5 Things to Do When Visiting Berlin

This past year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend my entire junior year living abroad in England. Looking back now, I have to say that I definitely took full advantage of living in Europe by visiting as many countries and cities as I possibly could. I have been home for about two months now, but each day I am reminded of my time living abroad and how much I miss it.

In order to relive some of my amazing memories, I thought I would talk about one of my favorite cities I visited and the top five things you must do, eat, or see in Berlin.

1—Take a free walking tour. I visited Berlin during my spring break abroad and met up with two of my friends to explore this exciting city. We weren’t sure what to do first, so my friend found an organization which gives tourists free city walking tours. By the end of the two hours, I felt well informed and ready to conquer the huge city full of endless history.

2—Eat the food. Not only is Berlin known for being a fun city full of history, but I have to say that this German city sure knows how to make good food. If you get a chance, be sure to try the burgers from Burgermeister or the oatmeal from Haferkater. Both are by far the best I have ever had.

3—Go to Markthalle Neun. Every Thursday in the area of Kreuzberg, a huge food hall is set up with some of the best food and drinks from a variety of different cultures. If you happen to be in Berlin on a Thursday, bring your appetite and please visit this food hall!

4—Explore the beautiful architecture. If your favorite part about visiting a new city is all of the architecture and museums, then Berlin is the place to be. The Holocaust Memorial is fairly new, but a beautiful sight to see with intricate designs and a history of its own.

5—Go to the Berlin Wall. My final tip for you is to, of course, walk along the Berlin Wall. Although the wall has been down for a number of years now, parts of the wall still remain and some are kept for artists to use. It really is amazing to see all of the creative pieces which designers have shared for public display.

I was only in Berlin for three days, and it was not anywhere near enough time to see all that this city has to offer. I know I will be back in the future to truly experience everything else I might have missed, but in the meantime, I just relive the experience through photos and stories.

Have you been to Berlin or are you planning to visit? Let me know in the comments below!


The Best Style Pieces Are the Ones You Don’t Expect

Bomber jackets and blue leather skirts—two key items of clothing which are new to my personal wardrobe. Recently, however, I have felt compelled to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different trends. The blue, faux leather skirt is the perfect example, and a great story to share. I first found the piece at a Zara store in England, and since then I have been experimenting with different looks. Yet this one particular look I am sharing with you today was completely created by my sister. She is a sporty girl, but I now discovered she can create a truly killer outfit.

Leather, whether it be faux or real, is making its way back into the fashion scene and I could not be more excited. I have always been one to love finishing off a look with a leather jacket for both formal and informal functions. Now, with faux leather pants and skirts, there is so much more to experiment with.

What I love in particular about this leather skirt is the color. The baby blue is such a key color for summer, and the style of the skirt is very versatile. For a more sports-oriented girl like my sister, having the option to quickly pull on a leather skirt or pants for a more formal night out can help to decrease the stress of deciding what to wear. That’s a major plus in any girl’s life, don’t you agree?

Bomber jackets are a style which I have seen many guys rock, and have even been very popular among the female fashion crowd. A great alternative to a leather jacket, I have seen the bomber jacket come in all variations of styles from statement colors to the authentic military print. In this case, the tan colored bomber jacket pairs nicely with the crop top with the faux leather skirt. By finishing off the look with a small wedge sandal, the look is complete for a nice dinner out or even an all-day look if that is your style.

Bomber jackets and faux leather pieces make for great statement items! Let me know in the comments below or on social media your go-to look with similar pieces. Maybe you’ll help to inspire my next fashion look!


I’ve done quite a fair share of travelling over the past few weeks, and what I have learned along the way is that you do not want to have a large amount of luggage in your possession. It truly is not fun, and at the end of the day it is a very big hassle. As a fashion obsessed lover like many of you, this can be quite an issue, especially when you want to plan a new outfit for each day of the holiday. That might work for a one week holiday to a relaxing resort, but when you are backpacking through Europe, packing light is key.

A Fashionista I discovered while travelling had this concept down to a tee, and this meant I definitely had to share with the rest of the Fashionista/o crowd.

One suitcase, and that is all that this Fashionista had with her for the spring break trip around Europe. She was wearing the only pair of shoes she brought that week which were the classic Adidas, and I personally fell in love with them. Since the Adidas were plain black and white, they were perfect for the casual site seeing during the day, but also great to switch up for a more dressed up evening when paired with tights and a skirt.

