TREND: The Summertime Blues

When summer arrives it typically brings scorching hot temperatures with it. This Fashionista shows us that while there is a need to dress in cool clothes, literally clothes that do not trap heat, it is also key to not forget what looks stylish.

This Fashionista’s blue dress from BCBG is the unique combination of a wrap dress and a military-esque dress. The lightweight material allows for her to not be overwhelmed by the heat. A dress like this is perfect for various occasions such as work, family parties and dinner with your girlfriends; the possibilities are endless.

Paired with her BCBG dress, is a pair of SE Boutique by Sam Eldeman wedges. The combination of black, silver, cork and a little metallic definitely dresses up her ensemble to create more of a nighttime look (note: perfect for a dinner date!). Though those wedges dress up her look there is always the option to dress it down. Wearing a pair of flats or sandals would make the look more daytime appropriate.

While accessories are very important to complete a look that does not mean there needs to be a lot, which is proven by this Fashionista's outfit. Her metallic beaded bracelet is simple, yet it ties her look together. If you are not a bracelet person there are other options. For this particular look one could pull their hair back and wear a pair of dangling earrings and then add a fun cocktail ring!

With only a couple of weeks of summer left (I know it is sad) try to have as much fun wearing your cute shorts and dresses! Before you know it, it will be time for chunky sweaters and boots.

TREND: CHICago Intern Fashion

This Fashionista was determined to show her sense of fashion, even though she has a relatively strict dress code at her summer job. Through her use of color, unique items and accessories I think that she pulls off a chic intern look of which her boss would definitely approve. 

The center of this Fashionista’s outfit is her billowy chiffon top by Alice & Olivia that almost resembles a pirate's shirt. Instead of wearing the typical collared button down that would definitely be considered job appropriate she chose a more unique yet still appropriate style blouse. I encourage other Fashionistas to try and achieve a similar look, not necessarily a pirate top per say but a blouse that is more ‘you’ than a plain button down.  

A black pencil skirt, like the one on this Fashionista from BCBG, is a great alternative to stuffy black pants. I say save those for the fall and winter and show some leg while you can! A high-waisted skirt is an excellent option because it is flattering on most body types. Also, do not be afraid to veer away from the pencil skirt and try new styles. An a-line skirt or even a shift or wrap dress are great options.

The last, and often times most important, part of a Fashionista’s ensemble are the accessories that one chooses to pair with their outfit. Though accessories are very important it is key to realize that you are still at work and you need to be practical with what one should wear. This Fashionista does a fabulous job in this situation, her Tory Burch flats are sensible in case she needs to be on her feet all day. I would strongly suggest following in this Fashionista’s foot steps when it comes to shoes (no pun intended), especially if you are starting a new job and do not know what exactly will be required of you. Her headband is the next accessory that I think should be noted. Wearing a headband allows one to not constantly be distracted by having one's hair in one's face. Putting your hair back is also a good idea if you are running errands for your job around the city or town that you are in! Lastly this Fashionista’s Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag is an amazing bright shade of red which really makes her outfit pop. Other than just wanting to carry a beautiful purse around, a bag like this is sensible because of how much stuff can fit inside!

Overall, this Fashionista definitely passed my intern chic fashion test! Dressing while being under the rules of a dress code is not the most glamorous thing in the world but try to have fun with it!  

TREND: Getting Graphic

Just because summer is the perfect time to relax around your house does not mean that you should frump around in a T-shirt and basketball shorts or a bathing suit all of the time. Take this Fashionista’s outfit for example, while she out and about in the city she wore comfortable outfit, yet something that still displays her sense of style.

The main focus of this Fashionista’s look is her bright blue graphic tee. I am sure that most of you CollegeFashionista’s out there own one or two of these, but if not they are extremely easy to find! Stores like Urban Outfitters and TopShop have so many different variations in their line-up of clothing. If you are not feeling any of those they make sure to check out your local flee market or Salvation Army store because there are bound to be some fun, and maybe wacky, options there. And remember you can always add your own personal touches to these types of tops to make them your own, perhaps make it a tank top instead of a T-shirt… or where ever your DYI-ing heart desires.

The next part of her outfit is her high waisted T-shirt material skirt. These are a great piece to have in your wardrobe! Skirts like these can easily be dressed up or down and extremely comfortable. They are perfect for an everyday look.

Next up are the accessories, for shoes she wore a pair of KedsVans type of shoes which are great because they look good and are comfortable; it does not get much better than that. This Fashionista chose a cross body bag which is a personal favorite because of the ease that comes with not having to constantly hoist a bag back onto your shoulder. The last accessory are her headphones which add so much character to her outfit without any effort.

If you are in a midsummer rut related to your daily look then I would definitely try to emulate this Fashionista’s easy to wear, yet effortlessly cool look.  

TREND: Turban Time

Summer is the perfect time to experiment when it comes to the many trends of today; whether they are the trends that are walking down the runway, or the ones you see walking down the street everyday. You can mix and match trends together or just try one at a time, it depends on adventurous you are feeling! This Fashionista’s outfit is bold, but not over the top, mix of various trends, which is what I love about it!

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is her turban-esque head band from Anthropologie. The shade of green and yellow print are not overpowering from far away which is what makes it able to blend with the rest of her outfit. Turban-esque head bands are great alternatives for athletic head bands for a day at the beach, a concert, or running errands.

