To rappers, chains are essential to the game. Neckwear is like a right of passage, so to speak. Some rappers even feel the need to have multiple chains to make a statement. Other rappers, like 2Chainz, even feel the need to make it part of their rapper name. This Fashionista has that rapper mentality, she wants her chain to be heavy, figuratively that is. I'd say an elephant chain is a pretty heavy one.

Really though, jewelry is often understated in male fashion, but to girls it is just as important as the perfect shoes to go with that printed dress or new jeans they had been lusting for. The simplest combination of precious golds, metals, leathers and fabrics around one's wrist or neck can elevate anyone's look to a higher notch. And of course, it helps to have a good fashion sense like this Fashinista. She's making it seem easy.

Spotted: Neckwear on the Burberry Prorsum spring 2012 runway.


There are plent of perks that come with being a foreign exchange student at DePaul. For starters, you get to meet a whole new culture, new people, live independently and make great memories that will never fade through the test of time. Oh and in this Fashionisto's case, styling on half of the city of Chicago while doing so.

I don't know whether it was my interest in the Asian culture and street style our oriental brothers embody. Or if it was this Fashionisto's cool ambiance walking down the street smoking a cig looking as if he was at home. Or if it was just meant for him to be featured in CollegeFashionista, but this has got to be one of the best encounters I've had throughout my stay here. 

The way this Fashionisto combined a relaxed “goth-ninja” bottom half in the likes of Damir Doma and a more classically refined taloired upper look which resembled past runway shows of Patrik Ervell and Jil Sander was truly unique. He created a look and style that one does not often encounter. His chunky derbies were the right choice of footwear and were made even more apparent by the fine taper and hem on his dropcrotch trousers

Even his accessories added to the look. His earings, bracelet and watch gave him an edgy look that corresponded well with the bottom half of his outfit. All while his bifocols smoothed in with his tailored upper look. His best accessory had to be the cig he was dragging on while strutting down the sidewalk. One of those fashion photos that you wish you would have caught in motion as well. 

Even though his boys back in China might not know, this Fashionisto steady “Winnin”. Word to Chief Keef and King Louie. Bang Bang. Swag.

Spotted: Chunky derbies and fair-isle knit in Raf Simons fall 2011 runway.

ACCESORIES REPORT: Tatted Like A Biker Boy

They say a person's smile is their greatest accessory. I never really agreed or disagreed with this. I doubt a serious bike dude from the Hells Angels bike gang would think his smile was his greatest accessory. He would probably consider his shank or bike to be his best accessory. As if any of them would worry about fashion though, they're too busy keeping it 3hunna.

Thankfully this Fashionisto was far from being a member of Hells Angels, let alone any gang for that matter. Unless that gang of course was a frat. Never the less this Fashionisto's greatest accessory was his smile (pause), the one tattooed on his forearm that is. A simple arrangement of circles and lines inked into your body can make such a grand statement. And to me it entails this Fashionista is a about living life freely and having that “YOLO” mentality. Drake would be proud.

Spotted: Zombie Boy tatted up in Thierry Mugler's fall/winter 2011-2012 runway.


Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada? Well sorry Kreayshawn, there is only Gucci on this playa’s body. It seems high fashion has become more popular amongst college students. The outlets of attaining designer pieces for affordable prices have vastly increased in the passed years. As this Fashionisto confessed, he found this steal in Hollywood while soaking up the sun during his latest Los Angeles trip.

Jean jackets are one of those pieces that everyone seems to have in their closets. Everyone has the same old Levi’s jacket that has been faded from the many wash cycles throughout its life. This Fashionista gave the middle finger to Levi’s and opted for a pimped out Gucci suit. Pardon, I meant jean jacket. Still fly though.

He kept it simple and demonstrated that high-end designer pieces can be worn casually and not only limited to the runway. A pair of slim chinos, bucks, a layered tank and chambray gave this Fashionisto his laidback look.

These Windy City gusts and this Fashionisto’s layers of blue are making a brother way too cold. Get the Theraflu. Swag.

Spotted: Denim jackets on Dries Van Noten spring 2011 runway.


Williamsburg, New York: the original home of the hipster. Makes sense why this cuffed pants, bracelet wearing, camp hat rocking Fashionisto was spotted roaming the hip streets of Brooklyn.

On my spontaneous trip to New York, I ran into a lot of Supreme wearing, high fashion model look-alikes, Americana sporting people. Seemed like everyone was wearing a uniform.

This Fashionisto stepped outside his city’s boundaries and went against the pack. Instead of sporting the same rolled jeans as everyone else, he triple cuffed his raw denim. Instead of wearing a Supreme camp hat he bought from the Lafayette Supreme store, he sported a Norse Projects hat. The brand Norse Projects has created a name for itself, coming straight from Denmark and establishing itself in the major fashion cities of the world.

Toggle shawl collar sweaters, raw denim, boat shoes and camp hats. Mixing in navy colors with olives and browns (along with his mocha skin tone) gave the perfect balance of the color palette spectrum to this Fashionisto’s outfit. Like Christina Augilara would say “Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya, Mocha Chocalata ya ya”.


And ain't nobody fresher, I’m in thrifted Maison Martin Margiela“. Yes, this Fashionista found an economically friendly way to achieve the look of high fashion with minimal effort and minimal cash flow. Perfect for broke college peeps like myself who live on ramen noodles, low key.

This Fashionisto knows the art of thrifting better than most people. His burgundy oxblood side-zips (which are a hot item this season) cost him less than $10 at his local Salvation Army and yet he still managed to style on half of the Chicago population. Maybe it was his man bag that set off his swagger, accented with leather and canvas. Sophistication at an acceptable level for college students? I think so.

