The last week of school is upon us where the work is winding down and the weather is warming up. People are filling campus with smiles on their faces and suitcases in hand. Some are excited to head out while others wished that they could stay, but one thing is absolutely shared between all: awesome style. As expected as the winter layers shed off we see more and more people expressing their style, whether that be preppy, grungy… you name it. That is when I spotted this Fashionista in a simple and relaxed ensemble for finals week. She was confident and comfortable and it truly made her stand out from the crowd!

Name: Taylor Boyle

Year: Freshman

Major: Sports and Leisure Management

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing today.

Taylor Boyle: Today I am wearing Aldo sandals, a Longchamp Le Pliage nylon bag, a pair of jeans from Hollister and my top is from Forever 21. I am also wearing a few Alex and Ani bracelets. 

CF: What would you say inspires your style? Where do you go for inspiration?

TB: I would say that I inspire my own style. When I see something that I love, I just go with it. I love to look around the mall and shops to become inspired when looking for new outfits.

CF: What staple item would you tell fellow Fashionista’s to purchase to complete their wardrobe and why?

TB: Every girl needs a pair of nude flats. They complete every outfit and can be worn year-round. My nude flats are my favorite thing to wear!

CF: Do you have any advice for fellow Fashionistas?

TB: Always follow your own style! It is so much better to stand out and be different than always following the crowd, so be bold!

How To: To achieve this Fashionista’s relaxed springtime look, start with a pair of basic blue jeans. The best part about a great pair of jeans is that they can be worn a million ways. This Fashionista chose to cuff her jeans for a cropped look in the warmer weather. On top, a long sleeve yet light weight top will do the trick in the spring. As you can see, this Fashionista went with a tunic length top in navy blue. It was a great balance of a lightweight top and still keeping warm in the breeze on campus. She finished off the look with an awesome pair of nude sandals. These sandals will get you through not only spring but all of summer, and because they’re so versatile you can pair them with just about anything! As for accessories, this Fashionista kept it simple adding a simple stack of Alex and Ani bracelets along with a pair of bright neon sunnies. Can you say adorable?


Running around during finals week. This is something that every student on campus dreads, yet every student absolutely must do. It is a time when fashion tends to fall by the wayside between trips to the library and Starbucks, but not for this Fashionista. She is taking finals by the horns and showing them who’s boss while looking absolutely fabulous doing so! Her look was the perfect balance of comfort and chic to get her through this upcoming few weeks on campus and she couldn’t have done it better.

Name: Chelsea Santos

Major: Business Administration

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What brands are you wearing today?

Chelsea Santos: My tank top is from Forever 21 and my jeans are from H&M. My bag is also from Forever 21 and, surprisingly, my sweater is from Goodwill.

CF: What would you say inspires your style? Do you look anywhere in particular for inspiration?

CS: I don’t really get any specific inspiration for my style, I just pick out clothing that I enjoy. I go thrift shopping a lot because the older styles are always coming back in.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

CS: My favorite places to shop would definitely have to be Forever 21 or Brandy Melville.

CF: Do you have a favorite season to shop for?

CS: My favorite season to shop for would be summer because I love wearing bright colors. I also really enjoy making my own high-waisted shorts so going to the consignment shop and finding old high-waisted jeans to cut up is always a fun thing to do.

CF: Do you have any advice for fellow Fashionistas?

CS: My only advice would be to wear what makes you happy. Don’t try to follow all of the latest trends; wear what you want to wear regardless of other people’s opinions.

How To: To achieve this perfect spring look, start with your basic pair of skinny jeans and cuff them. You can absolutely never go wrong with classic blues from Gap! Next, a flowy white tank with great detail like our Fashionista is wearing is the perfect installment to take you into spring. Depending on your personal style, you may want to lean away from a lace tank and more towards one with fringe but either way the detail really makes a basic white shirt pop! Since the weather isn’t warm enough to go bare shouldered yet, consider a cardigan while on campus to avoid the breeze. One with a burst of color will take your outfit to the next level. Finish this look off with a killer bag and a pair of gladiator sandals.


