4 Trends Every Fashionista Will Be Rocking on Campus This Fall

We are back in the swing of things at school, and it’s officially fall! That means breaking out the pumpkins, Halloween candy, and our favorite fall sweaters. While a classic sweater and leggings combo is a great fall outfit, there are so many new trends to try this season. Whether you keep it casual for class or dress up to go out, there is a trend for everyone this fall.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly


Whether it’s a funky denim jacket or a classic pair of Levi’s, denim is one of this season’s staples. Fashionistas can keep it casual with jeans and a T-shirt or experiment with the trend and pair denim on denim. There are so many ways to style denim, so every Fashionista will be wearing it this fall.

PHOTO: Daisa Harris


Red is the color of the fall. From burgundy to cherry red, every shade is in style. For Fashionistas who usually steer clear of bright colors, try sporting a darker shade or a pop of red on your shoes. For any trendsetters out there—do you dare to wear a monochromatic red look?

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

3—Loafers and Mules

Now that we have established a few clothing trends, every Fashionista needs a shoe to complete her outfit. Loafers and mules are the perfect transitional shoe from summer to fall before it gets too cold and you need two pairs of socks layered under your warmest boots. These styles are versatile, so there is a pair out there for every style from preppy to bohemian.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski


Finally, this trend is perfect for Fashionistas who like to keep it comfortable or try to squeeze in a workout between classes. Athleisure is back again for another season, and I am so excited to sport some fun printed leggings everywhere from running errands to the yoga studio. As a result, wearing cute workout clothes might inspire you to come up with a workout routine for the semester.

Denim, red, athleisure, loafers, and mules are just a few of this fall’s biggest trends. Fashionistas can even combine multiple trends in one outfit! I’m thinking a red blouse, your favorite jeans, and a great pair of mules.

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4 Things You Can Actually Do to Start the Semester Off Right

As fast as we packed our bags to leave campus for the summer, we’re back moving into our new dorms, putting up decorations, and prepping for the new school year. I always feel extra motivated to start the year on a good note. With these tips, you can start your semester strong and develop some habits to last you throughout the school year.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

1—Create a workout routine

At the beginning of the semester, create a workout routine and build it into your schedule from the first week of classes onward. You’re more likely to stick to it since it has been a part of your daily or weekly schedule since the beginning. I like to take a look at the classes my gym offers or schedule time to go with a friend to hold myself accountable! Whether you try a class or learn to fall in love with cardio, create a routine that works for you. 

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Get a water bottle and stay hydrated

Remembering to carry a water bottle is half the battle to stay hydrated. Buying a cute water bottle at the beginning of the semester is a little incentive to stay hydrated every day. I love carrying my S’well bottle around with me, and because I bring it everywhere, I end up drinking water all day long.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

3—Set up your planner or online calendar

This may seem obvious to my fellow Type A college students out there, but setting up your planner or online calendar is key to a successful semester. Write in any club obligations, meetings, or practices you have to attend as well as major due dates, exams, and any social plans you have. I love keeping my paper planner as a to-do list of my assignments and responsibilities and my calendar on my phone synched with everywhere I have to be (classes, meetings, gym etc.). Everyone has a different organizational system, but find what works best for you and stick with it.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

4—Find something to look forward to

During a particularly stressful week, my friends and I like to plan a fun dinner or activity for the weekend to give us a reward at the end of the week. Whether it’s a shopping trip for some new fall sweaters, tickets to a game or concert, or just going out for a meal outside of the dining hall, having something to look forward to is a helpful motivation during those intense study sessions!

By creating a workout routine, remembering to stay hydrated, setting up your calendar, and making plans, you are a few steps closer to a successful semester inside and outside the classroom.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for a new semester? Let me know in the comments below!

The Must-Have Beauty Products for the Summer Season

At the beginning of each season, I am always itching to try out new beauty products. I also love sharing my favorite products with friends, aka all you Style Gurus and readers! I am a creature of habit and have curated an extensive inventory of hair, skincare, and makeup products in my bathroom. I definitely gravitate more toward certain products depending on the season, so I decided to share a few of my favorite beauty products for spring and summer.

