It’s all about the accessories with this week’s Fashionista, Christina Sliwak.

We spotted Christina turning heads on the Upper West Side, looking fabulously fashionable in an adorable navy blue dress. When she first found the dress in her sister’s closet however, Christina admits it was less than fabulous. “It was more drab than fab,” Christina joked. Regardless though, she knew that this frock had potential to be something splendid but simply needed to be revamped. With a little help from some wedges, a belt, a beaded necklace, and silver bangle, Christina turned this dress from dowdy to marvelous in no time.

Christina warns however, be careful not to over-accessorize. Follow Coco Chanel’s rule: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Read below to learn more about Christina’s style.

CollegeFashionista: What are you most looking forward to wearing in the fall?

Christina Sliwak: I’m really excited to be able to wear leather boots again. It’s been hard parting with them this summer. I really believe that boots can transform any outfit.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wearing in the fall?

CS: I would say probably my Alexander McQueen scarf because I can wear it basically anywhere. It can dress up an outfit for going out, or accessorize an outfit for class.

CF: What style advice can you give to a Fashionista on a budget who wants to achieve your look?

CS: Trade your clothes. At college one of the perks of living in a dorm is being able to share your clothes with your roommates. At the end of the semester, organize a clothes trade. A sweater that you’re sick of may look great on your roommate and vice versa.

How To: To accessorize like Christina check out this fabulous and edgy belt from Top Shop or for something less dramatic and more daytime try this adorable bow belt.  And when the temperature cools down, never leave your dorm without a snood, like this Gray Psychobilly Spot Snood. 


Straight from the beach onto the runway—this week’s Fashionisto, Lorenzo Avenzado, takes beach wear to a whole new level. Sporting cut off Dolce and Gabana swimming trunks, a James Perse v-neck and a Scotch and Soda button down, Lorenzo spares no cost when dressing for the sand and sun. His reasoning for splurging on beach wear—“The pool or beach are just as worthy of locations to share your style as the streets of NYC. You can’t just stop dressing well because of the location.”

Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and style up your swimsuits. For girls, bring out that floppy sunhat you have been dying to wear. And boys, don't be afraid to show some skin and wear your swim trunks a little shorter than usual. 

We applaud Lorenzo for staying stylish no matter where he goes. Read below to learn more about Lorenzo’s ever-apparent style.

Name: Lorenzo Avenzado

Major: Finance and International Business

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: Who do you look to for style inspiration?

Lorenzo Avenzado: People I see on the streets of New York, Japan, Italy…basically everywhere I travel. The streets inspire me much more than any fashion magazine ever could.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wearing in the fall?

LA: Scarfs, lots of scarfs. I’ve missed wearing them this summer.

CF: What is your favorite item of clothing you own?

LA: My burberry trenchcoat!

CF: What style advice can you give to Fashionistos on a budget who want to achieve your look?

LA: I would recommend Topman and Uniqlo.

How To: To achieve Lorenzo's style, check out these brightly patterned trunks from Vilebrequin or these radical retro trunks from Bonobos. And for those late night swims check out these glow in the dark Havaianas! 


Confidence and a smile are two accessories that this Fashionista, Hannah Danger Lynch, will never be spotted without. Standing tall at 5’11” we spotted Hannah window-shopping at Bergdorf Goodman, admiring the display’s collection of six-inch stilettos. Already at nearly six feet, many would question why this Fashionista would put herself through the pain of sporting sky-high heels when she already has the height that every girl envies. In this particular outfit, Hannah's heels are hidden under long maxi dress, but for Hannah heels aren't just about show. Instead, Hannah claims that a great pair of stilletos affects not only your outfit but also your entire demeanor and attitude. 

So whatever height you are, keep stiletto high standards—and remember, that confidence is the one accessory that will never go out of style.

Name: Hannah Danger Lynch

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

College Fashionista: Where did you get your outfit?

Hannah Danger Lynch: The dress is from Camilla for intermix, vintage Alexander McQueen belt and Louis Vuitton bag.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

HDL: Every day is entirely different. When I wake up in the morning I think to myself who would I like to look like today–it can range from a Jackie Onassis to a Mick Jagger type. I try not to limit myself to one style of dressing but instead infuse my wardrobe with many different types of clothing and influences.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?