The particular outfit for travelling I discovered this Fashionista in was a pair of faded gray skinny jeans cuffed at the ankle, a casual statement T-shirt and a leather jacket. All pieces are perfect because they can be used more than once with different items of clothing. A key rule to follow when travelling.

When I first came across this look, I knew the Fashionista had a talent for travelling. Three perfect staple items to be used more than once, meant all you would need to pack extra is possibly an additional pair of pants, a skirt of choice, and light blouses or T-shirts to switch up the outfit. A scarf is also a great addition for days it may be colder than other, or the unexpected showers where the scarf can act as a quick umbrella while sprinting inside for coverage.

Packing light definitely does not mean you are compromising personal style, it just means you have to be creative with the items you choose to bring. For myself, this is a lesson I still need to learn but am starting to have better ideas for my future trips.

STYLE ADVICE: A Skirt Changes Everything

Spending the year in a country where light gray clouds and mid-50 degree weather brings a smile to my face are just one of the many changes I have come to accept since my time abroad. On another note, my style has consisted of long pants, scarves, and warm jackets. With a change in style due to a new environment, my creativity has had to adapt to many new scenarios. With spring coming and clear blue skies becoming more noticeable, I am once again brainstorming creative ways to revive my style. Yet, with those mere moments where I’m struggling for inspiration, all I do is step out my door to look for other Fashionistas/os around me.

Clothing stores are always bringing in the next seasons items before the time is acceptable to be worn. Think about all the times you start seeing fall clothes in July, but it is still a bit too warm to even consider wearing some of the pieces. Denim skirts have started to catch my eye recently across all the clothing stores here in the UK, but I still have to consider the area of the world I am currently living in. Meaning I am not anywhere near San Diego at the moment. However, after coming across a Fashionista wearing a black denim skirt, my eye for new inspiration during the transition between winter and spring has sparked creativity.

This Fashionista chose to wear a black skirt with a gold zipper down the front. Paired with tights and black booties, it allows the look to still fit in with the current weather, but adjust for the transition between winter and spring. The tights and black booties also keep the look acceptable for the cooler months. If you are used to wearing skirts with tanks, cardigans or sheer tops tucked in, there are plenty of new ways to be creative with style choices. A sweater perfect for winter or a cooler light weight option such as cropped or knitted are a key piece to pair with a denim skirt. No need to tuck in the sweater, let it hang over the skirt to portray a casual yet comfy look.

Just as the Fashionista has chosen to do with the particular look, you’ll be sure to get asked about your outfit wherever you go. If you’re bored with wearing jeans consistently or want a new look to wear to dinner with friends, take my advice and look for inspiration with this Fashionista. She sure knows how to switch things up!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves for the Win

For those Fashionistas/os who are not aware, I have been spending my junior year abroad in the United Kingdom and have been loving every moment of it. From the lifestyle of the university students, to the ability as an international student to explore a new location each week, I have fallen in love. Of course, like any obsessed Style Guru, the fashion is what always catches my eye.

With winter break long over, my days of sleep have come to an end as an exciting new semester has begun. However, during my adventurous winter break, I had been traveling quite frequently, which meant a new stylish outfit was created for each trip. What I have come to notice about the Europeans for a while now is that they are always one trend ahead of America. This is a bonus for me, because now I can bring back some of my top trends home from my time abroad!

During one of my many weekend trips I stayed local and visited Manchester, England for the day. While exploring the city I came across a Fashionista from Finland in a sleek, black ensemble that I fell in love with. As any Style Guru must do, I stopped her and asked to use her outfit for my latest post. What I came to love is how the outfit consisted of very few pieces, yet the ones she had chosen to wear stood out. In addition, the all black winter boots paired with a small crossbody bag and a gray scarf presented itself as truly European. As I have come to observe with many Fashionistas in Europe, simple is better—even when it comes to the choice of color.

