Since 1848, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been full of school spirit. As students, we look forward to representing our school and showing off our badger pride whenever we get the opportunity. In my opinion, the best way to express these proud feelings is with fashion!

When I saw this Fashionisto on the street, I was instantly drawn to his red jeans that expressed his love for the Wisconsin Badgers and his wonderful fashion sense. Colored denim has been a major trend for both females and males for the past few seasons. Jeans are such a great way to add a pop of color into an outfit while still staying casual.

Although his red pants are the main attraction in his ensemble, the button-up shirt, belt, jacket, sunglasses and shoes also add pizzazz. I love how this Fashionisto took an ordinary white button-up and made it look extremely polished by fastening all the buttons. He looks chic and more sophisticated than if he had worn a simple tee. He totally pulls the look together by matching his trendy black jacket with his belt and shoes.

Hint: While this Fashionisto looks fantastic in his hipster get-up, you can still wear colored pants in a more casual, simple way. If you are going for a more understated look, try a pair of blue or olive jeans (cuff your jeans like this Fashionisto if you are feeling extra stylish!). If you want to make a bold statement like this Fashionisto, wear red or purple jeans. With a pop of color on the bottom, it is important to keep the rest of the outfit relatively neutral so the color of the jeans really stands out. Try a classic tee or a sweater in a muted shaded that accentuates whatever hue you choose to wear. Add a cool jacket and a matching belt and voilá — you have an equally stylish and casual outfit!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Perfect Peacoat

As Edward Cullen proved to us in Twilight, nothing looks better on a Fashionisto than a good old-fashioned peacoat. I don’t know what it is about peacoats, but something about them just exudes coolness and style.

While a giant down coat may seem like the toastiest option during these winter months, it is still possible to stay trendy while warding off the cold. This is where a classic peacoat comes in. Peacoats can be as warm as a puffer coat, which makes them a definite staple in a Fashionisto’s winter wardrobe.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble is equally simple and stylish. I love how he pairs a classic polo T-shirt with grey jeans instead of standard blue jeans. Grey is such a versatile color that can be paired with almost any hue for a unique color combination. Grey jeans like these look amazing with navy, maroon or any other neutral shade. This Fashionisto finishes off his outfit with a classic boat shoe with a twist. The frayed edges of the shoe give off a relaxed, casual vibe that complements the coolness of his black peacoat. I also love how he matches his shoes with his jeans, which really pulls the whole look together.

Hint: For a more fashion-forward version of this wonderfully classic outfit, try playing with the details of your peacoat. Start with a simple tee and jeans in a neutral color. Then, add a peacoat with unique details, such as this jacket with leather piping on the sleeves and collar. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, try out a peacoat in a bolder shade, such as this olive one. To make this understated look more fashion-forward (and warmer), I suggest topping the outfit off with a slouchy beanie.

STYLE GURO BIO: Nicole Lettiere

Hey all, my name is Nicole Lettiere and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I will hopefully be double majoring in Strategic Communications and Communication Arts-Radio, TV and Film. I aspire to work in the fashion world, possibly as a buyer or a fashion journalist.

As a Los Angeles native, I was constantly surrounded by eclectic styles and unique people who inspired me to experiment with fashion. Being from Los Angeles made me love trying crazy new thing with my clothes, makeup and accessories. Clothing is such a fun, cool way to express yourself and try new things in a temporary manner.

While Los Angeles has played a major role in my growing love for all things fashion, the fact that my family works in the industry has caused me to live and breath clothing since I was a baby. Through my family’s work, I have grown to see everything that goes into the creation of clothes. Now, as an Anthropologie employee, I can see how everything is merchandized and set up to portray a certain vibe to the shoppers. Being able to see the inner workings of how clothes go from production to the stores has given me such a major appreciation for the work that comes with creating a garment.

While it’s important to recognize the work that comes with creating certain clothes, makeup and accessories, the best thing about fashion is the opportunity to create a specific style or vibe simply through the clothes on your back. Every day we are a blank canvas and can create a whole multitude of looks. Don’t be afraid to try crazy things with fashion and most importantly, have fun with it!

I can’t wait for the rest of this semester as a CollegeFashionista intern and am so excited to share what inspires me with all of you!