Why would you listen to Kid Cudi’s, “Day and Night” when you could let your clothes just say it for you? Before you punch me in the face for that last statement, I want you to hear me out — even if I do make the worst jokes while doing it. Having that outfit that covers everything a day could bring is really important in the life of a hectic college student. With school, internships, part-time jobs and a social life, finding an appropriate outfit for each thing seems like a daunting task. Having a look that can transcend from day to night without being noticed is a look that achieves laidback sophistication.

Take for example this Fashionisto. He creates the perfect balance between a day and nighttime look and will be in the running for best dressed — no matter what the clock might say. His chambray shirt and white jeans create a casual and light feeling to what would seem to be an outfit meant for the daytime, but with the addition of his leather-collared, jet black blazer and classic leather shoes, he mixes nighttime sophistication with daytime ease. Going from school, to work and then to a party is not so much of a daunting task when wearing an outfit like this.

Check out A.P.C. and Ralph Lauren for some classic and simple chambray shirts. Along with the shirts, A.P.C. also has some eye-catching blazers that will last you not only the length of a day, but for many years to come.

Now that I have Kid Cudi’s, “Day and Night” stuck in my head, I’m going to leave you with that one. Having an outfit with a balance like this will be really useful, trust me. Oh, and don’t think I didn’t try to incorporate “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Soundtrack to My Life” into this post, because I did.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Flat Billed and Apparently Preppy

Don’t let Flava Flav fool you, the urban rap style is not something that calls for a clock necklace, and, no, it doesn’t call for feathered Cee Lo Green-esque onesie either. Now that you’re probably confused, it’s time to realize how to rock the urban rap style with undeniable class. Besides Miley Cyrus’s “Hoe Down Throw Down,” what is the last thing you think of when you think hip-hop? Well, since this is not an actual conversation, I am just going to guess that you said, “Conservative Prep!” Mixing two seemingly opposite things, if done the right way, can create a unique style that will have people looking at your outfit in a different way.

Time for a lesson. Take a look at this stylin’ dude. He does a perfect job of finding the balance between urban and conservative. His lightly faded grey jeans and light blue button down are normal things you would find in most people’s wardrobes. Now check out his jacket. The combination of the deep blue and brown corduroy collar add that classic prep look a lot of students on campus have going for them. What really sets him apart from the rest is his thick-rimmed glasses, black flat billed hat, and electric blue shoes. By adding unique and urban touches like these to a conservative outfit, your look is immediately transformed into something that deserves a double take.

For some shoes like these, check out what Vans has to offer. If you’re looking for a hat and/or glasses like his, Urban Outfitters is a really good place to start. It’s affordable, and they virtually have everything in every color.

Looking classic doesn’t mean you have to conform to the basic look a lot of people settle for. Venture out into something more fun. Having a look like this doesn’t mean you have to be the best hip-hop artist, it just means you have to be better than Miley Cyrus.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Groundhogs Day Denim

What is the deal with this whole no white jeans after Labor Day rule? I think I’m just confused because I am personally more of a fan of Groundhog Day. I don’t want disregard the dedication of America’s work force; it’s just the fact that Punxsutawney Phil has been a very inspirational and important role model in my life. I am sure most of you can relate. I mean I agree that winter calls for a change in wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you have to disregard summer clothes all together. Throwing in some bright summer colors to your winter warms can spice up any wardrobe and is a really good way to experiment with your closet.

Now to prove my point: This Fashionisto is making a bold decision without looking so bold. Take note on how he incorporates his roughed-up, white jeans with warm pieces like his quilted army green jacket and eggplant sweater. The jeans almost go unnoticed because everything seems to blend perfectly together. Okay, yes, I would say that if he paired these jeans with some bright shirt then my first reflex would be to grab a swim suit, but by incorporating it with warm winter colors, your so called fashion faux pas becomes a winter classic.

So as you're Googling Punxsutawney Phil pictures also take a look at Simon Spurr, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors and 7 For All Mankind to see if anything sparks your interest.

Also we can't forget to notice his fedora and his tribal-esque slip-ons. To be honest, this look could be written about over and over again because this dude has one of the most unique, put-together styles I’ve seen in a while.

