With fall already here and the winter season approaching, I cannot imagine a better way of spicing up a cute pair of boots with different colored socks. Not only can you give your boots a makeover, but socks are an inexpensive investment. You should pick your socks based on your footwear. It is a good idea to buy socks that are about two to three inches longer than your boots. And do not forget to experiment with unique colors! This Fashionista got her suede salmon pink ankle boots from Target but for fun socks I would definitely recommend Urban Outfitters.

What I love even more about this Fashionista is her dark purple tights that make her adorable floral dress ready for fall. American Apparel has an amazing variety of fall and winter colors for tights and even pantyhose.

Also, I love the idea of wearing floral prints in colder weather and many people do not realize this but even floral pieces with spring like colors can be worn in the fall.  The key to doing this is wearing the darkest color on the print which she did perfectly with a long black cardigan. Cardigans can be bought from practically anywhere but '80s Purple has a super chic button down tail cardigan. For fall inspired floral prints with a vintage twist I think of any better place but Anthropologie.

Wrapping it up, she topped off her fall look with a braid.

Spotted: Socks over boots were found on Rag & Bone runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Back to the ’20s

Recently in one of my fashion classes we learned about the 1920s and all its glamour. I find nothing more intriguing than learning about previous styles from flappers to T-bar shoes, but my personal favorite was the cloche hat. I am a total sucker for head accessories and I cannot keep my eyes off them when I see people walking down the street. When I saw this week’s Fashionista I could not deny that her felt hat was inspired by a 1920s cloche. The floral details made her hat even more adorable and are the perfect fall colors. This hat was purchased from Target, but I encourage all CollegeFashionistas to hit up vintage stores for unique finds.

I cannot imagine fall without the perfect trench coat. I think it is a must have piece in everyone’s wardrobe and what I love about her trench is that it is not the usual beige or khaki color but a deep blue that also complements her ensemble. This trench coat was purchased at H&M and her brown lace-up combat boots were also bought at Target. As the cool weather approaches it is essential to have a cute pair of everyday boots that will always add the perfect touch to any outfit. Not only will they keep you warm but you will be stylish as well. Another great place to look at boots would be Urban Outfitters that has a huge variety of lace-up boots with unique and funky prints.

To top it off, she wore a simple pearl necklace that made this outfit the perfect chic look for fall.

Spotted: Hats were seen at Christian Dior's fall 2011 runway show.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Kicking it into Fall

Fall is here and I cannot think of a better way to kick it off by wearing boots! The great thing about boots is that there is just so much variety. Whether it is gray suede over the knee or dark brown ankle boots, boots no matter what are always a must have when the colder season arrives.

I could not ignore this Fashionista when I saw her adorable outfit. Her laced up gray canvas ankle boots gave her vintage floral dress the perfect kick. I just fell in love with fringe on her boots and how threads were coming out of all sides. It gives edge to her outfit while still keeping her feminine look. Her geeky chic glasses are irresistible and tops off her entire ensemble. I too have a similar pair and it always makes lectures and note taking a much more enjoyable experience!

Her floral dress was bought at a local thrift store and I definitely encourage all CollegeFashionistas to search locally because you will never know what hidden treasures you can find. But if you are shopping around at the mall definitely check out J. Crew for adorable floral dress. These funky boots were purchased at Kohl's but laced up ankle boots can be found practically anywhere! Check out ALDO for all sorts of different options such as ankle boots with wedge or heels. And do not forget that glasses are the perfect way to accessorize!

Spotted: Ankle boots with laces were seen at Louis Vuitton’s F/W 2011 runway show.


I’m a believer that a small touch can make a big difference and when I spotted this Fashionista I could say the same about her outfit.

The first thing I noticed about her outfit was her edgy sunglasses and how it complemented her funky hairstyle. When I looked down I could not help but to notice her ballet flats with one of the hottest trends coming up this season: leopard print. I think leopard print is such a great way to add spice to your wardrobe and the perfect way to show off your wild side. For anyone who is unsure about this print, shoes are a great way to start. I also have a pair of leopard printed flats and there is nothing like a simple ensemble with flare at the feet. Steve Madden has an amazing pair of leopard printed loafers that show off sophistication while using the bold print.

Going back to the glasses, this Fashionista purchased hers from Forever21 but another brand that is a classic would be Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses are an iconic look yet they still give just the right touch to a casual outfit. Also, her black lightning bolt earrings with rhinestones down the center also complemented her edgy style. A great a website I recommend for all sorts of funky or vintage jewelry would be GirlProps.

Topping it off, her simple off the shoulder top is like the last piece of the puzzle that connects all her accessories together. It just comes to show that a basic outfit can still shine with the right accessories.

