LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: All Black Everything

There's really only one color a Fashionisto can wear from head to toe without looking ridiculous. Too much blue and you're a smurf; too much green and you're a leprechaun; too much white and you're Colonel Sanders. The one color that looks great and does not carry the weight of a condescending joke is black. This Fashionisto represents how men can wear all black and really pull it off.

Wearing all of the same color such as black could make it look like your trying way too hard, so pay attention to this Fashionisto’s fit choices. Notice that this Fashionisto’s legs look extremely long; this is evident because of the color and the way his pants fit. The slim jeans hug his legs and this is complemented by a loose fitting shirt. Too many skinny items are not appealing and too many baggy items are not either. However, you look extremely fashionable with relatively no effort by pairing a skinny jean with a loose fitting shirt. Give it a try!

Black is a very appealing color that adds a lot of size to a person. This Fashionisto is already pretty tall, however he looks additionally long because of his outfit choice. Wearing a shoe, such as a wingtip, pairs nicely with a slim jean and when both of these items are the same color it appears as if your legs go on forever. This is a good thing to try if you're a shorter person, I bet people will ask if you have gotten taller. Lastly, notice that this Fashionisto’s shirt is indeed loose, but still fits. Wearing a size too big will overpower your outfit and shrink you, not add to the length you're going for.

With this being said, black shoes, pants and shirts are staple items in a man’s wardrobe. Every now and then put all three of those items together and you will have yourself a great looking outfit.

Hint: While wearing all black makes for a great outfit, adding a bright colored accessory could really take the outfit to the next level. Try a bracelet, which are extremely popular right now.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cold Weather Boots

Winter is upon us, which means it's a daily struggle to stay fashionable and warm. Some days it's so hard to get out of bed knowing that the walk to class will be horrible. But to help ease these soon-to-come blustering days, follow this Fashionisto's lead by wearing a pair of boots that are both fashionable and comfy, a perfect option for those freezing days.

This Fashionisto’s boots have a casual look that goes well with many outfits. I want to focus on this Fashionisto’s outfit because it's the stereotypical casual, lumber jack look in which these boots look most pure.The almond color of the boots works well with the dark jeans and the seasonal colors in the plaid shirt. This Fashionisto has a rough outfitbut it's put together and presentable because of the way it fits.

The main features of this Fashonisto’s boots are the fleece lining and the authentic look. Many retailers attempt to line their winter boots with faux fur but it makes the boot look extremely bulky, limiting the wear. This Fashionisto has found himself a boot that does not appear bulky, which allows him to wear this boot in both the fall and winter, even with tapered pants. The boot’s authentic appearance fits the latest style trends, which allows this Fashionisto to look rugged or switch it up to a more preppy look.

Invest in a boot that will make you want to get out of bed and take on the day, and class is optional.

Hint: Wear socks, tall or short, with fleece or fur lined boots. Wearing socks will help with the longevity of the boot. Wool socks will increase warmth and are high enough to tuck into pants to enhance comfortability and style.


This Fashionisto rocks vintage clothing and so should you. Being a college student is synonymous with having little to no spending money. This Fashionisto shops vintage apparel, shoes and accessories because of their intriguing price, form-fitting stature and grunge appearance. He was keen to express that this is his favorite outfit because of the vintage shoes, pants and shirt he wears. 

This Fashionisto’s slouch boots have definitely transitioned into a one of a kind item. The boots' worn exterior and broken in appearance defines this Fashionisto’s outfit and makes a statement about who he is. Slouch boots seem to be a cross between chukka boots and cowboy boots, which is currently a popular classic look. Another great quality of a vintage boot is there's a good chance they're hand made. The reason this Fashionisto's slouch boots have lasted this long is because they were well made. 

This Fashionisto’s olive green pants are feature a skinny fit. These pants are skin tight and serve as a great transition garment from the slouch boot. Skinny pants illustrate a slender look that's very visually appealing. His skinny pants allow for a looser shirt to balance out volume proportions. His shirt is wrinkled and rugged meaning it's strategically ripped and disfigured like this one by Diesel Black Gold.

Color and fit play a big part in every purchase. Vintage colors, fits and patterns are currently in style and being used by many retailers. Therefore now is the perfect time to shop vintage. Stop into your local vintage clothing shop and I bet you'll find an old school garment that's been duplicated by the biggest fast fashion retailers, for half the price.

Hint: Shopping for only vintage items isn't always practical, that being said, mix vintage pieces with new pieces to enhance your realivity and uniqueness.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Function and Aesthetic

Fashionistos work out too! I've dedicated this week's article to finding the balance between function and aesthetic. Many big brand names, such as Nike, are understanding that men like to look good everywhere, including the gym. If we're now into wearing form-fitting jeans and tops, then why would we want to wear baggy sweats? This Fashionisto displays the balance that men should strive for when mixing comfort and fit.