As many fellow Style Gurus know, approaching someone to take their photograph can be an intimidating task. I have to admit that there are few better feelings than when you approach someone and it has made their day. That was this week’s Fashionista. She was beyond delighted that someone appreciated her sense of style and wanted to feature her in a piece on CollegeFashionista. Each time now that I see this Fashionista on campus she is owning some major trends and really rocking her look!
Name: Erika Sanchez
Year: Junior
Major: Women and Gender Studies
CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing.
Erika Sanchez: I’m wearing red pants that I got for one cent at Wet Seal! Major deal! Also, my cardigan is from Forever 21 and my boots I got as a present, because everyone knows I love boots. I’m wearing the bracelets that I wear every day. My favorite one is my purple one that says, “Thriver.” It’s meant to support women who have been in abusive relationships.
CF: Where do you go for your style inspiration?
ES: I go everywhere. I love to people watch and see what others are wearing around me. Also, I look at magazines, Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration. Additionally, I love Vanessa Hudgen’s style; she is definitely my style icon!
CF: How would you describe your personal style?
ES: I would describe my personal style as boho, but it also depends on my mood and the weather. Some days I like dressing a little retro, other days preppy and sometimes very glam, and of course I have my laid back days when I throw on jeans and a cute T-Shirt.
CF: Where is your favorite place to shop?
ES: My favorite place to shop is Forever 21, without a doubt. They have such cute clothes that don’t kill my wallet. I also love Charlotte Russe along with H&M.
CF: Do you have a favorite spring trend?
ES: Florals are definitely my favorite spring trend. As soon as I throw them on I feel lighter, prettier and happier. You can’t forget to throw on my floppy hat for a hippie feel either!
CF: What is your biggest fashion faux pas? 
ES: My personal fashion faux pas was when I was in middle school and the beginning of highschool. I would wear track suits everyday. I can’t believe I did that!
How To: Colored denim is an amazing way to spice up an outfit. Going bold with colors, like red, are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Combining a pair of bright pants  with a flowy shirt is an unexpected mixture that works. Boots or sandals with this outfit can work depending on the temperature. Either way, consider a pair of cognac or cream colored shoes with this outfit. This is a great way to brighten up your look and stay away from harsh tones. Don’t forget about great accessories like a messenger bag or a killer necklace to finish the look either!


Walking through campus on one of the first nice weather days is such an incredible feeling. People walk around campus like it’s the first time they’re seeing it; buzzing with a new found energy. Best of all, people ditch their overly cozy clothing and begin to opt for bright fun colors in new patterns. That’s when I spotted this week’s Fashionista, sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous day. She was so unbelievably upbeat and energetic I couldn’t resist approaching her. To start, I noticed her choice of colors and her quirky jewlery. Those items drew me in the most to her outfit because they were truly her; no gimmicks.

Name: Danniele Walker

Year: Junior

Major: Early Childhood Education and Sociology

CollegeFashionista: If you could describe your style in three words, what would they be?

Danniele Walker: Chameleon, ever-changing, bold.

CF: Tell me a little about your personal style. What colors do you most incorporate into your look?

DW: My favorite color is black, so I wear a lot of that. I also wear a lot of bolds based on my mood.

CF: What is one item that is necessary for everyone to have in their closet?

DW: Definitely a great pair of heels. Any kind, whether it be wedges or pumps.

CF: Do you have a favorite pair of heels that serve as your go-to?

DW: My Sam Edelman nude peep-toe pumps. They have spikes all up and down the back.

CF: Do you have a favorite designer?

DW: Probably Marc Jacobs. Though I tend to get his items discounted through T.J. Maxx.

CF: Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

DW: I like to look at Tumblr to see how I can mix up my wardrobe. It always gives me new ideas on how to pair a certain skirt with a certain sweater or boots. I like to look at Tumblr accounts that exhibit New York City urban styles.

