TREND: Ski-Bum Chic

There is a good chance that most people will hit the slopes this winter and whether it be to ski or board your way down, cozy up in the lodge, or carve up the half-pipe you'll need to bundle up. All of my siblings snowboard and we've all noticed how similar boarding jackets are. While activewear is graphic and bold, what about looking fashionable? Not all of us want to be suited up in nylon and spandex. SInce the season calls for layering to keep warm, why not utilize the fashion-powers of knits and flannel to create a ski-bum vibe that is not so ordinary?

While we all love the refined, trendy, and flirty, not many Fashionistas really stray too far into comfort. It's really hard to mix comfort and fashion without ending up with a Juicy Couture track suite. This Fashionista, however, pulls from some really classic winter fashions to create a trendy, ski-lodge-esque, and comfortable look. For starters, there's a clear vibe you can get from the look that reads something similar to ski-bum or snowboarder-chick. Look closer, though and you can see the different winter trends in this look. Plaid is and will always be a go-to fall/winter print and her bold red plaid mixed with moments of yellow and black makes a great statement that goes along with the season. Her jeggings are a great peacock-blue that has warm tones in it, and are reminiscent of skiing spandex. I'm really digging the green and navy rugby striped scarf; that green plays so well with the red flannel shirt. She adds more knits into the mix with her gloves and beanie, but it's her white chunky knit sweater that gives this look a real ease. The different textures of knits and wovens are really interesting within the look, and those Ray Bans add a cool touch. This chick is ready for the slopes, I'd say.

Here are my picks for some winter boarder finds. I'm kind of in love with this chunky knit sweater from Club Monaco on, the double row of buttons adds a cool military touch. Urban Outfitters always has great flannels that are reasonably priced (especially for college students!). Here is one by Character Hero. And finally here's a Rugby plaid scarf that's on sale for $49.99!

FASHION NEWS: Get the Look- Michael Kors Made Easy

The Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear runway shows provided multiple trends and looks fashionistas/os can drool over for months. We saw the rise of lace, return of military, and the sophisticated color-power of camel. While most of us don't have the budget to dish out buckets of money on those oh-so-chic treats, we can utilize our own styling power to replicate some Fall picks. For those on a super-college spender budget, I'd check out stores like H&M for their interpretations of Fall 2010 trends!

Here's one of my favorite looks from this Fall's runway shows. Michael Kors has never been the most flashy designer, but I absolutely love his Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection for his unexpected quirks. This look comes courtesy of (a great resource to catch up on all the fashion shows and trends!). The Michael Kors show had great and interesting looks, like fur coats and the coolest paper bag pants I've ever seen, but it is this look that I really think is the easiest to replicate. At its core, the look consists of a two-toned sweater, peacoat, trousers, heels, and satchel. Most Fashionistas/os have those items in their everyday wardrobe. But the combination of colors, textures, and "ease" may be harder to decipher. Here are my picks for making your own Michael Kors inspired outfit.

1. I was surprised to find this comfy pick from Macy's. There are some variations that I think add a more casual vibe to the look. The 3/4 sleeve is weather-appropriate, while the cowl neckline is better suited for many body types. The brown/tan pairing is key, here, and I really like how this sweater is blocked.

An alternative to this top is this pick from Anthropologie. Now, it's not a sweater-weight top, but color-wise it is fantastic. The soft mauve and cream pairing is really fresh. The cut of this otp is very different, though, as it hits mid-theigh. I'd suggest pairing this top with a slim pant rather than a wide trouser.

2. Pants are kind of hit or miss, and many people find a style they like and stick too it. The paper bag trouser is a little edgier and daring, so I'd suggest trying on a pair before committing to purchase. These Pins and Needles trousers from Urban Outfitters take the cake. While these lack the shine of their Michael Kors counterparts, the cut stays true and I'm digging the wrap-around sash. The hem is right at ankle length, so don't forget to consider what socks to wear!

3. We'll go to shoes next and the Michael Kors shoes are unique in their open front. The allusion to lace-ups is a cool Fall kick, but hard to find in a less expensive version. When you factor in some student and holiday discounts, I think these pumps from J.Crew are pretty close. The different toe is a really cool accent and nice way to bring in a fun pattern or color. The colors work well within the look and they are an appropriate height.