Finding the time to workout between classes, sleep and homework is a task in itself. Representable workout gear is a must for looking great on campus and feeling great in the gym, without having to change five times a day.

I would like you to focus on this Fashionisto’s pants. His sweats leave room around the thigh area and taper down to his ankles. This type of fit allows him to move freely for a comfy walk or run. The pant gets tight around the ankle which is perfect for the colder weather we're all beginning to experience. No cool air is getting up into this Fashionisto’s leg, and he looks great.

Remember, be smart and look great this winter season. These are the toughest times to jump out of your cozy bed and spend and hour getting ready for class. Throw on a functional and aesthetic outfit, such as this Fashionisto’s. You are going to look great and feel even better.

Hint: Designers like Cole Haan are known for a more business casual look, but have recently targeted the stylish and comfort seeking Fashionistos.



The first snow has arrived here on campus at Indiana University. Winter accessories are now being showcased on nearly every Fashionista/o on campus as an essential to stay warm but also an opportunity to accent their outerwear. This week, I came across the Holy Grail of Fashionisto accessories when I noticed a Fashionisto looking runway approved rocking a pair of studded leather gloves from the Burberry Prorsum fall/winter 2012 collection.

Gloves, obviously, are most known for warming hands, but of course fashion designers have added a twist to a rather functional item. These gloves are nothing short of a fashion statement. But if straight from the runway is a bit too couture for you this holiday season, don't worry because when a high profile glove hits the runway it's guaranteed to be imitated. Fast fashion retailers have done a great job bringing brilliant items, such as this one, from the runway to reality. Similar gloves, and probably just as warm, can be found at Zara and other fast fashion retailers.

Simple studded designs are elegant and unique. Grab people’s attention this winter season and show that you're rugged and chic. Who knows you might end up featured on CollegeFashionista.com too!

Hint: Current men’s clothing trends feature musty desert inspired colors that look great paired with simple yet elegant studded pieces. If gloves aren't your thing, check out these studded shoes!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cold Weather Accessory

If you're anything like me, you hate cold weather but love the clothing options it presents. Adding accessories to a wardrobe is nice but relatively unnecessary in most cases, and can put quite a dent in the wallet. That being said, there's one cold weather accessory that every Fashionisto should spend money on and that item is a scarf.

Scarves come in many different designs but to maximize wear I suggest getting a scarf similar to this Fashionisto's. He's wearing a solid oatmeal colored cashmere scarf that matches his outfit perfectly, and ultimately will match with many more outfits. Notice how this Fashionisto’s scarf matches his pants. It's not always necessary to match a scarf with an item of clothing you're wearing, but it does have a rather appealing look.

Scarves are essential because of their function and style. Cashmere is a great fabric, especially for a scarf, because its purpose is to rub against your neck and penetrate warmth. While cashmere can be very expensive, many retailers have created inexpensive wool scarves that are extremely comfortable. In terms of style, I was lucky enough to get a few different views from this Fashionisto. He likes to tie it a few different ways based on how cold the weather gets. His go-to style when the weather gets really chilly is wrapping it like a snood.

Hint: Avoid wearing acrylic scarves in the winter because as they may look great they will not keep you warm and don't breathe. If you insist on wearing acrylic consider one with a creative print.


Being selected for the Varsity team is always an exciting and memorable moment. Stereotypically, jocks rule the school in their lettermen jackets and exude an upperclass attitude. High fashion designers have created their own version of the varsity jacket. This Fashionisto may not be a jock but he rocks a varsity jacket that's slim fit and a perfect for capping off his outfit.

Chilly days encourage parkas and layering but most people forget about the warmth and versatility of varsity jackets. Most are very insulated and add a unique dynamic to any Fashionisto’s wardrobe. Lets be honest, you will be the only man on campus with a varsity jacket and individuality is a huge trend.

Speaking of individuality, this Fashionisto carries a tote bag rather than a back pack. College books are so heavy it makes sense to let your back rest and show a bit of style in the process. This Fashionisto reps a a Gucci tote bag but because of the recent trend, tote bags have been featured by many cheaper retail giants such as Zara.

This Fashionisto wears a unique pair of pants that do not go unnoticed. The last few seasons have featured clean, classic jeans and focused more on the fit. This Fashionisto’s jeans are indeed focused on fit but even more all about distinct design. I believe this Fashionisto wears a jean that will be very popular in seasons to come. He's gone for a ripped look and bright pink stitch. To top it all off, his jeans are perfectly rolled and evident is a crocodile print cuff. Many retailers have capitalized on this trend and added designs inside jeans that look fantastic when rolled.

