Black and gray are the colors of the winter season for most of us, but as Fashionistas, we have the duty to break the rules and take risks in our outfit choices.

Take a cue from today’s Fashionista, who strayed away from the usual color scheme. Pair a lovely feminine lace top like hers with jeans in a striking color, like emerald green, cobalt blue, or even fiery red. It will definitely make you stand out from the typical college crowd!

Try them with a pair of cognac brown riding boots or even a pair of dark brown combat boots if you prefer a more edgy look.

Keep up your urban hipster appearance with these luxe feather earrings like this Fashionista and you can also opt for a evergreen canvas backpack like hers. You’ll definitely look effortlessly chic!

Go to class with confidence to rock that final and make your fellow classmates green with envy with this totally genius look!


Make a statement in class with a play on your denims like stylish celebrities Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Olsen and even heartthrob Zac Efron!

This trend is so fabulous because it’s versatile, fashionable and looks effortlessly chic. Just make sure that the denim pieces you choose complement each other — it can both be blue denim but make sure that your bottoms are a darker wash than the top piece to have a slimming effect.

Today’s Fashionista totally rocked this trend! She decided to pair her white Guess jeans with a contrasting blue denim jacket. To add a more feminine look to an otherwise tough material, choose a lace top or just a top with a floral print like this.

Glam up your outfit by putting on these glittery flats, but you can also opt for some regular sneakers like a pair of TOMS or Converse shoes.  Keep your accessories to a minimum and stick to the basic gold or silver color similar to this Fashionista.


You know that fashion rule where only tall girls are allowed to wear long maxi skirts? Well, nowadays, Fashionstas/os everywhere are making headlines by breaking these old rulings. After all, rules are made to be broken, right?

Take petite celeb-Fashionistas like Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Bilson and the famous Olsen twins. They have all been photographed by the paparazzi wearing these maxi skirts in all kinds of textures, fabrics, and patterns. So if you’re a petite gal under 5-foot-4 like myself, don’t be intimidated by this versatile trend.

Today’s Fashionista was seen wearing a black and white ensemble with gray accessories. She totally rocked that patterned maxi skirt. If you’re a little unsure of the jersey material, try this chiffon maxi skirt from American Apparel. Pair it up with a regular T-shirt like this Fashionista or if you want to dress it up a bit, pair it with an embellished top.

Don’t be afraid to wear this skirt with boots, pumps, wedges or even flats like today’s Fashionista. It really all depends on your mood and what look you’re going for. The options are endless!

As for the finishing touches, grab a pair of sunglasses, put on some layered necklaces, braided bracelets, and grab your go-to fringe handbag and you’ll be set for your day. So go ahead, channel your inner bohemian princess and try a maxi skirt today!


Yesterday I walked into Starbucks to find that the entire coffee shop is already serving their Christmas classics like the Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Gingerbread Latte and Eggnog Latte.

This little trip made me realize how the holidays are quickly approaching — especially Thanksgiving, which is this Thursday! Fashionistas/os everywhere must be dying to find the right outfit to show off to their families.

Since this particular holiday is usually spent around adults, the outfit must look not only outstanding but also grandparent-appropriate. When I saw today’s Fashionista, I immediately thought how perfect her outfit would be for a Thanksgiving dinner and a late night out downtown in the company of cousins and friends with just a little tweak to her outfit.

What I love about her outfit is that it is so classic with colors that just seem to complement one another perfectly. Her blazer is in a muted gray shade which allowed her silver bib necklace and her white ring to pop out. Even though she is wearing jeans, her silk top allowed her entire outfit to be suitable for a dressy event.

Trade the dark jeans for a sequined skirt in a bright color like this from Zara and add black heels before going downtown for a night of fun.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all you Fashionistas/os everywhere!


Audrey Hepburn. Jacqueline Kennedy. Coco Chanel.

These women are my inspiration — not only because they exude elegance in whatever they do, but also in what they wear. From tweed blazers to cigarette pants with oversized black sunglasses, they are known to make timeless pieces that can work both day and night.

Some classic pieces every Fashionista/o should own are a button-up shirt in a neutral color like this, as well as a knitted cardigan like this, both from J.Crew. It fuses the styles of Jackie O’s crisp top with Coco Chanel’s famous tweed creations.

Since the top is classic, keep the bottom of the outfit modern and edgy. Pull on a pair of gray destroyed jeans like these. They are a staple from Jackie Kennedy’s closet (since they're white bottoms) but with a twist (since they're frayed). If you really want to be cutting-edge, also wear these leopard flats with gold studs.

Also, don’t just stop with your outfit! Accessory is key. Even though Mademoiselle Chanel had a rule to take one accessory off before leaving the house, I believe that there are some rules that are meant to be broken. Wear multiple bracelets and cuffs along with a boyfriend watch as well as ring.

Keep your choices of handbags narrow to the ultimate classics: like this Louis Vuitton tote. Not only are you ensured the bag will last through time, but you are also sure that it will go with all of your outfits.

Have fun mixing these timeless pieces and make a classic chic ensemble!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: I’m Bringing Preppy Back

Seasons change, time flies. Fashion trends are always coming and going. From ikat patterns to menswear, it seems like Fashionistas everywhere have forgotten the basic styles of the past.