1—Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer. My number one beauty essential for summer is SPF. I cannot stress enough how important it is to always keep your skin protected from the sun. I love this Mario Badescu SPF Moisturizer because it is part of my daily skincare routine, so it doesn’t even feel like I’m putting on sunscreen. This lotion is creamy and soft and doesn’t feel super oily on my face. I use this moisturizer all year, but it is especially relevant heading into the sunny months.

2—S’Well Water Bottle. Hydration is key all year round, but especially in the summer! I love carrying my S’well Water Bottle with me in the summer because it keeps my water cold for 24 hours. When I’m spending time out in the sun, even just for an hour or two, I always have a bottle of water with me. This has improved my skin, energy levels, and overall health, and it’s so easy to do!

3—Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. Summer is the season of air drying my hair. Standing in the Jersey Shore humidity, it’s just not worth heat styling my hair. I love putting this product in my hair right after I get out of the shower. It makes my hair smell amazing and helps my hair dry straight, so I can just hop out of the shower, put in this product, and go.

4—Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. I also like to keep a minimal makeup look in the summer. There is nothing worse than feeling like your foundation is melting off of your face. I love Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint for all seasons, but especially summertime. It is a lightweight product, similar to a BB cream, but it is even more lightweight. I like to have a little bit of coverage without worrying if it will melt off or not, and Glossier’s Skin Tint is the perfect solution.

What are your favorite beauty products for summer? Let me know in the comments below.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Statement

A big buzzword in fashion and retail lately has been “capsule wardrobes.” So many Fashionistas are opting for a streamlined, mix-and-matchable wardrobe in order to create a more cohesive style and also to save money. I think that this is a great concept for building a wardrobe and starting to invest in better quality pieces that will last a long time. The one tough thing about building a capsule wardrobe is how to be streamlined, but also trendy and fashionable at the same time. This Fashionista’s answer to that is statement accessories.

The jumpsuit is a great piece for spring and summer, especially this Fashionista’s. It is a lightweight fabric that is so versatile. Dress it up with wedges and fun jewelry, or dress it down with a denim jacket, minimalist jewelry, and sandals. There are so many ways to wear it and it is so comfortable, which is a key in the spring and summer time. This particular jumpsuit is great because the pants are cut similarly to culottes, which makes the jumpsuit more intriguing because when standing a certain way, it almost looks like a midi dress. Jumpsuits are a great piece to have in a capsule wardrobe for spring and summer because they are a great starting piece to layer with, whether it’s with a denim jacket or layering jewelry. This Fashionista accessorized her outfit with a bold statement necklace and wedges to make it the perfect day-to-night look.

Her statement necklace adds a subtle pop of color with the red detailing and also dresses up her outfit with the fringe and size of the necklace. Even having one or two big statement necklaces in your wardrobe is a perfect solution to a seemingly simple outfit. Capsule wardrobes can be a great way to streamline your style and invest in quality pieces. I recommend investing in versatile accessories if you are building a capsule wardrobe to keep your looks trendy and fun, while still complementing your streamlined aesthetic.

STYLE ADVICE: Springing for Fun Accessories

Spring is finally here, and this Fashionista has dressed for the weather. Her off-the-shoulder blouse and black skinny jeans are the perfect ensemble for a Friday of morning classes, afternoon exploring, and then a night out in Philly. Her black jeans are the best transitional piece for spring. The rips at the knees are super trendy, but still wearable enough to sport during the day. When it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings, but warmer in the afternoon, it can be tough picking out an outfit that works in all three climates. Black jeans seemingly match with everything (okay, almost everything), which makes them a great part of any spring outfit.

As for accessories, this Fashionista found the perfect balance between complementing her outfit without taking away from it. Her sunglasses add some glamour to the look and her booties are a great day-to-night shoe. She gets personal with her bracelet, which has “MADE IN PHILLY” engraved on it. I love this bracelet because it adds a personal touch to her outfit. This Fashionista grew up right around the city and is now living here for school, so this special accessory pays homage to one of her favorite cities. It is great to wear by itself or to layer with other bracelets. I’ve talked about how versatile long choker necklaces are and this Fashionista’s is no different. This Fashionista wrapped hers around her neck a few times and let the ends hang in front, which complements her off-the-shoulder neckline so well. These necklaces can also be tied in so many different ways, making it a great first-time piece for any Fashionista who is looking to test out the choker trend.