HDL: I bought a pair of pink suede Alexander McQueen booties a week ago–they are loud and ridiculous but absolutely fantastic. I also always love a great tote or oversized handbag that can transform an otherwise ordinary outfit into a unique one.

CF: If you could raid any celebrities closet whom would it be and why?

HDL: Without a doubt Lady Gaga–I would kill for a good pair of latex stripper heels, a McQueen body suit or a studded out birkin.

How To: To stand tall and confident like Hannah, check out these fabulous heels or these sky-high zebra pumps from Top Shop. For a more affordable option, check out these trendy wedges from Forever 21.


Born and raised in New York City, this week’s Fashionista, Isabella Wilpon, has been exposed to NYC’s fashionable residents and decadent store windows since she was a child. Isabella may never have had a back yard or a white picket fence but this Fashionista has definitely been provided with an abundance of style inspiration. From the giant billboards in Time Square to the girl on the subway with the eye catching purse, Isabella has grown up surrounded by the world of fashion.

Sporting a brightly patterned crop top, brown daisy duke shorts, and a studded gray leather bag, Isabella appears almost as if she could be featured on a NYC billboard herself. It is clear that being incredibly fashionable is second nature to this native New Yorker.

Read more below to find out about this fashionista’s fashion favorites.

Name: Isabella Wilpon

School: Loyola University Maryland

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman 

College Fashionista: Where are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

Isabella Wilpon: My favorite stores are LF, Top Shop, and Urban Outfitters. They all provide a big variety of items, I can get clothes for school and going out in the same place. 

CF: Where did you get your outfit?

IW: My shirt, shorts, and bag are all from LF and my flats are from JCrew.

CF: What is your current favorite accessory?

IW: I love the Chan Luu wrap bracelets. I also love ray bans because they really tend to go with every outfit, very versatile.

How To: To achieve Isabella’s look check out this adorable tank from Forever 21. Or try this crop tee from Top Shop. And if you’re not looking to splurge on a Chan Luu wrap bracelet like Isabella, check out this leather wrap bracelet that provides a similar look for a more affordable price.


“Free” is how this week’s Fashionista Gabrielle Kono describes her NYC style, and when we spotted Ms.Kono in her billowing maxi dress on the corner of 10th and University, “free” is exactly the word that came to mind.

Gabrielle shared that she tries to always keep her style “casual and relaxing” to balance out the hectic nature of NYC, and this uninhibited mentality is clearly reflected in her outfit. From her eclectic array of bracelets that she stacks on her wrists to the arrow head prints down the center of her dress, her look appears liberated and even tribalesque. Gabrielle’s outfit allows her to seem completely calm, even when surrounded by hundreds of people and taxis whizzing by.

Follow Gabrielle’s lead and don’t let the city overwhelm you in these hot summer months. Instead of opting for those Daisy Duke shorts you’ve nearly worn holes into, try a more comfortable light cotton dress or a loose fitting romper. Stick to unrestrictive, light-weight clothing items, and you’ll most certainly be able to “Keep Calm and Carry On” straight through any heat wave.

Name: Gabrielle Kono

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

College Fashionista: Who inspires your style?

Gabrielle Kono: I would say that Jennifer Aniston would be a person that I consider stylish. In so many magazines, her style is so chic and easy. She never looks like she is trying too hard to look good. Her outfits make her look sexy yet classy. I like that a lot and I think the way she dresses is similar to the way I'd love to dress. I also like to check out a bunch of the street style blogs and websites like,, and

CF: What are you excited about wearing this summer?

Gabrielle Kono: Well, all my friends call me the "queen romper." I love rompers. I think they are the perfect outfit that can go day-to-night. A romper with flats can be perfect for work or just walking around the city. A romper with heels works for going out at night. I can also always be seen in a Maxi dress.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

Gabrielle Kono: I love Intermix and Singer22. Obviously Saks and Bloomingdales are amazing but for smaller stores, I'd say those two are my favorite. Oh and I also love LF.

How To: To achieve Gabrielle’s carefree look, check out this adorable and free-flowing Maxi dresses from Nordstrom or this light weight romper from Forever 21. Also check out the adorable cuff and bangle collection from Forever 21.




This week’s Fashionista Bonnie MacLeod has been shopping in vintage clothing stores with her mother ever since she was little. Now attending NYU, Bonnie spends much of her free time between classes wandering in and out vintage boutiques lining the streets of Greenwich Village.