4. Another J.Crew pick, I know, but the company has a reputation for making a durable and classic peacoat. This tan pick is a perfect Fall staple, and works well within the Michael Kors inspiration. I really like the wide lapels and welt pocket detail. A cheaper alternative is this BDG blazer that's got a great menswear vibe.

5. Here's a great pick for a satchel from another unexpected place; Target! This Mossimo Supply Co. satchel has the right mix of vintage and utilitarianism that's perfect for the Fashionista on the go. The two handles make it more versatile than your average handbag.


Replicating your favorite Fashion Week looks isn't as hard as you might think, it just takes understanding what makes you go crazy over a look, some good bargain hunting,  and a pinch of fashion-magic.

TREND: The Winter Rose

When I think about florals I always remember this great scene from the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, where employees are suggesting Spring themes to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) who's response to one employee is, "florals for Spring, groundbreaking…" That being said, it's true that florals are a tired and go-to trend for Spring. Why not mix it up and make a great Winter Wonderland of floral prints. Yes, the weather outside may be frigid enough to kill any flowering life, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to hibernate as well! Sometimes it takes a certain kind of Fashionista, a bold one, to break with the old and try something new and unexpected.

Enter the Bold Fashionista. In a time when fashion becomes somber and muted (not to mention the winter skies too), a colorful frock is a perfect way to stand out in a crowd. This Fashionista is all about fun and personality and we can see it through her fashion choices. While at first glance her dress is Spring-esque, it's actually a Fall style. The long sleeves and lowered hem are all align with traditional Fall dresses and more suited for the cooler weather. Add a floral accented beret (note the earth tones and textures), vintage belt, grey knitted leggings, and a great pair of riding boots and you've got a look that mixes the brightest of Spring with the sophistication of Fall. And while these Fall accessories put the look into an autumnal setting, I can't ignore the Spring inspired jewelry she is wearing. Floral print and floral beret aren't enough? Check out her floral rings. The cohesion is great and there's a great diversity of different representations of florals. Props.

As I said before, floral prints are spring so you may have a hard time finding floral picks of your own. Here are my suggestions to bring some life into a drab Winter slump. The ease of this Kimchi Blue floral dress is amazing. I love the oversized fit and print–a great way to make a bold statement during the winter months. For boots I'm digging these Nine West riding boots; blocking is really neat! Dress your fingers with these two rings; one from Forever21 and the other from Bop Bijoux. Both work well within the floral theme, but bring different tones to an outfit.

TREND: Channeling Iris Apfel

There's a lot to be said about successfully pulling off "eclectic." I think this is one of the more harder adjectives to embody when considering fashion. For one, eclectic does not mean a hodge-podge of collaged pieces, throwing every this and that into an outfit could result in looking like a 5-year old dressed you. When thinking about "eclectic" fashion icon Iris Apfel comes to mind. She was the queen of eclectic, her worldly and visually stunning styling was unparalleled, and she showed a fantastic attention to a successful and edited "eclectic." In my opinion, having an outfit that truly embodies the word, the look should contain multiple cultural identifiers that reference a sense of travel and history, they pieces should work in a very cohesive color-way, and while "eclectic" may suggest mix-and-matching there should be some unifying feeling within an outfit.

Take this Fashionista for example. The seasonal colors of fall is a main unifying theme in her outfit. First off is the pumpkin orange over-sized sweater, which adds a lot of comfort to the look; a throw-and-go feeling is present because of the proportions. The warm orange is mimicked in the warm tones of her scarf, a vintage paisley woven piece with a rich cream colored base. This same cream tan is in her headscarf. Note the play with the two scarves: there is more than just one use for a scarf within a look! Her topknot bun is a great detail that plays up the relevance of the headscarf, and I dig the off-centered position. The black of her leggings and skirt break up the color and give the eye a visual break. And her boots are a great addition; footwear the is heavily rooted in a hunting and laborious background paired with the argyle socks peeking out–great mix of pieces! Finally, her jewelry, necklaces and earrings, are a lot of fun and breathe a fun life into the look. The sterling silver and set turquoise stones add bursts of color that lightens up the heavy fall colors. See the close up of her multiple earrings for some bling-spiration! 

