WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Congratulations my fellow students. We have survived another semester. A semester that went entirely too fast until finals week, which dragged on far too long, of course. Now it’s time to kick back and do whatever you feel impelled to do, for me that is absolutely nothing. For some of you that might mean reuniting with old friends, getting in some good family time and for a lot of you there will be some events to attend. Say possibly a graduation ceremony for those super seniors or overachievers who are earning their diploma after some hard earned years. So if you will by chance be attending one of these celebrations look no further, this week’s Fashionisto is a textbook replica of what to wear to graduation.

First I will highlight this Fashionisto’s argyle sweater; prep is making a come back and it shows with this piece. The muted grays and blues keep the argyle pattern from being too in your face. Layering the sweater over a button up gave this look a cool and casual feel. The tan jeans and leather boat shoes give this look an all around classy feel, perfect for a graduation ceremony.

If you too will be attending a graduation ceremony this break, or any other event that requires you to pull yourself together and fool everyone into thinking you’re classy, then look no further. This week’s fashionable finds will have everyone thinking you are the epitome of class. First we have this Express argyle sweater. You can choose between a neutral color palette and a few brighter options. The great thing about this argyle print is that it is subdued just enough and features neutral colors which make matching much easier. Not feeling the argyle, then try out this plain Express sweater. This cotton V-neck comes in some staple colors that will make it a breeze to pair with your existing closet. Layer it over this Patagonia flannel from Nordstrom for a classy and casual look.

One Simple Change: Celebrating the graduate’s success after hours? Get ready with a simple swap. Simply change out of your sweater and throw on a your favorite jacket, whether it be leather, a hoodie or whatever else, and you will be ready to join in on the festivities.


It’s the final countdown. But really, for some of you finals are already over and for those of you like me, you are on the last stretch with finals looming ahead. Finals take a toll on any student. Late night dates with the quietest cubicle in the library, enough coffee to make you question your sanity and of course late night snacks that remind you what the freshmen fifteen is. It’s times like these when fashion falls victim to sweatpants and hoodies. This doesn’t always have to be the case though; this week’s Fashionista shows how to make finals fashionable.

From her winter print leggings to her loose-knit sweater, this Fashionista’s ensemble doesn’t disappoint. Leggings are always a great option when comfort is at the top of your priorities. These leggings give your average black pair a run for their money; the print is perfect for the winter season and the colors are neutral so it’s easy to pair with. The addition of a simple loose-knit black sweater and black riding boots complement the leggings nicely. This ensemble will keep you looking on point; after all, you know what they say: “dress well test well.”

Take on finals with some finesse with this week’s fashionable finds. The first find is this H&M sweater. The looser fit and neutral color options will easily pair with your favorite leggings or either of these pairs from Forever 21. This first pair is a cable knit sweater legging, perfect for those chilly days. The second pair is a Fair Isle print legging, right on trend for the winter season. Either option would keep you comfy for those late night study sessions. For more fashionable finds check out this week’s eBay collection.

One Simple Change: Take a break from all that studying and treat yourself to a casual date night with your significant other, or in my case with your roommates. Throw on a cute necklace and a trendy peacoat and you will be ready to hit downtown for a night off.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Break

I guess I should start off by wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving. The day has finally arrived and with it comes a break from school (a much-needed one, too) family time and my personal favorite, the classic Thanksgiving feast. I try each year to exceed my family’s expectations. For some odd reason they think that just because I’ve gone off to college I have given up on my self-presentation. It’s almost as if they have this image of us college students putting no thought into our appearance, only wearing yoga pants/sweats, hoodies and last night’s aftermath. I have no clue where they get this image from; I mean I only wore yoga pants 5 days last week. Progress, people. Regardless, I try my best each year to present myself as I imagine Miley Cyrus – no offense – never would, poised and classy.

This Fashionista’s ensemble has just that written all over it. Black jeans are a great option for those fancier occasions and don’t compromise your comfort. And let’s be real, comfort is essential when you will be consuming absurd amounts of delicious foods. She kept things from getting dull by adding a pop of color with her red button-down blouse. The buttons on this number act like a simple embellishment that pair perfectly with her layered gold and red necklace. Hints of gold are carried over to her black riding boots too. These boots get a facelift from your everyday options with the quilted back detail and gold buckles. The final touch, her purse, pulls the look together with gold rhinestone and chain embellishments.