How To: To achieve this look start with a pair of distressed white jeans. Add a printed chiffon top in pastel colors. This look is perfect for spring, bringing out a fun and bright appearance. Next, add a neutral pair of ballet flats for comfort while on campus or out and about in this gorgeous weather! My personal favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is her super fun jewlery that truly stands out and makes her outfit especially unique. Finally, she finished her look with a bright white pair of spring time sunnies. These really tied the look together, making it perfect for this time of the year!


Over the past few weeks we have been getting some pretty amazing weather here in New England. I spotted this Fashionitsa taking full advantage of the warmer temperatures while sporting a nautical inspired ensemble which included bold colors, stripes and a staple denim jacket. She wore incredible brights that suited her skin tone perfectly and certainly stood out with her style while everyone else was still in their heavy winter wear! Read here to see where her style inspiration comes from and how to get her look!

Name: Shaniece Earle

Major: Biology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where do you look for style inspiration?

Shaniece Earle: I look for style inspiration mostly within fashion blogs.

CF: For spring, what items are you most excited to incorporate into your wardrobe?

SE: Bright colors, rain boots, dresses, shorts… the list goes on!

CF: Any advice for fellow Fashionistas?

SE: “Don’t dress to impress, dress to express.”

CF: What is one item in your wardrobe that you would not live without?

SE: Blazers—they complete everything!

How To: To achieve our Fashionista’s look this week consider pairing stripes and denim for a casual day on campus. You can try a denim jacket or a lighter chambray layer to incorporate the look into your wardrobe. This fun and nautical look is perfect for spring, especially with a fun pair of bright boat shoes. They add a punch of color while still remaining casual and comfortable. Not a fan of blue denim on denim? Fair enough! Try a pair of white skinny jeans to add an even stronger spring vibe to your ensemble.


I spotted this Fashionisto on his was out of class looking dapper on one of the first spring days in New England. Coatless, he struts across campus in his layered look to stay warm for the chilly breezes that still pass through. His look was comfortable and practical but he still incorporated his own flare into it with things such as matching colorful socks and bright tie. Now that is a quality of a true Fashionisto!

Name: Anthony Peterson

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who/what would you say inspires your style? 

Anthony Peterson: My inspiration depends on the day or occasion, but mostly the people I surround myself with. You can check them out on Instagram (@nupsinupes) if you want to see what I mean.

CF: What would you say is your most relaxed yet fashionable outfit? What items does it consist of?

AP: Jeans, a V-Neck T-Shirt, blazer and loafers.

CF: What is  staple in your closet that every guy should own?

AP: The staple in my closet are my Dockers Alpha Khakis, where jeans and khakis began. 

How To: This is a great look for a day on campus filled with classes and meetings, yet relaxed enough to kick back in your campus cafe. To begin, grab a great collared dress shirt from your closet that is slightly fitted to avoid bagginess under your sweater. This shirt can be anything from a solid to a bold pattern depending on the occasion. Add a tie that pulls together a focal color in the outfit. Next, a pair of khakis that are comfortable enough to spend your long days in. Finish off the look with a pair of loafers. If you’re really feeling adventurous try a pair of matching socks; this Fashionisto did and he rocked it! An extra little hint, slip on a bold statement watch for days when you have meetings or work. Show that you mean business!


This Fashionista was spotted leaving class and was balancing comfort and style perfectly so I just had to approach her! She seemed cool, calm and collected and exuded a certain confidence in her outfit that made such a simple collection of pieces look much more intense. My favorite part about this Fashionista is that she told me that this was her, “dress down day” look. I would love seeing her dressed-up, wouldn’t you?

Name: Jackie Ouellette

Year: Freshman

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about what you’re wearing today.