For your own stomping footwear try these green-conscious Adibo loafers; good for the earth and for your fashion-health. If vintage stores don't do it for you, try heading over to J.Crew for this sweet sweater with a zip detail. And here comes a slew of amazing jewelry to add some funk to your eclectic take: This Leviticus Bear Ring is absolutely something to howl about. Check out these cut-stone talon rings from Unearthen's Fall 2010 Collection; can't beat a big rock and a sweet edge. And Lucy Folk's Food jewelry line is kind of amazing; scroll down for the crab claw necklaces!

TREND: Something to Gobble About

Thanksgiving just happens to coincide with a major fall fashion boom throughout campuses. Syracuse is no exception. It may be the upstate weather getting more autumnal, or the windchill picking up, but now is the time of the fall fashion glory. Layering, a fall season must, is everywhere over campus and Fashionistas/os are utilizing the power of layering tailored tops with chunky knits, shawls, oversized scarves, you name it! This is also the time of the moccasin, a fashion stable that can add a whole lot of casual throw-and-go vibe to a look. The fall colors are also something to rave about. We get the deep cranberry crimsons, warm chestnut browns, and sweet golden yellows. Yes, Thanksgiving-time may be one of the best times to be grateful for fashion.

Here's a great fall look: This Fashionista's look combines multiple aspects of quintessential fall fashion while adding some cool and new twists. For starters, her half-button top (note the tucked in shirt!) has elements that convey the sophisticated tailored look that comes with fall fashion. I love the play on seersucker colors and lines. The worn blue in her shirt is mimicked by the worn dark washed skinny jeans. Note the rich color, nothing muted out. Her moccasins give this whole look a very cozy feel while adding some native influence. This same tribal feeling is seen in her knitted shawl. The shaman-like structure of the coat not only adds a lot of great movement to the look, but also plays up that old fall standard of layering! I think what really takes the cake for me is her hardware. The mix of bronze, copper, and gold exude a warmth that you'd feel from looking at a Thanksgiving dinner table. The dented and worn cuff is definitely an eye-catcher and adds to her earth toned colors. The final statement is her necklace; check out that druzy-cut pendant! The prong setting is organic looking and emphasizes the roughness of the stone. 

Hint: Check out these lovelies: My pick for a knitted shawl sweater? This Elizabeth and James piece is at the top of my list. Coming in a strong second is this amazing La Garçonne Blanket Coat. For footwear, try slipping on these bootie moccasins from Urban Outfitters. And finally, warm-toned metals are simply harmonious in these House of Harlow 1960 stack bracelets.

TREND: Nouveau-Hippie Chic

The '70s trend came and went with a psychedelic boom.  We got fast-track fashion trends like fringe, peace signs and hippie-headbands. And, yes, we can still see traces of this groovy movement in some current trends (like the new eco-chic trend), but for the most part the '70s hippie was trumped by '80s neon. But fashion has a way of repeating itself, and while it may be a little early for a resurgence of 1970's trends, it's never a safe thing to count it out. With the 80's boldness slowly declining and making way for fall fashions like military and lace, it may not be so farfetched that a '70s chic could be waiting in the wings. I've seen glimpses of a more subdued hippie-chic style around campus that seems to have less of a "trendy" feel and more incorporated into Fashionistas/os wardrobes.

This Fashionista, for example, is showcasing some very quintessential hippie-chic traits, but adds a very cool and very new spin to the look. The full effect of the outfit does not scream "70s," but rather contains small parts of the trend movement. The hybrid tent-babydoll top is highly reminiscent of the peasant skirt fad seen during the '70s; the silhouette has a tiered construction that uses a really interesting sheer paneling to make this top feel more of-the-now than of-the-then. The minimal and muted color is a great way to create a more subtle look over a full-blown explosion of trends. The black skinnies add a harder edge to the look, and that same feeling is mimicked in her boots. Leather, suede and (dare I say) pleather got huge attention during the '70s revival, with Fashionistas wearing leather boots, suede fringe, etc. The choice of this Fashionista's super-tough dark and slightly metallic boots is a great one because not only does the metallic sheen and antique-silver hardware match an edge in her skinny jeans, but also adds to the overall hardness of the look. And lastly her colorful scarf, while not immediately screams hippie-chic, has subtle elements of a vamped up Missoni print – something that references native geometry and weaving, but adds color twists that give the outfit a lot of life.