Make your family second guess their college perceptions with this week’s fashionable finds. This first blouse from Forever 21 offers the same pop of red. The bow necktie and studded buttons give this classic button down some flair. Pair this top with these Express jeans. You can never go wrong with black and the jegging fit is nice and stretchy so you can eat with no abandon. For those of you looking for a fancier option, check out this LuLu’s dress. The shift silhouette is classic comfort. The fit is flattering but doesn’t hug your curves too closely. Add your own pops of color with some jewelry or your go to shoes. For even more fashionable finds, see this week’s eBay collection.

One Simple Change: Have family game night on the agenda after Thanksgiving dinner? Embrace your college lifestyle and throw on those yoga pants and a hoodie. You put on a show for the family at least for a little while, so you deserve to kick back in whatever lounging clothes you want.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If you’re anything like me, the weekend never comes soon enough. Two whole days with no obligations or worries (I may be exaggerating just the slightest bit), is a much appreciated break from the reality we call school. The best part about this break is the fact that it can be spent in any way you desire. Visit downtown with your ladies/fellas or kick back and catch up on that guilty pleasure TV show. However you choose to occupy your weekends, don’t forget that you can still embrace your inner Fashionista/o. In fact, you should be spending the extra time on putting a little more thought into those ensembles; take some risks and be a little adventurous. Weekends are the perfect time to explore your fashion palate.

This Fashionista put in work on her ensemble and it shows. It hits that seamless balance of poise and posh. The ¾ sleeve sweater dress is a great piece for the fall season. She pairs this body hugging number with a floral patterned infinity scarf, brown riding boots and vintage earrings. As a whole, this ensemble goes above and beyond.

Put in a little extra work on your weekend wear with this weeks fashionable finds. Basics first, this H&M sweater dress is simple and understated. There are a variety of color choices, all nice cool jewel tones that are perfect for the fall season and easy to pair with other pieces. Soft jersey makes this dress form fitting while still being comfortable. This is without a doubt an easy number to dress up to your liking for some weekend adventures. Looking for a different style? Then this Target shirtdress is a great option. This dress has a menswear element to it that makes it effortlessly sexy. The looser fit cinches in at the smallest part of the waist, making it a universally flattering dress. Accessorize these fashionable finds with this scarf from Forever 21. The chain trim gives this scarf an edgy twist. With your choice of black or white, this scarf can easily be paired with a variety of ensembles. And the final touch, some vintage jewelry; eBay has a tons of vintage pieces. Check out the collection I’ve put together to help put that final touch on your ensemble.

One Simple Change: A cold weather front threatening to ruin your weekend wear? Don’t fret; with the addition of a few pieces you will be ready to face that front. Slip on some tights (sheer, knit, patterned, whatever your heart desires) and your favorite pea coat or other cold weather jacket. With these quick additions you will be ready to take the weekend by storm, even if one hits.

WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Break

One thing and one thing only is keeping me from losing my mind completely, and that’s fall break. I know I’m not alone in this state of mind; midterms got me good and school hasn’t seemed to be letting up any since them. My outlet for this daily struggle is obviously fashion. Taking the time each week to spot you Fashionista/os gives me a chance to forget about school and think about who’s rocking what and for what occasion. This week it only seemed fitting to find a Fashionista (I have been neglecting my ladies for far too long) who embodied our upcoming fall break.

It could possibly be the bright orange hue that first caught my eye, very appropriate for the fall season. But it’s not this vibrant top alone that makes this ensemble excellent; it’s the combination of each piece. The strapless peplum top is a statement piece in itself. Peachy/orange hues bring out a nice tan glow on this Fashionista. And the peplum detail along with the zipper feature gives this top some attitude and character. Not only this, but it can also function for any season; in this case it becomes fall appropriate with the addition of a simple black cardigan.  Dark jeans were a great addition to this ensemble. They let the top shine and look clean and classic. The dark brown riding boots take clean and classic a step further. They pull this ensemble together, creating a look suited for a reunion with friends home for break or even Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Prepare appropriately for your fall break with this week’s fashionable finds. This first blouse from Forever 21 is unique while still having a classic edge. The twist hem gives this top interest and appeal. Available in blue and black, you could easily pick a color that suites your wardrobe best. For those of you who adore the peplum top our Fashionista was rocking, this Forever 21 find is the one for you. The black peplum top is classic with a nice edgy vibe. This top could easily be layered with a fun colored cardigan or jacket. The next addition to either of these tops is this pair of American Eagle jeans. The dark wash is versatile and the jegging fit is comfortable and perfect for a night of feasting on Thanksgiving foods. Add these UrbanOG riding boots and your ensemble is fall break ready.