The next item that I love in this fashionista’s ensemble are her wedge sandals from Swedish Hasbeens for H&M. These are not the typical wedge sandal which is a nice breath of fresh air. The white leather strips that make up these shoes are very unique, you could also try these Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Her loose burnt orange top from H&M is flattering and appropriate for so many different occasions that I recommend a top like this (in any color) for everyone. The broken in brown leather shorts from Anthropologie are amazing. When most people think of leather anything, black typically comes to mind. Though I think that this light brown is a great alternative.

Overall this Fashionista’s look is a compilation of many trends in a cohesive chic way. Remember, do not be afraid to try new things!

TREND: Prepster Chic

Just because the school year has ended and you have traded in your skinny jeans and chunky sweaters for billowy dresses and bikinis does not mean that you have to abandon your style. Take this Fashionista for example, she mixed her signature preppy style with a pair of laid back denim shorts to form a look that accentuates both summertime chic and prep.

While this Fashionista’s outfit screams “prepster” in her Ralph Lauren button down, Gap shorts, P45 shoes and necklace from Banana Republic there are other ways to wear the prepster chic look. For example, one could try this top from Lacoste with these Vineyard Vines shorts. Or if you are tired of constantly wearing the shirt and shorts look, I love this casual yet adorable dress from Lacoste!

What really completes this fashionista’s look is not necessarily the Ralph Lauren top and Gap shorts but the way that she accessorizes her look. The yellow floral statement necklace from Banana Republic and her P45 shoes are the perfect contrast for all of the blue that she has on. Both her shoes and necklace spice up what could have been a very plain outfit. Also both the blue and yellow complement the color of her hair amazingly. Remember that it is extremely important to know what colors complement each other, and most importantly which colors look best against your skin tone and hair color! Finally, to make her ensemble complete she added a brown leather weaved belt and a brown leather bag. Both of these pieces add something to her outfit without overpowering and taking away from the rest of the look.

Overall, I would say that this Fashionista did a wonderful job putting together her laid back summer prep/chic look.  

TREND: Opposites Attract

When the weather starts to get warm, people begin to pull out all of their light-colored clothing. This does not necessarily mean that it is required to put all dark clothing away though. This Fashionista did an amazing job of using simple, contrasting colors to make a bold contrasting statement. In order to pull off this effortless summer look, it is crucial to choose major focus colors that complement each other. In this Fashionista’s case, her choice of a loose white top with floral cutouts from H&M is the main focal point. She pairs it with a slimming black skirt from Free People that, although dark, does not overpower her top. If you are not into skirts, a pair of simple shorts would also work perfectly.

The most important part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her clothing, but an outfit is not complete without choosing accessories to accompany it. In this Fashionista’s case, she chose gold metallic accents– an oversized clutch from Tory Burch and T-strap sandals from Arturo Chiang. I love that she let these simple yet bold accents talk for themselves instead of piling on a lot of jewelry. It is important to remember that it is hot in the summer, so less is always more! If you like this Fashionista’s metallic accents, then try out a fun pair of sandals or a wallet that can double as a clutch!

Hint: While pairing black and white is obviously a good way to make a color contrasting statement, they are not the only colors that one could use; try using navy blue and yellow too! 

TREND: Back to (Summer) Basics

This Fashionista’s summer ensemble is an excellent sample of laid back summer chic. Make sure to keep in mind that just because it is summertime, it does not mean that everyone needs to wear bright colors all of the time. The perfect example of this is the combination of the various neutral colors that this Fashionista brought together in her outfit.

The art of pairing neutrals together can be a tricky task, though it is one that everyone should try at some point. Mixing neutrals together is important for every season, but it is especially important for summer. Wearing light colors makes the heat of the summer more bearable! If you are looking for an outfit that is fancier than shorts, then I suggest a white or yellow sundress like this one from J.Crew with brown wedges. Also remember that neutrals are not limited to only black, white and brown but also include yellow, cream, navy blue, dark green and dark purple.

Another aspect that I love about this Fashionista’s outfit is her ability to layer while not making her outfit too overwhelming and heavy. This Fashionista’s billowy floral tank from Foreve r21, shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch, cropped jacket from GUESS, shoes from Urban Outfitters and necklace from an unknown designer complete this look flawlessly. In order to achieve this type of outfit, try pairing cropped skinny jeans or cargo pants with a loose tank or T-shirt and a cardigan or blazer. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure to have fun with your style and try new things! 

Style Guru Bio: Patricia Foody

Hey Everyone! My name is Patricia Foody and I am an upcoming sophomore at Fordham University. I am a Communications major with a Business minor. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I came to Fordham because of my love for everything fashion and in hopes of following my dreams of one day working in the industry, though I do love and miss Chicago very much! I am so excited to be joining the CollegeFashionista Style Guru team for my first semester!

In my spare time I love to surround myself with creative activities such as writing for my personal blog, creating collages and taking photographs. I am a fashion magazine junkie. I have endless stacks in both my room at home as well as my dorm at school. At Fordham I am involved with a club called ‘Fashion For Philanthropy’ and am excited to be on the Executive Board next year!

If I had to describe my style, I would definitely say it is classic with a bit of a twist or an edge. I think that since coming to Fordham and having seen all of the different takes on how to wear trends, I have definitely transformed into having a bit more of an edge. If you have ever seen me walking around campus you may know some of the items I am obsessed with, like ballet flats, all kinds of boots, skinny jeans, sweaters and big chunky necklaces.

I am very grateful to be one of the many new additions to the CollegeFashionista Style Guru team. Now I will be able to gain inspiration not only from my peers at Fordham, but from my peers on the Style Guru team and other students all over the country!