When I spotted Bonnie on her way to lunch in Soho, she was sporting bold orange shorts, low wedges, a grey tee, and of course her favorite vintage pendant necklace. Paired with such a simple top, Bonnie allows the pendant to make a statement. Vintage pieces can stand alone and really speak for themselves. They don’t need to be stacked or layered because a single piece alone can add a lot of charm and character to an outfit. Read below to hear more about how vintage-lover Bonnie MacLeod views the world of fashion.

Name: Bonnie MacLeod

Major: Nutrition

Year: Freshman

CF: What interests you about fashion?

Bonnie MacLeod: What interests me about fashion is that you can portray your personality without actually saying or doing anything besides simply walking by someone. I like that fashion is a way for people to get a sense of who I am without ever talking to me.

CF: Living in NYC, how do you balance practicality and style?

BM:I think that the most important way to balance practicality and style is through shoes. I know that if I wore heels every day to class, I would look really cute but I would want to die on the walk home. In order to balance practicality and style, I wear a lot of boots. I think that boots look great with a lot of outfits and work in a lot of seasons but aren’t uncomfortable (they’re also really warm in winter). I even have a pair that folds down into little booties and has a small heel that I like to wear out at night.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

BM: I love to vintage shop in the Village. When I was a little girl, my mother always took me to these hidden boutiques in the Village to shop and I fell in love with vintage clothes. Now that I live in the Village, I can search for great vintage pieces whenever I like. I think that in vintage stores you can find items that really speak to you. There is something for everyone because vintage stores often have vast collections of different styles.

How To: Check out some vintage stores in the NYU area like Hamlet’s Vintage in Greenwich Village or Rags-a-GoGo in West Village. To achieve Bonnie’s vintage look without heading to a vintage store check out Forever 21’s collection of costume jewelry that includes fabulous pieces like this ring. Whoever said, "out with the old and in with the new", has clearly not met this Fashionista. 


Whoever said that denim was not fit for the office has clearly not met this week’s Fashionista and denim diva, Dakotah Terrace. Tucking her denim button down into her high-waisted, wide-leg khaki pants, Dakotah gives an otherwise dull office outfit a big personality. By choosing to wear this fabulous jean top, Dakotah makes her office-look, young and fresh.

When experimenting with office fashion, you don’t have to be impractical. Dakotah remains both fashionable and practical as she sports her oversized Michael Kors watch, to always remain on time and totes her to die for Cole Han workbag to carry all the office necessities. Even the platform wedges she wears, hidden under her wide-leg slacks, provide both comfort and style.

Follow Dakotah’s lead and don’t fall into the trap of drab office clothes. Be exciting, wear bold colors, and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Name: Dakotah Terrace

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Dakotah Terrace: Definitely nomadic, never in the same place twice. For a while, I thought I just hadn’t found my style yet, but then I realized that my changing style was actually a style in itself. And I totally like it that way. I think it’s important to be able to adapt if you want to work in the fashion industry, but to stay true to myself.

CF: What is your favorite fashion magazine?

DT: Vogue. I’ve saved every issue since I was eleven. I am completely obsessed with Virginia Smith, who writes the “Last Look.” Her column is the epitome of chic, which is tied together with Greek mythology, literary heroes, and of course, poetic brevity.

CF: What are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

DT: I love Bleeker street, starting my shopping in SoHo and finishing with a cupcake at Magnolia’s Bakery. Shopping should be an enjoyable experience.

CF: What are your three must have pieces for summer?

DT: A lightweight blazer you can wear to work, a great pair of shorts that can be dressed up or down, and an overpriced designer swimsuit you wouldn’t want to get wet.

How To: To incorporate some denim in your outfit, without resorting to jeans, try this adorable denim romper from Wet Seal or this Free People cropped jean jacket. Or if you're looking to match Dakotah's fabulous look, check out this blue denim button down from Free People. Embrace your inner denim diva!



Even in the sweltering heat of New York City, this calm and collected Fashionista doesn’t appear to break the slightest sweat. Just returning from a weekend getaway in Southampton, this week’s Fashionista, Michelle Lara Lin, looks rested and relaxed in her light pink ruffled dress, Tory Burch flats, and delicate strings of pearls lacing her neck and wrist. Her look is timeless and classic while remaining modern. The oversized ruffle, in particular, takes the otherwise simple dress from ordinary to extraordinary. Sundresses like Michelle’s are perfect for the summer months because they allow Fashionistas to appear chic while remaining cool as the water at the Soho House pool. Read below to find out more about Michelle’s enviable style!