One Simple Change: Going to spend a night on the town with your girls after family dinner? Don’t sweat it, this ensemble transitions seamlessly for a winter night out. Make a simple swap from the riding boots to some heeled booties and from the cardigan to a nice leather jacket. With these quick changes you are guaranteed to rock your night out.

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

As if midterms weren’t enough, professors are still passing out the tests like Halloween’s leftover candy. When can a student catch a break? The way things are looking now, it won’t be until Thanksgiving time. So hang in there; you’re not alone in your late night study sessions that lead to far too early mornings with not nearly enough sleep. But this is no excuse for letting your style lack behind with your sleep. Yes, it is possible and quite easy to look like a Fashionista/o for those late night study groups.

Exhibit A is this Fashionisto. He has managed to look pulled together while still being relaxed. Denim is always an easy option for those times when you want to look nice without really trying too hard. Pairing the denim with a cozy pullover was a great move by this Fashionisto. You can never go wrong with a pullover and this one features a ¾ zipper and contrasting stitching, giving it some added interest. The pop of yellow in his T-shirt and blue in his shoes pair nicely and keep this outfit from being too everyday.

Prepare for your next study group with this weeks fashionable finds. This sweater from Express is the definition of comfortable style. There are a variety of colors available making it easy to incorporate this item with whatever pants please you. Not to mention, the ¾ zipper style is classic, this item will be staple in your closet for years to come. Also from Express is this pair of jeans. Easily pair these with the Express sweater or virtually anything else in your closet. The dark wash makes these jeans another closet staple. Another equally pleasing sweater is this one from H&M. The neutral colors are easy to throw on without worrying about matching. The knit fit is relaxed and simple too, just what you need for a long night of studying. Pair this find with these H&M twill pants. With these you can choose a color that will make you standout or opt for a nice neutral classic, there’s something for everyone.

One Simple Change: Cold weather rolling in without your okay? Not an issue with this look. Pullovers and sweaters are prime for layering, so when the temperatures drop keep yours up by throwing on a zip-up jacket or possibly a quilted vest. Whatever your preference is, this ensemble won’t let you down. Sadly, I can’t say the same about your tests, but I can promise you will get an passing grade in style.

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

I apologize to all of my Fashionistas out there. I’ve been neglecting you all, but the Fashionistos on campus have really been killing it. Seriously, I swear everywhere I look I see men dressed to the nines. Campus has become a lot more interesting. But I did want to find one special Fashionisto, one who stood out from the everyday classy ensembles.

This Fashionisto stuck out like a sore thumb, rather in a good way though. His ensemble is textbook for a winter night out. It’s not easy to pick out what is my favorite piece of this, but if I had to I would say the black leather jacket steals the show. One can never go wrong with a black leather jacket. It’s the classic bad boy/bad girl emblem. The intricate detailing on this particular one gives it a fresh feel; it’s not your generic leather jacket. Pairing the jacket with some classic wash denim was the right move in this case. It keeps the look from being too overwhelming and gives it just the right laid-back touch. His boots are also a standout piece. They are almost rugged looking, giving this ensemble even more edge than it already had. By accessorizing with a hardware detailed belt and a Burberry plaid scarf, this Fashionisto puts his ensemble above and beyond the rest.

Planning a winter night out of your own? I have got the perfect fashionable finds for you. This first find from H&M is a great wallet friendly option. It looks just like many higher priced leather jackets, but is affordable. Black is always a great color for leather jackets and this one features some interesting decorative zipper details with a lighter weight fit. If you’re looking for a warmer option, than this GUESS jacket is for you. The faux leather and wool mix is great for winter nights and gives a cool variation of textures. You will have to pay a higher price for the added warmth though. Both options will bring you the best of both the classy world and the edgy world. So whichever you choose you won’t go wrong.

One Simple Change: Have plans for a fancy date night before you head out on the town? Transition this ensemble with no problem. Ditch the shades and make sure to wear a nice button-down shirt underneath your leather jacket. Then, when you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to ditch the coat and scarf. And there you have it fancy date night and a winter night out all in one sleek ensemble.