So this spring add a pair of versatile black jeans to your wardrobe to help bridge the spring transitional dressing. Stock up on basics to help pair with transitional pieces during this in-between weather. Add some special accessories to add a personalized touch to any outfit, whether that’s a bracelet with your favorite city on it or a vintage piece of jewelry passed down in your family. Either way, spring has sprung and it’s time to break out all of our fun pieces to celebrate the return of warm weather. Happy spring, Fashionista/os!

WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Night Out

February can be a tough month for fashion. Most stores are coming out with new spring merchandise, but it’s still freezing outside (at least in Philadelphia). Because of this seemingly never-ending season, the dead of winter can often lead to a style rut. We’ve had our best fall and winter outfits on repeat since November, and we’re ready to trade in our heavy sweaters and puffer coats for breezy sundresses and pastel spring color palettes. By February, we’re (or at least I’m) so over the cold weather. Every time we get a warm weather tease for a day, it makes me dream of the spring florals, dresses, and bright colors I’ll be sporting in a few short months.

During Philadelphia’s most recent heat wave (that lasted all but one day),  I spotted this Fashionista on her way to Rittenhouse Square for a girls’ night out. This is the perfect transitional-spring, girls night outfit. I love the print on this Fashionista’s dress; it is a great print for the beginning of spring time. The colors in the dress work really well because they help make it multi-seasonal. The pastel colors of the flowers scream spring, but the olive green background help neutralize it for all seasons. Pair it with tights, tall boots, and a scarf and it can be worn in the winter or style it like this Fashionista did today for spring! Her blush pink peacoat ties the whole outfit together, making it a great transitional outfit from winter to spring.

For a girls’ night out on campus, in the city, or exploring somewhere new, this Fashionista has curated the perfect outfit: a feminine, printed dress, a bold coat, riding boots, and simple accessories. 

STYLE GURU STYLE: Updating the Classics

Anyone who knows me or my style knows that I’m a classic girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new trends and experimenting, but some of my favorite pieces are the basics in my wardrobe. While my closet color palette is often muted, I keep things interesting by trying new silhouettes and trends. One of last year’s biggest trends (and expected to continue into this year) is off-the-shoulder necklines on tops, dresses and even swim suits. While at first, trying a new trend can seem intimidating, it can be exciting to try something new.

My best advice when trying new trends is to try it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. This may seem obvious, but try the trend in a way that compliments your style. So, if your favorite color combination is navy and pink and you want to try the off-the-shoulder trend, try wearing a pink off-the-shoulder blouse with your favorite navy bottoms. This way, the trend assimilates its way into your wardrobe without feeling out of place or too trendy.

That reasoning was my exact line of thinking when I tried on this Zara off-the-shoulder dress. I always gravitate towards black items, especially dresses, so it was no question that if I was going to wear an off-the-shoulder dress, it was going to be black. This dress easily fit into my wardrobe and made the trend seem less intimidating!

One of my favorite things about this look is how versatile it is. Even though it is trendy, I know I will get a lot of wear out of it since it’s a basic color that goes with so many items and accessories in my closet. While on my winter break tropical getaway, I paired this dress with my favorite black wedges, silver hoop earrings and my trusty Ray-Ban sunglasses. I wore my hair in a high bun to compliment the off-the-shoulder neckline of the dress.

So, in the new year, if you are looking to update your look and try something new, my advice to you is to wear the trend in a way that fits your style to make it less intimidating.

STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Coppins

And here we are, a new year fresh with opportunity, promise, and tons of new trends to try. Each new year, I make resolutions with the hopes of becoming the best version of myself. Some resolutions involve my day-to-day habits, some involve personal and professional goals, and even style resolutions. A previous style resolution of mine was to streamline my closet to make a capsule wardrobe of sorts. Ironically, my style resolution this year is reversing that very concept.

