I hope you guys had a good weekend! Mondays are for most people (including me) not the best day of the week, and you might not feel like putting any effort into looking fashionable. Therefore, when I ran into this very dressed up student, I was so pleasently surprised that I had to stop her and take a picture. She looks smashing in her powder pink slash champagne coloured dress from USC, and in combination with the fur collar and the necklace she put together a stylish old-fashioned look.

I love the mix of old and modern, in this case the dark brown ankle boots from Next works very well with the dress. Ankle boots are probably the most popular heel model this season. Go for a simple pair in black, like these, and you will be able to match it with anything. Or if you want something cooler (and pricer) check out some of the funky ones in Acne's and Topshop's collections. Knee socks might be a bit last year but I still think they look cute with this outfit!

Hint: The fur collar is a good option if you don't feel like going all the way with a fur coat, this collar is from Topshop, but most clothes stores sell them. 

Style Guru Bio: Julia Gjerstad

My name is Julia Gjerstad and I just started my second year as a Biomedical Sciences student at Newcastle University. I have taken over after my dear friend and compatriot Renee Lilliecreutz, and I will be writing the Style Advice of the Week for CollegeFashionista this autumn. I hope to add a bit of splendor to your everyday life, as we probably all need it this time of the year, when the autumn has come to stay and when the weather has gotten too cold too fast. So stay with me and we will make it together, because we have a lot of exciting, fashionable autumn and winter clothes to look forward to.

Like most Swedes, my opinion is that less is more, and that goes for fashion as well. I am all for simple lines and classic pieces that will always be voguish. However, I need a way of expressing my crazy personality, so I tend to mix classic with modern and see where it takes me. Do not forget that fashion should be fun and it is a way of showing people who you are!

I love these heels I recently purchased at Topshop. The pointy toes and the metal heel make them stylish yet funky. Pointy shoes are back to stay!

Oh, and one more thing, black is never boring!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wherever I Lay My Hat, That’s My Home

A/W 2010 fashion is all about the "hat". It is a classic piece that will never fully go out of style, and always just sort of revamps it's look. I bumped into this Fashionista outside the airport in Edinburgh when arriving back to England after a long summer in Sweden and I just HAD to stop her. She scream autumn chic with her green Hunter Barbour jacket, a male-inspired trilby hat, a pair of simple black boots. This is a Fashionista who is not afraid of being true to fashion and herself. And as a Style Guru and lover of photography, that is the best thing for me to capture! 

Hint: Click here to see the 20 best and most fashionable hats this autumn. 


As the magnificent autumn season begins every scarf in your closet will be a true fashion success, regardless of color, print or shape. It is the one accessory that has been flourishing and fashionable for more than a hundred years. Its history began as a protective accessory for women to wear on their head to keep wind and rain from destroying their hairdos, however, despite this the scarf has always been a strong fashion statement, thanks to timeless fashion names as Hermes. In modern time the scarf is used as a purely decorative accessory, mainly around the neck for keeping you warm and I cannot deny how ecstatic I am over this development, I believe that the scarf is a true and unquestionable must-have; especially during the fall and winter season. This fashion accessory is evident in every clothing store all over England and there is not a single designer that excludes scarves from their autumn collection. 

Today's Fashionista really understands how to adapt to the sporadic weather in England. As we all know the English climate is variable and untrustworthy, especially when a new season initiates. It is evident that this Fashionista is inspired by the summer success, a denim-on-denim look, and when the cold afternoons are sneaking around the corner she is aware that a chunky color scarf is everything she needs to be successful. 

Hint: Go wild and let nothing stop you when picking out a scarf for this autumn! Mix colors, prints and shapes and let the scarf be the one garment to spice up your look. 


As the fall slowly commence into what every Style Guru hopes to become the most fashionable season of the year, I cannot ignore the liberation I saw when I spotted this Fashionista. Sometimes it is not all about the fashion forward outfits or the crazy colors and prints but about making it work with what you have. Black is the color everyone and anyone can use throughout the entire fall and winter period. It's a color that should never be underestimated. Today's Fashionista went all in with black dress, shoes and handbag successfully represented a true black magic woman. 

Her choice of a simple black knitted dress together with a stylish fringed handbag makes perfect sense this fall. Therefore I invite each and every one of you Fahionistas out there to make a minor attempt to make it work, a small change of handbag or shoes can change your entire look and if you are, like this Fashionista, a true black magic woman, never feel obligated to wear color, black is always a hit. 