Remember how Ali MacGraw rocked those chunky sweaters and striped scarves in the movie Love Story? Well now’s the perfect time to bring back the preppy fashion! Take today’s Fashionista, she utilized the aspects of the preppy style into her outfit with a modern twist. She wore a simple white top and layered it over a pair of striped shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch. If you want to try this ensemble, try these shorts, which give off a more “Ivy League preppy” style.

To finish off the look, add these boat shoes that exemplify a true modern prep.

Keep your accessories simple and classic; add a Tiffany & Co. pendant necklace and a Longchamp bag and you’ll be good to go!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping Up Wiith Corals

I spotted today’s Fashionista channeling her inner Kardashian. Patterned harem pants? Check. High wedges? Check. Statement necklace with a bright lipstick? Check and check!

Are you fierce enough to wear this outfit? Of course!

Madewell has some pretty great choices for harem-like pants without being too genie. Try these polka-dot patterned pants to achieve a look similar to this Fashionista. Another great factor about this outfit are the suede peep-toe pumps which look awfully similar to these Miu Miu Mary Jane pumps. In the words of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, “I die!” Although this Fashionista chose a mustard color for her shoes, you can opt for a neutral color that’s close to your skin color to give the illusion of mile high legs. As for your top, choose a basic white tank and maybe even add a structured blazer in a neutral color. Add a statement necklace to add a splash of coral into your wardrobe.

For the final punch of color, apply this MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau like today’s Fashionista.

Release the inner diva in you and try this totally rocking trend!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Flats Are Made to Glitter

Today’s Fashionista isn't in Kansas anymore! She definitely brought some shine to an otherwise gloomy day in San Francisco.

She was seen wearing high-waisted shorts with a three-quarter sleeved shirt, giving a nod to the ‘70s decade. This trend is super fashionable right now, thanks to the bohemian goddesses Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe.

What separated this Fashionista from the other hippie chicks is the fact that she put on a pair of glitter flats. If your college is blessed with warm and sunny weather, try adding some sparkle to your sheer slipdress by wearing these fashion-forward flats. Add a braided jeweled bracelet like today’s Fashionista to really punch up your bohemian vibe. Don’t be afraid to try different colors for your accessories like neon pink or yellow friendship bracelets.

So go ahead, follow the yellow brick road all the way to looking shimmery chic!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casually Cool and Simple

Ever have one of those days where you just want to put on something comfy, but still look cute? You know, just in case that hot guy or girl you’ve been eyeing finally sits next to you. Well, today’s your chance to incorporate this style to your outfit!

Today’s Fashionisto was looking comfortably chic going to class. He was rocking an oversized tank with cool graphics both printed in the front and back. I couldn’t find an exact match with this Fashionisto’s tank but this Urban Outfitters tank top is pretty similar. 

All Fashionistas can also try this trend, but make sure to wear a lacy bandeau underneath. I found some really nice bargain graphic tank tops from Forever 21 like this sweet chic tank or this Rihanna loud graphic tank. If you’re willing to splurge, you can try this cut-off tank from Revolve Clothing and shipping is free!

Finally, Fashionistos can grab a pair of these 511 stretch jeans from Levi’s and all Fashionistas can try these jeggings.

Since today’s Fashionisto kept it casual, cool and simple, the only accessories really needed to pull off this outfit is a nice pair of Converse sneakers. You can even choose whatever color you want and it will go with this outfit — how awesome is that? So go ahead and grab those black, red or even metallic colored Chuck Taylors. Trust me, you’ll look comfy chic.


A few weeks ago, Fashionistas from all over the country had a little chat with JewelMint’s own jewelry designer, Cher Coulter. In our discussion, I asked how Fashionistas/os would be able to wear bangles and bracelets with all those long-sleeve layers on.

Coulter gave us fashion-forward tips. She informed all the Fashionistas/os out there to rock bangles and bracelets over your sleeves or gloves! I personally haven’t tried this totally chic trend since we’ve been having a heat wave here in the Bay Area, but if you’re living under a cold spell, be sure to give this trend a try.

I believe that although clothes are a big part of fashion, jewelry is what makes or breaks an outfit.

This week's Fashionista was seen wearing a neutral looking outfit, but she adds a pop of color and pattern with the use of the super cute scarf.

Borrow your boyfriend’s white long sleeve button-up which looks similar to this shirt from American Apparel. Put them above these black leggings but don’t forget to roll them up to look exactly like this Fashionista. Tuck the leggings into knee high socks before pulling on Anthropologie beige buckle boots.

Take a look at JewelMint’s Versailles earrings. I know they don’t look like the chandelier earrings that today’s Fashionista is donning but I thought they are such a versatile piece and an affordable price that Fashionistas everywhere should not pass up!

Also check out this silver link bracelet adorned with crystal pave stones, which is appropriately called the Gatsby bracelet, clearly depicting the luxury of the 1920s. If you have money to splurge, buy this bangle, cuff, coil bracelet and twist bow ring, all from Tiffany & Co.

But also don’t limit your jewelry around the color silver. Be bold and try a gold tone or even the modern rosegold. Afterall, Coco Chanel once said, “the best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”

Lastly, don’t forget to wrap this scarf and grab your bag before you leave!