After living in constantly cold and rainy weather, I have noticed how scarves play a key role in any outfit. After living in California my whole life and rarely wearing a scarf, I have now noticed so many Fashionistas/os abroad wearing scarves as a staple in their wardrobe, and this Fashionista is no different. Looking sleek in black, the gray scarf, while although it is still a neutral color, adds excitement to the outfit. What’s great about dressing for winter and colder weather is all the layers. If we have to dress warmly, then we might as well have some fun while we’re at it! Scarves are the perfect way to change up an outfit from a mixed print to a simple color, the perfect accessory now makes the perfect outfit!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Mom’s the Jean

While I will always be dedicated to the original skinny jean, I can’t help but be attracted to the new styles of jeans being worn. First there was the boyfriend jean, but just recently I have been noticing mom jeans becoming popular. The difference…well that was something I simply could not put my finger on. Then it hit me, the rise of the jeans was different. One was high-waisted and the other was a relaxed fit. Although I can never truly say what my personal style is, looks that I have seen worn by celebrities, on style websites, or across social media platforms have caused me to be experimental and try different looks. That’s exactly what I have done with the mom jeans I am wearing and I have truly fallen in love.
What is great about a pair of jeans is the wide range of styles that you can create with them. Cuff the jeans, add a white t-shirt, and some converse for a great lazy day feel. You can even change the jeans up by adding a pair of heels, and a tight fitted shirt tucked in with a blazer for a more professional appeal. Any jean that that is cut differently from the typical skinny or straight leg jean will turn heads because many people, at times, seem to nervous to give any other particular cut a try.
For my personal look, I choose a more relaxed appeal for winter. The jeans are paired with a long-sleeve shirt tucked in, and layered with a long sweater. The sweater is perfect for winter and ever so soft to the touch. Sticking with the neutral colors, the booties are a perfect cut, rising just high enough so the height of the shoe still works well with length of the jean. Finally, the cream knit headband has been a wonderful touch to all my outfits since being out in the UK. It not only keeps my head warm but is the perfect alternative to wearing beanies every day.
All the pieces I have chosen are all easily changeable to create a new outfit which I can’t wait to experiment with. For all my Fashionistas/os out there, what item in your closet have you tried experimenting with?

STYLE GURU BIO: Natalie Plackowski

It truly feels great to be back this semester writing once again for CollegeFashionista. My name is Natalie Plackowski and I am a third year marketing student at San Diego State University, but I am originally from San Francisco. Aside from fashion I have caught a case of wanderlust, and all the desires of traveling that go with it. Lucky for me, this semester I get to report to you all from abroad in the United Kingdom. More specifically Leeds, England…a great student city where I will be sure to find many Fashionistas/os and share their style. Apart from having traveled to a new country each weekend since being abroad, I also enjoy shopping because which Fashionista/o doesn’t, socializing with friends, or working out.

My jump into the fashion world originally began back as a senior in high school when I became a fashion ambassador for Nordstrom. I have always loved clothes throughout high school but I never truly appreciated the idea of styling an outfit until I started to understand what fashion meant. From that moment on, I have gone from a high schooler visiting Nordstrom once a month for the program to working as a part time employee during my breaks from University. Nordstrom helped me learn how big my love for the fashion industry truly is, and this has helped me realize that this is the industry I belong in once I graduate.

With my love of fashion I have started adding fashion blogger after fashion blogger on Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. I also own multiple books ranging from the perfect coffee table conversation to a weekly read. From the history of Coco Chanel to the more recent fashion entrepreneurs like Lauren Conrad. All of which have helped to inspire my style, but, having been in the UK I have started to love the minimalist style consisting of oversized sweaters, neutral colors, a range in boots, and hooded fur winter coats.

My look pictured above does just that—it is a reflection of my time in the UK, being around international students, and the different looks I have been inspired by. This particular sweater from Zara, is comfy and oversized which has been perfect for the cold days in England. The colors are neutral and don’t stand out to much, and the cut of the sweater speaks minimalist yet professional. I have also become obsessed with high-waisted jeans, and recently discovered that they don’t just lengthen your legs but work with any outfit you may want to create. Finally, the black booties are a new love of mine because I find that they always complete any look.

Sweaters, booties, and denim are always a staple item to have, and with inspiration can lead to a variety of outfits. I truly am excited for this semester to share with you the style of the UK!