Okay, I'll admit it, Punxsutawney took me five minutes to type, but it was all for a good cause — yes, even if that cause involves denim.


First off, don’t hate on the title. I thought it was pretty clever. Secondly, you cannot deny how bipolar the weather has been in D.C. lately. Yesterday, peacoats were too hot. Today, hoodies are too cold. Well, welcome to a solution — the vest. No, I’m not talking about a Carlton Banks vest or the puffy, I-might-be-pregnant vest; I’m talking about something a little more lax and a tad more socially acceptable.

Some people see vests as overly prep, but I say you just haven’t seen the right ones. If a vest is done right, it can provide the perfect balance between prep and edgy street style. This fellow’s choice to wear a lightly-quilted vest adds a dapper touch that is somewhat unconventional and 100% acceptable. By pairing it with black jeans and a classic ivory fisherman’s knit sweater, it acts as the perfect fashionable solution to the weather we’ve been getting lately. And his pine green and black saddle oxfords are kind of awesome.

So now that you’re officially convinced, check out some vests from Jack Spade, Orvis, Ralph Lauren, Barbour and Eddie Bauer. I mean I guess you can buy a heavy duty bullet proof vest, but I’m not very informed about where you get it, so I guess you’re alone on that one. I know, I’m really bad at my job.

I mean think about it, who needs sleeves anyway? I’m always talking about setting yourself fashionably apart from the rest, and once again, I think this a great way to venture out into something new. It doesn’t hurt to try. If anything, it won’t be a tra”vest”y — okay, I’m done.



So you ask me, “How do I talk to girls at parties?” Well, being the ladies man that I am not, I am here to be the guiding light in the midst of your social awkwardness. Sweaters, button-downs and jeans are all staples found in the average college man’s closet. So if there are thirty guys living near you, there are bound to be at least fifteen duplicates of the same outfit on your floor alone. No seriously, walk into a frat house and tell me you don’t see the same Vineyard Vines polo on almost every guy in the Lambda Gamma Alpha Delta Chi chapter. I don’t care if his shirt is blue and your shirt is red; essentially, most guys are circulating the same wardrobe as the one next door. You really need to build upon these basics and find a few signature pieces that reflect your own individuality.

Take note from this stylin’ fellow. He is rocking the classic sweater, jeans, button down and tie — basics that we all know and own. Now take notice on how he individualizes this look by adding an edgy letterman-esque jacket and metallic silver lace up boots. With the simple addition to his outfit, this classic look is transformed from overdone to individualized, edgy and classically refined.

APC, Alexander Wang, Theory and Marc by Marc Jacobs are all great places to find some inspiration. Also try Common Projects and Hugo Boss for some shoes meant to stand out.

Adding your own individual touch to a perceivably conservative outfit can be the factor you need to overcome your party anxieties. Trust me; the pick up line you found on Google search isn’t going to work, just let the clothes do the talking.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Blazers, Bow Ties and Brosnan

In every movie that involves some sort of James Bond-esque classy man, there is always the same scene: The debonair, hair-slicked protagonist slowly looks off into the distance, the camera zooms in and he instinctively adjusts his bowtie. Now that you’ve got that mental image I want you to imagine that same scene and apply it to yourself in the line at Starbucks. Yes, you are now Pierce Brosnan. Only kidding — well kind of. A lot of time blazers, ties and bow ties are categorized into work and formal wear. It’s time to think outside of this box and intersect this formal wear into your casual daywear.

A lot of style around campus is based around a button down and jeans. While completely acceptable, every once in a while you should rejuvenate and rethink this look by adding a few more key pieces.

This debonair dude is every reason why you should give this look a try. With the addition of his textured, charcoal blazer and timeless blue bow tie his look becomes classically refined and is a force to be reckoned with. By choosing to wear a darker wash jean, his outfit is immediately suited for daytime and can easily be carried over into the night’s activities. Finally, the pop of is vibrant brick-red watch adds a youthful touch. All together, this outfit deserves a compliment.

I’m sorry to inform you that your tuxedo T-shirt isn’t really going to work this time. Heartbroken as you may be, check out Band of Outsiders, J.Crew and Brooks Brothers for some options that I’m sure will soften the heartache.