Hint: Quality plays a big part in this Fashionisto’s outfit, but most importantly I suggest you spend a bit more money than usual on a well made tote bag. Cheap knockoffs will fall apart easily if used everyday for carrying books.


Basic days inspire basic outfits. This smart Fashionisto wears a simple outfit and looks great in it. His solid henley is both stylish and functional for this fall season. The most important point to note is that basics are called “basic” because they're timeless classics, not because they lack style.

Fashionistos all over the country are emulated because of their fashion-forward style. This Fashionisto shows that seemingly everyday wear is still worthy of conversation. Most men do wear very basic and solid colors, but it's this Fashionisto’s consistency that's most intriguing. His solid henley expresses his solid jeans and shoes. It takes a true Fashionisto to know that less is more and that loud prints can become a big problem.

This Fashionisto wears his henley conservatively. The most functional part of henleys is that they can serve as an open V-neck or, when buttoned all the way up, looks like a crew neck. While henleys are most known as simple pieces, many retailers have recently gotten pretty creative. Express yourself by purchasing a fun henley this season. Also, if you're feeling creative there are many DIY videos online that explain how to sew elbow patches to effectively add a bit of personality to your henley, which greatly accent a solid color.

Hint: Henleys are made using both thin and thick fabrics. Regardless, pick a henley that is form fitting and it will go with your wardrobe. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Celebrity Status

Celebrities are often stalked by paparazzi and photographed whether they like it or not. These photos are always interesting to see because they show how celebrities actually dress in real life rather than in the movies. I was fortunate enough to have my own paparazzi moment this week as I caught up with this Fashionisto who emulates the rugged celebrity style of Justin Theroux and Ryan Gosling.

There are many pieces in this Fashionisto’s outfit that deserve to be examined. I'm going to start with his shoes and work my way up. I've heard many times in my life that first impressions are most important and that the shoes a man wears defines who he is. If the previous statement holds true then this Fashionisto is both classic and innovative. He wore Cole Haan’s latest LanarGrand Wingtips. This classic wingtip form is paired with a Nike running shoe bottom that adds a bit of functionality. This shoe can be found in about six other colors and is well worth the price because of its versatility and style.

Moving up, this Fashionisto continues to amaze. As if everyone walking down the street hasn’t already wondered where he's purchased his shoes, this Fashionisto rocks leopard print socks. Leopard print is back on the map and so are elaborate socks. Whether you want people to see your socks or you're keeping them hidden, socks are becoming a way to stylishly express yourself.

This Fashionisto’s individual items from the waist up fit together as a layering technique perfect for the fall season. Layering has to start somewhere, and a graphic T-shirt is the best option because it's in style and thin. Don't start the layering process with a sweater, unless it's extremely thin, because it limits what will fit over it without looking puffy. Next, this Fashionisto added a scarf. Printed scarves are made of light material making them a big part of any man’s wardrobe in the fall. Lastly, this Fashionisto strategically layered a plain gray zip-up with his denim jacket making them almost look as if they were one piece. He absolutely looks stylish, comfortable and ready for any random weather.

The most important take away from this article is to creatively mix it up. Blending classic and rugged items together is not a fashion mistake, it's fresh and on the rise!

Hint: When layering, wear items that look great together but also will look great when taking layers off. For example, this Fashionisto can take his denim jacket off and still have an outfit that works.


“Balln’ on a budget” seems to be a common phrase amongst most college students. Buying clothes is a strategic event that should revolve around maximizing outfits. This means spending money on clothes that can be worn with the majority of your current wardrobe. Simple essentials are the best garments to purchase in order to stay in style for a reasonable price. Today, I would like to talk about this Fashionisto’s simple essential — a cardigan.

This Fashionisto wears a plain gray cardigan that can be worn with just about anything. He's chosen to wear a plaid button-down shirt that pops due to his  cardigan and dark jeans. Notice that he's cuffed his shirt over the cardigan to enhance his seemingly simple style. Any color shirt minus gray could be paired with this cardigan and that's a great example of maximizing outfits. He could wear this cardigan multiple times a week without looking like he's repeating outfits.

Cardigans vary in price based on the type of fabric used. No matter what fabric, however, cardigans are made to be form fitting and serve for layering purposes regardless of the season. This Fashionisto stated he bought the same cardigan in three different colors from H&M because of their diversity and inexpensive price. Along with simplicity and fit there's another component to consider — buttoned or unbuttoned. Button your cardigan for more formal events. In contrast, leave your cardigan unbuttoned, like this Fashonisto, for an edgy, casual look.

Purchase a simple cardigan that goes with your wardrobe and watch your outfit options double, you won't be disappointed!

Hint: Constrast your look by wearing light jeans or khakis with a dark cardigan or dark jeans with a light colored cardigan.