white denim is a great way to do this. This Fashionista puts an interesting twist on a traditionally summer style.

Another great thing about this look is that it is so transitional and easy to replicate. Any of these items can be worn with a number of different things. A pair of flats instead of boots, a jacket for colder weather, denim instead of corduroy, and tons of different accessories would work well for a basic outfit similar to this one. For the pants, I love J Brand’s skinny leg stretch corduroy in toffee and J. Crew’s stretch vintage boot cut pant, available in a range of colors. As far as scarves go, has a beautiful neutral, striped scarf that would be a great accent piece for many simple fall outfits.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Plaid Frequently, Plaid Often

When I think of plaid I think of the perfect flannel or warm pair of pants for chilly northwest October days. I think of all of the designers who incorporated the print into their fall and pre–fall 2011 collections from the likes of Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, Sonia Rykiel, and Celine. I also think of lumberjacks, cowboys, and the disheveled, just rolled out of bed, frat boy look that is so common on college campuses.

While several of these images I have just conjured will have Fashionista/os everywhere screaming fashion faux pas! The rest denote creativity, sophistication, and comfort. Whether it’s the cozy feeling you can only get from a down, tie-waist jacket like this one, or the bold square pattern you love, plaid is back (although it also never really left either)!

There is however, caution to be had: do not wear plaid in excess! Too much plaid is not only distracting and unflattering, but wearing to many plaid pieces will give you the effect of a prep school uniform gone horribly wrong. My favorite look is just a simple plaid-button down with a pair of denim skinny’s and riding boots, not too unlike this Fashionista. I also love the look of an understated plaid mini with tights and a great knit sweater. Although some fashion enthusiasts like plaid when it is used to create an edgier, grunge style, I prefer plaid in its more traditional form.

One of the best things about plaid is that it is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. It is also fairly easy to find at any price point. From boots, to handbags, jackets, pants and ties, plaid is everywhere this season in both menswear and womenswear. This plaid button down from Barney’s is a great causal option as well as this double-breasted checkered shirt for men from H&M. I also love these plaid Dolce and Gabbana boots. For more ideas about new and interesting ways you can try out plaid this fall, and are good places to start.


Polka dots can be a difficult look to master but this Fashionista rocks the look with a navy and white puff-sleeve blouse. I love the playfulness of a great polka dot print. It’s a pattern that is youthful and fun but it is also a print reminiscent of earlier fashion eras, such as the 1950’s and ‘60s when polka dots were super popular. Designer Carolina Herrera made polka dots all the rage again in the ‘80s and ‘90s when she came out with a collection of dresses and perfume boxes displaying the lively print. Today, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rachel Bilson have been spotted wearing polka dots from the runway to the grocery store.

The key to polka dots is moderation. A bold print, such as a polka dot, can be overwhelming if the rest of the outfit is too decorated or distracting. Polka dots look best when paired with simple pieces and accessories or worn completely on their own.  Matched with dark jeans, tan Tory Burch flats, and effortless accessories, this Fashionista follows this style rule to a tee. She pulls off a look that is dainty and feminine with a modern twist.

Although I think polka dots should typically be worn in casual settings, this blouse would also look great with a pencil skirt and blazer for a more dressed-up look.

If you want to add this fabulous print to your wardrobe, I love this pleated Eva Franco party dress. It is both elegant and pretty, with black dots on a cream background and a red-orange sash that ties at the waist. I also love this polka dotted blazer from


I saw this Fashionista strolling through campus and instantly noticed her hardware heavy look. Too much metal can be overkill, as it creates a look that is severe and at times costume-like. This Fashionista however wears it well, selecting only a few pieces with metal accents like her side-zippered jacket and stamped leather handbag. Although I love the jacket, this Fashionista’s cross-body bag is definitely the stand out piece of her outfit. The hardware is rose gold, a very popular metal in several of the designer fall collections, namely Balenciaga and Alexander Wang. The bag has a thick chain that runs across the top of the flap closure, as well as a zipper and studded detailing. It goes well with her casual striped T-shirt and dark wash denim, creating a presentation that is edgy yet retains an element of softness and flexibility. This look would even be great with a pair of buckled ankle boots and a few glossy accessories.