Name: Michelle Lara Lin

Major: Art History and History

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Michelle Lara Lin: Classic! I’ve been told that I have a dark edge to my look, but you can’t really tell in my outfit today. This summer I’ve been going full-on pastel and earthly tones. I love lace, embroidery, satin, velvet, drapery, and a modest amount of sequins – think Ralph Lauren meets Marchesa.

CF: Who inspires your style?

MLL: Olivia Palermo, especially her style from 2007-2009. She’s absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’m putting her on an undeserved pedestal when I call her the modern-day Audrey Hepburn. I also adore the classic looks that Angelina Jolie wears. They always have a dark edge to them!

CF: Do you have any style advice for staying cool in the summer heat?

MLL: A free-flowing maxi dress, and a sheer long-sleeved top with loose sleeves will help block out any unnecessary UV rays, especially when you forget to put on sunscreen.

How To: To master this look, try a pastel sundress like this one from Urban Outfitters. Pair the dress with some classic pearls and a leather bag and you are set to go! 


“Ever-changing” is how this Fashionista describes her personal style. Flying back and forth between New York City and her home state Colorado, while throwing in the occasional trip to LA and the Hamptons, this Fashionista’s wardrobe surely needs to be “ever-changing.” Sporting Nantucket-red shorts, chunky black heels and a simple white tank, Katie manages to turn a few simple basics into something exciting. By tucking in her white tank to her high-waisted bold shorts and throwing on her fabulous Gaga-esque oversized shades, Katie masters both comfort and style in this casual yet chic outfit.

This look is fabulous and easy to achieve but can just as easily go wrong if not executed properly. If you are going to go with a bold color on your high-waisted shorts, like Katie, make sure to avoid bright colors on top. Also make sure to stick to chunkier footwear, like wedges, and avoid any thin heels.

Read below to find out about Katie’s favorite summer pieces and who inspires her style.

Name: Katie Dove

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What interests you about fashion?

Katie Dove: I love fashion because it is such a good representation of people-what you wear reflects so much about yourself.

CF: Who inspires your style?

KD: Definitely my mother. She is always dressed fabulously and she always looks elegant. I admire her.

CF: What are you most excited about wearing this summer?

KD: I just got these new Chanel heels that I am obsessed with.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop in NYC?

KD: I love Oak NYC. But I also have an addiction to!

How To: To achieve Katie’s look check out this pair of high-waisted shorts from Katie’s favorite store Oak NYC. Also try a pair of these Topshop wedges and these fabulous oversized shades.


“Simple yet elegant” is this Fashionista’s mantra when it comes to her style. On her way to meet friends at The Central Park Boathouse, Lindsay Kelbe exemplifies the definition of a classic beauty. With her understated jewelry, loosely tousled hair, and sheer, light sundress, Lindsay’s look appears effortless.

This Fashionista definitely proves that you don’t need to go over the top to make a statement. In fact, what makes this look so beautiful and approachable is its simplicity. Instead of being overwhelming and loud like many trends out there today, this look appears natural, unique and organic. Fashionistas, don’t be afraid of breaking your outfit down to the basics, because you may be surprised to find that simple isn’t so simple after all.

Name: Lindsay Kelbe

Major: Art History

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Lindsay Kelbe: Feminine. I'm into mostly classic and timeless clothes that are pretty and a bit girly sometimes. A little lace and pearls are always welcome! Also, I love vintage shopping, it adds a little story and life to a piece of clothing, I think.

CF: What is your summer fashion must-have?

LK: Light, flowy sundresses. I wear them all the time, I'm all about really easy style. It's the thing to pack when you're going on vacation, and you can wear it over your swimsuit, under a sweater, or with heels. Most of mine are dressy enough to go out or wear to dinner.

CF: If you could raid any celebrity's closet, who would it be and why?

LK: Hmm. If it could be a fictional person, probably Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl? I love how they mix classic styles with new trends. Particularly Blair knows the value of a few classic pieces. But I'm mostly interested in formal wear so I would die for Blake Lively's red carpet dresses.

How To: To achieve Lindsay’s effortless look check out this Satin Dotted Dress from Forever 21. For accessories, try a locket like this compass one or this heart shaped one.