Hint: A solid choice for skinny jeans are these BDG Cigarette slims for $49 at Urban Outfitters. For some big and bold boots try these fantastic Sam Edelman knee-highs. And that color-popping scarf may be easy to find these days, yes, but why not stick to a '70s basic with this Missoni slim scarf.

TREND: Pac-O-Lantern

Before you go dashing to the party store for Halloween costumes, look in your closet first for some inspiration! While it's fun to go all out for Halloween you might find yourself spending a decent-sized chunk of change on an outfit you'll only wear once. Why not try to see what costumes can come from your everyday wardrobe? That tuxedo shirt could be the start of a butler costume, or those red pumps might blossom into Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Either way, looking at what you already have could end up surprising your Halloween costume choice. For example, many of us have pieces of clothing that reference the 80's fashion trends–why not spend All Hallows Eve wearing a fashion-savvy costume that references a time period.

This Fashionisto did just that! The funk op-arty button down has that bold and electric feel many 80s trends had. Add some neutral chinos and loafers to make that shirt pop. The cardigan is a really cool element that makes this outfit a little bit more wearable than a direct 80's ensemble. I love the mix of casual daywear and the reference to an 80's style. The icing on the cake, though, is the Lego piece pin of a character from Pac Man. Pac Man, as most of you know, was a video game introduced in the 80's and is an iconic part of the decade. Wearing this totally rad Lego pin emphasizes the inspiration, as well as adds a really cool focal piece of the look–don't forget to pay equal attention to accessories!

Add a shot of electricity to your button down with this Wesc short-sleeve top. Check out this Brooklyn Circus schoolboy cardigan for inspiration! Finally, want your own Lego pin? Click here for Dee and Ricky's Lego pins!

TREND: Paris, Je T’aime

I believe we have the French Navy to thank for their contribution of the iconic "Paris Stripe" (or French Stripes). You cannot deny the historic influence when you see a navy blue and white striped shirt; there is something so inherently "French" about it. Mercí! With the current fall boom of military trends, it makes logical sense that bits of Navy pride would pop up around campus – we're talking navy double-breasted jackets with gold buttons, roping used as belts, summer-esque totes, etc. But how can you take such a "beachy" print and make it fall sophisticated? While navy is a quintessential fall color, sometimes the dark blue can get a little blah. A recent trend in Parisian stripes has been in a very coral-muted-red color, which in it's own right is very summer, but can also translate into the rusts and cranberries of a fall colorway.

This Fashionista used the ruddy red Parisian stripes in her class-chic outfit. There's a sense of "French-ness" with her navy cardigan combined with the white and rust striped shirt. One thing I love is how the same earthy warmth is repeated in her worn leather boots that have a very quirky character about them. They are not traditional boots in the sense that you can't see the smaller ankle portion. Instead the boots are a uniform width until after the ankle–something reminiscent of old Civil War attire. Again, the military trumpets are calling out this fall! One very cute and necessary accessory is her scarf, which not only is within a similar "earth-toned color pallet as her boots, skinny jeans and top, but also is a complement color to the rust red we see elsewhere in the look. Check out the red and white stripes next to the muted green scarf photograph and you'll see what I'm saying. Using complementary colors doesn't have to be a loud statement, but can be understated and subtle that adds a whole lot to a look.

Hint:Try if yourself! Here are some cool picks for finding your sailor striped tops. Try this J.Crew top. Want a little variation? This Gap Cowelneck takes the cake! For boots, try looking for ones with a more uniform width, like this pair of Michael Kors rubber boots. And finally, get a load of this amazing scarf from Symmetry! If you've got the cash to blow, this is great accessory to have!

TREND: Schoolgirl with a Twist

This fall marks the return of the schoolgirl look. This comes with a swell of mixed emotions–I can't get too excited about short pleated skirts and button-downs, but on the other hand I think Fashionistas all over campus can find new and fun ways to re-interpret the style. Classically the schoolgirl comes from, as many trends do, an old English tradition of uniforms both at school and in the workplace. Throw in the punk movement and wave of anti-conformist teen attitudes, and you have the schoolgirl uniform used as a new fashion statement – a sort of ironic middle finger to the idea that the youth are un-individualistic. But now, the short skirts (usually in a fall-friendly fabric like tweeds) paired with knee-high socks, some cute pumps or flats and a tailored top is a sign of sophistication rather than teenage angst. And as I suspected, Fashionistas on campus have found interesting ways to make this trend their own.