To add some haute hardware pieces to your wardrobe, I think a new handbag is the easiest place to start. If you can afford to spend a little more the Diego Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang is a great option. It’s a really unique, different shape and its available in several leather/hardware shades. I would also recommend the Lia Sling, also by Wang.

If your budget is a little tighter or you still aren’t sure how you feel about this style, then check out Nordstrom, as I found they have some great items in this style. Try the Vivian quilted cross-body bag by Ivanka Trump and take a step outside of your comfort zone.


There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to pursuing great style. The saying less is more may be true for many things in life, but when it comes to fashion I rarely find this to be the case. The more accessories, texture, glitz, the better. This Fashionista does an inspiring job of mixing a variety of styles to create an outfit that is interesting and on trend. She incorporates a number of fun accents into her outfit including a chunky tasseled necklace and studded cross-body leather bag. This California girl stays true to her roots with her laidback west coast style. Her look is comfortable yet totally chic and fashion forward.

It’s hard to pick just one aspect of this outfit to focus on, but my favorite piece is this Fashionista's grey printed cropped tank. The fit is flattering in a way that is subtly sexy and it is simple enough that it creates a great canvas for layering accessories. It complements the relaxed look of the black zip-up hoodie and maxi skirt. This Fashionista makes this style her own and finishes the ensemble with a great pair of t-strap sandals.

For those of you bold enough to try the maxi skirt I love the Heather maxi tube skirt from Splendid. I would recommend purchasing one in a dark shade or neutral color like this Fashionista has done because it’s more versatile and can be used as a good transition piece for fall. It’s also a great alternative to pants. For the popular crop top, I found two great options including a loose fitting off the shoulder style from American Apparel and a lightweight v-neck top from Free People.


This Fashionisto looks comfortable and relaxed in a simple black t-shirt, cargo shorts, and Jack Purcell sneakers. The camou aspect of this outfit helps to give it a little edge. Although the camou trend was much bigger in the designer shows of last fall season, it is still a look that remains popular, especially in street fashion.

Not always the biggest fan of this military inspired trend, I have learned to appreciate it and I actually think it can be very stylish when worn the right way. The key to camou, in my opinion, is to not overdo it. Like bright colors and flashy prints, it is better in small doses. This Fashionisto follows this rule to perfection, rocking just the right amount with a single outfit piece. Another great thing about camou is that it can be worn in so many different ways. It is one of those fashions that always appears on the scene in some new and creative way. It’s a look that’s raw, edgy, and always casual.

Want to get this look? Personally I love camou jackets and accessories. The cotton camou motorcycle jacket for women by Ralph Lauren is an interesting take on this look because it has a feminine twist. This Denim and Supply scarf also by Ralph Lauren is another great camou piece.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Colorful in Corduroy

As fall lurks right around the corner, the days are becoming colder and darker as the vibrance of summer becomes a thing of the past. But Fashionista/o’s, this does not mean your wardrobe should follow suit! Contrary to the belief of many, bold colors can and should be worn year round. This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to apply this piece of style advice in a pair of coral corduroy skinnies. Her pants are the staple of the outfit. They take her look from ordinary and mundane to eye-catching and creative. Worn with a pair of tan flats and a basic cardigan, this Fashionista manages to look fun and playful without over doing it.

If you are anything like myself, neutral loving to a fault, it can be hard to steer yourself away from the comfort of blacks, charcoals, and shades of brown that are usually associated with fall and winter. Force yourself outside of your comfort zone and play with color! Wearing a bright piece like this Fashionista’s pants not only draws attention to what your are wearing, but it helps make your ensemble a little more exciting. Color may be a difficult fashion element to master, but when it is worn in the right way, the result will be all worth it.

To get a pair of corduroys like this Fashionista’s, J.Crew has a great selection. Their Toothpick cord pants come in several different colors and has a great zipper detail at the hem. If you are still on the fence about this trend and aren’t ready to make the big investment, Forever21 offers a great pant for under 20 dollars. I also love ASOS Jet Pocket Slim Cropped Pants in mustard.