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

The one trend that I hope never goes extinct is plaid. I don’t know what the allure is, but something about plaid is just so right. It could be the millions of variations you can choose from, the cozy air it gives off or possibly the classic feel it has. Whatever the reason be, I strongly believe plaid should be a staple in every Fashionista/o’s closet.

This Fashionisto obviously caught my eye in an instant. He is doing plaid justice with this ensemble. The classic plaid button down is no hassle, perfect for this dreaded time of midterms. The blue and green color pairing is a nice variation from the classic red plaid too. Pairing the button down with some tan jeans was a great move on his part. The neutral color keeps the attention on the plaid and keeps the look clean. The ray bans are a great accessory for this ensemble; I mean it never hurts to look classic and cool.

You can look classic and cool too with this week’s fashionable finds. First we have this flannel from H&M. This plaid shirt is a no brainer. It comes in two color variations giving you some options and is a simple go to item when you’re short on time.  An added bonus, the price will be kind to your wallet. Throw this flannel on with your favorite denim and you are ready to take on midterms. Another option is this PacSun shirt. This hooded long sleeve shirt is perfect for the cooler weather of fall. The plaid design is unique and will set you apart. You can easily pair this long sleeve with some neutral colored denim and you will be the definition of classic and cool.

One Simple Change: Have a career fair to attend after midterms? This outfit will work for that too, all it needs is one simple addition. Layer a nice suit jacket or blazer over this ensemble and you will without a doubt impress all of those future employers.


My latest obsession? Men. Well, more so men’s clothing. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-dressed man? Humor me and pretend you do even if you don’t. I love scoping out the best-dressed fellas on campus, but often times I’m disappointed at the lack of effort. I know it may seem pointless to put too much thought into the days ensemble when your most exciting plans are class; nonetheless, there are ways to look pulled together without much thought.

This Fashionisto does just that. I caught him on his way to class, looking notable for his effortless ensemble. His long sleeved T-shirt is a great go to for a day of classes; two words: comfortable and relaxed. It adds a nice pop of color and is simple enough to wear with any of your favorite bottoms. The neutral denim is a nice change up to your classic blue jeans. Not to mention it pairs well with any color. The shoes in this ensemble are my personal favorite. I love corduroy and leather on shoes and these Vans nail the look. They make the outfit whole and are a standout piece.

For all those men who want to give a little extra effort, I’ve got some fashionable finds for you. This first pair of Vans is laced up with leather. One variation is dark brown leather with contrasting laces and the other is light tan suede. Both are neutral enough to pair with anything and without a doubt statement pieces. This pair of sneakers by Puma does corduroy justice. The black shade is versatile and the sneaker is simple enough to wear everyday. You could easily throw these on with an outfit that has a little more going on and calls for a simpler shoe. Whichever you choose, these shoes will put you on the fashion radar and you won’t even have to do anything.

One Simple Change: Have to head to your internship after class? I’ve got you covered. Switch out the long-sleeved T-shirt for a nice button-down and ditch the hat. Make this change and you will look professional without being


I’ve been swamped with research lately, and by research I mean shopping for the cutest boots of the season. Come on, a girl’s got to engage in retail therapy on a regular basis; it’s essential to our sanity. Assuming you all share this same desire for boots (how could you not?), I have made it my job to find the crème de la crème in the world of boots.

This Fashionista is doing her boots some real justice. Hitting right below the knee, these boots are undeniably flattering; tell me her legs don’t go on for days. The slouchy fit is a nice variation from your basic riding boot and the dark brown hue is versatile. Wearing them with leggings was the right move. Leggings are the perfect go to for class and the perfect companion for boots. On top, this Fashionista kept her look clean and simple with a lilac blouse and a long necklace. This ensemble is comfortable and classic, essentially the definition of class ready.

Want to look this good for classes too? I’ve got you covered with these fashion finds. Of course I’m bringing you some fierce boots; this pair from UrbanOG is right on trend for the fall season. Available in three neutral shades, these boots will pair with your favorite outfits easily. The studding detail gives them some edge; not too mention it makes them a great option for a night out. Wear them with this find from Nordstrom. This boho tunic is just the thing to wear with your comfiest leggings and favorite boots. Pick from simple black or white and add some fun pops of color with jewelry or, if you’re feeling real daring, try some fun colored boots. The crochet detail and long flowy back keep this top from being too simple. It will, without a doubt, become your new go to with your boots of choice.

One Simple Change: Have a presentation in one of your classes? Professionalize your look in the blink of an eye with a nice black blazer.