Jackie Ouellette:  I am wearing Forever 21 jeans and moccasins. Also, my jacket is from Forever 21. It’s olive green with black leather accents and a fur lined collar. For accessories, I have an olive green knit scarf and a tan beanie that are both from Charlotte Russe. My jewelry I have accumulated from the different countries I have traveled too.

CF: What would you say inspires your style?

JO: I like to be unique. I don’t really try to copy anyone. I pick out my own pieces and rarely wear the same outfit twice.

CF: If you could tell people one staple item that they should have in their closet this upcoming spring what would it be and why?

JO: Well, I got a really nice rain coat from Charlotte Russe. It’s a nice black and hits at mid thigh. It’s very stylish but it will protect you from that dreary springtime rain and wind at a great price.

CF: What advice would you give to others about style?

JO: I think everyone should be unique when it comes to style. I think how you dress shows who you are as a person; it’s a way to express yourself. You should really just have fun with it. Personally, I shop cheap since I rarely repeat outfits it allows me to get more use. Also, add a few accessories to an outfit or a great sweater to a simple shirt and it can take the outfit to the next level without trying too hard. Again, just be yourself.

How To: This look is simple to achieve and allows you to really put your own spin on things. Start with your basic blue jeans, such as this pair from Forever 21. On your top try a military style jacket. Olive green is a neutral, but adding that hint of leather and fur take it to the next level. Consider one like this from DailyLook or for a chillier day a parka like this one from ASOS. Then add a scarf and cute beanie to keep toasty on those chilly days on campus. Don’t forget to keep your feet warm too, try a pair of cozy moccasins in winter white to steer clear of that standard look. Want to take that even further? Opt for a white slip on sneaker or loafer instead.


Meeting the perfect Fashionista on campus may be a difficult task; particularly in these frigid winter months, making spotting one all the more sweet. This Fashionista perfected the layered look without overdoing it and managed to find the perfect balance between cozy and chic.

Name: Mykal Navin

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your day to day style?

Mykal Navin: Other than looking at fashion boards on Pinterest, I love seeing what other people around me are wearing. Many people express themselves through clothing and I love to see others taking risks and pulling it off so effortlessly. It makes me challenge myself to try new things.

CF: What are some must haves in your wardrobe?

MN: Some must haves are a great pair of black heels, a fitted blazer and a bold accessory. Whether it’s a necklace, bag or a scarf to bring a bold color or pattern to an outfit. I like to keep my outfits fairly neutral when it comes to color, but like to put on a great statement necklace or scarf to bring it to the next level.

CF: Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

MN: I have several fashion icons. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are an example of the effortless chic look which I would die to pull off. I also love Kourtney Kardashian’s style; she wears bold patterns and accessories and is always for taking risks. She also wears vintage clothing while putting her own spin on it. One fashion blogger that I absolutely love is Sincerely Jules, I want her closet! There is not one thing that I have seen her wear that I have not liked.

CF: Describe your style in three words.

MN: Laid back, edgy with a touch of chic.

CF: What are your favorite brands and places to shop?

MN: My go to stores are Forever 21, H&M and Marshalls. Forever 21 has so many varieties of clothing that you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for. H&M and Marshalls have great quality clothing that are trendy while remaining affordable. I also love Topshop and Sheinside. They have really great clothing and accessories. Because I am a college student I can’t always afford designer clothing but I love looking at the Marc Jacobs and Parabal Gurung collections. Then of course Steve Madden for handbags and shoes!

How To: Looking for some layering inspiration? Take a hint from this week’s Fashionista and start with a solid colored dress. Try a dress with some texture to mix it up, like our Fashionista’s pleated dress. Consider adding a cozy cardigan to keep warm with a great statement necklace to add to the overall look. Adding tights will keep you warm while instantly taking your outfit to the next level. A bold peacoat and bootie will finish off this look perfectly, keeping you warm all winter long!


