STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Deliciously Distressed

Denim is a staple in mostly every person’s wardrobe, particularly college students. While denim might be the most practical choice for everyone’s daily outfits that does not mean that it necessarily needs to be boring. This Fashionista’s distressed tie-dye skinny jeans are the perfect example of this.

Lately there has been a huge influx in patterned jeans, and I have to say that I love it. Whether they are leopard, colored or floral all of the various patterns add spice to anyone’s out. I would encourage anyone who tries eye-catching jeans like these tone down the rest of their ensemble with neutral colored pieces. This Fashionista’s overall look is great mold for this type of look. She styled her tie-dye jeans with similar colors, black and grey, to bring the whole look together while also keeping the focus on her jeans. Most styles of patterned jeans tend not to be distressed but that is something that you can easily do at home on your own. I suggest starting with small sections and then making the bigger, that way there is less of a chance that you mess up!

This Fashionista’s grey infinity scarf is another item that is noteworthy. Scarves like these are very comfortable and easy to style, by just wrapping them around your neck once or twice. They come in a variety of thicknesses so look around before you purchase one to make sure that you like the way that it fits with your winter coat

As this is my last week and column as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru I would just like to say thank you to everyone who read my weekly column for the past seven months. It has been such a pleasure to find stylish Fashionistas and Fashionistos around Chicago and Fordham University’s campus. So thank you all again for reading my weekly column. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter break.



This week’s Fashionista’s take on style during finals is to be ‘comfortably chic.’ A motto like this one is something that I think everyone should adopt. Her philosophy is not only appropriate during finals, but is also perfect for second semester when the temptation to throw on a baggy sweatshirt, sweat pants and your Ugg boots is overwhelming.

A cozy sweater is an essential element to a stylish yet comfortable ensemble. This Fashionista’s cream-colored knit sweater is a flawless example of what I am talking about. Sweaters are not grungy like a sweatshirt is, but also not too tight to make you uncomfortable when studying in the library for hours on end. A baggy yet cool, T-shirt also works perfectly for when you want to look fashionable and be comfortable. I personally love longsleeve shirts for when it is cold outside and when I do not want to wear a sweater because they are still warm.

The leather jacket worn by this Fashionista dresses up her otherwise plain sweater. Leather jackets are a great option for cold weather because they are warm, especially ones with fur linings, and add a little spunk to any look. Her combat boots also toughen up her look. I like that the leather of her jacket and her boots are relatively the same color. Though this does not always need to be the case, do not be afraid to mix black, brown and even colored leather together.

Good luck on all of your finals, and do not forget to let your style shine through even when you are stressed!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping it Casual in a Cardigan

It does not matter whether you are male or female, prefer trendy or classic styles, pay for high-end clothes or try to budget on money, because there is one wardrobe essential that can be worn no matter what — the cardigan. Cardigans come in every shape, style and color imaginable which is what makes them so great. While this style of sweater is extremely practical it can also easily be a unique statement piece that quickly updates one’s look.

This week’s Fashionisto is rocking a black cable knit cardigan. His cardigan is the perfect example of what I previously discussed; while his sweater may seem simple, in a streamline black, it has a unique twist, cable knit. I am sure that not everyone needs advice on how to wear this style of sweater, but I do want to encourage everyone to step away from the typical cardigan. Though I believe owning a simple black cardigan is a must-have for everyone as goes with everything and can easily polish off a look, cardigans are also great for their versatility. Wearable in fall and winter in a wool or cashmere fabric or worn in spring and summer in a cotton knit, cardigans do it all.

The next aspect of this Fashionisto’s outfit that I love is his nautical blue and white striped shirt. Similarly to a cardigan, this print T-shirt can be worn by both men and women alike and is usable for a large variety of occasions. J.Crew is my personally favorite store to browse when I am looking to purchase a striped T-shirt. They are constantly coming out with different variations, whether it is the size of the stripe, the color or other interesting accents.

Next time you are looking to break from the routine, try checking out a cable knit cardigan — soon it will become a wardrobe necessity.


When it comes to seasons and their color palettes I think that everyone can definitely agree that fall has the best options. The combination of bright reds, yellows and oranges with deep greens and purples just makes everything look that much better. This week’s Fashionista combined similar colors – bright orange and burnt red – to make her outfit really pop.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is the fact that she wearing bright colors. While most people would probably just add one pop of color she took her look to the next level by pairing another brightly colored piece. Obviously people wear colorful clothes all year round, but as the winter months approach, bringing the colder weather with it, the colors that people choose to wear tend to become darker (i.e. black, grey and navy). I strongly encourage everyone to try and mix it up as much as they can before the fall season is over. Since this Fashionista has so much going on with her headband and dress, it was perfect that she played down the rest of her look by wearing basic colors. Her black combat boots are a staple in many girls, and guys, closest lately. I also really adore the less popular style motorcycle boot. Motorcycle boots definitely give the same vibe as combat boots do, but are a little less common than their counterparts.