Spotted: Leopard print was seen on Roberto Cavalli's F/W '11 fashion show!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Bold and Beautiful

We all feel like over accessorizing some days and quite frankly I think that is perfectly acceptable too. Who doesn’t like to wear chunky bangles with big earrings or a huge necklace with a ginormous ring? However, some days are just those simple days.  The days you want to stand out but not by being too flashy, but by being simplistic. In the famous words of Coco Chanel:

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”

And I definitely could not agree more when I saw this CollegeFashionista. Her gorgeous turquoise necklace pops from her shear off white blouse with a mustard colored cami underneath.  It was the perfect way to add color to her ensemble. Her brown sandals add the perfect touch of color while being balanced with her jewelry. Her necklace is from Forever21 but bold necklaces can be found almost everywhere! So do not limit your search to your usual store, go out to a vintage shop or check out sample sales for designer steals. You just never know where your next statement piece will be coming from. So go out and experiment!

And do not forget Fashionistas, statement pieces are absolutely important to have because it adds dazzle to your outfit on those days you feel like being simple and casual. Plus, it is a great way to expand your wardrobe.

Spotted: Bold colored necklaces were found on new designer, Tiffany Amber's show at London Fashion Week!


It’s around two in the afternoon, it is scorching hot, you’re sweating, and the last color you are thinking about wearing is black, right? Well, this week’s Fashionista broke all the rules for dressing in the heat without breaking a sweat! Not only was what she was wearing eye-catching but I was a total sucker for her adorable clutch. It was also super convenient with a long silver chain strap but who would get tired of walking around with a cute clutch in hand?  Not only does it complement the wild tribal print she is wearing but it also has texture with all the bumps and lines. I’m a big believer that fashion should be felt so why not feel it physically as well?

I also think it is crucial for everyone to have a good variety of belts in their wardrobe. A belt can make an ensemble look absolutely daring, dashing or chic. Fashion retailer, Topshop has an amazing variety of belts whether you are looking for something simple or a loud statement piece. Belts are the perfect way to experiment with your style.  I honestly could not imagine walking out the house without one.

Going back to the romper, it is the perfect piece of clothing for a humid day but the colors is what makes it perfect for September heat.  Her green/gray suede sandals add a refreshing touch of cool that perfectly balances the color in this outfit.

Looking cool and refreshed in the heat while ready for September? Check and check.

Spotted: Clutches were seen this past week at Fashion Week on BCBGMAXAZRIA's runway show!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Head Over Heels For Head Scarves

I found my first Fashionista today as I was walking to the library in the moment I saw her I knew she had to be photographed! As many may know, this week the rainy weather in Richmond has been extremely gloomy and it seems like everyone is trying to avoid the rain and dress comfortably. Personally, I see this as a way to challenge oneself by standing up and saying “NO!” to the sweatpants in the closet and throwing together the perfect outfit to compliment your style and the weather.  

This week our Fashionista accomplished this and more! One of my summer obsessions this past season were head scarfs or turbans. I love tying a square scarf on the top of my hair but here, this stylish lady took it to the next level.

The bold solid turquoise circle scarf from American Apparel really compliments all the dark prints that she’s wearing.  With a bright pink bag that gives off a summer vibe and a pair of sleek black oxfords, these accessories truly make this outfit a transitional one, especially since the summer humidity is still around with all the insane thunderstorms. Last but not least, this outfit is topped off with beautiful gold jewelry along with a shiny golden watch from Michael Kors.

Moving on, heard scarves are super convenient for rainy day, bad hair, or even just to add a bit of spice and color to your life. So ladies take any scarf and get creative!

Spotted: Scarfs as headbands were seen on Vena Cava’s runway!

Style Guru Bio: Pooja Bhaskar

Hello! My name is Pooja Bhaskar and I am extremely excited to be one of the Style Gurus for VCU! I am a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising with high hopes of breaking into the fashion industry. 

To me fashion is an unlimited force of power where barriers can be broken and anyone should be able to stand tall with their head held high and rock what they are wearing.  With this being said, I cannot wait to show you all the different flavors and styles of VCU which makes this institution so unique.  Personally, it is hard to say what my style is because I love all different kinds of clothes! Whether it’s a studded leather jacket, a fur vest, a big floppy hat, or a floral sun dress, I love to experiment and taste all the different flavors that fashion has to offer.

To share some of my fashion splurges from this summer, I am currently obsessed with my half tinted sunglasses! I think they can add the perfect touch and edge to any simple summer outfit. The Chanel designed sunglasses will cost you around $300-$400, but I was thrilled to find out that GirlProps was selling an imitation of these chic sunglasses for only $9.99.  Another accessory splurge I just could not imagine my life without would be my Steve Madden oxfords! I think oxfords are a must have especially since we are slowly transitioning into the fall season.

It is very nice to meet everyone and I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of what’s to come this season!

And If you are interested please do not hesitate to check out my blog! Practially Pooja; All Day Everday