Throughout the past few fashion seasons we have seen a lot of amazing pieces come about incorporating the trend of studs and spikes. This trend has been seen on bracelets, handbags and just about everything else in between. This edgy trend has been owning street style wear for quite some time now, bringing the girliest girl’s rocker side out. This Fashionista just happened to be sporting the look on her way home from class. It minimal but perfectly suited for a day on campus!

Name: Martha Fiala

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you say that you describe your style?

Martha Fiala: I would have to say that comfort is key when it comes to the way I dress. I’m not someone who can surpass comfort for a trend.

CF: Being on campus, what would you say your essentials are for remaining comfortable while still looking cute?

MF: Definitely an oversized sweater, jeans and boots. Each item is practical and cozy without wearing sweats on campus. 

CF: What is your go-to accessory?

MF: Is it bad that I don’t really have one? I’m a minimalist. I tend to wear clothes that I like with little to no accessories. I feel more myself that way I suppose. I guess if I had to choose my Steve Madden cross-body bag would be my favorite piece. It’s functional yet really cute.

CF: Where did you get this outfit from?

MF: The sweater is from Forever 21, my jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters and my combat boots are from Target

How To: This look is simple to replicate, all it takes is a little edge! Whether you incorporate your studs and spikes in a handbag, shoe or even a sweater like our Fashionista you won’t go wrong. The best part about this look? It works with bold colors or your basic black and white!


Finding someone who has a common bond with you on campus is a great thing, especially when that thing is fashion. I met this Fashionista a few years ago now on campus as a classmate and a fellow member of Eastern’s “Fashion Forward” Club. Over time I have seen her style grow, whether that be her retired fiery red locks, her bold patterns or fearless color mixtures she has always rocked it. Her looks are always head to toe perfection and I am truly lucky to have her not only as a classmate or fellow Fashionista, but as my friend.

Name: Reni Soares

Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who would you say inspires your style?

Reni Soares: I don’t have a particular person that inspires my style but I definitely admire singer, JoJo’s style. I think that it is very unique and different. I love how she puts different pieces together and they always look amazing on her. For example, I remember for one of her performances she wore a long green dress with a side slit, black boots and a snapback. I know it sounds weird but the way she put the outfit together looked great on her and I like taking risks when it comes to fashion, so I definitely give her props for pulling something like that off. Mostly though, my style is inspired by my mood, what’s trending in general and by celebrity style. 

CF: Do you have a favorite designer?

RS: I honestly don’t have a favorite designer, but my top three would be Giorgio Armani, Versace and Michael Kors. Giorgio Armani has beautiful pieces of clothing that I would die to own. The same goes when it comes to Versace. On the other hand, Michael Kors would be more for accessories such as handbags, watches, etc. 

CF: If you could tell everyone to own one piece of clothing what would it be and why?

RS: The one item I would tell someone to own would be a scarf. It may sound ironic but the reason why is because it’s such a simple accessory that definitely adds something to your outfit. For example, you can just be wearing a simple plain shirt and jeans, but the second you put on a scarf it adds something to the outfit; spices it up a little. Plus its an accessory that you can wear all year round. 

CF: Do you read any fashion blogs or follow any fashion based social media and what do you like about them?

RS: I actually don’t read any specific blog for fashion or follow a specific fashion based social media account, but I do read a couple of fashion tips from some other sources. Examples would include Glamour Magazine, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. I like them because it puts together pieces you typically wouldn’t have thought too on your own and gives you new ideas. Also, they give you ideas on how to dress like your favorites celebrities at a more affordable price!

How To: Start with a basic white T-shirt, comfort is key in this look. My favorite white T-shirt is from the Gap. Their cotton is ultra soft and worn-in feeling! Then add a neutral pair of skinny jeans, such as these. Next, consider a scarf like our Fashionista said. One in a bold print will really add to an outfit and give it some dimension. Finish the look off with a pair of simple black flats such as this pair from ALDO and a leather bomber in a rich neutral. Accessorize with a great earring and structured statement bag. This look is perfect for a long day on campus, where you are on your feet and can carry your books in the most fashionable way possible!