The headband that she is wearing is also an awesome piece. It is stylish, but also very practical since it covers her ears, keeping them warm. This Fashionista is wearing a pretty classic style of this type of headband. They can be found in pretty much any color and various styles, like braided and with flowers attached to them. A headband like this Fashionista’s is definitely something that I would recommend for the upcoming winter season for a fresh, new take on winter style.


As we continue to get deeper into the fall and upcoming winter season the colors in most people’s wardrobes tend to become darker; transitioning from deep fall oranges and yellows to navy, black and brown. Just because the colors begin to turn darker, however, does not mean that the clothing items need to be any less stylish than what you would usually wear.

Black is a very basic color and essential in everyone’s wardrobe, but don't keep your pieces looking as basic as your color. Take this week’s Fashionista for example, she is dressed in basically all black, yet her ensemble has a variety of aspects to it creating an overall chic look. I am loving her relatively light-weight, black ruffled jacket. An alternate style to a ruffled jacket would be a trench coat, which can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Most people tend to purchase trench coats in beige or light brown colors, but black is a great substitute color.

The next item that I want to focus on is this Fashionista’s great black leather boots. This pointed-toe style strays from the typical black riding boot that you see around many campuses lately which is why I like them so much. While her boots are very practical they are also subtly unique. Similarly, square-toed boots are also a great way to stray away from what everyone else is wearing without going too crazy.

Lastly, this Fashionista’s printed black and white floral skirt is a great addition to her ensemble. The demure pop of white helps to make her outfit less stuffy. Subtle prints, like this one, in neutral colors are a great way to add something special to your winter wardrobe (especially around the holiday season). When you wear a neutral color print it is also fun to add pops of color to your outfit, think about a fun colored pair of shoes or a bright scarf.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Top it Off with a Hat

There are very few people who are brave enough to wear a '70s inspired floppy hat, yet this week’s Fashionista had enough courage to show off her impeccable style by doing just that.

Floppy hats, depending on their material, are great for every season. Suede or felt is an amazing option for the fall and winter seasons because while it is stylish, it is also a  warmer option. Whereas straw is the material of choice for those hot summer days by the pool or beach. Straw works well because it is light and can let air seep through the gaps so that your head is not too hot. If floppy hats are not the style for you though there are so many different types that you can experiment with. One of the most popular styles is probably the beanie hat. For both fall and winter the beanie is a practical choice, though I have seen people sport this type of hat in the summer months. It keeps your head warm and can complete a winter look (not to mention how well a beanie can hide a bad hair day). Next there is the ‘newsboy' cap look. This style consists of a soft hat with a stiff brim (think baseball hat brim). A third, very popular, style is the fedora; however this is more appropriate for spring and summer than for fall and winter. Still not satisfied? The last type I want to mention is structured hats, which have been making their way back into fashion lately. Like the floppy hat, this is a style of hat takes a little bit of courage to pull off. With that said, do not be afraid to try this trend because when it is done right a structure hat looks incredible.

While this Fashionista’s hat is clearly the main focus of her look I also wanted to point out her fabulous high-waisted trousers and pointed, patent flats. I think that these two items, in particular, complete her ensemble. Her pants update her floppy hat while keeping the '70s vibe alive. The shoes act in a similar way by adding a modern twist to her look and take it to a more serious place. High-waisted pants and pointed toe shoes, both flats and pumps, are all items I suggest every Fashionista invest in.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lounging in Leopard

This Fashionista was seen wearing one of fall’s biggest trends: animal print, leopard to be more precise. Leopard has always been seen as a classic print that has the ability to spice up anyone’s look, but it has become even more popular as of recently.

I love how this Fashionista effortlessly pulls of the task of evening out her bold leopard skirt with other neutral pieces that compliment and do not overwhelm it. When wearing an animal print, or any bright color or print for that matter, it is extremely important to figure out the right way to balance out your look. For both fall and winter I strongly suggest neutral colors like this Fashionista has on (but as I have said in previous articles neutrals are not just black and white, they are dark blues, purples, and greens too). Prints can be worn on any item that you incorporate into your look, such as purses, cardigans, pants, shoes, or scarves, you name it and I am sure that it would add a special pop.

Make sure to take note of the essential items that this Fashionista has incorporated into her look. Her black blazer, light brown boots, black tights and purse, light pink scarf are all items that every fashionista should have in their closet in some variation.

