Creating a Signature Scent Had to do With More Than Smelling Good For This College Student

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t find the right perfume? What if the alcohol content of a perfume just rubs you wrong? Additionally, being Muslim meant I couldn’t use alcohol-based perfumes, and while there are alternatives, I’ve never connected with them. I wanted to explore the world of scent-making and make something that would remind anyone, with one whiff, of the essence of me. Which is why I turned to making my own scent:

1—A base note. This is the musky and heavy, long-lasting scent that remains on you. Essential oils used as base notes are usually characterized by having a large molecular structure and high density.

2—A middle note. This is considered the heart, or bouquet of the scent. It is what will really come through as your scent. It remains for a few hours, and there are a wide variety of them.

3—A top note. This is the first scent that hits your nose. This usually goes away after the first few minutes so make sure you don’t base your entire scent around that first whiff!

You will also need a dropper or pipette, a small jar to mix the product in, a perfume bottle, and a notebook to record your steps and measurements. As a general rule of thumb, follow the 100 drops rule to easily split up how many drops of each oil you add. Too little or too much can completely unbalance your scent!

Fragrances usually follow a 20/80 ratio. 80 drops of the carrier oil and 20 for the essential oils. Within these 20 drops, you can create your own ratio of how many drops of which you want to add!

1—My palette. I used coconut oil as my carrier oil. My middle note comprised of lavender, and my top note was peppermint. I was going for a floral and slightly warming scent, something that reminds me of home but also has an adventurous side to it.

2—The base note. I added in 13 drops of rosemary total. After putting in an initial 10 drops, I adjusted it later on as I added the other oils in.

3—The middle note. I wanted to balance the middle and top notes as peppermint and lavender could both be used as top notes. However, lavender had a slightly more deep and settling smell so I decided to use it in the middle.

4—The top note. The top note was peppermint, as it had a sharp initial smell that soon faded away. I wanted to have the perfume perk up and then settle, so the order was perfect.

In the end, I had a warm spicy smell I call Spicy Lavender, as the sharp smell of peppermint fades into a lovely, warming coconut and herb mixture. The scent, more than jolting or intoxicating, is a calming and happy scent that works perfectly with my personality.

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I Incorporated Indian Ethnic Wear Into My Wardrobe and the Results Were Amazing

Summer’s on at full blast, and new trends are cropping up everywhere. While the latest trends are always exciting to try out, it might not be as fun to show up at work or class wearing the same outfit everyone else is wearing. This had me thinking on what I could do to spritz up my wardrobe. Looking around, I found Indian accents lying unused in my jewelry box and my closet. I decided to add some glamour to my professional and everyday outfits with what I found.

1—Professional Outfit

The first outfit I decided to change a bit was my professional dress. I usually stick to blazers, white button downs and fitting ankle-length trousers. But the ubiquity of the outfit was killing me. I decided to keep the iconic white button down, but I got funky with the rest of my outfit. I complemented the structured T-shirt with flowy black and white palazzos. The black and white color scheme kept the outfit from being too loud and distracting, but allowed a change in form that still caught the eye.

I kept the jewelry minimal with a light diamond necklace and earrings that lent some elegance to the outfit. I also added a black leather tote to the ensemble that’s large enough to take your laptop and other essentials you’ll need for a productive day at work. The nude heels kept the focus on the bottoms. The added height kept me from looking like I was drowning in the pant’s material.

2—Everyday Outfit

Going to class or out with friends is a great time to express your fashionable side and have fun with your outfit. There’s no canvas ready to be painted quite like the outdoors. For my everyday outfit, I decided to go with a royal blue tunic. I gave it a casual vibe with a pair of light-wash ankle-cropped jeans. I added a flowing lace vest from Forever 21 for extra oomph and texture, adding to the already flowy feel of the tunic.

I paired the outfit with an embroidered set of royal blue juttis (Indian slippers) to really give that ethnic look. The shoes can be exchanged with a pair of embroidered flats for just as much drama but a more modern vibe or an office look.

The jewelry was where I really brought out some quirky pieces. The dangling earrings were silver with hints of turquoise that brought further dimension to the blue outfit. They also complemented the embroidery of the shoes.These accents helped me have fun with my outfit and remain comfortable with soft fabric The juttis were flat and great for a day out, and I felt prepared with the backpack at my side.

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