Take power and authority through sophisticated style. It’s time to turn on Frank Sinatra, read the morning paper and give a toast the new you — Pierce Brosnan and all.


Spiders, snakes and calls from your ex-girlfriend are all common fears among the men of today. While completely valid, there is a present fear slowly creeping into this category: the colored pant. What is the reason behind this? I can understand the thought process a little bit — only a little though. There is a common misconception that pants are to be solely basics that are meant to support the other elements of the outfit. It’s time to think outside of this little plain pant box and venture into the world of color.

Wearing colored pants doesn’t have to be a daring venture. You just have to know how to wear it correctly. For starters, when wearing colored trousers, be sure to pair it with simple and solid colors that balance out the outfit. Take this Fashionisto, for example. The pop of his vibrant red jeans is balanced out by the pairing of a simple black V-neck and grey jacket. This simple and unconventional surge of color will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest.

Keep in mind, that when I say “colored pant,” there are many colors in the color spectrum. Don’t discriminate, even a pastel yellow or green chino would offer the perfect touch to stay afloat in the sea of blue jeans and khakis.

Life After Denim is a great brand to start off with when partaking in this daring venture. Their chinos are extremely comfortable, affordable and, not to mention, stylin’. Also take a look at Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters and AllSaints for other options as well.

So keep your eyes open: if you see something you like, even if you don’t feel 100% comfortable, try it on. I think you will be surprised. It definitely won't kill you, but your ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, that is a whole different story.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Ain’t Your Grandma’s Sweater

When you think chic and stylish, no one really thinks of hand-me-downs. I’m sorry if I have offended any avid hand-me-downers, but do not worry: I am here to bring your side some justice because old is, in fact, in. The hand-me-down kitschy-looking sweater is on the rise from the runway to the streets. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “But I thought only hipsters, cat ladies and Bill Cosby wear those sweaters.” Well I am here to tell you that rocking the vintage sweater is stylishly acceptable and the cat lady next door might have you running for your money.

From brands like GANT, YMC and Ralph Lauren, this supposed hipster look is becoming a mainstream style. In particular, the fair isle print is arising as a staple in fall fashion from socks to outerwear.

This dapper dude is a testament to how stylish this look can be. His vintage inspired teal and maroon checkered sweater will have you running to the nearest thrift store in town. The matching of his khaki trousers to the tan undertones in his sweater pull together the look impeccably, and as a final touch, the addition of a cuff to his khakis finishes off the look with effortless style.

This look does not have to be just for your daytime stroll. If you ever want to dress this look up for night just add a collared shirt and you’ll be stylin’ in no time.

Let me tell you, this ain’t your grandma’s sweater — well, maybe it is, but you probably look cuter. Fashion these days is a lot about paying tribute to the past. But at least we aren’t back to scrunchies and ponchos.


Style Guru Bio: Patrick Butcher

No matter where life takes me, I will always be a southern-grandma-loving boy at heart. My name is Patrick Butcher, and I was born and raised in southern Louisiana. It is no surprise that moving to Washington D.C. was nothing short of a culture shock, but it was a good one at that. The melting pot of cultures at George Washington University alone made me rethink how I wanted to be represented in the hustle and bustle around me. Immersed in this diverse community, I find myself reinventing what I wear on a daily basis, because I, as most of us are, am still searching for a style that best represents myself.

I have always been interested in fashion, but that does not always mean I was good at it. My life in Louisiana could be encompassed by the image of a conservative, polo, khaki wearing boy. I am not trying to say it was bad, but I felt it did not represent myself as a person. Now, in D.C., I have really tried to build upon these conservative boundaries to find this lacking identity. I really wanted to explore what the fashion industry had to offer me. Of course there were some major failed attempts that had me running back to my dorm, but even with the embarrassment, hey, it was worth it.

Now when I approach the mirror, I can never quite pin point what is going on in my head. I honestly think that I say to myself, “Today I am going to be the GQ version of Bill Cosby in Rebel Without a Cause.” It is quite the conflict of interests, but that is what makes it fun. I believe fashion is an exploration that can help you better understand who you are. So if you look at me and say that I am the epitome of a southern boy lost in a city setting — great. Then, I’ll know I had left my room successfully.