Also, I think that it should be pointed out that animal prints, like leopard, do not need to necessarily be seen as a bold statement but can be used as a neutral too. So do not be afraid to experiment, have fun with your fashion!



While many people may not realize this, outerwear is just as important as a person’s top, shoes or pants. This statement is especially true in the fall and winter months when (in most of the country) jackets become a necessity. Personally, I love the excitement of finding a new jacket that is unique, stylish and warm. This week’s Fashionista did just that when she found this amazing cape-like jacket.

When the idea of a cape or poncho comes to mind, most people cringe from the very thought of the idea; as this can be seen as very outgoing and difficult to pull of piece of clothing. However, this fearless Fashionista dared to stand out in her camel-colored cape. The best part about capes is that there are various styles one can choose from to match their personal preference. There is the cinched-waist, the style that this week’s Fashionista is modeling, or there is also the loose and flowing style. No matter which style you may choose to wear, make sure you do so with confidence!

Also, I don't want to forget to mention the amazing color cordination in this Fashionista’s look. She flawlessly styles various neutral colors together for an all-together chic and stylish vibe. This is a great idea for those of you that like to wear all black and are looking to break out of your typical mold. It is very hard to go wrong when pairing neutrals together, so don't fear playing around with different colors!

Finally are the boots this Fashionista is rocking! While black and dark brown boots are considered necessities for most girls during the fall and winter it is always nice to break away from the basic pieces. The light brown cowboy-esque boots worn by this Fashionista are a great example of how infusing lighter color boots into your wardrobe is never a bad thing. Also, I love how these boots are a relatively unique style to your standard, and most commonly seen, riding boot.


This week I set my sights on this trendy Fashionisto rocking a  Aztec print hoodie. His outfit was everything that I love about a look, it was unique, comfortable, colorful and fun as well!

This Fashionisto combined a simplistic style and a ‘wow’ factor into one cohesive look. The ‘wow’ factor I’m referring to is his Aztec-Navajo printed sweatshirt. Many guys will fall into the habit of wearing their favorite sport team sweatshirt, so I liked the fact that this Fashionisto strayed away from the typical mold. There are currently numerous patterns and print designs being shown on sweatshirts and sweaters out there! I strongly encourage any guy, or girls, to stray away from the typical, boring hoodie and try wearing something that will stand out. That way, when its 8:00 AM and you are heading to class in the most comfortable thing you could throw on, you can still look fashionable.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other items and patterns besides sweatshirts that have prints that you can experiment with. Scarves, hats, t-shirts, gloves and button down shirts are also a great way to try something different in a bold pattern.

When it came to the rest of this Fashionisto’s ensemble, he made sure to keep it simple so that his sweatshirt would really stand out. His Jack Purcell tennis shoes go with just about anything and can be worn in the fall, summer and even into spring. Then, there are his well-tailored jeans; owning a nice and flattering fit pair of jeans is essential for every guy’s wardrobe. There is no shame in spending a little more than you should on a good pair of jeans. Jeans are durable and can be worn over and over again. Also, do not be afraid to ask a sales associate for help if you are not sure of exactly what style works for you. A great pair of jeans in crucial to developing a stylisly savvy wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Your Pants Do The Talking

In a lot of my articles I point out items that are wardrobe essentials to every Fashionista’s closet. But what aboout the items that are not that essential, but are just extremely pretty? When this Fashionista let her pants do all of the talking in her casual, yet extremely cool outfit, she became the perfect example of this.

There is clearly one main focus in this Fashionista’s look, her high-waist pastel and floral ankle jeans. Jeans like this are so attention grabbing that not just anyone can pull them off, though I do suggest everyone try. They are so much fun and are instantly chic! While they are not as easy to find as your typical blue denim printed jeans, they are surprisingly not that uncommon. Try to find your own unique pattern that you can call your own. Jeans like these can often times be pretty pricey however, so if you want cool jeans on a budget find an old pair of jeans and some fabric pant. This way you can have a fun DYI project and an awesome pair of jeans all in one pair!

This Fashionista had the right idea when she paired her floral jeans with muted, neutral colors. Since her pants are so light and it is already October I like that she made her look more season appropriate by wearing a long sleeved navy blue Henley. A shirt like this is perfect for taking a bold piece and making it more casual (it would be a great way to make a maxi skirt more laid back, as well.) 

Then there are this Fashionista’s accessories, which seem to have a vintage vibe going on. Wayfarer style sunglasses have made a serious come back in the past five years, and with good reasoning. They add an effortlessly cool feeling to anyone to wears them. While I personally love Ray-Ban the best for sunglasses like these it is also very easy to find them at less expensive stores. Lastly, to finish off her look, are the '50s inspired tennis shoes. Her shoes are the second best part of this outfit, for me. They are the typical Keds style, but with a funky twist.