Summertime means no classes but ,of course, endless fun. From beach days to a night out on the town, the entire summer allows for months of memories to develop. However, by far the best part of summer is the variety of concerts and performers that make their way into town each year. Country concerts have grown to be a personal favorite of mines because of the stories and heart warming lyrics which bring me joy. One great quality I have noticed among country artists is their originality and love for music. Which is similar to the originality and love for fashion expressed by designers and each Fashionista/o of the world. With country boots, bandanas and flannels being the typical look for a country concert, that does not mean hints of personal style do not emerge among some country loving Style Gurus. A personal friend and country music lover portrayed a country concert look which any Fashionista/o would mark their stamp of approval.

Sporting a black and lace crop top with detailed pattern shorts, this Fashionista was ready for a night of country music. Although one would typically picture a pair of cowboy boots to complete the look, this Fashionista chose to bring together the final outfit with a pair of white Converses—which is no less country than the best western style boots. Instead, the white Converses still add a rugged country feel yet allow for a more relaxed look on a hot night.  For the first time country concert-goers who don’t want to break the bank for a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of Converses also help save money without making the Fashionista look out of place. In addition, the red and burgundy printed shorts add to the rustic feel of late nights dancing at concert venues. By adding her own sense of style to a typical look, this Fashionista is sure to catch a few eyes during the night.

One Simple Change: Heading to dinner after a night dancing to country jams? Grab your favorite jean jacket to pair over the black crop top for warmth. Finally finish off the look with a small cross-body purse, and a pair of sandals or booties to make the look more formal.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Nice Handbag is All You Need

My grandmother once told me that if you have a quality handbag to go with your everyday outfit nobody will know whether your clothes are from a nice department store, or picked up from a trendy thrift store. Having a love for handbags, this piece of advice has stuck with me over the years, and has even led to my growing obsession with quality purses. Coming across this Fashionista I was reminded why I have such a love for purses, they really do complete your entire outfit while also being a must have item.

This Fashionista already knows what it means to have a sense of style by rocking her boyfriend jeans to create an overall classy look, but the touch of the black handbag brings the outfit to a whole new level. The additional strap to the bag allows for the change of setting, whether out shopping with friends and needing space to carry the new purchases, or held by the shorter strap for a more professional look. The all black satchel with gold accents allows for a timeless piece which can go with almost any outfit.

A Fashionista who knows how to dress and make each piece fit together perfectly is in my key inspiration to follow. The ripped boyfriend jeans paired with a black and snakeskin kitten toe heel is perfect for a casual workday. The blush pink of the T-shirt creates a casual touch in relation to the kitten heel, and the pointed rim of the sunglasses. With only a few key pieces, this Fashionista brought a minimalist attitude to her style without trying to hard. Of course, a handbag never fails to add one last great touch to an outfit.

How To: Want to create a minimalist, yet stylish look similar to this Fashionista? The solution is quick and easy to solve. Find a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a slouchy T-shirt to pair with your best heeled shoe. Once you have the basics down, pair the look with your best handbag and favorite pair of stylish sunglasses. Your look is now perfect for a morning brunch with friends.


When it comes to fashion trends and personal style, it always seems as though the U.S. is the last to pick up on what’s popular. It is almost as if we are afraid to experiment with exciting combinations of clothing items or even mixing various prints and patterns. When other countries, such as England, debut their latest looks and key pieces, only months later are the same pieces seen in U.S. department stores. Although I would argue that our country should still receive credit for having originality, I came across a Fashionista who’s inspiration was inspired by another country across the pond: England.

British grunge: Two words that sparked my attention as I discovered a potential Fashionista which I had to share. This Fashionista sporting beautiful red hair, and using the language of fashion gave the potential of understanding a thing or two about style, and my cue to get her advice. What’s even better is that in the world of personal style, there is no expert; instead, individual people inspiring others with their outfit creations.

Her take on British grunge first consisted of an all black dress and a printed flannel tied around the waist. The black choker around the neck adds to the grunge feel in addition to the pulled back messy hair allowing a more relaxed look. Mid-rise black socks peeping out from the all-black combat boots are one of many ways to bring originality to a specific look. What’s so great about this Fashionista’s outfit is that in one instance, the two main pieces could completely change the inspiration for the look. Yet, by adding these additional pieces, the inspiration for British grunge comes to life, and in my eyes, you are one step closer to be daring with your style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I believe that accessories go a long way and helps to transform the look of your outfit! By not adding a certain necklace or hat, your entire inspiration could be different in a persons eyes. Just always make sure to add a simple accessory for the extra “wow” factor!”