Now that my wardrobe has become very streamlined and focused, I am ready to add a new element. I rarely wear bright colors or bold prints, though I admire them from afar on everyone from my peers to models walking in Dolce & Gabanna’s collections.

My style resolution for 2017 is to bring more color back into my wardrobe. I have spent the past year or so stocking up on the basics: a great pair of black heels, a goes-with-everything black skirt and simple chokers. Now, I am ready to add some fun pieces back into my wardrobe. I have the basics to create my looks, now I just need an element of excitement. I mean, getting dressed every morning should be fun, right?

This red blouse was one of the first pieces I picked up with this resolution in mind. Red compliments the copious amounts of black that I already own, and seems to be a quick fix to my lack of color. I also love that this blouse can be dressed up or down and worn in any season (with the right layers, or lack thereof).

While on my tropical winter break vacation, I styled my outfit with minimal accessories and let the blouse do the talking. I paired my bright red blouse with a simple black circle skirt, black heels, a velvet choker and dainty silver stud earrings. Back home in the cold, I could easily wear this outfit with a few additions: tights, booties, and a chic leather jacket for warmth.

I’m so excited to be back for my second semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. Be sure to stay tuned for monthly articles chronicling the latest trends around my campus as well as some updates and inspirations for my style resolution of the year!


It’s getting close to the end of the semester and by now, we’ve already worn some of our best outfits of the season. After a few months into a season, I always look for new ways to spice up my look to keep my outfits fresh and unique. I love how the addition of just one accessory can change an entire outfit, whether it’s some cool jewelry, a scarf, a bag or some pins. One new trend in accessories I’ve spotted around campus lately is pins. Enamel and button pins are the latest way to embellish a little something to an otherwise simple item, whether it’s a jacket, shirt or even a bag.

This Fashionista incorporated just the right amount of accessories into her outfit. She started with a simple and chic sleeveless white turtleneck top, and complemented her top’s neckline with a funky statement necklace. She kept the rest of her outfit simple with some light wash jeans and brown suede booties. Since it’s getting chilly here in Philadelphia, this Fashionista topped her outfit with a mahogany colored jacket with a white stitching detail.

The real statement piece of this Fashionista’s outfit is her bag, which is lined with carefully curated button pins. These pins have everything from The Beatles to cool patterns on them, which is just one of the ways this Fashionista’s bubbly and bright personality shines through in her outfit. My favorite way to step up an outfit is to add a special accessory that has a story behind it. Whether it’s a necklace from a special vacation or a scarf that was a gift from a friend, the best way to show your personality through in an outfit is by adding some accessories with a special memory. If you find yourself feeling dreary with the rush of cold weather we’ve had, take a look at your accessories, add something new to your outfit and get ready for an entirely new outlook on your closet!


Fashion week is finishing up, fall weather is starting to settle in and Fashionistas/os on campus are super inspired to try new trends. One huge trend for this fall is the color pink, specifically a dusty pink or rose color. This color is being incorporated into everything from dresses and tops to bags, makeup and jewelry. A few other huge trends this season that are continuing from the summer are culottes, chokers and off-the-shoulder tops.

This trendy Fashionista managed to incorporate all four of these trends into one effortless outfit. Culottes are a super trendy item, but this Fashionista styled them in a way that was perfect for heading to class or a casual coffee date. The culottes were definitely the statement piece of the look, but her casual off-the-shoulder top dressed her bottoms down for the day. The off-the-shoulder top pairs perfectly with the choker necklace, which brings attention back to her neck.

While pairing multiple trends in one look can seem intimidating, my style advice is to not let trends intimidate you! Many items in this Fashionista’s outfit, such as the dusty pink culottes, are from Urban Outfitters. It is easy to incorporate a trendy color or silhouette into your look by shopping at fast fashion stores that design their items so they are trendy, but still fit for everyday life.

Never be afraid to try a new trend or style! Try pairing something more daring with one of your favorite pieces, like a go-to white T-shirt or a favorite statement necklace to make the new trend seem more manageable. Before you know it, you’ll be the trendiest Fashionista on campus.