This Fashionista has all the makings of the schoolgirl look: her black skirt, knee-high socks, lace-up flats and button-down are all pieces of the puzzle. With this outfit, which isn't obviously "schoolgirlish," the details make it so fashion-savvy. For starters, she chose to wear an interesting button-down top over the standard tuxedo shirt or oxford. Check out the sick Dolman-sleeves – a fun and fresh take on the plain old set-in one. And her shirt isn't a solid color, but a very small plaid print. This Fashionista is smart to pair her eye-catching shirt with an understated and simple black jersey skirt. Note the repeat of black in her skirt and knee-high socks. And the final two pieces that make this outfit so cool are what she wears around her neck and on her feet. The success of accessories like necklaces and shoes is completely dependent on the overall interest of the clothing. Her pseudo-wicker weave flats give the outfit a whole light and earthy feel, in the way that wicker furniture brightens a patio set-up. To go along with the outdoorsy feel from her plaid shirt and flats, her necklace is of two antlers. I love the unexpected nature of her necklace, giving this look a whole lot of quirk!

Hint: Need some new duds? Check out these amazing 80%20 suede boots from 80s Purple. Looking for a button-down to spice up your wardrobe? My picks are this Al&Alicia oversized top and J.Crew's Buffalo Check Boy Shirt. And everybody needs some quirky and fun bling! Might I suggest these: this crazy Obey talon ring, Unico's Marîa Marîa collection and this fun Disney Couture shark ring!

TREND: The Neutral Man

It's not anything revolutionary or particularly groundbreaking, but if you are a guy, you can never go wrong with a good neutral-based outfit. Fashion for guys is a little harder to navigate these days – female fashion trends are big, bold and so chic, while men's fashion is understated and subdued. In fact, at least on this college campus, I find that there are so many guys wearing jeans and tees that all it takes to stand out is a little sophistication. That's why neutrals, like gray and tan, look so darn good on guys!

So gentlemen, please take note! This Fashionisto's outfit may seem muted, however there are a lot of classic menswear ideas in his clothing choices. The mix of tan, white and brown plays really well with the coral pop-color (something every Fashionista and Fashionisto should internalize–the importance of pop-colors). The slightly worn boat shoes add a nice bit of character to the look, in that same way an old leather bag would enhance a fashionable on-the-go ensemble. Check out these wool Sperrys! The white pant – daring after Labor Day, yes – gives the eye a good break from the warmer tones of the brown shoes, tan jacket and coral tee. Note the fit of the pant: guys, ditch the baggy jeans and cargos and try a straight or slim fit pant. You'll look taller, sharper and surprisingly feel a lot more comfortable. These days clothing stores separate their pants by fit and color, so don't be afraid to change it up–you won't have to look too hard! Check out these Scotch & Soda rough cotton chinos for some inspiration!

Let's look at the jacket next, which is something I think every guy should have. Not only is this a really great fall-weight jacket, it's a borderline barracuda-cut style that's been making a solid comeback. Check out the diagonal chest-seaming – seams near the shoulders will make you look broader. And I love the motorcycle jacket detail on the collar. Here are some sporty jackets to appease any barracuda appetite: GAP has a simple raglan-sleeve coat, while the über-cool Swedish company Ance makes a classic statement with their wool jacket. 

Finally we have our Fashionisto's coral tee. Coral is a great pop-color to use all year round. In the colder months, the muted and orange aspects of coral are played up, while the playful red-ness adds a fun twist to a warm-weather outfit. Instead of just looking for a basic pop-color like red, blue or green, try looking for unexpected colors like mint, eggplant and turquoise. A different shade of a basic color can add a lot of visual interest to a plain tee. Places like J.Crew, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Urban Outfitters all have interesting colored tees for any budget.

In short guys, instead of slipping into those comfy sweats, why not try a chic chino?