The game changer for his outfit was his trench coat. His way of wearing it was so casual that he took it from being a more dressy piece to being something that one would wear comfortably everyday. An affordable staple that one could wear day in and out pairing it with boots or simple sneaks.

A budget outfit that still manages to look great takes some effort to cordinate. Yet this Fashionisto was able to accomplish that whole “look at this trench coat, tell me he's broke” look very well. Take notes if you too are on a college budget.

Spotted: Trench coat in Burberry Prorsum autumn/winter 2012 runway.


Ever see someone wearing something so ordinary yet still give out a vibe of knowing what he or she were doing? Like if they meant for their outfit to be so simple to the point where no one would think anything of it yet still consider that person a well dressed individual? Well, this Fashionista is the epitome of that look.

From a far, and even from up close this outfit was as Plain Jane as can be — something one could wear to lecture, a ball game, a crazy college rager, or even to meet your sweethearts parents (or meet even more sweethearts at that) and yet still fit in any of these situations. Mastering the art of simplicity can save you tons of money, as well as time in the mornings.

This Fashionisto, however, chose the more lavish route to execute the look. His chinos were A.P.C chinos in their classic New Standard silhouette — a unisex silhouette that flatters an array of body types and structures. Pairing the chinos with a James Perse raglan sweatshirt made this outfit even more comfy than it already appeared. Finishing off the laid back look with a pair of Vans Authentics, which appear to be a college favorite among students.

A jolly grin in his face, a comfortable outfit, and the beginning of spring break. It is safe to say that Ice Cube would agree that “today was a good day” for this Fashionisto.

Spotted: Raglan shoulders in Patrik Ervell spring 2012 runway.


Once the weather starts getting nicer, mugs start playing no games. Everyone brings out their good gear, fellas and ladies alike. This Fashionisto in particular was displaying racks on racks on racks. From one glimpse you see Supreme, on Supreme, on Supreme. But oh no, it does not stop there my friends. He even went as far as to throw in some Dior, some Moncler and even Yuketen. Must be nice to have stacks.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this Fashionisto had just got off his shift from the Supreme store in New York City. His Supreme arsenal was loaded with the much lusted over Arabic script Supreme logo hoody, leather accented bookbag and beanie hat to cover his lion mane.

Still, he did not end the stunting at Supreme. His beautifully faded Dior jeans (that's Dior Homme, not Dior Hommie) looked like they had been broken in for as long as his Yuketen Maine Guide boots (which were developing a great patina I might add). Since a hoody was not enough for the day’s winds, this swag maven thought it necessary to bust out his Moncler jacket.

“Long hurr, don’t curr” should be this Fashionisto’s life motto. Although by the looks of his clothes, it sure seems like style is something he cares about truly. With a “Christian Dior Denim Flow” like this, one might wonder what else is stashed in his closet. This fellow right here had to be worth at least 2k that day. Swag.

Spotted: Arabic script hoody in Supreme spring/summer 2012 video.


With spring surely approaching this Fashionisto took advantage of the fleeting winter to sport his favorite earth tones. Draped up in shades of green and brown from his skin, clothes and sneaks, talk about coordination.  This video producer was casually strolling to the set of his next shoot when he was spotted. Equipped with his money-maker (aka his Nikon 60D), a mustache that was envy-worthy, and a casual streetwear ensemble boasting classic brands.

His oxford and chinos chanted “USA, USA!” as they were Polo by Ralph Lauren and Levis, respectively. But his kicks screamed: “master sneaker aficionado imported straight from China”, as they were none other than Bapes. A Bathing Ape (or Bape for short) is a highly respected streetwear powerhouse to this day. Founder Nigo built an empire that has withstood the test of time. Of course you do not have to splurge on a pair of Bathing Apes to get the look, Adidas Superstar's would work as a great substitute seeing how their classic silhouette inspired Bape.

The real game changer in this Fashionisto’s outfit was the fat laces that his sneaks were equipped with. Brings back memories of cholo thugs in L.A lacing their Nike Cortez and Chuck Taylors with the same laces. Furthermore, a more modern rendition of these fat laces would be the Maison Martin Margiela’s high top sneakers.

After these snaps this Fashionisto carried along with his busy day of filming and directing.  As Kanye would say “Oh no, the hood was strugglin’ then I blessed em with that Polo”. Swag

Spotted: Fat laces in Maison Martin Margiela spring/summer 2009 runway.


ACCESSORIES REPORT: Graphically Gangsta

Sometimes one does not have to be into fashion to exude an aura of personal style. This Fashionisto in particular admitted that fashion was the least of his worries but I could not deny the fact that he had found his own personal style.

It seems like today everything has to be “fitted “and “slim” on males in order for them to look as though they have “style”. I beg to differ. Style is much more than just clothes. One could get inspired from whatever or whoever. This Fashionisto dons his own take on the classic L.A “Gangsta” look that high-end designer Rick Owens draws inspiration from as well.

Black Dickies, black Chucks, and a black graphic tee all in a baggy fit are what his look consists of. Can’t forget to cover your dome with a crispy 59fifty New Era fitted cap as well. The graphic print on the Fashionisto’s shirt is the standout of his outfit. Not only does the white pop and make the black outfit less dark, but also if you look closely you can see the design is really the eagle from the Mexican flag.

This Fashionisto does not care to impress anyone. He does not care to be up on the latest street or runway trends. He just cares about being true to himself. Being comfortable and confident wearing his look. That is what real style consists of. Jay-Z will be proud if he keeps casually strutting along life in “all black everything”. Swag.

Spotted: Animal graphic print in Givenchy fall/winter 2011 runway show.