Hint: A must have this fall to a black knitted dress is a pair of sexy military boots – check these out from and this fall season is rescued. 


In this part of the world late summer weather is never to rely on with everything from rainy and stormy days to warm tropical summer heat. However, I strongly believe that this time of the year is the most interesting for the contrasts in fashion, as they go through extreme changes Monday to Sunday. This week, as the sun was out, I bumped into this very cool Fashionista embracing the summer heat yet keeping her legs partly covered with a long pair of denim shorts making a strong late summer statement. In north of England it never feels the same wearing shorts in August as it does in June and July, because when August makes an entrance we quickly expect the fall to be around the corner. Therefore I just love this Fashionista keeping it long, light and stylish on a hot late summer day. 

Together with her shorts she picked a blue/white striped loose fit T-shirt, which is one of the most successful and fashionable garment this summer and to close the loop she wears a pair of Converse, which is comparative with almost everything. However, even if her clothes make a solid statement it would never have stated what it does without the blue headphones around her neck. This small detail take this look to a new level by showing everyone who she is, what she likes and what is important in her life – music, and even if it is not intentionally this tiny and for many a non-fashionable accessory, completes this entire look and this is for me true fashion, when a Fashionista tells who she is through different clothes and accessories

Hint: Don't be afraid of August, defy the upcoming autumn and be brave by wearing your summer wardrobe for a few more weeks. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Out The Autumn Animal In You

Even if we are slowly approaching a new season here in England the summer fashion is still in style and this week’s Fashionista clearly show how you successfully prolong a season only by changing your color palette. 

The autumn collections this season are absolutely fantastic, bringing earthy and warm nuances back for all you Fashionistas out there to grab on to and never let go. 

Today's Fashionista is wearing a dress from H&M and I have actually walked by it many times consider adding it to my wardrobe, however, I believe it falls a bit flat on the hanger until I saw this Fashionista totally making it work. Together with the always-triumphant animal print she added a skinny light brown belt, a black tank top and sandals to make it wearable for autumn fashion. Without doubt this Fashionista will bring out the animal in herself by staying stylish and very chic all season long. 

Hint: For the chilly nights, add a big scarf or a one-colored jacket, it is important that the statement of the dress never disappears. 

Style Guru Bio: Renee Lilliecreutz

Hi readers! It's me, Renée, a Swedish Media and Communication student at Newcastle University. I am very excited to represent my university as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this fall. I will give you tones of tips, amazing high street fashion inspiration and a original fashion angle mixed with a Swedish twist.

My own style is very feminine and I love budget shopping. Being a student is never good when you have a passion for fashion, however, Newcastle gives you various shops to help you stay fashionable and chic on a budget. I love simple lines and traditional colors mixed with funky accessories. My big curly hair makes a statement on its own and because of that I have developed a personal style that lets my hair express itself and me.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let The Tunic Be Your Outfit

The thing about fashion is it allows us to express our individuality and give people a glimpse and what we stand for. Today's Fashionista decided to keep her look simple with black leggings, black boots and a black handbag, leaving her statement piece as her tunic. While this look may not be deemed the most fashion forward ensemble on the streets, you can tell this Fashionista feels comfortable in her outfit choice and subtly shows her own personal flair through with her patterned tunic. I admire how this Fashionista choose to stick to the neutral hues of bold and white, making her look appear classic with a retro vibe. 

Hint: New Look and Forever 21 have some amazing tunics that will help you with your personal style.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put on Some Leather Fashionistas!

It is summer outside every window and even if the temperatures are extreme all over, England girls are not afraid of to maintain a steamy fashion by wearing a black leather jacket. These two Fashionistas really know how to dress for success and I love how not everyone needs to put on a pair of mini shorts and a top to be chic during the summer. Instead, why not put on a leather jacket and a pair of boots? 

A black leather jacket is just as important in your wardrobe as the little black dress, a necessity for all occasions and all seasons as it will never go out of style. You can combine your leather jacket with just about anything in your wardrobe. The Fashionista to the left shows exactly how you can mix styles – a green/brown color palette, a pair of denim shorts and sandals. To make things a little more interesting she threw on her leather jacket. 

Hint: Take chances with your leather jacket, it is a timeless and appreciated fashion necessity. For a great option, try this leather Aviator Jacket from ASOS